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Whether you are venturing to the wilderness for fun or due to necessity, the outdoors present a very particular set of challenges that are not present in other environments. Disclaimer: Survival Ready Blog is an independent review and information site that receives compensation from the companies whose products it reviews or promotes.
Nowadays, we are faced with the impact of the world’s vulnerabilities especially during natural calamaties and disasters.
Individually, there are many things that one can do in order to mitigate the effects of such disasters. There is a big difference concerning those who have their things to aid them during emergency situations than those who do not have them.
You should always prepare a spare battery for your cellphone and other device so that you will be able to send a message to friends and other relatives in times of crisis. Click to reveal answer!Storage of survival gear?You need to keep a minimum of a three day supplies of food, water and clothing in your car. Hyperlite Mountain Gear has been the go-to source of packs for many of the elite athletes who participate each year in the grueling Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic.  2013 was no different!
A road trip should be an adventure, but all adventures require a little planning (and one or two backup plans in case things go sideways). For this year’s update, we put in an additional 60 hours of research and testing and headed out on a four-day, 1,500-mile excursion to four states and six national parks so that we could recommend the best gear for your next road trip. However, even if you do have the best gear in the world, catching small problems before they become emergencies is always the best policy. Being able to find what you need on the road when you need it—whether it’s water, emergency lights, a change of clothes, or a granola bar—can mean the difference between a short easy stop that rejuvenates and a long frustrating one that makes you question why you left home in the first place. Great aerodynamics, easy mounting and operation, and a lot of storage at a reasonable price.
A cargo box effectively allows you to double your trunk space by moving bulky items from your car to your roof.
The low-drag aerodynamic design minimizes wind noise and reduces the impact on fuel economy. If the 16-cubic-foot capacity is too generous for your needs, consider the 12-cubic-foot SkyBox 12 Carbonite. I spent many years working on offshore oil platforms in rigging and rope access, where I played with loads, angles, line pulls, and sheave-block friction percentages—in other words, I know a thing or two about strapping things down. Our research team spent several hours examining 22 strap options before landing on the Keeper product. If you prefer the simplicity of a cam strap or don’t need the extra force that a ratchet strap provides, we like the NRS 1? HD Tie-Down Straps, which come in a variety of lengths.
For owners of compact cars who want to move long or oversized loads such as a kayak, we also like the Thule Quick Loop Strap 530.
If the straps vibrate against the roof while you drive, adding a few twists in them can sometimes stop them from slicing the air. You will be bored—500 miles on cruise control with an automatic transmission is pretty dull. What really makes it stand out are the directional arrows on its interface that tell you where the radar signal is coming from (front, rear, or side).
It would be impossible for us to pick the best overall sunglasses, since your choice will ultimately depend on your personal style. Last year we compared a Maui Jim pair with $1,600 worth of sunglasses, driving or otherwise, and found that it was the best of the bunch. As far as specific model recommendations go, I suggest looking through the offerings on the Maui Jim website and reading the fit descriptions to find something that matches your aesthetic sensibilities.
In a recent survey of our readers, 90 percent of the respondents told us they had a CD player in their car—but on average they used it only 5.7 percent of the time. If you don’t have a CD player in your car (or if you prefer to use yours to play CDs), consider the TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent Car Mount ($9), which attaches directly to the air vent.
Rain and snow don’t just add stress to a road trip but also decrease your visibility and your reaction time in an emergency.
This affordable hydrophobic spray offers effective protection but wears off after a couple of weeks. Most auto supply shops offer a huge variety of Rain-X products, including wiper blades, gels, and washer-fluid additives, but you should stick to the original formula in the 16-ounce spray bottle because it has the most reliably positive user reviews.
Bonds to your windshield for up to half a year, but costs more than twice as much as Rain-X. With the advent of GPS units and smartphone navigation apps (both of which we recommend), the age of the paper road atlas would seem to be over.
Planning a road trip starts with imagining the places you could be next weekend, if you put a few granola bars and clothes in the backseat and left everything else behind.
You’ll also find a variant of the Rand McNally Road Atlas with an attached Travel Guide, which might make sense for people who don’t own a smartphone or who fear that their smartphone might stop working just when they need to know where the nearest Walmart is. As a test, we used the Rand McNally map to complete the first leg of our trip, from Ventura to Joshua Tree, California, with no phones and no GPS, on roads we’d never been on before, being new to the area. We did read one complaint from somebody who began using the 2016 map early: Some of the roads it lists as passable may still be in the middle of construction. A clearly organized interface full of useful information makes this GPS unit easier to follow than the competition. For most shorter trips, a smartphone can provide all the navigation assistance you’ll need.
