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An exciting birthday adventure turns disastrous when a real-world player infiltrates the Minecraft map. Putting her Melbourne based life-style and marketing career on hold, in 2003 Louise and her husband took off on a great Australian adventure. I work in a part-time marketing role for my husband’s software company however I am hoping over the next twelve months to be able to say I am writing fulltime.
I’m also working on the second book of a new children’s series titled The Secret World of Curly Jones. When I’m writing a first draft I usually set the alarm for 5am and try and get 90 mins of writing time before the rest of the house wakes up. I made the decision to self-publish The Crafters’ Club as I saw an opportunity with the interest in Minecraft and I didn’t want to wait for months to go through the submission process with publishers. The first two Crafters’ Club books have also just been picked up by Scholastic in the New York for their school’s book club market.
I’ve traveled to a lot of National Parks throughout the world and love beautiful places where I can camp and hike. Number one thing to do on your bucket list: To snorkel at Raja Ampat, Indonesia, known as one of the best snorkel locations in the world. Driven from their home island of Rhynlyr, Ellie and her friends must solve a riddle to find the survivors of the Vestigia Roi. Alina Sayre began her literary career chewing on board books and has been in love with words ever since.
Her debut novel, The Illuminator’s Gift, won a silver medal for Best First Book in the 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards and received a 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite, and all three books in The Voyages of the Legend series have received 5-star reviews from Readers’ Favorite. When she’s not writing, Alina enjoys hiking, crazy socks, and reading under blankets. In a fantasy world of ocean and islands, The Voyages of the Legend series follows Ellie, a 12-year-old orphan girl with a mysterious gift of Sight, and her crewmates aboard the flying ship Legend as they encounter danger, friendship, and adventure. I found my cover designer, Jenny Zemanek of Seedlings Design Studio, through Joel Friedlander’s E-Book Cover Design Awards—a great place to get introduced to a variety of cover designers. If you could only take three books with you through an interstellar portal, what would they be? PS:  Oh no, I forgot to ask which character Alina dressed up as for The Force Awakens.  What do you guys think?
Leaving her friends behind to ascend Mount Thoradan, Amanda journeys alone towards the northern realm to “recover” the legendary Horn of Valhalla and bring it to the Guild of the Crimson Pommel. On the created world of Dendur, the reader will travel across the continent of Ak’ron through lands where Zeus and Odin are followed and a new religion, the Order of One, confronts the old ways.
The reader will meet a legendary bard who spins a magical tale of Amanda’s struggles into his song.
My other work-related writing includes military reports, legal research summaries, performance audits (process re-engineering), strategic planning, and business planning documents. My favourite books include Lord of the Rings, Belgarath, Sword of Shannara, and Dragon Riders of Pern, which fostered my love of fantasy. Jerrod is a miller’s son who does not want to take over the family business; he dreams of fame and fortune. In Amanda’s Quest, Amanda leaves her friends behind to fulfil a blood debt she promised to complete in order to guarantee Rhonda was treated for her injuries. In The Light of Ak’ron the survivors must seek out and destroy the treachery, once and for all.
Amanda – his first friend who appeared to be a beautiful, female warrior, but there is much more to Amanda than she allows readers to see.
Drin – who he met with Amanda; Drin, who desires to be a holy knight, has a more righteous attitude.
Nathanial – who he also met with Amanda; Nathanial is a wizard, second only to the High Master of the Triad, an outlawed organization that studies multiple types of magic. Fraum – who confronts them on the eve of their departure for the Lost Kingdom; Fraum is quiet sage who studies the flora and fauna of Dendur, drawing pictures in his diary as they travel through Torrence, the Black Forest, Lithlillia, and beyond, or is he? Rhonda – who they meet on the journey; Rhonda is a half-Elven druid princess from Lithlillia, next in line to be the Priestess of E’frette. Imelrinn – an ancient Mountain Elve (Elf) who has been the guardian for the last three generations of the leaders of Lithlillia (i.e. Drok-na and Rok-lin – green dragons from the Isle of Dragons; they start as cubs and grow into adulthood. A funny story along the lines of character development: I spent two or three days retracing the steps the group in The Legend of Jerrod from Lithlillia through the Crispten Mountain and on to Terrace Xul. In Chapter 9 of The Legend of Jerrod, Amanda, Jerrod, and their friends meet a bard in the wilderness who guesses their intended destination, the Lost Kingdom of Terrace Xul.
My son and I composed the music to go along with the lyrics; the instrumental is available on my blog for free. The Light of Ak’ron, which is book three in the Kingdom of Torrence series, and The Legend of Jerrod Second Edition.
