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Once unpacked it, I was pretty impressed with how useable it seemed to be, especially considering it’s size.
Aesthetically, the Chill is an RJ Martin design through and through: very sleek minimal lines that are quite pleasing to the eye, with absolutely zero extras what so ever.
It feels like so many manufacturers add extraneous bits and pieces to their knives these days (thumb studs on flippers for example), just to add another check to the marketing list, and frankly I am more than a little tired of it.
With that said, I didn’t notice any immediate issues, but I would keep that in mind that if you were to use this as your only pocket knife, and sharpen it regularly, as you would soon find yourself with a bona fide jailhouse special. Thankfully, Kershaw avoided this pitfall and the Chill is very discreet, with both tip up and down carry options offered. I much prefer having a well made simple knife as opposed to a badly made complex knife, and I am sure you would too even if you do prefer the aesthetics of more complicated knives, so I considered the package as a whole to be quite excellent within its price-point.
The Kershaw Chill’s flipper deployment means that I can whip it out super quickly (and it really does deploy like a bat out of hell), cut what I need to cut, and then quickly disengage the lock with one hand and slip it back into my pocket to sit in discreetly. As a side note, I will mention that reverse grip is very natural and I can definitely see RJ Martin considering tactical applications when he conjured up this design. For delicate work in a pinch grip, the Chill is less than ideal (like most flippers). Couple with that its lack of blade width, I would personally rule it out for more messy tasks like field dressing, but in a pinch it will do. The Kershaw Chill has been on my to-review list for quite some time, though it didn’t quite make it to my shopping cart until recently. The reality was both better than I expected, and yet made me wish Kershaw would release a premium version of the Chill with maybe a bit more meat in hand and a full flat grind blade instead of this razor-like hollow grind.
As always, cost is the biggest factor when mass producing a knife, but I would honestly consider this the best bang-for-buck flipper I have ever tried.
Subscribe to More Than Just SurvivingNo fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here! I use my Kershaw Chill often in public, for example to open the film packaging which is around a Sixpax of bottles if I just want to buy three bottles of it.
My current favourite carry is the Leatherman Skeletool CX, the blade is pretty damn functional and the extra tools do come in useful more often than most people would think! More Than Just Surviving is a survival blog that concentrates on wilderness survival, preparedness, and gear. It is not uncommon that we tend to forget the best folding knife we require while going for camping, fishing and hunting. Best tactical knives are available in wide variety and comes with different sizes, steels & uses. CKRT aka Columbia River Knife & Tool, are in the business to make knives since 1994 and they really produce high quality knives that can be used for outdoor adventure. M1614DSFG catches eyes as it is one of the best tactical folding knife found in the market. One thing that we does not like about this knife is that handle of this knife has holes which is become a space for dust,dirt and other unwanted particles to accumulate. Our next pick is Spyderco Military G-10 If you are in military then this is one must have for you. This is one of the fantastic folding knives in tactical category but sometime it’s length might become a problem to worry about. If you are camping, hunting and outdoor lifestyle lover then you aware that this type of lifestyle demand extreme preparedness and during survival situation everyone should have at least one tactical folding knife in pocket. Even though my site is mainly about survival knives, I do get a lot of mails and messages from my readers about pocket knives because in a survival situation, even a pocket knife is better than no knife!
And with so many hundreds of models of pocket knives out there ranging from $5 to $500, it becomes very confusing for a lot of people to know which the best pocket knife suitable for them is. That’s why I decided to create this mega guide (similar to my detailed survival knife guide) that will help you choose the winners among the huge range of pocket knives available in the market. Before I move on to reviewing the top 5 pocket knives, I decided to create this interactive chart of the top 25 popular pocket knives along with their important specifications such as weight, blade length, blade thickness etc to help you compare and make a better, informed choice. Based on personal experience and after speaking to a number of experts and survivalist friends, this is my list and review of the top 5 best pocket knives.
Not only is this my #1 choice for the best pocket knife out there, I’ve also included this in my top 3 hunting knives list because it really is one of the top tools in the market at the moment. With a blade length of 3 inches and an overall length of 4 inches (when closed), this pocket tool is made from Sandvik 13C26 stainless steel and weighs just under 3 ounces. The only annoying point I found about this pocket knife was that it attracted a few too many fingerprints on the steel scale and the fact that the tip of the knife is pretty delicate which means no using it for heavy tasks (not that you should because then it wouldn’t be a pocket knife).
