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Many high school students decide to take AP European History, one of the most difficult AP History classes offered. A good way to remember facts and names, and where to apply them, is to attach a certain theme to each person (but we will get to that later).
Half of the multiple-choice section will focus on 1450-1800, and the other half will focus on post-Napoleonic European history. The exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions, in which students have 55 minutes to answer them all. Time management skills are crucial for this section; work on practice exams to learn what essays you work the quickest on. This isn’t AP World, where you have to make cross-cultural connections and endlessly discuss themes. Debra is currently a high school senior from the Philadelphia suburbs and will be attending Wellesley College in the fall. Are you a high school student or a college freshman who took an AP exam, received a 4 or a 5 on that AP, and would like to write a study guide on that AP for The Prospect? European civilization has produced many great works of art, fascinating people and marvellous tales, but it's war which has inspired the most computer games. When I was playing the excellent Rome: Total War, I thought the only way it could be made better was by setting it in the Napoleonic era (a favourite of mine). Set between 1090 to 1530 CE, M2:TW lets you command thousands of individually animated 3-dimensional warriors in battles featuring knights, archers, catapults and even elephant mounted cannon.
A sequel to a well-loved game, Company of Heroes bills itself as a ‘Next Generation’ RTS and does several things very well: it improves upon the original, it offers several gameplay challenges and a multi-player mode, and it switches to the vital but often overlooked Eastern Front. Experts in serious military gaming, Slitherine have teamed up with Military History to produce a grand strategy game covering World War 2.
This real time strategy has plenty of arcade elements, but the rest oozes World War Two atmosphere.
The Russian computer game industry is coming along at a great pace, and “Men of War” may be one of the best yet. This massive value-for-money compilation includes every game and expansion released in the Total War series before (but not including) Medieval II: Total War, as well as a soundtrack CD. If you value historical accuracy and the ability to use correct tactics over flashy graphics and a rocking soundtrack you'll probably adore this, a turn based, 3-d game set on the Eastern Front during WW2. Pitched perfectly between the simulation of Combat Mission and the arcade of Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2, the original Blitzkrieg was my favourite real time strategy game set during the Second World War. Play as Britain, Russia, America or even Germany in this graphically stunning live action strategy. There may have been three more Close Combat’s since this was released, but war and computer gamers have consistently rated this as the best modern era real time strategy game ever, simply because of the sheer realism: you have to use proper tactics to succeed.
In this course, memorization of specific details key, which, originally, may not seem too daunting. The course offered at your high school should cover all key topic areas, while focusing on themes. In the free-response section, students must answer two free-response questions, and one document-based question.

I know, for me, I began to realize that I could quickly write a FRQ, so on exam day, I allotted myself more than the recommended time on the DBQ. They make up equal parts of your score, so if you feel you did really bad on the first section, you really can’t make up for it in your essays.
I have not had a class challenge me as much as my AP Euro class, and although it was the most challenging course I’ve taken thus far, I gained a lot of skills. This technique helped me ace tests in the course and allowed me to dominate in the multiple choice section of the AP Exam. That way, when you see multiple choice questions about any theme, movement, revolt, etc., you will be able to quickly remember who was for it, and who was against it. And let's face it, an online tour is never going to match the numerous emotions of a good pc war game.
Well, “Empire: Total War” sees the action moved to the gunpowder age and opens the map up to include America and India as well as Europe. You also have to build and fund your armies while conquering regions on a map of Europe, the Middle East and even South America (once it's been discovered) with the ultimate aim of becoming emperor. But the latter is a problem, because gamers from across the world have criticized the way Russian forces are portrayed, and while the Red Army generated plenty to complain about, CoH2 lays things on thick.
It’s not for you if you prefer 3D graphics to hexes, but it offers a mix of old and new school gaming, and multiplayer including email. Build your units and send them to your targets on the map, balancing capturing resources with defeating your opponent. It’s another World War 2 strategy game, but it mixes the scale, from massive battles to stealth operations.
This sequel opens the game to cover the Pacific theatre as well, but also features cameos from historical figures, adding a ‘special character’ feeling I found offputting.
You control beautifully modeled 3D units in either groups or individually as you attempt to complete 25 missions; unfortunately, the general theme is special forces behind enemy lines, an all too common setting for WW2.
The ultimate goal is conquering the whole continent, but you’ll need more than a blood thirst to achieve it. While arcade style action games are often more immediately enjoyable, Close Combat 2 is more rewarding and even educational. However, students must memorize details that span from 1450 to the present day, while taking into account social movements, political changes, and other themes.
The multiple-choice section is broken down into three equal parts: one-third on cultural and intellectual themes, one-third on political themes, and one-third on social and economic themes. ETS loves throwing a women-centered essay on the AP Euro exam, and if you do it, you may be doomed.
The game has been polished and deepened, and now you can direct your ships during naval battles (although this is still a bit clunky), as well as hundreds of individual troops in land battle. The result is more of a cartoon cliche than the revelation about the behavior of the ignored ally. It’s been described by some reviews as the most comprehensive WW2 strategy ever, but with campaigns from a Russian, German and Allied point of view. However, you can choose between stealth or outright carnage to achieve your goals in what is ultimately an arcade look at WW2.

However, the engine is getting a little old and you may require help getting started in modern systems.
This can seem overwhelming (and sometimes, it is), but with a simple breakdown and some study tips, you, too, will be able to dominate the AP European History course and exam.
The DBQ (document-based question) is mandatory – that is unless you decide not to do it, and take a zero, but why would you do that? This will come easy, especially if you memorize a lot of facts for the multiple choice section. It will save you a lot of stress and, if you spend more time working on the essay format you generally do worse on, you may even improve your score! You can choose not to write that FRQ, of course, but, if you take the risk and succeed, it will help you score higher (take it from me, I took the risk, and failed. I also became a better studier, and I picked up on strategies that helped me memorize those key facts and names (all of which I will share with you later).
I also chose the woman essay, because the other two essay options in that bank dealt with modern affairs.
Bringing in evidence for the DBQ isn’t really that necessary, the College Board is giving you evidence in the documents.
Royal families hated each other for petty reasons, citizens of nations often slaughtered people because they felt like it, and King Henry VIII of England had a lot of lady issues. What better way to connect everyone than pretending they’re a bunch of drama-filled actors or teenagers? Make sure you study important women, make sure you know what time period they are in, and what they did. Students will pick one essay to write from one of the banks, and pick a different essay from the other bank.
Try to throw in an analysis of POV in each body paragraph; that is, bring up the fact that there are no writings from peasants, or how this guy believes in a different opinion, etc.
Generally, one bank has questions that will range from 1450-1800, and the second bank will have questions that range from 1800-present day.
Want to know a cool way to remember all of the names and dates that will help you in essays? Eventually, when you hear the name Martin Luther, you will be able to rattle off what he did, what movement he was in, and who hated him. In the end, I had to write the woman essay because I had no clue what to write for the other two. In my woman essay, I actually think I mentioned Madeleine Albright for some unknown reason.

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