On the morning of the second day of our trip, we learned just how important a dedicated GPS unit could be. With a little planning and a few small luxuries, you can keep the enthusiasm of your trip alive. We researched 14 shade models and tested two finalists before determining that the Britax EZ-Cling Window Shade is the best around. There are various manifestations of these vulnerabilities and one of which is the totality of lives lost and destructed from such unfortunate events.
One of which is through preparation of Survival Gear List that will help you identify the things needed when a typhoon or a natural calamity strikes your place. Because of this, one may lessen the chance of getting into the worst situation and high up his chances on survival and recovery.
These emergencies are usually followed by fluctuations in the power that supply electricity so it is important to have something to rely to whenever you need something to shed some light. This should be used as a signaling tool in order for you to seek help with other people during worst case scenario. In addition, also prepare batteries for your flashlight since most of these devices operate through the use of energy.

Plus, we spoke to veteran automotive journalist Christopher Smith, who gave us advice on how to prepare your car for the journey. In addition to our own research and testing, we consulted with half a dozen engineers, mechanics, and other experts to bring you these picks.
That’s why we asked Christopher Smith, a veteran automotive journalist with a penchant for restoring fixer-uppers, to help us put together some advice on how to prepare your car for a trip. As with a bag, a well-packed car is one that has less than you think you want to bring, but everything that you truly need to bring. After gathering up as much intel as we could about rooftop cargo boxes from experts, retailers, manufacturers, customers, and outdoor-gear reviewer outlets, we’ve concluded that out of the 20 boxes we surveyed, the Yakima SkyBox 16 Carbonite ($480) offers the best combination of features, build quality, and value pricing for most users.
Its 16 cubic feet of space will tote skis, duffels, backpacks, sleeping bags and other camping gear, or any random (though fairly lightweight) stuff, and will do so securely—both in terms of solidly mounting to your roof rack and in resisting theft. Like most cargo boxes these days, it offers tool-free installation and sliding brackets for attachment to the crossbars, rather than one or two fixed spots, making perfect positioning a snap.
Yakima’s dedicated to making the SkyBox’s lid one of the most rigid on the market.” In a head-to-head review of five boxes, Outdoor Gear Lab gave the nearly identical (except for the glossy automotive paint job) SkyBox 16 Pro ($600) top marks because of a stiff lid that makes it easy to open and close with one hand, as well as a sleek shape that makes its presence almost unnoticeable at speeds under 70 miles per hour.
This box has all the features of the 16 but is 12 inches narrower (24 inches wide, versus the 16’s 36-inch width), allowing you to also toss a bike or kayak up there more easily.
You can find two common types of roof straps: ratchet straps, which have a mechanical lever and gear, and cam straps (sometimes called “lashing” or “loop” straps), which connect to themselves through a cam buckle. Keeper is a reliable brand, and the ratchets are easy to tighten and loosen thanks to their all-metal construction—cheaper ratchets are hard to release and prone to sticking or breaking due to their reliance on plastic parts.
The straps held a full water jug to the roof of our Honda for a few dozen miles through the backroads of Arizona with no issues.
At about $9 each, they’re pricier than more popular options, but the webbing is rated to a 1,500-pound breaking strength (the cam itself has a 2,000-pound breaking strength) and a 500-pound working load, in contrast to the 600-pound breaking strength and 200-pound working load of this best-selling Keeper set. You secure these straps under the hood of your car (or the trunk if you don’t have a hatchback) to create a set of forward anchor points to help stabilize the forward section of whatever it is you’re carrying. Ratchet straps can apply a lot of force beyond just the weight of your belongings, so knowing your maximum load will help you avoid over-tensioning your straps. After five hours driving through the desert, it can sometimes be all of those things at the same time. If you do occasionally stray above the speed limit, a good radar detector can minimize the impact on your driving record and, consequently, your insurance rates. This information helps you suss out which signals you should pay attention to (the front ones), letting you ignore the rest. But driving sunglasses are different because they’re designed to help you perform a specific task: driving safely.
The Maui Jim sunglasses had the clearest lenses—with no perceptible distortion—on the lightest frames we tested, weighing a barely there 20.4 grams. Mike Shubic of the popular road-trip blog Mike’s Road Trip says that Maui Jim makes the best driving sunglasses.
