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One of my favorite authors on this is David Silverstein, he has a few books on leadership and they are all good.
As an added bonus, you'll receive "21 Ways for Board Members to Engage in Fundraising" e-book for free! As the year winds to a close, you’re probably taking a look back at your year and taking a hard look at what worked, what didn’t and starting to craft some goals and strategies for the new year. One thing I’ve come to notice as review copies of books land on my doorstep is the subtle trends that they reveal about any given topic.
Do you compare yourself to leaders like Steve Jobs, Colin Powell or Alibaba founder Jack Ma and think they must have been born special and you weren’t?
If you’re looking for a way to get your leadership testosterone on, it doesn’t get any better than getting some leadership tips from the Navy SEALs.
With football season in full swing, why not combine your love for the game with some leadership lessons? If you are committed to developing your leadership style around your core values, then “Becoming the Best: Build a World-Class Organization Through Values-Based Leadership” is an ideal book for you. Fall tends to be the time to readjust your goals as you launch into a new fiscal year or school year.
Being conformed to the image of Christ is a life-long journey, and all need reminders of God’s goodness to us, His power, and His ability to transform us.
As the culture changes around us, the need for leaders who will speak the truth in love is great.
Two great scholars, Tom Peters and Robert Waterman have authored this book, which guides the readers about how to be successful in business and career.
The author, Michael Useem, has summarized leadership in this book as, 'Leadership entails changing a field strategy or revamping a languishing organization. These were some of the best books on leadership, that would guide you in your journey of picking up ideas in every aspect of life, be it your personal life, career, business, or just about anything where you need to make the difference. Pitman 6 Comments An executive coaching client recently asked me about my favorite 2 or 3 leadership books. When it comes to leadership, the leadership books on this list reveal a couple of things I think you should know and be aware of if you want to reach your goals in 2016. You’ve grown beyond the business you have, but not quite into the business you’re building. She is responsible for directing the site’s book review program and manages the team of professional book reviewers.
I love these sorts of lists because you can just bookmark it and work your way through it during the next year. As leaders, it’s time for us to begin shifting our focus to where we will go in the new year and how we can best lead those who follow.
Whether you are leading a church, a home, or a group of friends, seeking Christ and asking the Holy Spirit transform us to be more like Him is of utmost importance in our walk with the Lord. This is the follow up to I Am A Church Member, moving people from having an attitude in line with biblical distinctions of those in the Body of Christ to being people who serve as the Body of Christ. What’s needed now, in shifting times, is neither a doubling-down on the status quo nor a pullback into isolation. But it certainly helps you in the process of becoming a true leader, by providing you with some crucial information on what goes in to becoming a leader. As the name of the book suggests, it focuses more on how one becomes a leader and shares some great information on the paradigm of leadership.

