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You can download the compatible application (click on your preferred platform link above) for your alternative device and have all your Kindle ebooks available to be read. Get 10 FREE EBOOKS ready to download and then start Receiving FREE & Cheap Ebooks everyday!
More than anything, though, reading on a computer is nice because it’s a device you already have.
Sometimes called the iTunes of eBooks, Calibre is the ultimate way to manage your collection on a desktop computer.
Know this too, though – Calibre features a full-featured eBook reader as well as collection management.
Google’s store offers thousands of titles for sale, and a wide variety of free books as well. Do you want to read in your browser, but have already downloaded the EPUB files you want to read? Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. Just wanted to let everyone know that I launched a new version on Tuesday, so it may not be as polished as usual. Books should load significantly faster and scrolling now adapts to the amount of text under the line, so you're able to read for longer without touching the keyboard.
I'm still working on Android, iPad and iPhone, so users may have a bit of trouble with those platforms for a couple of days. Justin -- just how did you allow people like Julio (the above) to post ads that take you to a nasty website? This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Kindle Voyage is the latest-generation eBook reader from Amazon and that alone should be a great selling point. Before we get to enumerate all the features that have been implemented by Amazon in their latest Kindle, we should also take a short look back at the other devices in the same family, already on the market.
Amazon is in much better position on the market than Kobo, and their devices are usually better than what the competition is offering. There is a good portion of the Kindle user base who wants to know what has changed and what the technical specifications of the latest generation are.
In any case, Kindle Voyage comes with the same processor as Kindle Paperwhite (2nd generation) of 1GHz.
Kindle Voyage also has a different design, with a magnesium metal frame and different back cover that has the Amazon name splashed across it. Now that we got the technical stuff out of the way, there are only two aspects we need to investigate. The novelty with this generation is the integration of a light sensor, which is disabled by default.
The end result is that it doesn't just look better than Kindle Paperwhite on paper, the Kindle Voyage is better, especially if we take just a quick look at the display. One of the main problems in the previous couple of Kindle generations was the lack of buttons. Amazon thought that it was doing something cool and removed the buttons entirely, which was a stupid thing to do, for several reasons. Amazon saw the error of its ways and they have introduced buttons again, or at least their modern equivalent. Now, all the features added to Kindle Voyage, like the crisp display, better lighting, and haptic feedback are taking their toll. I tested Kindle Voyage with the official leather cover that's being sold with the e-reader. Each new Kindle edition has been an improvement over the other, even if it meant losing features like the hardware buttons. It's also worth pointing out that Amazon is not deaf to the complaints of the community, and they have always tried to make it right. Now that Amazon changed the display for the Kindle, it looks like they have also brought some new problems.
As usual, the small problems that accompany each Kindle Voyage release are outweighed tremendously by the new features. With books, magazines and newspapers becoming more obsolete, it’s no wonder we have so many eBook readers and managers on the market now. You may also be interested in Lucifox, which is an extension for Firefox that lets you read and browse eBooks within your browser and you can also create eBooks from RSS feeds. One great incentive for using Koobits is that you will get a free eBook (based on your interests) delivered to your drop box everyday. One of the best features of VitalSource Bookshelf is the ability to share your notes and subscribe to your friends’ notes. With their integrated reference books you can use things like a dictionary (by selecting a word) to look up the meaning. Of course you can also browse, purchase and download thousands of eBooks in the Kindle store. Mobipocket Reader also lets you add annotations and highlights and you can sync these between your devices. Additionally, you can also browse through thousands of eBooks and New York Times bestsellers. With all of these eBook readers and managers to choose from it’s definitely hard to pick just one. Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. Whether you’re looking for free access to classic works of literature or desktop access to your current Kindle, Kobo or Nook books, there is a wide variety of eBook readers out there so you can read on your computer.
Buying expensive hardware just to do one thing can be pricey, especially when computers can do pretty much everything those devices can (and more).  As Mark once asked who needs the Kindle if you have a netbook?
Be sure to check out the comments below to find out what software your fellow readers recommend. It’s compatible with seemingly every known ebook format on the planet, and supports sending books to a wide variety of handheld ereaders and smartphones. A minimalist reader in your browser stays out of your way so you can do what you want to do – read.