I learned a lot from the author manager at the publishing service, but I have learned more from my affiliation with FSFNet and High Sierra Writers authors. Being an indie author has two parts: creating an interesting storyline, and being an entrepreneur. When I got into Dungeons & Dragons I heard a lot of negative opinions about the fantasy role playing game. When my children were young I would tell them impromptu bedtime stories about forest creatures. Aislin's life wasn't always a wasteland of brittle grass and empty survival on her family's medieval farm. These words set her on an enchanted path towards an ancient grove and its powerful Forest Lord, whose love and gift of a bloodstone necklace unleash the wildness in her own heart, sending her underground to the earth's wellspring of magic. Aislin stared uncertainly at him, her heart swelling with each beat, faster and faster, wings against a cage. I love the fact that you switched careers to be a writer for the fan website Once Upon A Fan after watching and enjoying the show yourself.  It sounds like a dream job. Our daughter, who wants to be a vet, wore us down a few years ago and we adopted our first little black rescue dog, Soda Pop.
Number One Thing to Do on My Bucket List: See one of my books on a shelf at a brick and mortar bookstore. In this dark tale, the Bard’s most famous heroes embark upon a journey to discover a long-lost soul. NY Times Bestselling Author Lisa Adler Free Steamy Romance and USA Today Bestselling Author Nana Malone today at the Free Kindle Steamy Romance & Free Kindle Erotic Romance Blog.
A magnificent epic set against a history of seven thousand years of the struggles of Gods and Kings and men - of strange lands and events - of fate and a prophecy that must be fulfilled! Long ago, so the Storyteller claimed, the evil God Torak sought dominion and drove men and Gods to war. But that was only a story, and Garion did not believe in magic dooms, even though the dark man without a shadow had haunted him for years. Brought up on a quiet farm by his Aunt Pol, how could he know that the Apostate planned to wake dread Torak, or that he would be led on a quest of unparalleled magic and danger by those he loved - but did not know? For a while his dreams of innocence were safe, untroubled by knowledge of his strange heritage.
David Eddings (1931-2009) published his first novel, High Hunt, in 1973, before turning to the field of fantasy with the Belgariad, soon followed by the Malloreon.
Born in Spokane, Washington, and raised in the Puget Sound area north of Seattle, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, in 1954, and a master of arts degree from the University of Washington in 1961.
He served in the US Army, worked as a buyer for the Boeing Company, and was both a grocery clerk and a college English teacher. David Eddings is an American author who has written several best-selling series of epic fantasy novels. On January 26, 2007 it was reported that Eddings accidentally burned about a quarter of his office, next door to his house, along with his Excalibur sports car, and the original manuscripts for most of his novels.
On February 28, 2007, David Eddings' wife, Leigh Eddings (born Judith Leigh Schall), died following a series of strokes.

Mobs are the last thing on the club members' minds as they scheme to outwit this uninvited yet dangerous guest. Two are romantic suspense and live at the VERY bottom of a drawer and are unlikely to ever see daylight.
His interests at the time were Minecraft and aviation and I decided setting an adventure in the Minecraft world held a lot of possibilities and would be a lot of fun to write.
Initially when I decided on the idea for the books I thought I would have to spend weeks getting up to speed.
Their personalities definitely shine through in the characters but some days I must say I prefer the fictionalised versions of them to their real selves! Book eight of The Crafters’ Club is in its final proof-reading stage and I am planning book nine which will be the last of the Crafters’ Club books for now. It has been a very steep learning curve but one I’ve really enjoyed and gained so much from. They will distribute them to their book clubs in the US, Canada and the Philippines which is very exciting. I had a basic concept of what I wanted the first book to look like and how that would flow through the series and Lana brought it to life.
I do squad swimming year round but love the opportunity to splash around in the surf or the river too. Now she is an editor, educator, speaker, and the award-winning author of The Voyages of the Legend, a fantasy series for ages 9-14. Jenny is a not only a talented designer, but a great listener, and she has worked closely with me to bring the flavor of each book to visual life.
With less than a year remaining she races through the barbaric lands of the followers of Odin to complete her blood-debt, promised as payment for healing the half-Elven druid princess. In the troubled kingdoms of men and Elves, magic is limited out of fear and dragons are thought to be a thing of the past.
He sings of individual battles and armies’ wars, filled with the cold of steel and the power of magic.
Stoddard has been exposed to a variety of athletic experiences that he relies upon in the Kingdom of Torrence series.
Stoddard has a Master’s degree and has studied Chinese, Spanish, and Tagalog, although English is now his only functional language. I got involved in Dungeons & Dragons and began developing worlds and campaigns for players to enjoy. After saying goodbye to his family he finds a magical sword on the road to the capital city where he meets Amanda. Now, Amanda must steal the Horn of Valhalla and return it to Torrence within a year or the Guild of the Crimson Pommel will send their assassins to kill them all.
