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Rooted in dreams that — perverted or denied — become nightmares, Littell’s war reportage makes a strong case both as historical artifact and pure literary object. October 14, 2013 Pin11K Share162 +143 Tweet73 Stumble1It’s hard to believe I’m writing about books for 8 year olds! Like many 8 year old boys (and girls), when my son chooses his own reading material his stack of books is almost entirely non-fiction. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. (SERIES) You know an author is a superstar when her last name is larger than any other feature on the cover, including all 6 words of the title put together. But by FAR the most fun for 8 year old boys is Andy Griffiths – an Australian who wrote the 13-Storey Treehouse, and now the 26th and the 39th. Hi – I remember How to Eat Fried Worms and Tales of 4th Grade Nothing from my own childhood! I don’t know if you don’t realize or don’t care, but you have made an incorrect judgement about my attitude towards books based on one simple post.
Hi, just wanted the time to say I treasure the amount of in demand information your articles and site offers. This level 3 early reader book is visually appealing with solid information and good photographs like all the TFKs books and their magazine. I really like this interactive book with it’s eye-catching photographs, perfect text to picture ratio, and stickers.
The Peacemaker was a real person who choose a man named Hiawatha to help him communicate his message of peace and unity to the five nations of Iroquois.
6 books in 1, this nonfiction book provides interesting factual information on a range of topics. 24 pages and stickers of girls on vacation — my own kids adore these sticker books and save them forever.
Scribble-starters, ideas, and places for inspiration from the talented picture book illustrator, Quentin Blake. George loved words and even though he was a slave, he taught himself to read and began composing verses. Mexican artist Don Lupe published short funny poems about skeleton and drew lithographs and skeleton etchings or engravings.
Emmanuel’s mom helped Emmanuel be strong and believe in himself even though he only had one leg. Learn about cotton and how it goes from the field to machines, to spinners, and then to clothes. Warm illustrations meet beautiful writing in this new non fiction picture book about the warm-wet rainforest.
Colorful illustrated maps with flag, animal and landmark stickers, postcards, and a passport book make this a great interactive for geography enthusiasts. I love how this picture book is told as a story, following tiger cubs as they grow up in India.
I LOVE the photography in this beautiful nonfiction picture book and think you will as well. Olympic medalist Wilma Rudolph is the biggest news in Clarksville, Tennessee and Alta wants to be just as fast even though she has holes in her shoes and Charmine wants to be faster. Young Beatrix lived in London with her many animals, bunnies, hedgehogs, news, snakes, dick, salamanders, a frog, and more. Colorful and easy to read, I very much enjoyed this informational book and it’s kid-friendly layout. Kate Sessions helped plant San Diego with a variety trees that would grow in the city’s climate. Letters from children (whose names, ages and country are included) ask Pope Francis about all sorts of topics — what makes him happy, why do people suffer, why do parents argue, how to find God . You got to love a poetry book about ice worms, spadefoot toads, limpets, and other animals who live in dangerous habitats.
My daughter loved this book so much she read all the facts to me throughout her reading of it.
Reading this picture book, I couldn’t help but wonder who the heck made up these crazy animal group names. Beautiful photographs and bite-sized chunks of information showcase more than 2,500 animals from the seven major animal groups: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and arachnids, invertebrates, and fish are featured in 1,050 stunning full-color photos, plus dynamic illustrations, maps, and charts. History-themed recipe book with recipes for Thanksgiving Succotash, Revolutionary Honey-Jumble Cookies, and Independence Ice Cream, among other foods, will give kids background and information about each and a yummy way to discover early American history. Learn the equipment, the best composition, and so many tips for cool photographs on your digital cameras or smart phones.
Aptly titled with a word that invokes warm melodies, this is such a beautifully photographed and designed book. I liked this picture book with comic dialogue about the oft-neglected fly, my kids thought it was kind of gross.
I want your third grader 8-year old boys and girls to have lots of good chapter books to read.
LEXILE: A reader recently asked me to include the Lexile reading levels of the books on this list.
These friends accidentally travel from England to the Never Land fairy world of Tinker Bell. The Zita books rock — they’re full of adventure, humor, and fantastic characters!! Kudos to Dav Pilkey and Dan Santat for creating such an action-packed, engaging new series for young readers.
I loved this adventure because it’s an exciting adventure as well as it includes a lot of factual information about marine life.
Get ready to laugh along with these charming young friends who won’t stop until they find the best way to solve their environmental issue, no matter how many ideas they must try. An easy chapter book that’s simple, fun, and entertaining about a boy who moves to a new planet. Your kids will totally relate to this imaginative boy whose wild adventures are written in comic form — it’s funny and entertaining! Jessica Finch is a delightful early chapter book with exceptionally pleasing and colorful illustrations. My daughter and I loved this entertaining new series about a boy ghost, Kaz, who is blown away from his family and into a new haunt – a library. This is a story that will appeal to readers even if they don’t love baseball as much as Chad, the main character. Opal’s preacher father is always too busy and her mother has been gone since Opal was three, something Opal has always wondered about.
