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If you dig in the results far enough, you’ll find countless sites that appear to be offering the book for free download.
Even after you jump through the hoops, click past the ads and close the inevitable popup windows, you’ll find that you either have to enter your credit card info, share on social media, take a survey or otherwise “pay” for the download. However, these sites pose a real problem not just for potential pirates, but for ebook authors. Dealing with these sites, however, has proved to be a formidable challenge as it’s a problem without any easy answers.
This means spammers have a near-complete library of information including title, author, description, publisher, ISBN, and cover art for nearly every book ever released, including those sold only in print and those sold only in digital formats.
From there, it’s a simple matter of putting that information into a template and making it appear that you have the books available for easy download.
For many book authors, this has created a sense of dread. Even if a book is successful within its niche, if it doesn’t have an extremely high level of popularity, widespread piracy probably isn’t a major problem. But all of this leads to a big question: If these sites aren’t actually offering downloads, what harm are they doing?
While they won’t be able to download the book, potential buyers might get sidetracked by their attempt to pirate it and choose not to spend money for something that they think (wrongly) that they can get for free. But that argument falls flat because those who are dedicated to piracy, most likely, already have trusted sites they pull from. That’s because fighting these sites is difficult and, even if they do harm authors, the harm probably isn’t worth the cost of action. The normal advice for dealing with piracy is to either send a takedown notice and get the infringing content removed or, at the very least, send one to Google and get it removed from the search indexes.
The inclusion of the cover, if the author holds the copyright in it, could offer a potential vector to file a copyright notice, but that’s not something many authors have full copyright in and, even if they do, many spam sites don’t include covers. Instead, the only way we are going to get a lasting resolution to this problem is through Google. Google has made great strides against other types of spam but has yet to really make much headway here.

In the meantime, the best thing that authors can do is focus on populating the Google results with as much legitimate content as possible. While it’s easy to dwell on pirate-friendly search terms, the greater emphasis should be put on customer-facing ones and making sure that none of these sites appear there. In the end, this is a spammer-created problem that Google needs to address but has authors in the crossfire. Handling these sites from a legal standpoint is dubious at best and most likely futile even if an approach can be found. The result of this is simple, authors need to think more about the search results and ensure that there are enough legitimate results to drown out the spam sites.
However, it’s when a book is new and fresh that it’s best to start building up a collection of legitimate links. So while ebook spam is a very serious problem, dealing with the spam issue requires a different approach. But in this situation I do support getting the spam removed, if only for the sake of removing clutter from Google. Google certainly can censor these sites, but it would require pulling engineering resources in order to do it. I’ve noticed similar spammy sites hosting or pretending to host the PDF manuals of consumer electronics products.
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There is page number on each page, though (only in the ordinary pdf, not in pocket edition). Sigil is an ePub ebook editor with support for both WYSIWYG word processor style and direct code editing. Go to Amazon and pull up any book, any book at all as long as it has been out for at least a few months.
However, if you start clicking the links, you’ll realize pretty quickly that the book is nowhere to be found on the site. Spammers and scammers have seized upon ebook piracy as means not to offer illegal downloads, but to gum up the search engines with spammy links that, at best, trick people in viewing a lot of pointless ads and, at worst, try to scam users out of their personal information. This is especially true for so-called “long tail” authors for whom these links can make up a large percentage of any search query for their book.
As with movie and music piracy, popular works are widely pirated online through BitTorrent and other piracy-focused sites.
The reason is because spammers have been fairly successful at scraping content from Amazon and similar sites, making it possible to grab all of the metadata for nearly every book published. Then all one has to do is put the links out there, get them indexed by the search engines and wait for the traffic to come in. Some sites just use a ton of ads, others attempt to install malware while still others attempt to scam users into turning over their credit cards or other personal data.

By claiming to be a resource to download millions of ebooks, the site is hoping that a handful of pages will gain traction in Google and drive traffic.
Yet, when authors and even publishers search for their own works, they find a deluge of “free download” sites that pollute the results.
Since those who do intend to pirate find it more difficult to find legitimate links, they may be more motivated to purchase a copy. I’ve been approached by dozens of ebook authors wanting my help eliminating these kinds of sites.
Since they aren’t hosting the book and there’s nothing copyrightable about the pure metadata (copyright doesn’t apply to simple facts) there’s nothing infringing about the page. The problem has been around for some time but, for whatever reason, Google has not made a move on it.
This includes seeking out reviews, doing interviews and writing guest posts about the book.
While certain kinds of piracy can be successfully fought through takedown notices and other actions, spam sites don’t have to play by the rules of those who actually host files. Not only will older pages be more trusted, but it helps to get ahead of the problem, stopping the spam issue before it starts. It’s not a problem you can fix with DMCA notices and cease and desist letters, rather it’s one that requires a more proactive and positive approach. So while they inveigle against websites full of ads and spam that only catch the unwary, people who actually do know what they’re doing just cut to the chase and get what they want.
This program received 3 awards … Reader Library is a neat and reliable eBook library software for PC and Mac. Then, search for the title of that book (in quotes) and add either “download”, “PDF”, “epub” or a similar second term.
Instead, you’re either told the link couldn’t be found or you’ll be directed into a never-ending loop of obstacles with now download on the horizon. There are even sites that focus specifically on ebook piracy and sites that get more specific than that, focusing on genres or types of books.
Even on “legitimate” piracy sites, finding the real download button has been likened to Indiana Jones picking the real Holy Grail. Even if 99.9% of the links they create go nowhere, the site can still be a success for the spammer.
As a result, these spam sites can appear prominently even for those who are searching to buy a copy. Instead, the links are much more likely to appear before a potential buyer than a dedicated pirate, meaning these links can, potentially, lead to lost sales. However, I’ve turned down every single one, not just because of legal difficulties, but because it probably isn’t worth the energy at this time. While there are likely trademark issues with pretending to offer a book you don’t offer, there’s no trademark equivalent to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and similar laws.
They don’t have to re-upload the content, there’s no challenge in relocating and reopening the site as the process can be automated. It won’t be until later, after spammers have been able to scrape the needed information, that they begin to emerge. File against one, whether with their host or with Google, and they can relocate without any delay.

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