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The Coast TX360 Double Lock Folder is part of a new line of tactical knives designed in coordination with U.S. The unique Double Lock safety switch works in tandem with the liner lock to prevent accidental closure. I prefer a non-serrated Survival Knife simply because I like to be able to sharpen my blades quickly in the field with minimal equipment – I also like to be able to employ a leather strop easily, which is much more difficult with a serrated edge. The Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife has a good ergonomic shape and fits well in the hand regardless of position. The Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife on the large side for an EDC knife but it feels like a larger gentleman’s folding knife. Here at Best Pocket Knife Today we’ve compiled our list of the best EDC knives for every budget. Overall the Cryo G-10 is solid and sturdy with its well performing frame-lock and oozes plenty of cool. The RAT 2 is one of our favorite budget blades as few other folding knives offer the equivalent performance, fit and features at this price point. Kershaw’s Skyline has been a fan favorite for many years now and the reason is simple.
The flipper on the Skyline provides an effective method of deployment which can be mastered in short order.
By spending a little more you can pick up a Kershaw Blur which in our opinion is one fine EDC knife. Since 2010, a single knife has captured the attention of knife enthusiasts worldwide and still today represents an iconic design that everyone loves to talk about – the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. First off, since you’re going to be carrying your EDC knife almost every single day you want it to be reasonably small and light. No golden rule here but we tend to find that the price of admission starts at $25 to fulfill the basic requirements listed above.   There are many decent choices in the under $50 range as you can see from our picks above. You’ve read through our recommendations of the best EDC knives so what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and treat yourself to a new EDC knife!
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Best hunting knife reviews: choosing hunting, Choosing the right hunting knife is a matter of what your needs are and personal preferences. For Megan, the 2003 blackout, the events of 911, and the increasing frequency of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, spurred a desire to be more prepared for whatever may come along. I was surprised because at it’s price point (less than $20) I expected to be underwhelmed. The blade is leaf-shaped and immensely sharp right out of the box as we tend to expect from Spyderco’s these days. Soon to be living off-grid, this mother of four and grandmother of six grandsons, is learning everything she can about preparedness, basic survival, and self-sufficient homesteading.
The blade is 9Cr18Mov stainless steel, coated with black Titanium Nitride, and has is partially serrated. Gerber Knives can be hit or miss – they have some great designs like the Bear Grylls Knife and even some of the best tactical knives and Gerber multitools used by Special Forces units,, but this folding pocket knife is very sturdy, rugged and hefty. I expect them both to perform equally and base my review solely on my personal preference for a straight edge over the serrated version. The generous belly of the blade and its grind makes for easy slicing.  The frame on both versions titanium and utilizes a steel lockbar insert.
There will always a better knife for specific tasks like slicing tomatoes, carving tent pegs from a fallen branch or skinning a deer but most of us want a single “do-everything” knife that stays with us throughout the day and is good enough for almost anything.  It needs to be dependable, comfortable to carry and perform well in a variety of situations.
She is passionate about sharing that knowledge so that others can be increasingly prepared to protect their families. With 4 granddaughters in the family, gifts always included that horribly tough, impossible to open, plastic packaging.

Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife is like a getting a Hinderer XM-18 that is smoother and has much smoother deployment at a fraction of the price. The deployment is slick and it locks up with reliable certainty each and every time thanks to the full stainless steel liners. It wouldn’t be long before my grandfather, my dad, and at least one of my uncles would all have their pocket knives out.Back in the day, pocket knives were used multiple times a day, in just about any situation. Since I live in California, I called my local PD & found out this is a legal blade length. More frequently tied to violence and rather than being seen as a tool, a knife is a weapon.But there is a comeback in progress for the pocket knife in recent years. A good EDC knife is great for removing hanging threads, cleaning the dirt from your nails, or cutting fishing line.
In recent years, more people with an ear to the ground, are taking steps to prepare for the unexpected.
A good EDC knife has become the backbone of an EDC Kit (EveryDay Carry Kit).Selecting the right EDC knife for you from the hundreds of choices out there can be a bit daunting.
Thanks again for such a great article.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Recent Posts Survival and Preparedness Dictionary A List of the Worst Natural Disasters of All Time DIY Glue for Sticky Survival Situations 10 Things That Can Go Wrong in a Get Home Scenario Here’s How to Survive in the Desert How to Build a Faraday Cage at Home The Best Urban Survival Gear Baby Steps for Turning Hobbies into Prepping The Truth About The End Times. The blade needs strength enough to hold up to everyday use without becoming dull too quickly. For the more experienced knife user, do further research on the many different types of steel.
Consider things like strength, cost, corrosion resistance, and edge retention to determine the right blade for your needs.Knife handles, or scales, include synthetic G10 grips, hardwoods, titanium, and in some cases animal bone.
In most cases a few ounces of difference in weight isn’t much but after more than eight hours in your pocket every day, a heavier knife will be an irritation.It will be tucked away in your pocket or clipped discreetly on your belt, easily accessible but not advertised to everyone. The main issues to consider for carry is total weight and ease of access.A multi-tool advertised as “a mini tool box” sounds great but may be heavy enough to tug your pants down gradually as you walk. A single blade with a sharp point will make clean precise cuts and will suffice for almost every need.
A partially serrated blade gives a little more functionality for things like cutting rope.Opening and Locking MethodsSelecting an opening and locking method is a lot like buying a new car, you really need to kick the tires and test drive it to know what suits you.
The blade should remain open until you decide to close it (locking mechanism) and it should be easy to unfold (opening mechanism). A good way to narrow it down is to determine which of the opening systems, you like best and then test knives in that category until you find one that suits you.Quality, Appearance, PriceThe focus for an EDC knife should always be on quality over appearance.
Eliminate ones you can based on other factors like blade, size, and functionality and then let your preference for appearance have its way. A “gentleman’s pocket knife” will have a more timeless and tasteful look to it and make it easier to “blend in”.Your EDC knife choice, regardless of appearance, doesn’t need to be the most expensive. Quality knives can be found between the $25 and as much as $100 price range.Brand and WarrantyKnife users commonly develop an affinity with one brand over another. Many other people feel strongly that American made knives are better than those manufactured overseas.
It would be impossible to cover all the different companies, brands, and their history in this article. Suffice it to say that if you feel strongly about supporting companies with a specific reputation you will need to do your research.When it comes to warranties, you will need to choose a knife manufacturer with a reliable warranty.
The Kershaw Cryo G-10, now on the market, is touted as a lighter weight knife with better G-10 grip.
Good choice for budget conscious buyers.Spyderco TenaciousThis middle weight knife could be nicknamed the Triple-T as it is tough, tireless, and tenacious.
Sporting a G10 black laminate handle, this plain edged, leaf shaped blade was created for sustained cutting.