All in all, with a price point of under $50 and a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, you really can’t go wrong with this knife.
With a blade length of 2.91 inches and made from 154CM Stainless Steel, another favorite of mine makes to this list of the top pocket knives at #2. It features a drop point blade and comes with thumb studs which make opening the knife a breeze. So whether is hiking or camping or canyoning, you’ll want this knife to be by your side because it retains its edge extremely well. One of the most iconic knives ever made and the most popular lock-back knife in my opinion, the Buck 110 is truly one of the best pocket knives available at the moment.
I’ve actually yet to come across a knife that has a better rust resistant body than the Buck 110 thanks to its 420HC rust-resistant steel. All in all, at a price of less than $70 (not including the discount on Amazon), this one should definitely be on your shopping list.

Another tried and tested knife that I would personally recommend is the Spyderco Tenacious G-10 that is ergonomically sound and overall, a great value for money knife. I found the size and weight to be perfect for me and found it really comfortable to use while cutting the baling twine on some hay bales. At under $50, this is a great tool to have for your collection but remember, you need to be extremely careful while closing the blade because this really is one sharp knife! I own many survival knives made by SOG and the one thing I’ve found is that the company never compromises on quality. Like some of the above knives, this one too comes with SOG’s proprietary spring assisted technology that makes the knife incredibly easy to handle in a wide variety of situations. The handle is made of glass reinforced nylon but surprisingly, that doesn’t add to the weight of the knife at all and I was able to perform swings without any issue. I understand your psychology because I’m sure you must be thinking, “How can I get the best pocket knife? You must be curious, what are the features that get priority in being considered as the best pocket knife? Remember, a high quality handle must have some core characteristics; toughness, moisture-resistance and resilience.
The proper ergonomics is a must in making the knife altogether nicely designed and comfortable. This is a straight up bare-bones blade, with no frills added, and I’ve gotta say, I do miss knives like this.
The Kershaw Chill buckles this trend by being one of the most minimalist flippers one can purchase, and that’s its biggest marketing point in my opinion. This makes the Chill extremely pocket-able, especially for those formal occasions or those times where you need to be discreet.
You really can’t screw up such a barebones G-10 clad minimalist flipper, and that’s certainly not a bad thing!
Initially, that did concern me, but lock up is tight and I noticed zero buckling or warping, even with a decent amount of down force applied on the blade.
This is not like holding a bushcraft knife in your hands, and picking it up does not invite you to find things to slice all day. Not a pro or con in my books, as a basic hex key set should be a staple in all toolboxes, but this pretty unusual so I thought it bared mentioning.
Gotta love those RJ Martin lines, and whilst its cheaper feel can be a let down, when you take into account the price, it’s actually a complete bargain. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! In this case I do not open the knife with the flipper to cut open the foil but open it using both hands.
In Canada, the laws are very ambiguous & I find its best to be discreet whenever possible.
Run by a two-person husband and wife team, Thomas & Elise Xavier, this blog's mission is to offer a down to earth resource for both survivalists and preppers alike. Once we understood that we forgot required knife at home; we become annoyed and cant help ourselves till we get back to home. A tactical knife should be termed as ideal when it is sturdy, useful and cuts easily and still holds an edge for long time. If you really looking for a best tactical knife which will provide you strength then this knife is mandatory pick in your arsenal.
It measures around 10 inches in the extended position which is almost equivalent to a ruler length.
I’ve tried my best to include all the information in one place and almost all of the recommended knives have been tested by me or have been put on this page based on recommendations from experts and survivalist friends.
Designed by the famous knife maker, Ken Onion; the Kershaw Leek uses a patented SpeedSafe system that helps with a smoother single hand deployment. Not only does it offer a good balance, the knife itself is corrosion resistant which makes it much more suitable to outdoor tasks.
The Mini Griptilian is an excellent EDC knife that I’ve used regularly for the past few years and found to be extremely versatile. It also uses Benchmade’s AXIS lock mechanism which uses a tiny spring loaded steel bar that shifts forward and back into a special slot cut into the liners and engages a notch machined into the tang section of the blade when opened. For less than $100, not only will you own a great pocket knife but you’ll also spread some happiness because Benchmade donates a portion of the profits from the sale to the Oregon Health and Science University Breast Cancer Institute in Portland. I still remember my dad using the 1st version more than 30 years ago and since then, the knife has only gotten better with future iterations. The nail notch lock-back design makes it very easy to open and close while the 3.75 inch stainless-steel clip blade is one of the sharpest you’ll ever find. It’s not savvy and sexy like the above two knives and you may require two hands to open it but there’s no doubting the quality and balance of the Buck 110. Instead of the usual lock back, you’ll see that this pocket knife comes with a more easily operated liner-lock. Sure, they might not have the cheapest knives but they ensure that all their knives are of the highest quality. It has a great clip and is incredibly sharp out of the box and retains its edge even after a lot of abuse. There is a thumb nub on the SOG Flash II FSA98-CP but a small bit of pressure on this thumb nub will release the blade spring.