Kids like fourth-grader Mike who can’t sit still will relate to Mike’s struggles with getting work done, avoiding the school bully, and staying out of trouble.

Not only is this a well-written mystery, I loved how the author included so much history within the story.
I loved this beginning chapter book — it’s a captivating story about an orphan girl who moves to France to live with friends of her family. Greg’s mom petitions the town to take a break from electronics, Greg goes to wilderness school, and grandpa moves in. Ancient EgyptBelow are lists of great children'sbooks about Egyptian civilization -- an endlessly  fascinating subject for kids, teachers, and parents. Greek & Roman TimesWe're working on our lists of the best fiction and non- fiction on Ancient Greece & Rome. PiratesYou can't study the Age of Explorationwithout talking about the dreadednemesis of the great ships -- pirates!
We know there are lots of other world history topics to cover, and as lovers of historical fiction books, we are eagerly reading all the great children's books that should be added to this list.
Created by teachers who love teaching with the best children's books every day in their own classrooms! These are the essay collections, memoirs, and nonfiction reads that we absolutely loved in 2015. Beginning with perhaps the first sectarian massacre of the Syrian uprising, the Notebooks act as a guided tour through a hell that is all the more terrible for its moments of laughter and forgetting.
It’s interesting because my daughter is quite the opposite and only wants to read fiction (or non-fiction wrapped inside a fiction story) at the moment. Of course, he could very well choose the same pink princess-y type books my daughter went for, but based on his love of guns and Power Rangers, I think he’ll go the boyish route. She has read Henry and the Paper Route, and I’m sure she will read these others soon! Your book lists are quickly becoming my go-to as my voracious reader rips through books faster than I can get to the library to replenish his week’s supply. I know you linked this up a while ago, but it was part of my round up today for After School. I’m trying very hard to raise my girls in such a way that they know all toys are for both boys and girls and all books are for both boys and girls.
I would like to cite your work on, we are blog and headshop that offers Download african american books. The message wasn’t well0received at first but the Peacemaker helped the tribal leaders understand forgiveness and unity.
Filled with photographs to support, this is a well-written but challenging book for early elementary age children. This book, and others like it in this well-designed series will entice your kids to devour facts all about the animal they love —  like dogs! As Lilian remembers all people who struggled to gain equal rights, all gone before her, she walks slowly up a steep hill to cast her vote. When students at Chapel Hill began to pay George for his poetry, a professor helped him learn to write and helped his poems protesting slavery were published in the newspaper. His calaveras (skeleton pictures) showed all people types of people and usually had a message, political or social, and which are now iconic images for el Dia de Los Muertos. This picture book follows a typical day in the life of Luis and Tuesday from breakfast to bedtime.
Brightly colored (glowing) plants and animals with bioluminescence pop out of the pages on black backgrounds. Plus it’s packed full of fascinating facts about the science of DNA and how researchers figured it out and use it in practical applications like solving crimes.
While I might say yuck, this is a terrific snake book filled with amazing photography and fascinating facts about the 12 snake families, the features of different snakes, which are dangerous, and other snaky stuff. You’ll see when you read this crazy (and informative) book about the collective names of species.
We like that you can flip through and find ideas quickly, that it’s not a cover to cover read. All pages are black backgrounded so the animal and words shine out like a shadow in the night. If you see a book that you think will be interesting but too challenging for your child, use it for a read aloud at bedtime.
Pants gets to borrow his mom’s videocamera and his movie making is quite the silliness. Zita is an awesome, courageous problem-solving heroine who accidentally gets stuck in space.
But how can he ever hope to be a dragon slayer when he can’t even stand the sight of blood? Suzannah joins the Shelter Pet Squad because her apartment building doesn’t allow pets.
Especially when he discovers that the school is ALIVE and trying to harm he and the other students. These are children of thieves who really want to do good things, not bad things like their parents. In this book, Nancy and her best friend, Bree, decide to play matchmaker for Nancy’s babysitter, Annie, and her guitar teacher, Andy. It’s about the challenges when Eleanor gets jealous of a new girl she thinks her best friend Pearl might like better than her. She has three imaginary friends: one monster friend, one fairy godmother that’s actually not a lady, and one bad lady nemesis. But Opal finds someone to care, a stray dog that she names Winn-Dixie, and that dog brings hope and meaning into 10-year old Opal’s life.
I loved this story of how Lulu and her cousin help their neighbor Arthur learn to love and care for his rabbit.
She befriends a servant girl and the duo realize there are mysteries that must be answered — like what happened to the daughter of the manor and why did her parents send her to this family. If you teach world history to children, please check back soon to more books and more time periods.And, as always, if you know of a great kids book that should be added to our lists, please do let us know!
Whereas I used to spend lots of time in the library searching for good early chapter books for him, I now find myself flipping through more advanced titles!
As you might imagine, his ordinariness is the very thing that helps him excel.  Superopolis is suffering from too much consumerism and a developing mystery involving the rivalry between Professor Brain-Drain and Amazing Indestructo is taking its toll!  There is a lot of silly humor, coated with a heavy dose of irony and puns, but I think the series rises above the usual slapstick fare. Kiddo read Cleary’s series of books about Henry and his friends when he was 5 or 6 (we also enjoyed them together as read alouds) and yet here he is at age 8 reading them again and telling me how much he loves them. He started reading the rest of the series after we read it aloud together (my 4 year old loved it too).  Ragweed is a mouse who craves adventure. She is going to be 7 in a week, but her recent favorite series include Encyclopedia Brown and Famous Five.