I wanted to write about an older teenager growing into manhood and how he might face some adult challenges. I sat down to write out the scene in The Light of Ak’ron manuscript where the Heroes of Demeter Plain discuss the next step of their search.
I would work early on weekend mornings while my wife was at work and the kids were still sleeping, but schedules change, particularly as the kids grow up. My first book was edited by a college graduate, I went to a paid publishing service, and it was released. Before you are even considered “successful”, the business side of being an author begins to consume your time. As a child, Aislin's wild heart was nourished with dreams of forest adventure, tales of a terrible creature within its depths, and a special game played with a willow tree. It had perched in an impossibly wide oak, its massive roots buckling the ground and its gnarled branches spreading out and upwards further than she could see.
The door was twice her height, and she marveled at the intricate designs springing forth from its surface: flowers, fox, deer, birds.
I have many names, but you may call me Kern.” His antlers stretched up against the green canopy, and the sun which lanced through the branches dappled them with light and shadow.
I went on to fill two binders with various stories, character sketches, maps, poems, potion recipes, unicorn and dragon drawings, etc. This is the first time I’m writing a novel, and I find that breaks to work on (and finish) smaller pieces really helps my creativity and focus (not to mention my fragile sense of accomplishment). But – without giving away too much- it can also refer to something with the main character, Aislin.  I love hidden meanings!
Medieval literature is both my passion and my degree, so I am very comfortable in this type of setting (and I would gladly spend my entire summer at the Renaissance Faire, but alas, my children want to go the pool instead). He was a senior shih tzu with kidney disease (we found that out after we adopted him), and we only had him for a year before his kidneys failed but he stole our hearts.
It is such a positive, supportive group made up of authors whose enthusiasm for reading and writing in the speculative fiction genre knows no bounds.
Othello, guilt ridden after murdering his beloved Desdemona, becomes a reckless sword-for-hire.
David Eddings' wife, Leigh Eddings, is uncredited as co-author on many of his early books, but he has lately acknowledged that she contributed to them all. He was flushing the fuel tank of the car with water when he lit a piece of paper and threw into the puddle to test if it was still flammable. Can the Crafters’ Club protect the Minecraft world, avoid a fatal attack, and preserve their most precious secret?
Thirteen years, many thousands of kilometers, and two kids later, they are yet to return to Melbourne. I downloaded it and after about fifteen minutes realised I didn’t need to be able to play the game myself to write a story. In addition to selling via Amazon and my own website, the books are represented by a distributor in Australia. I was blown away when she sent through her first pencil drawings and have loved every cover since. Strengthened by new allies and new gifts, the crew of the Legend faces dangers like never before.
This book focuses on Ellie’s quest to raise an army from the shattered ruins of her people—and her journey to overcome the fear within herself. My new book is dedicated in part to my amazing students, whose curiosity and enthusiasm inspire me.
The major islands in The Illuminator Rising are based off a blend of my past travels to Hawai’i, Turkey, Spain, and the American Southwest—blended, of course, with fantasy creations. Only the completion of her debt will save her and her friends, but Amanda’s quest holds challenges beyond her comprehension. Wizards cast spells and druids draw power from nature as warriors wield heavy blades, but nothing is as it seems. His love for storytelling began when he was a pre-teen, writing fictitious stories that ranged from football games to modern war battles.
The joy of interacting as if they players where writing a play as they acted it out was contagious is contagious.
Along with several other friends they set out on a quest to find the Lost Treasure of Terrace Xul, but they are betrayed.
As soon as I got a print copy and started to read it, I contracted an on-line publishing service who wanted to completely rewrite the released manuscript; we compromised, but I am in the process of doing a second edition because I am still not happy with the novel. I have also learned from authors that I have met at large book signing events with multiple authors. I have a business background which is beneficial, but, again, networking is your biggest ally. At some point in time my hobbies have included: horseback riding, herding cattle, backpacking, camping, fly fishing, shooting, archery, sailing, scuba, trumpet, guitar, art, and martial arts. I started writing short stories about succeeding, such as being a football star or a fighter pilot ace.
What I found was the players have creative minds and play-acting the part of their characters cultivated their creativity.
He is chasing across the galaxy being pursued by Vader (a ring wraith), trying to defeat the Empire (Mordor).

A man’s face, with wild hair spreading into leafy vines and stag’s antlers, was etched above her head.
She knew him, like the wind in her hair as she spun, like the smell of crushed grass, like the willow tree.
She was a middle school English teacher for many years and was well-known for her dramatic readings of The Princess Bride. The website Once Upon a Time Fans and all the writers, artists, and crafters I met in the extremely creative Oncer fandom encouraged me that my lifelong dream of publishing could become a reality. A few months ago we were lucky that the shelter who had Soda contacted us about a little puppy that was rescued from a puppy mill. Genre: Anxiety Self Help Book of the Day, Sponsor, Mental Illness, Panic Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Medical eBooks, Science. Genre: Romance of the Day, USA Today Bestselling Author, Contemporary, Romance, Inspirational Romance, Romantic Comedy. Genre:  Romantic Comedy, USA Today Bestselling Author, Contemporary, Romance, Inspirational Romance.