It’s impossible for me to pick up one among this huge collection!” I was also in this situation before and frankly speaking, it’s really a tough job to find out the real best knife. This chart shows you some key points that will help you in narrowing down to the perfect knife. But at present, partial serrated blades are catching the attention of the customers and becoming popular day by day. Feel free to inform us if you have any suggestions relating to any additional pocket knife that I may have missed out on. The Kershaw Chill’s cutting ability was above average when taking into account how much meat is behind the edge.
Unfortunately, however, hollow grinds without enough distance to provide a smooth transition tend to feel like glorified wedges when cutting rigid materials like potatoes or apples.
An example of a horrendous pocket clip (in my opinion) would be the skeletonized monstrosity on the CRKT Ripple. The tip down approach to carrying is what you get out of the box, but I personally prefer a tip up option, so a few hours after those photos were snapped, I promptly switched the clip around. The aforementioned CRKT ripple feels lighter, but then again the materials (and blade grind) do differ. As far as I am concerned, its a perfectly viable option for the rougher side of everyday carry tasks, and I don’t foresee any failures. The Chill reminds me of the Kershaw Zing in many ways, perhaps because they’re both by RJ Martin. Even if a customer is right next to me, he does not notice that I use a one handed opening knife, which is, as I mentioned in another comment, banned in Germany to carry in public, or to use it outside your own property.
Market is full of different tactical knives and it become difficult to chose one for outdoor life style, here we are outlined few of such good to use tactical knives that have all required qualities.
It provides almost all benefits of folder and still able to maintain edge & durability like a straight blade. It is known that this knife is able to hold its razor like edge for long time as much as for six months. Like I pointed out earlier, it comes with the speed assist option which is a great but in addition to the traditional thumb stud it has a spot on the back of the blade which allows you to use your index finger to deploy the blade. Another handy feature is that the point clip can be reversed and is a boon for ambidextrous people like me.
The polished brass bolsters and wood grain handles only add to the appeal and the fact that all Buck knives come with an unconditional lifetime warranty makes it a great bargain. The SOG Flash II FSA98-CP is no exception and this partially serrated, 3.5 inch drop point blade, is made from AUS-8 steel.
We are not saying that all of them are of high quality; there are also knives of low quality and price.
If you make a habit of having a variety of knives, then you can never be satisfied with one.
If you use it for a normal purpose, I would like to suggest a clip point or drop point blade. I guess the knife because of its inconspicuous and its flat design which does not show that I have a knife in my pocket or purse. In many scenario while camping and hunting we badly seek help of a great tactical knife, and if we forget one at home then; we might end up putting ourselves in dire situation. Most important thing about this knife is that it comes with automatic locking system which is characteristic features of CKRT and they got it patented.
It is a best tactical knife that can be used in survival situations, while hunting and camping. But still, even after rejecting the low quality one, you need to take the test of choosing one ultimate knife from hundreds of excellent ones.
So, if you want to get rid of this puzzle, my chart and the reviews will definitely show you the way.
If you are not a professional fisherman or hunter, then one multi-blade knife is more than enough for a beginner.
These kinds of large knives are best suited for huge tasks and are also governed by individual state laws. Apart from that, you have the freedom to choose a serrated, partially serrated or plain edged blade. So it is always important to double check for a tactical folding knife before you really step out of your home for camping, hunting and fishing.
This automatic locking system secure your fingers against the blade edge while closing the knive.
From Swiss Army knives, single blade, 2, 3 and 4-blade, barlow, jack knives, lock blade, canoe, camper, multitool etc., you will just find yourself lost among these various kinds. Their consideration includes material of the blade, its reaction under stress, resisting corrosion, how easily it can be sharpened and obviously its solidity. If you even can select a type, you will again be trapped by a large range of choices: traditional or tactical, steel types, blade size, synthetic or natural, blade is locking one or not and so on. But, you will be glad to know that, there are also a lot of knives that have reasonable price and high quality.

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