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I started carrying a pack as a teen because I didn’t have a car and walked or hitched everywhere (long time ago).
Keychain has a flashlight, mini leatherman, mini redcross knife, whistle, pill holder, firestarter.
The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook: Over 170 Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes From Preppers All Over America!
By the way, I got to use my keychain flashlight one time when the lights went out at K-Mart and I was all the way in the back of the store. My EDC is Glock 26, Folding Knife, Pocket tool, Cree flashlight, bandanna, spare mag 115+p Remington 9mm, canopener, little sparkie and paracord keychain.
Now I have to work on improving my own EDC based on what I’ve learned over the weekend.
You know I pray that nothing ever happens but if it does I pray that if it does that some of you are around me.
I attended his Bulletproof Mind seminar a little over a year ago, and it made me more determined than ever. I love my iPhone but it’s posts like this with lots of pics that make me pine for my big screen home computer. After seeing these EDC kits, I think I’ll adapt my large concealed carry fanny pack into an EDC.
Testing out Brite Strike APALS as an ultra-compact, low cost emergency light source and beacon. Not available for public consumption, but footage of the new, long awaited Mad Max movie debuted at Comic-Con and has folks raving.
At one point, muzzled Max, chained to the back of Hoult’s car, watches in awe as trucks and cars get swirled up into a flaming dust storm, exploding and sending bodies flying every which way. BTW, Max looks to have added some new weapons to his arsenal (AK mags, pistol mags added to the outfit), but still has the old, iconic sawed off double. Doug Marcaida demonstrating possibilities with the karambit - impact striking to dynamic deployment of the blade. Everyone, every blog and every site I read (especially in English) always talks about self defense and using arms but what if you had none?
Everyone talks about bug out locations and protection through the use of arms but what if on route they were confiscated by the authorities and you found yourself unprepared with none? I myself have a little place away from populated areas here in Taiwan and am fully conscious of the fact that if the laws break down and you are on your own, it’s gonna be hard. Now I am about as removed as I can be BUT on an island like Taiwan which is heavily populated it’s impossible to be that far away from anyone looking for food or a place to hide. So with that in mind and NOT having the availability of any arms, maybe as a question to your clearly wise audience “How would you defend yourself? This is also tough as there would be some weapons but not for all the masses and as a British Guy living in an Asian country blending in is not an option. When faced with a violent aggressor or pissed off mob, there are two time-tested strategies - fight or avoid the trouble altogether.
We're in the process of getting stuff restocked and maybe get some more variety to add to the mix. Ultimately, I'd love to be able to expand this side of what we do and offer a bunker full o' fun stuff and hard-to-find gear.

We're Hoss fans over here, and he's getting fairly close to funding the project with 9 days left.
And hey, if you have $10k lying around to throw Hoss' way, he'll come visit you and let you buy him dinner!
Next up is a project by a reader who has been following T-blog since the pocket survival kit contest way back when.
The bag's contents are a mix of daily-use items, snivel gear and lightweight contingency kit. TSLRF posted up a quick entry about getting into reloading - I was going to make a quick comment, and it turned into a long one, so figured I'd just post it up here.
I've been reloading for a few months now, on both single stage (Lee Hand Press) and progressive (Hornady LnL - I was going to get Dillon, but scored a great deal on the LnL).
As Ryan mentions, in terms of pure apocalyptic 'survival' purposes, reloading has limitations and does not guarantee an unlimited supply of ammo. Of course, that assumes that more components are impossible to come by - that may not be the case. Less often mentioned - you can reload premium stuff for much cheaper than buying off the shelf. Last for now - stockpiling components can give you more versatility versus loaded factory ammo. Since we've gotten onto the topic of blacksmithing, a couple videos I thought you might find interesting. These are movie and video game designs, but the tools and techniques would work for more practical designs. Happy 4th to all - have fun celebrating 'Merica and freedom today, at least what we have left of them. Beautifully mean looking Native American-style war clubs, hand made by T-Blog friend and black smithin' hippie, Randy Church. I have been carrying this bag for a few years and is an upgrade from a messenger bag I used to carry. My background aside from running the 7P's Blog is in Emergency Response and Oil and Gas Field so most of my items are tailored to one of those three functions. BTW I just realized that i left out a few items from the picturemy hammock, some food, two hydration bladders, and of course my smith & wesson! Not sure how to edit my previous post as I need to add the pictures again so posting them here instead.
Then every car I had were junkers that I tried to keep going but sometimes ended up walking.
Basically I always have a flashlight and pocket knife on a key chain with me, in addition to the typical girl stuff in my purse (makeup etc) I can definitely improve by using my purse too though. I keep a schrade folding knife that is a buck 110 clone.I also keep a p38 and a sparkplug gapper. The four color modes (white light, blue, red, IR), each with five brightness levels (low, med 1, med 2, high, beacon) is cool but not particularly impressive. I'll be posting up some thoughts, pros and cons once I get some more loading time and experience under my belt.
When survival types stockpile ammo, it's usually FMJ stuff, 'cuz jacketed hollow points and other are just too expensive to do so in bulk.