Genre: Science Fiction Deal, Sponsor, Space Fleet, Alien Invasion, First Contact, Adventure. The other two fall under commercial women’s fiction and are currently in submission with publishers.
Of course I needed to learn as much about the game as possible but not with my own hands on the controller!
She’s currently working on the cover for the first book in The Secret World of Curly Jones series.
Can they escape being shot out of the sky, falling over the Edge of the world, or being engulfed by urken armies long enough to rally the Vestigia Roi?
I was totally shocked and amazed that a made-up story could affect someone in such a real way.
As events escalate, wizards, druids, knights, and warriors become entangled in deadly conflicts and two dragons become bitter enemies. I had always written stories and poetry, so it was a very short hop to writing my first novel.
She knew him as much as the knowing of her own heart's secret: she was destined for the forest.
Lori is currently a Staff Writer for the website Once Upon A Fan, the popular fansite for ABC’s hit show Once Upon A Time. We visited Glastonbury, Stonehenge, and Avebury, and those places, especially the Tor and Chalice Well, had a truly magical impact on me that fueled my penchant for sacred groves and standing stones in my writing. I’m pretty busy with being a stay-at-home mom right now, so getting to bed at a decent time is also top on my list of enjoyment.
So now we have our second black dog (so strange how that happened…maybe I should be writing spellbooks instead). In Kill Shakespeare , a new independent comic book title, these well known characters join with the fairy Robin Goodfellow and the irascible Falstaff in an epic struggle against Richard III, Lady Macbeth, and the scheming Iago. Genre: Mystery Deal of the Day, Sponsor, Crime Thriller, Police Procedurals, Murder Mystery. And can they rekindle a fire from the ashes of the One Kingdom before Draaken takes over the world?
After years of being a game master where he developed worlds and designed fantasy campaigns for players to enjoy, DM studied creative writing and Greek mythology at the University of Maryland. Through his outdoor activities, DM learned to track and is currently returning to backpacking and archery. After graduating from high school I spent a lot of time writing poetry, channelling my emotions into my writing. Aislin fell, apples scattering from the bag, and stared at the man who now loomed over her. She is also attempting to make her little black rescue dog her familiar, but so far it’s not working.
But when I went to college I became an English major and focused more on my teaching career, so writing took the back seat to teaching and then to children of my own. They touch one another, pressing up in a long line of lands, each just as real as the last.
It's like The Justice League vs The Injustice League, only with lots of thees and thous thrown in.
With each book now I often go straight to YouTube videos to check how to do certain things or to see what a mob looks like or a particular biome.
Later, while telling improvisational stories of whimsical forest creatures to his children at bedtime, he became hooked on storytelling. Four months!), Emily Bronte (surprise – I was an English teacher after all), Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (I count them together as one author). I want  to train her as my familiar but we really need to get the potty training down pat first! She was uprooted by her mother, who left them to be with her boyfriend – before disappearing without a trace. As a result I have a fantastic understanding of what you can do in Minecraft, what you need in order to craft certain things, what potions will do to you etc, etc.
And if you honor it, then the universe will open up a way for you.” Synchronicity definitely happens! When the sun goes down, she would love to say you’d find her curled up with a glass of wine and a good book, but as anyone with young children will testify, that is part of her fantasy life, not her reality. My knowledge however does not translate to me picking up a controller and having any real idea of how to move around. It was written by someone who clearly understands what anxiety and has dealt with it first-hand!
Reviewers love it: This is an excellent book that I got completely lost in, from the first page!
Luckily I have four fantastic beta-readers for the series who are all aged between eight and ten and are Minecraft experts. It is the only book I have ever said that I wished I had written, and I can’t tell you how I have analyzed her writing craft piece by piece.
If you are looking for a great shifter romance that dances to its own tune and gives you warm furry hugs, this is it!
Debra Clopton is one of the best Christian Romance authors out there – she never disappoints, ever! The author sets up a very original story that captivated me from the first book to the fourth! A very suspenseful undertone throughout that reminded me of thrillers and the mystery genre! This delightful children’s book beautifully illustrates how one small act of kindness can grow into something much bigger and come full circle! If you are looking for an active tool for handling your anxious feelings, I highly recommend reading this book! Phil Harvey’s stories have won the Antietam Review award, and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. I read this book in three sittings because I wanted to take my time and enjoy a unique, original story! If you are a fan of grand, action packed sci-fi with a lot of human feelings at its core, you will love this read! Please Note: Although these books are part of a series, they can be read as stand alone stories.

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