An 8Cr13Mov steel blade sits within reinforced steel liners that provide rigidity and strength to the handle without sacrificing carry.Weighing only 4 ounces, you can adjust your carry and deployment choice via the Walker Linerlock and 4way pocket clip.
This tenacious knife by Spyderco is at the low end of the price scale but will outperform some of the higher priced knives.Kershaw SkylineThis slim and lightweight Skyline knife is perfect for pocket carry. Tip up or tip down carry using a “Torx” screwdriver.Benchmade GriptillianAmerican based, Benchmade is a well-known high quality knife maker. Its patented Axis lock, easy to manipulate and ever popular with knife users, raises the bar. Weighing 3.5 ounces and boasting the 154CM, partially serrated, stainless blade, it retains its hair shaving edge even with repeated use. At under $100, it’s a great deal.Spyderco Manix 2Coming out of Golden, Colorado, the Manix 2 by Spyderco includes a 3 ? inch, finely polished, 154CM high carbon steel blade with thumb serrations. The G10 handle is non-slip, this knife is light for its size and includes the Spyderco ball bearing lock that is stiff to prevent unwanted closing but can be closed with a two-step, one-handed procedure.The knife is an easy one-handed open via the ? “Spyderhole”, but mimics a fixed blade knife when open.
A large well balanced knife, the three-screw left or right clip provides for deep pocket positioning. With more grit than a basic EDC knife, the Manix2 can help you take on the roughest of tasks if you’re up for the challenge.Zero Tolerance 0350The Zero Tolerance blade is S30V steel and a great G10 handle. Not a petite knife, it weighs more than others, but is great for heavy use.Benchmade 940 OsborneThis is the goldilocks of knives for size.
It has a S30V blade made of one of the best steels on the market and its shave sharp edge holds well. Of course for this classic but deadly when needed knife, it’s pricey but knowledgeable knife users recognize its worth.Spyderco Parmilitary 2Shave sharp knife, diamond-like coating and reinforced tip.
Great compression lock, G10 handle and new Bushing Pivot System with almost frightening opening speed.
SpeedSafe assisted open requires just a bit of pressure on the thumbstuds to open in seconds.
May not hold up to heavy duty use but costs under $100.Columbia River No Time OffAt 7 ?” in length and boasting a durable glass-reinforced nylon handle, this is the work horse of EDC knives. Feels good in hand, attractive Flavio Ikoma design with razor sharpness straight out of the box. Good EDC knife at a decent price.Spyderco Dragonfly 2Portability is priority in this Dragonfly 2 by Sypderco. VG10 steel and full flat grind (FFG) combine for great slice capability though it offers only a three-finger grip in the handle. Appealing leaf blade, a bit short at a length of 2.25 inches, shaving sharp with good edge retention.
Comfortable to hold, open with one hand but a bit harder to close.Zero Tolerance HindererKnife enthusiasts will welcome the chance to snag this authentic Hinderer at significantly less than the typical $600 price. It’s a tactical, high chromium steel blade designed for resistance to damage and corrosion.
Good edge retention.Lockup is solid with no play whatsoever and it remains clipped tipdown all day. Great for heavy duty work or as a utility knife.Overall, the deciding factor when it comes to knives is really about what you want and how devastated you will be if your knife is lost. Knives have a tipping point, after which you are paying for craftsmanship and likely unnecessary add-ins.

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