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A Weed Is a Flower: The Life of George Washington Carver, a picture-book  example of nonfiction reading for kindergartners and first-graders, was more than 100 times more likely to be read in 2012-13 than it was 2010-11. Here’s a pop quiz: according to the measurements used in the new Common Core Standards, which of these books would be complex enough for a ninth grader?
The only correct answer is “d,” since all the others have a “Lexile” score so low that they are deemed most appropriate for fourth, fifth, or sixth graders.
Lexiles were developed in the 1980s by the MetaMetrics corporation, writes Greteman, an English professor. To be fair, both the creators of the Common Core and MetaMetrix admit these standards can’t stand as the final measure of complexity. The ability to read complex texts strongly predicts college success, according to Common Core’s Appendix A. October 24, 2013 by Joanne Teachers will assign more complex, challenging reading — if they follow Common Core standards, concludes a Fordham analysis of what students are reading now.
Currently, many teachers try to assign books that match their students’ reading skills, especially at the elementary level.

In trying to improve reading comprehension, schools made a tragic mistake: they took time away from knowledge-building courses such as science and history to clear the decks for more time on reading skills and strategies.
In fourth and fifth grade, students should read texts with a lexile range of 740 to 1100, according to Common Core. Middle-schoolers should be reading texts in the 950 to 1185 range, according to Common Core. Ninth- and tenth-graders should be reading texts with a lexile range of 1050 to 1335, the new standards say. Filed Under: Books, Reading Tagged With: Anne Frank, Because of Winn-Dixie, Common Core, Letter from a Birmingham Jail, reading, teaching, The Hunger Games, To Kill a Mockingbird, TwilightIn the Obama era, whither Finn and Finch?
For undergraduates and professionals in computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering courses.? Learn the fundamentals of processor and computer design from the newest edition of this award-winning text. This idea might seem ridiculous, but it’s based on a metric that is transforming the way American schools teach reading.

A proprietary algorithm analyzes sentence length and vocabulary to assign a “Lexile” score from 0 to 1,600. Common Core calls for assigning grade-level reading and giving students extra help to understand it.
And the impact, particularly on our most disadvantaged students whose content and vocabulary gap is so great, has been devastating.
That issue does not rank as high as slavery on our national list of shame, but it definitely makes the list. Harper Lee’s estate will no longer allow publication of the low-cost, mass-market paperback edition.

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