MagicScroll is a great web-based eBook reader, featuring a very minimal interface and intuitive keyboard shortcuts.

The last time I wanted to add a comment, I was blocked because you wanted to monitor the content. It's very challenging to balance giving people the ability to comment while also keeping out the crap.
Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
MagicScroll is an elegant service that does one thing very well: it lets you read eBooks in your browser. We're so used to get quality products from Amazon that we rarely think twice about it, but not all eBook readers were created equal.
People think that Amazon is battling its closest competition, the Kobo reader and all of its variants, but that's not quite the case. The company also releases new readers all the time, which ensures it's in the first place. Sure enough, processing power, memory, DPI, and all that are important, but they don't matter to the general user experience, as it happens with a tablet. It also packs 4GB of storage space, which should be more than sufficient for any kind of reader who wants thousands of books. Voyage measures 162 x 115 x 7.6 mm and weighs 180 gr, which is actually 26 gr less than the previous Paperwhite.
The power button has been moved to the back, so it's much more accessible now, although there is no real need to use it. The new hardware and software features and the display itself are probably essential components for the user experience. The reader detects the ambient light and adjusts the display accordingly, but not all of a sudden. It comes with Goodreads integration, a great tool to find out about new books that other people have liked, it's flawlessly integrated with the Amazon store (no surprise there), and the display has 2-point support. First of all, the way it was implemented made page turning weird for most people and difficult for the left-handed reader. Before the first Paperwhite was released, it would take a couple of months until users needed to recharge the device.
With the Wi-Fi turned off, the light setting at a normal level, and just 30 minutes of reading every day you might just get six weeks, but that's wishful thinking. It's beautifully crafted, and it uses magnets to secure the Kindle to it, even if they might seem counterintuitive at first. Amazon has been pushing the E-ink technology forward, and it's making amazing progress.
We can only surmise that one of the ways of making the device light was to make the battery smaller. It might not seem like a major change over Kindle Paperwhite, but remember what I said in the beginning. Many libraries even offer electronic borrowing via an eReading device or an application on your computer.
Only time will tell, but for now now lets enjoy these 15 free eBook readers and managers for your computer or laptop. You can also use it to purchase digital content (PDF and ePub files) from within the program. As far as managing and organizing your eBooks, you can create your own custom bookshelves to make your content easier to find.
You can search for a particular book, for specific tags or even a specific comment that you leave on your content. Calibre is also great for reading the news with its ability to download news and RSS feeds from the Web and convert them into eBooks.
Well they also offer a desktop version for browsing, purchasing and reading eBooks on your machine.
The notes and highlights of the friends you subscribe to will then show up right within your book as you’re reading. You can also use built-in themes to change the colors of the application and you can also adjust the font types and size to make reading easier on the eyes.
You can adjust the font size and words per line, choose a 1 or 2 column layout, add notes and highlights, and sync between devices that support Kindle. Unfortunately you cannot view newspapers, magazines, blogs and personal documents on the desktop version nor can you use the text-to-speech or dictionary feature.
There are quite a few display options for reading: paper back page size, full width, and 2 or 3 columns.
It is compatible with PDF and Mart files and has thousands of free eBooks and magazines (uploaded by Martview users) to choose from. You will of course need a library card and you’ll need to make sure that there is a library near you that supports electronic borrowing. With adjustable text, two-page view, searching and publishing of your own books (to the Reader Store). You can also look up words and get more information from Google, Bing and more all within the program. You might not be able to install software on your work computer, or you might switch computers regularly. A Firefox extension for reading EPUB files works really well, and is free to install right now. Reading with this software is a pleasure, so I suggest you check it out if the other programs aren’t to your taste. Good news: Kobo’s desktop software gives you access to thousands of free eBooks, and it’s free to download. Like the above two programs, this eBook reader gives you access to books you’ve purchased at its respective store, and syncs.
I really like what you've got here, really like what you're saying and the way in which in which you assert it. It's time we took a closer look at the latest Kindle Voyage and saw what all the fuss is all about. They thought that sticking the Kindle name on a product will make it instantly successful, but that's not the case. All the devices in the new series come with Wi-Fi capability, and the high-end version also comes with 3G capabilities, albeit limited to a few websites unless it's using Wi-Fi. You can have the most beautiful case design and the best metals and alloys, but they don't really count if the rest is not top notch.