And we inherited 2 boxes of Horrible Histories magazines which are a bit old for him but as long as not too scary I let him read them. Thanks, as always, for these amazing lists of great books and for sharing them at the After School Linky Party!! I had a hard time finding books that we’re challenging and interesting enough for him while still being age appropriate and I can’t wait to get him some of the ones listed because I know he is going to love them!!!
United, the Iroquois nation became a model for democracy which was said to have influenced Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Second, the questions that get the reader to engage fully with the text before they flip the page to read the answer. Surprisingly, despite the large number of states and information presented, the author makes this nonfiction adventure for kids entertaining. But his owner would never sell George, no matter how what George’s fans and friends offered. I think the author does a great job of sharing each man’s background, what led up to the duel, and the duel itself. He doesn’t leave the zoo, just hangs out in the trees and always returns when his keeper comes to get him. Each two page spread page has both large and medium sized text with the perfect amount of text — not too much!
This is a GREAT book for your reluctant readers because it’s practically irresistible to read through it. From snow leopards to serval, Nocture is 85 animals of 40 different species from around the world.
The general reading levels for third grade are 330L to 770L according to the Lexile website. While he’s there, he learns more about sharks, gets to solve a mystery, learns a ghost story, and has tons of fun. She meets a sad girl who has to leave her guinea pig, Jelly Bean, at the shelter due to moving. So when their parents steal a monkey from the zoo, the kids must figure out how to return it without their parents figuring out that their children are up to some good. He and his new friend, Claire, decide to be detectives and discover the secret of the ghost. Nor can Chad figure out how to help his favorite player who can’t seem to stop all his bad luck. Children will find this to be a well-written and easy-to-read story with an interesting plot, especially for animal-lovers. She does this by writing George the rabbit notes and giving him gifts — not from her but from her pet rabbit named Thumper. Just like any other reading level category, there is a wide range of material to sift through.
The books he wants to read have a few common themes: humor, boy protagonists (working on getting some girls in there!) and adventure or mysteries to be solved.
It makes them feel so grownup!) dreams of being a detective and has studiously read and re-read The Baily Brothers Detective Handbook.  He knows everything about solving crimes, which comes in handy when he finds himself thrown into the middle of an exciting mystery.
I appreciate the long length (each book averages about 300 pages) since my son reads so fast he breezes through at least one book a day.  Superhero fans will find more selections on my list of superhero picture and chapter books.
Henry often plays second fiddle to the wildly popular Ramona; I imagine because his scrapes are not quite as precarious as his more famous neighbor.
Timmy aspires to be a great detective, but that’s a bit tricky when his partner is an imaginary polar bear. She is also getting into Dear America, but it’s probably somewhat more girl-oriented. He was elected (twice in a row) and created jobs, a government pension plan, and help for farmers. It took until George was 66 years old to be freed from slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation. We see the tigers in their rocky cliff cave, learn that the cubs won’t grow into all their stripes for two years, watch the family move to a new forest den, follow as the cubs learn to hunt, and find ourselves in awe as we see how big the tigers get in two short years. Pope Francis replies to each letter with love and thoughtfulness in a conversational, kid-friendly manner.
When a misunderstanding happens with her best friend, Judy Moody, she learns a valuable lesson about not making assumptions and calling people names. Every book has tons of adventure, twist and turns, loads of intelligent humor and a satisfying ending. Shortly afterwards a string of robberies takes place and Casper makes a grab for world domination. We’re working out way through House of Hades and Book 2 of Harry Potter but when we come up for air, those look great!!!
If you continued to read my blog you will see that I very frequently write in parentheses, it is merely my writing style (however imperfect, and I admit to it being very imperfect), and it is my assertion that these books are good for all children. I liked this book a lot both the narrative and the illustrations but I would have LOVED for it to include George’s poetry. You’ll learn how they use this adaptation for a purpose such as hunting, hiding, and tricking. But when she left her unattended, the little creature got into some glue and paper which killed her. Instead, they each take about 250 naps throughout the day, each nap lasting just longer than a minute. This all sounds depressing as I write it, but the book is actually a great mix of offbeat silliness and more serious issues.
The Shelter Pet Squad works together to find the perfect home — a kindergarten classroom.
One of the surprising twists of this books is that half-way through, the narration switches from the Lenny (male) to Jodie (female) and somehow Angleberger makes it all work brilliantly.
Parents of younger kids may be tempted to pick up these books because of the large type and illustrations but the sly humor is best appreciated by kids ages 8 and up. I realize I cannot please everyone all the time, so I take no offense to your incorrect assumption.
While Billy thinks of new ways to make the worms palatable, his competitors come up with increasingly complex ways to outwit him. Kiddo actually read several passages out loud to me to demonstrate how good he thought the book was.

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