There's a couple dozen of these videos and other every week or two - some of the weapons are more practical, some are not, the process is interesting to watch for all.
First and foremost this is not a bug-out-bag or a get home bag it is merely an EDC bag with all the tools I need to get through any issue in my day. Now when the weather changes the bag will change.Now with that said I am accepting the fact that I may have to wear these clothes for two days each.
It still has some room left after the GMHB for ammo and additional cold weather gear if needed.
I have a can opener on my keychain, a Bic lighter in my pocket, a three inch German made lock blade knife and 20ft. Switch allows you to move through flashing and constant on, and shut the thing off to save it for another day.
What is impressive is the Sidwinder's ability to run off three different types of batteries - CR123A, AA or AAA. While I wouldn't have a major issue getting through a week or so in the woods with this kit (I have a couple times) it was not set up for this purpose. Before we start I built mine with the intent of being able to survive for upwards of a week or more away from home.
They're flat versus round, which lets the slip more easily into the tight spaces of small kits. The gear pictured goes into admin pockets, leaving the main compartment wide open for whatever I might need. And, for a crap hit the fan stockpile, would you rather have Wal-Mart FMJs or premium JHPs to draw from?
It holds my GMHB along with these items: Zip lock with 550 cord, zip ties, duct tape, military trip wire and peeln stick od green clothing repair patches, Extra boots wrapped in plastic trash bag, Extra set of camo clothing and work gloves in zip lock, zip lock with emergency fishing kit, wire saw, firestarter and watertight container with lint and vasoline, Hygiene kit, Diamond knife sharpener and stone, Steel carabiner, Bottled water, ensure, tuna, Military canteen cup and stand and firestarter tender pack, orange marker tape, Aquamire water purification tablets, emergency poncho bright color yellow (in case I need to be seen), clips that screw onto water bottles and replace the lids, Kershaw folder knife, CRKT neck knife, Machete which I had 1 in each bag  so I replaced it with a fiskars lightweight hatchet since this picture, 100 oz Camelbak with 550 cord, Gortex Jacket and Pants,emergency tent.
I also keep a craftsman screwdriver that is a multi driver kinda shaped like the pluggapper. Even with ammo prices normalizing, you can save a lot of money reloading - half the price is pretty easy to do. Pretty good for camping too if on foot but I usually cycle into the woods when I camp and use my bikes pannier. I have directions on how to do all sorts of other things that is because my wife is a city mouse. What I have now fits perfectly in to the right corner of the pack I will take a pic and show you where it is. I used a normal trash bag with draw strings, I placed the vacuumed on the clothes and bunched the bag up around it and sucked out the air. I did not seal the bag I am going to check the bag in a few days and make adjustments as needed and post them.
I have another large ALICE and I was thinking of stuffing clothes for them in that one and my older son can carry it.
FYI I have not finished the pack I need a couple more things like weapon cleaning (this is for longer term bug out), and a few more bladders.

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