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Based on reviews on this site, and on zaph audio I purchased two RS 100-4 drivers from Dayton, and I'll be using them with a TA2020 T-amp. Here's three designs that I'm looking at: Two of them are cabinets for other speakers, which is not ideal, and the other one, though designed for the RS100 hasn't been built yet by anybody! 1) This cabinet DelSol - Aura NS3-194-8E - Inexpensive DIY Fullrange Bookshelf Speaker originally designed for the del sol speaker.
The TQWT (nee 'TL') above would be a better bet than trying to stuff it into a box that it isn't designed for, although it's not perfect.
OTOH, the driver is small, isn't particularly sensitive, the amp isn't one that is ideal for such speakers, & you're listening to hard electronic music? Also a Fonken is a Fostex + Onken, so you'd have to call a milliSize for the RS100 something like a Donken. The Micca Club 3 bookshelf speakers deliver an amazingly energetic sonic performance that belies their dimiunitive size and affordable cost.
The Club 3’s design starts with exceptionally capable drivers that are small in size but big in performance.
Micca is one of the few manufacturers that specifies the impedance of its speakers as a range, rather than a fixed nominal value. While the Micca speakers work just fine with most amplifiers and receivers rated for speakers designed to handle 6ohm or 8ohm speakers, the 4-8ohm rating is a reminder to users that these speakers do have impedance that go down to as low as 4ohms and care should be taken with the listening volume so as not to damage the amplifier or speakers.

At Micca, we continuously look for ways to improve our products for better performance, quality, and value. The VCS-30 Series II includes Bose's VCS-10 center-channel speaker and a pair of Bose 161 surround speakers. Getprice compares prices across all of your favourite products Australia-wide, covering all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane. And as the range of enclosures in the milltSize article should illustrate, each one is tuned to the specific driver.
I meant to say, I'm hoping for a cabinet that will get good sounding bass from this driver.
Sleekly styled with modern textures and black piano-gloss paint, the Club 3 adds visual highlight to any room or decor. Discover how good an affordable pair of speakers can be by trying them risk free in your home with your music. The impedance of a speaker varies depending on the frequency being played, and it is normal for most 8ohm rated speakers have impedance that dip as low as 4ohms or even lower. The broad but low-height VCS-10 is designed to fit seamlessly atop your TV or entertainment center. These guys are good so moderately complicated designs wouldn't be too much of a problem, though I have no way to get custom ports or anything over here.

Its bold and impactful sound signature make them a great fit for the dynamics of modern recording. The drivers are housed in a ported enclosure that delivers extended bass response with low distortion.
With excellent power handling and a carefully tuned crossover, this KEF C series speaker pair delivers a generously full performance that belies its discreet appearance and modest size.
I'd like to use an existing design, rather than rolling the dice on something I made myself.
Compact gold plated 5-way binding posts provide the full complement of speaker wire connectivity options including banana plugs, spades, and bare wire. If you are not absolutely delighted with their performance, simply return them for a refund. Automatic protection circuitry keeps all speaker drivers from being overdriven, heightening the speakers' reliability without interfering with your listening.

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