Unlike other companies that go only by lens size, Maui Jim lists face shape as part of its fit guidelines.
After checking with the company, we confirmed that it fulfills warranties on its sunglasses no matter where you buy them.
As such, my immediate reaction to the TechMatte MagGrip CD Slot Car Mount (our new pick in our guide to the best smartphone car mount) was that it offered an attractively simple way to mount and unmount my phone with one hand without having to fight with tension arms or anything else.
The simple tactile feel of the mount snatching up my phone and holding it right where I needed it was oddly thrilling, and a notable contrast to the hassle of tensioner bars and mounts that refuse to let go of your phone. Along with your wipers, rain-repellent windshield coatings can help keep your windshield clear.
Once applied, Rain-X forms a hydrophobic coating that causes water to bead up and quickly slide off your windshield.
Instead of coating your windshield, it bonds to the glass chemically and should last for three to six months before you’ll need to pull out another one-time-use sponge and reapply.
Of course, you could bring up Google Maps, look up the top 10 travel destinations near you, plan your exact route, and save a PDF to your digital device so you’d know exactly where to go and how to get there at each stage of your trip. You might not know exactly what to expect when you’ll get there, but you’ll know that you can get there. Its oversized shape makes it easy to read and easy to spread out on the hood or in your lap, and its simple, user-friendly design can’t be beat. That’s actually what you get with the Travel Guide—an incredibly detailed list of Walmart locations, hotel recommendations, and simple landmark info, nationwide. If you want to play it safe for the next six months, the nearly identical 2015 Rand McNally Road Atlas is still available. But should your journey take you off the beaten path (and out of your coverage area), we suggest the Garmin nuvi 2539LMT (our pick for the best GPS device). We were heading west on route 89A past the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona, well outside cell phone coverage, when our low-gas light came on. The government with the help of the civil society and some private sector are thinking of ways and means to lessen the impact and to prepare for these events as much as possible. In terms of upcoming disasters and calamities, it is better to come up with a Survival Gear List because it is better to be safe than sorry. This should be used in getting the other necessary things and in doing other important and immediate matters.
Teams, rather than individuals, are encouraged, but groups of skiers who travel at the same pace typically stay together. Our hope is that the recommendations in this guide will help you see more and explore farther down the road than you thought possible.
I like to keep my items grouped: emergency gear in the back right of the trunk, water in the back left, spare batteries in the glove compartment along with the power inverter, etc.
If you don’t have a rack already, this REI buyer’s guide is a good place to start, but be sure to consult your car’s owner manual to see how much weight your roof can bear. Once installed, it allows easy access from either side of the car, and its tapered back end makes it less likely to interfere with your liftgate if you put it on a hatchback or station wagon. Similarly, Yakima sells 18- and 21-cubic-foot options for more money—be aware, however, that these boxes weigh more and can encourage overloading past your car rack’s weight limit, which might be lower than you expect.
If I could choose only one type, I’d get ratchet straps because they’re easier to secure—more specifically, I’d get the $10 Keeper Endless Loop Ratchet Tie-Down. At 13 feet long, these 1-inch straps are long enough for all but the most strenuous loads on the largest of vehicles, and their nylon webbing’s 400-pound working load limit and 1,200-pound break strength put them right in line with similarly priced straps. Other members on the Wirecutter staff have owned Keeper straps for years and vouch for their overall strength and durability. This grade of equipment seems like overkill, but Wirecutter researcher Mark Smirniotis has had several of the weaker cams fail on him when he was strapping loads to his Jeep.

Judging from our testing, they’re very quick to set up, and they can add a welcome level of versatility to tough packing situations. Once, while driving, we came across a trailer on the side of the road where someone had built a sculpture out of glass bottles cascading into the desert.
Our pick for the best radar detector, the Valentine One ($400), is a universal favorite among professional drivers and reviewers.
When you pair it with apps such as Waze (which both Bolian and Roy use as well), you’re prepared for a speed-trap-free ride. I’ve never encountered sunglasses that I can wear for hours on end without somehow hurting my nose, ears, or both, but during my trip I had a few afternoons where, despite five-plus hours of driving with them on, I had completely forgotten I was even wearing the Maui Jims. Thanks to their exceptional clarity and polarization, everything, including the scenery around you and the road ahead, looks sharper with these lenses on. And Gear Patrol’s Amos Kwon calls the Maui Jim Kapalua the best sunglasses for track driving. However, Maui Jim will service only authentic lenses and frames that haven’t been modified in any way. With the MagGrip CD Slot Car Mount, rubberized wings fit into your car’s CD slot and spread apart as you turn a thumbscrew, until the hold is secure. If you want the most effective rain repellent, pick up the classic Rain-X spray bottle and commit to applying it once a month. YouTube user jwardell posted a 30-day comparison video that shows how Rain-X is more effective at first but after a month Aquapel still works even after the Rain-X has all but worn off.
