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This may go without saying, but always start with the cheese and end with the protein (if you are using any). While the traditional tomatoes-based sauce will do, why not try incorporating a helping of cream cheese for a creamy treat? While this is a highly debatable topic, the number of toppings you add to your pizza works best if you keep it around three (not including sauce or cheese). While the dough, sauce, and cheese are standard ingredients, what you add from there is all about you—your tastes, preferences, and available groceries. It may be fun to supersize your pizza but more ingredients decrease the likelihood of evenly baking the whole pie.
Not only can you use leftovers (diched chicken strips from a BBQ or leftover burgers, crumbled) but you can really get away with pitting anything on your pizza. Avoid this issue by draining any moisture-heavy ingredient before tossing it on your pizza—olives, canned pineapple, fresh tomatoes.
Using leftovers, different sauce recipes, unique topping combinations, and different blends of cheese makes meal time easy, diverse, and interesting. The meal looks more aesthetically pleasing, too, because you can see the colors of all the ingredients sitting on top. I know it can be tempting to save time and energy, but the pre-shredded cheese is processed in a way that makes it melt less evenly.

For a perfect, even baking job every time, cap the toppings off a three: two veggies and a protein, or two protein items and one veggie. No need to stick to a recipe or even to the “classics.” Why not try black beans, pine nuts, or kale on your pizza? Follow these tips courtesy of Chef James Burns of Pazzo Pazzo Italian Cuisine, to make the best of your pizza-making experience.
If you’re looking for some added zest but don’t want to increase your ingredient count, try sprinkling on some fresh herbs 5-10 minutes before the pizza is done. The city is generally about the same, but the food and beverage scene has developed quite a bit. If you want, add just a sprinkle of cheese over everything 10-ish minutes before the pizza is done for added texture.
Make sure to grab some trustworthy, high-quality canned tomatoes, too, as those will really stand out in any recipe. If you know that you’re going to be making pizza in a rush, pre-cut the veggies and pre-shred the cheese an place them in the fridge under plastic wrap to keep them fresh until you need them. Or, set another plate on top of the second paper towel and leave it sitting their while you prepare the rest of the pizza. They streets are filled with food trucks, restaurants have gone through makeovers, menus have been updated and new restaurants have popped up.

The more moisture you can banish beforehand, the less likely it is that your pizza crust will get soggy. We were in town for about a week and tried to cover any new and exciting restaurants that have opened up since we’ve been gone. I’d eaten at Corso 32 the last time we were in Edmonton and it definitely won some points on the CRAY scale.
Neighboring Corso 32 on Jasper Avenue equipped with 30 seats, Bar Bricco is essentially a spuntini, a small Italian eatery for enjoying small sharing plates and wine.
One of the BEST things we ate was the Egg Yolk Raviolo, a giant ravioli filled with an egg yolk and housemade ricotta drenched in sage butter and grated Parmesan!Egg Yolk Ravioli ($13 CAD). Netflix Chef’s Table Season 2: Gaggan Progressive Indian Restaurant American Vancouver Cray !!!
Netflix Chef’s Table Season 2: Gaggan Progressive Indian Restaurant posted on July 1, 2016 Okinawa Cray !!! Makishi Public Market ???????? & Awase Fish Market posted on July 5, 2016 Hong Kong Cray !!!

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