The authors have selected a few companies from America which are successful, and have studied the attributes that are common to all of them. It requires us to make an active choice among plausible alternatives and it depends on bringing along, on mobilizing them to get the job done.
This worldwide bestselling book on leadership too is a research-based book that proves its point through various case studies. Whether or not you’re a football fan, you’ll appreciate the lessons and the skillful storytelling in this sports inspired leadership book. Studies over the years have shown that while Millennials look-up to previous generations as mentors, the feeling isn’t mutual.
It’s a vulnerable time and “Rising Strong” is the ideal book to be reading as you go through that transition.
That’s the most I will do since I will be busy with work and business most of the time. This deeply practical book will give you seven distinguishing marks to develop the skills needed to be a leader who can move their people forward. Instead, we need a church that speaks to social and political issues with a bigger vision in mind: that of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
For centuries, people have been wondering why some make great leaders without any apparent leadership skills, and why some fail even if they have a favorable background. In this book, the author has studied and analyzed twenty-eight successful leaders, which forms the core. This book largely focuses on the organizational success than the individual one, and hence, emphasizes more on leadership in work culture. Leadership is at its best when the vision is strategic, the voice persuasive and the results tangible.' The author has studied nine real-life true cases, where the leaders have been tested at every point with many challenges at the same time. This book largely focuses on essentials of leadership, and tells the readers what he or she must have or strive to achieve in order to become a successful leader.
Leadership is a very special trait, it's good to learn as much as you can so you can lead with confidence! Don’t worry, there’s a process for that and the author walks you through her GRIT® process: Generosity, Respect, Integrity and Truth.
Navy SEALs Lead and Win” takes lessons from SEAL training and operations and applies them to business leadership. In “Leading Across New Borders: How to Succeed as the Center Shifts,” you’ll get examples from current executive and leaders who are trying to grow their business and cultivate future talent.
You’ll see yourself in the stories Messick tells and before you know it, you’ll be looking for opportunities to “Do whatever the heck you want” in every aspect of your day – who knows you might even find yourself pursuing a true dream. But in this list of new leadership books for small business owners, feel free to grab as many leadership nuggets as you can handle. This real-life information based on the experiences of successful leaders makes this book a must-read for every aspiring leader.
This is a good book to read for people who wish to be successful leaders in their business. The visual appeal of this book is heightened with each new edition, making it more comprehensive, entertaining, and more educational. And I find myself thinking about their concepts or quoting them practically every week.Influence, Robert CialdiniIn most of my coaching sessions and media interviews, I find myself quoting Cialdini's work.
That special kind of pluck that includes guts, resilience, initiative and tenacity — and these are all elements of choice.

But how do you get up again after colossal failure and disappointment that comes from being vulnerable? There’s also something that will surprise you about this author (not telling but I promise you’ll be shocked). But the central point that the book makes remains the same in all editions, that says, 'leadership is everyone's business'.
And before you know it, you will have created a powerful life for yourself and example for your team. Whether it's about how we look for "social proof" (and how that impacts fundraising) or reciprocity, Cialdini will help you with your employees, your board, and your donors. This book shows you the way.Coaching for Performance, John WhitmoreSir James Whitmore's book Coaching for Performance was part of the curriculum for my certification as a Franklin Covey Coach. He has a powerful ability to use athletic analogies and weave them into growing individuals. But then the coach asked him, "What direction is the ball rotating when it comes over the net?" That took the player's focus off what wasn't working onto something else in the equation. When the player focused on the ball's rotation, his arm "just moved" in the way it needed to. As leaders, rather than banging our heads against the wall because people aren't doing what we expect, sometimes we need to be simply change the question.First, Break All the Rules, Marcus Buckingham & Curt CoffmanMarcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman went through reams of Gallup data to find out what set excellent managers about from all other managers.
Most organizations that do performance reviews show employees what they're doing well at and where they're underperforming. Buckingham & Coffman discovered that managers who brought organizations to great levels of achievement didn't have employees focus on their areas of weakness. They forsook the pursuit of "well rounded" people, choosing to let their employees shine at different tasks.
This is a treasure trove of wisdom that will help people in our nonprofits have an even greater impact on the world.
If we took to heart that a person's name is the sweetest sounding word in any language, we'd cut the "Dear friend" letters and be much more effective at our fundraising.
Or that arguments usually lead to both sides losing, we'd be much more effective working with people who disagree with us. It's that good.7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen CoveyI first read this book when I was 17 years old.
Don't let the title fool you, thousands of adults have read it and found it easier to understand than Sean's dad's book.What leadership books would you add?These are the books I recommended to my coaching client and find myself referring to over and over. A coach to leaders around the world, Marc's expertise and enthusiasm engages audiences and has caught the attention of media organizations as diverse as Al Jazeera and Fox News.
Marc’s experience also includes pastoring a Vineyard church, managing a gubernatorial campaign, and teaching internet marketing and fundraising at colleges and universities. And if you drive by him on the road, he’ll be singing 80’s tunes loud enough to embarrass his family!

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