As it stands right now, this is the best E Ink display available on the market, and it shows.
When using a tablet in a completely dark environment, the reader's face can be seen illuminated by the device.
If you read in the dark, it starts with a more powerful setting and then decreases it slowly, over time.
Some of the older Kindle ebook readers, which are still used by a large number of people, had buttons to turn pages, forward and backward. With Kindle Paperwhite, you touch the right side of the screen to move forward and the left side of the screen to move back.
If you make the calculations, 30 minutes a day equates to 21 hours of reading, but that's in ideal situations. It doesn't open like a regular book, but like a flip cover, following the vertical alignment. It's not a problem under normal circumstances, but if you are reading in bed, on your back, you will start to feel its weight after a while. The weight of Paperwhite was never an issue, but now Voyage is lighter, and we should be happy about it, but it comes with a price, which is poor battery life. Amazon is competing with itself, so if you're comparing a pre-Paperwhite Kindle device with Voyage, you will find that the upgrade question is no longer relevant. The content that you purchase from Digital Editions can be read online or offline and can also be transferred to other computers or devices (like Sony Reader). If your library supports digital borrowing, you’ll be able to download those borrowed eBooks right into this application.
Its annotation tools are quite unique in that you can highlight, add stamps and use an extraction tool to copy content and paste it into a scrapbook which you can then arrange as you like.
It supports ePub and PDF formats and will allow you to read online or offline (without a connection). You can add highlights and notes to your content and search through them as well as the content of your eBooks.
There are three different layouts to choose from when reading and the auto-update feature will make sure that you always have the latest version of your books. Whenever you close a book, the last page read is automatically saved and can be synced across all your devices as well. FBReader is an eBook reader that supports numerous file formats like ePub, fb2, plucker, HTML, plain text, doc and more. Microsoft Reader features electronic bookmarks, a personalized homepage, text search, annotation (notes, highlighting and free-form drawing), zooming in and out and an integrated dictionary for looking up words a you read. When it comes to annotation, Blio goes above and beyond; you can highlight and also add notes, pictures and web links to the note sections of your books. The screen is big, so you can make the font as big as you want; perfect if you have vision problems.
Whatever your reason, you should check out Google Books, which gives you access to an eBook reader in your browser.
You’ll need to be using Firefox, of course, but it’s a great lightweight eBook reader some may love.
So far, this has been a good thing as every Kindle edition released so far was better than the previous one, but it's unclear for how long this will be a good strategy. If you properly adjust the light in Voyage, very little of the light from the display will reach your eyes. Well, as it turns out, people do want to go back, and many of those readers are using their Kindle in all kinds of situations, like for example while riding a bus or the subway. Press the line one time and you go one page forward; press the small dot and you go one page backward.
Besides providing protection for your Kindle, the cover can also be used to help you read by sitting in a chair. Also, the back of the cover seems to be a magnet for dust and other small pieces of stuff, which you can't really get rid of. You might have to charge it more often, but the rest of the features in Voyage will make your old Kindle feel like it's from the Stone Age.
You’ll be able to bookmark and annotate pages with comments and highlights as you read along. Many people have issues reading on computer screens, but with Calibre you can rescale the font sizes to fit your vision presence so that it’s easier to read. They even offer a full screen mode for distraction free reading and auto scrolling for effortless reading. You can also create and publish your own eBooks or magazines via PDF, gif, jpg, png file formats. They advise you to visit their catalog and shop pages often so that you don’t miss out on any promotions or giveaways. It even includes a text-to-speech feature so that you can have your books read aloud to you.
They are probably keeping their balance with one hand and holding the eBook reader with the other. Then they released the second generation of Paperwhite, and they added a couple more weeks to the battery.
Like Martview (listed above) it also has realistic page viewing along with multiple reading views (text only, single and dual page, tiled page). In fact, Amazon says that the glass screen has been micro-etched so that it reduces glare, but that can be disputed.
Haptic feedback has been implemented, so it's literally a nice touch, and you can set its sensitivity in the options. Kobo has an automatic bookmarking feature: whenever you close your book it will pick up right where you left off. It also has automatic bookmarking so that you don’t lose your place when closing a book. It's worth mentioning that the old way of moving front and back, with the help of the touch screen is still present.

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