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Dorothea Lange And the Censored Images of Japanese American Internment by Linda Gordon and Gary Y. Anyway, without any further introduction, here are the best non-fiction books I read in 2015, in no particular order. Nadia is a perfect example of why we should never judge a book — or a person — by its cover. Wow.
Creative entitlement doesn’t mean behaving like a princess, or acting as though the world owes you anything whatsoever. This book inspired me to do a Whole 30 last January and as of today I am one year diet-coke free!! A beautiful and inspirational life story that takes Tom Gallagher to the United States for study and work from a very modest farming life in Ireland.
I can’t recommend this book highly enough to those who enjoy memoirs and biographies. As a girl who's sung my way through life, I like to think these musings are lyrics, resonating the heart of my story.
October 14, 2013 Pin11K Share162 +143 Tweet73 Stumble1It’s hard to believe I’m writing about books for 8 year olds!
Like many 8 year old boys (and girls), when my son chooses his own reading material his stack of books is almost entirely non-fiction.
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. (SERIES) You know an author is a superstar when her last name is larger than any other feature on the cover, including all 6 words of the title put together. But by FAR the most fun for 8 year old boys is Andy Griffiths – an Australian who wrote the 13-Storey Treehouse, and now the 26th and the 39th. Hi – I remember How to Eat Fried Worms and Tales of 4th Grade Nothing from my own childhood! I don’t know if you don’t realize or don’t care, but you have made an incorrect judgement about my attitude towards books based on one simple post. Hi, just wanted the time to say I treasure the amount of in demand information your articles and site offers.
At the very least, I will have one fiction and one non-fiction going, and usually a separate audiobook as well. If you don’t already know, Nadia Bolz-Weber is a tattooed, profanity-speaking, biker-chic-looking Lutheran pastor. It’s interesting because my daughter is quite the opposite and only wants to read fiction (or non-fiction wrapped inside a fiction story) at the moment.
Of course, he could very well choose the same pink princess-y type books my daughter went for, but based on his love of guns and Power Rangers, I think he’ll go the boyish route. She has read Henry and the Paper Route, and I’m sure she will read these others soon!
Your book lists are quickly becoming my go-to as my voracious reader rips through books faster than I can get to the library to replenish his week’s supply.

I know you linked this up a while ago, but it was part of my round up today for After School.
I’m trying very hard to raise my girls in such a way that they know all toys are for both boys and girls and all books are for both boys and girls.
I would like to cite your work on, we are blog and headshop that offers Download african american books.
I’m so traditional and non-edgy that I felt slightly uncomfortable about reading her stuff.
I borrowed it from the library and halfway through realized I was going to have to buy a copy so I could highlight, highlight, highlight! Whereas I used to spend lots of time in the library searching for good early chapter books for him, I now find myself flipping through more advanced titles! As you might imagine, his ordinariness is the very thing that helps him excel.  Superopolis is suffering from too much consumerism and a developing mystery involving the rivalry between Professor Brain-Drain and Amazing Indestructo is taking its toll!  There is a lot of silly humor, coated with a heavy dose of irony and puns, but I think the series rises above the usual slapstick fare.
Kiddo read Cleary’s series of books about Henry and his friends when he was 5 or 6 (we also enjoyed them together as read alouds) and yet here he is at age 8 reading them again and telling me how much he loves them. He started reading the rest of the series after we read it aloud together (my 4 year old loved it too).  Ragweed is a mouse who craves adventure. She is going to be 7 in a week, but her recent favorite series include Encyclopedia Brown and Famous Five. And we inherited 2 boxes of Horrible Histories magazines which are a bit old for him but as long as not too scary I let him read them. Thanks, as always, for these amazing lists of great books and for sharing them at the After School Linky Party!! I had a hard time finding books that we’re challenging and interesting enough for him while still being age appropriate and I can’t wait to get him some of the ones listed because I know he is going to love them!!! She reminds me of Anne Lamott (whom I adore!) and she made me a bonafide fan with this gem of a book. Now I can’t wait to read her first book, Pastrix.
So many young people are struggling with how to make sense of the church they grew up with and what church is to them now. Just like any other reading level category, there is a wide range of material to sift through. The books he wants to read have a few common themes: humor, boy protagonists (working on getting some girls in there!) and adventure or mysteries to be solved. It makes them feel so grownup!) dreams of being a detective and has studiously read and re-read The Baily Brothers Detective Handbook.  He knows everything about solving crimes, which comes in handy when he finds himself thrown into the middle of an exciting mystery. I appreciate the long length (each book averages about 300 pages) since my son reads so fast he breezes through at least one book a day.  Superhero fans will find more selections on my list of superhero picture and chapter books. Henry often plays second fiddle to the wildly popular Ramona; I imagine because his scrapes are not quite as precarious as his more famous neighbor. Timmy aspires to be a great detective, but that’s a bit tricky when his partner is an imaginary polar bear.

She is also getting into Dear America, but it’s probably somewhat more girl-oriented.
Set in a damp village in Scotland in the early 1960s, the main character is a young girl disastrously besotted by art and the wrong man. If you’ve never read more than one book at a time, maybe 2016 is the year you could give it a whirl! But this one popped up in the audiobook section of my local library, and I had nothing to lose. Every book has tons of adventure, twist and turns, loads of intelligent humor and a satisfying ending. Shortly afterwards a string of robberies takes place and Casper makes a grab for world domination. We’re working out way through House of Hades and Book 2 of Harry Potter but when we come up for air, those look great!!! If you continued to read my blog you will see that I very frequently write in parentheses, it is merely my writing style (however imperfect, and I admit to it being very imperfect), and it is my assertion that these books are good for all children. This all sounds depressing as I write it, but the book is actually a great mix of offbeat silliness and more serious issues. One of the surprising twists of this books is that half-way through, the narration switches from the Lenny (male) to Jodie (female) and somehow Angleberger makes it all work brilliantly.
Parents of younger kids may be tempted to pick up these books because of the large type and illustrations but the sly humor is best appreciated by kids ages 8 and up. I realize I cannot please everyone all the time, so I take no offense to your incorrect assumption.
While Billy thinks of new ways to make the worms palatable, his competitors come up with increasingly complex ways to outwit him. Kiddo actually read several passages out loud to me to demonstrate how good he thought the book was.
Throughout his many world-spanning travels and conversations, Rosenbaum makes a stirring case that not only the arguments about original spelling and folio dating matter, but that Shakespeare himself vitally matters.
In the course of this biography, she convinces readers of the truth of that swaggering title. In 1874, Beecher was publicly accused of "criminal conversation" with his best friend's wife, and a sensational trial ensued.

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