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The Wakarusa Music and Arts Festival in Ozark, Arkansas has quickly become one of my favorite festivals. As you can tell by the name, Mulberry Mountain (the beautiful site of Wakarusa) is in fact on the top of a mountain.
Ozark County as you may have guessed is not a happening hot spot, which means that local cops are just itching for a reason to pull over some hippies and see what’s what. After getting settled in you may want to venture off to enjoy the river and beautiful waterfalls just down the way from the festival grounds.
A valuable lesson I learned this year was that weather can always throw you some massive curve balls! We made the mistake of trying out a new shade tent this year that ended up being a massive fail.
The venue grounds of Wakarusa are set up very nicely, with lots of open spaces to chill and room to dance. A big thank you once again to all the the awesome people who helped make this year’s Wakarusa Music and Arts Festival so special. Glastonbury takes place in southwest England at Worthy Farm, located in Somerset between the villages of Pilton and Pylle. Pack any medications and first aid supplies you may need during the week, plus toiletries and sunscreen. Do not bring: glass bottles, gazebos, pets, sound systems, generators, sky lanterns or kites, unauthorised fireworks, wax flares, or the drone you bought from an in-flight magazine.
You’ve seen the photos of well-dressed celebs at Glasto who barely have a hair out of place despite wading through waist-deep mud.
How do you decide what to do when it feels like you can do anything and you’ll be missing out if you don’t do everything?
If the dampness of Glastonbury is a deal breaker for you, check out the Burning Man Festival in the middle of the American Desert instead. As far as festivals go, this location is no worse than anyother in this respect, just do not make yourself a target. Yes, this is an outrageous amount, however a small town wants to make it’s revenue off of Waka fans somehow, so just don’t let it be from your pocket! After we got this beast set up we tried to tie down some tapestries to block the sun, unfortunately these worked as sort of “sails” to lift the thing up and toss it over a fence and into the street. Compared to some other festivals the wait time to enter the venue is very small, however there are only about 4 or 5 stalls to walk through and get checked by security at the main entrance so if there is a big headliner about to start you may want to meander towards the stages a little early to avoid the rush.
It’s a psychedelic playground where hedonism is embraced, unity is the order of the day, and imagination is the only limit.
Bristol International Airport is the closest destination by air, but coach services can also be arranged from Heathrow Airport directly to the festival.
You’ll have to haul your gear a fair distance to where you camp, so only bring what you really need. You’ll also want bags for dirty clothes and trash, some kind of light source, and a reusable water bottle to fill from the free taps on site.

It may have a river running through it by the end of the event, but at least you’ll have a good story to share on Facebook.
For a price you can score a yurt or a tipi provided by Land & Sky at nearby Writh Farm.
Waterproof outerwear and mud-ready boots are essential, and don’t skimp on the spare socks and clean underwear. Carry your mobile, camera, and wallet in small zip-lock bags to protect them from the elements. The festival is massive and made up of distinct socio-geographic regions, each with a completely unique vibe. There’s nothing wrong with tracking down a few of your favourite bands, but the best Glastos are carefree.
There are several gas stations off the exits near the fest but not on the actual exit of the venue so hit one up on your way in. The venue is large and sort of hilly so bringing a pair of comfortable shoes is a good idea. I was pleased to learn that, just like last year, the security staff was very nice and friendly and did not do a “full cavity search” approach like some other fests. It is amazing that Wakarusa can provide this caliber of music and still maintain it’s hometown vibe and humble staff. While he world is mourning the loss of one of history’s greatest musicians, a new musical legend is about to be born. It also looks like an environmental disaster zone, smells like a ruptured sewer pipe, and can be harder to navigate than a swimming pool full of porridge. Barring a miracle, you will not party for days in a water-logged field and come out looking ready for your closeup.
If you really want to look like a pro, keep a set of clothes in a bag that’s secured in your tent or car. Explore as many as you can (unless you’re looking to waste as much of the event as possible, in which case claim a small patch of ground and cling to it territorially for hours until the headliner comes on). First you need to check out the weather if it’s rainy take a waterproof poncho because no rain can stop you from having the best time of you life.
If you do decide to drive your car will have to be checked again on the way in sobe prepared for that.
The temperature dropped dramatically as the sun went down and it got very cold the first two nights. Flops and sandals can get waring by the end of the weekend, and blisters can be a huge pain in the ass. This made about half the parts break off which needed to be repaired with about one and a half rolls of duct tape. Nearly a half-century later, that modest festival has become the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world, a template for every fete that has followed, and a bucket list item for music fanatics from all over the world. Have a sleeping bag and a roll mat to keep you cozy at night, plus an extra blanket to combat the cold.

Camp on the highest ground possible, and steer clear of ditches where water will collect into grimey pools. If you are lucky and the sun will be on your side you will need sun cream and lots and lots of water to drink, rule number one is stay hydrated. When you arrive you will get in line to be checked out by security and put on your wristbands.
Also, Cops are on the lookout for DUI’s, no seat belts, and anything else they may be able to ticket you for so taking the bus is a safer option. The main stage is in a large field and has plenty of room (and bathrooms, which is always appreciated!).
Doing so earns you the title of Glastonbury Festival Green Traveller and access to discounts on meals and merch.
Sturdy boots – wellies, if you’re going classic – are a must, as is waterproof outerwear.
One part boutique hotel, one part no-holds-barred party, one part relaxing getaway, Camp Kerala is a shamelessly opulent experience. This was a quick advice on how to stay fit in the festival season but now comes the fun part; what to wear. We learned from this mistake and used some spare rope to reinforce the tent stakes and make it a more sturdy structure. The area near the taps will get boggy, and the overburdened toilets carry a legendarily horrific stench. Festivals are the opportunity to show everybody your style which you are afraid to show on the streets, so go ahead and have fun.
Many an Easy-Up met its fate to some strong winds and hail so taking a few precautions such as extra strong stakes, very good rain tarps, and proper setup locations can save you a few headaches. The lesson we can learn from this is to invest in a sturdy, reliable shade tent and make sure you know how to assemble it before you have the strong wind and hot sun working against you. The days can get pretty hot and the Waka staff allows these items to be brought in, so you may as well take advantage. Glasto is famous for its festival fare, which encompasses all kinds of cuisine and price points. This information was on Waka’s website but apparently a lot of people did not see it judging by all the cases of beer being confiscated at the gate.
You can also check out the “Surviving A Rainy Festival” post on this site for some more tips on avoiding tragedies in the rain. By the end of the weekend this poor thing was in a half collapsed pile which was un-salvageable and a complete waste of money.
We would have fared better just duct taping some tarps to some ropes, buthey, you live you learn!

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