Garmin’s driving interface is easier to follow than anything else currently available, thanks to the smoothness and precision of its automatic zoom and the usefulness of the information it presents. Unsure of exactly where we were, how much gas we had left, or whether it made sense to turn back to the main road or to press on, we pulled over and switched on the Garmin.
Long hours sitting in one position, nights spent camping or in cheap motel beds, and breaks for indigestible fast food are a terrible combination.
Keep off the main highways and pull over when the scenery strikes you, not when you’ve gone a certain number of miles, and stop for as long as you need.
The UV-protective Mylar on the back acts like a large sheet of cling film that seems drawn to your windows once you pull the shades out of the box; the black mesh on the inner surface blocks a good amount of sunlight while still allowing you to see through the shade.
For your kit to be lightweight, you are going to need to be selective with what we include. You never know what can happen in these situations, and having these things at your disposal gives you a lot more fighting chance to survive. You may store and keep a considerable amount of liters so that you will have some whenever they are necessary. You could get something heavier-duty, or longer, but you would be paying more for strength you don’t need, or more excess strap to deal with, respectively. He noted that of all the straps on Amazon with more than 25 user reviews, the NRS straps are the only ones that have no user reviews complaining of failed cams (out of 75 total reviews at the time of this writing). Just another in a list of bizarre things I need to know now that will one day (and probably sooner than we expect) be obsolete. The best gear is durable, unobtrusive, and easy to use—so you can keep your eyes (and your thoughts) on the road. You can tell whether the pair you have is genuine (and not a knockoff) by confirming that the Maui Jim logo is etched, not just painted onto the lens.
If you simply want to give your windshield a boost, Aquapel is almost as effective and can last six times longer between applications, but it is very expensive—in contrast to about $6 a year for Rain-X, Aquapel costs about $12 to $16 a year. If your wiper blades start “chattering,” that probably means the coating is starting to wear unevenly and it’s time to reapply. The equally large Kappa North America Deluxe Road Atlas is hampered by perplexing map layouts and large boxes of text, while the Michelin 2016 Road Atlas is too small to give a big-picture sense of your location. Seemingly from nowhere, the device pulled up a gas station less than 20 miles down the road.
We like the EZ-Cling better than film-only shades because the EZ-Cling has a support ring of firmer material around its perimeter that makes it easier to install without wrinkles and bubbles. The decision to store supplies in your basement is a good idea if you live in a tornado prone area, a bad idea if you live in a flood prone area.
Not worrying about countless items that someone might lose or misplace is a big step toward that enjoyment. NRS is primarily known as the premier kayaking and rafting accessory company, so the folks there probably know something about strapping awkwardly large loads onto cars. People who are trapped or those who find themselves stuck without water will eventually die without this precious commodity.
In this frenetic age, that feeling is practically a luxury, and it’s essential to the trip. At least you won’t have to worry about it going out of date—its design hasn’t changed for 10 years, it easily outperforms its competitors, and its interface is user-friendly.
Others report trouble getting windshield chips professionally filled after learning that the chemicals interfered with repair methods, though Aquapel’s site refutes such claims. If you are in some serious wilderness, a larger map (1:100,000) can really be helpful to identify where you are should you get lost.
Still, if you’re stuck in inclement weather on a road trip or a commute, either the original Rain-X spray or Aquapel can help increase visibility and decrease your stress levels. You also run the risk of rodents attacking your supplies as well.Where can you buy survival gear? If you’ve ever opened one of those space blankets, you know that it is a pain to fold them back up into a manageable size.
Use any of the above fire starters and voila, you have tinder that will last you 5 minutes! This prevents you from getting lost as well as from losing your voice Signal Mirror: This is great in certain situations, like the desert, above treeline, or out on the ocean.
I can carve efficiently, split medium branches for fire and shelter, skin an animal, carve a quickie bow, etc.
It can be used to help start a fire, keep a snow shelter above freezing temperatures, and bring some needed light and warmth when spirits are low.

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