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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. BEST YOUNG ADULT FICTION OF 2014 THE GHOSTS OF HEAVEN BY MARCUS SEDGWICK (INDIGO) Marcus Sedgwick's beguiling novel about human longing, The Ghosts of Heaven, contains four separate stories. At the Northeast Normal University Natural History Museum in Changchun, Jilin province, he does everything needed to preserve animal specimens - harvesting, peeling, drying, grinding, filling, sewing and 10 other processes.
In recent years, Jiang and a few disciples have preserved more than 100 specimens including a Siberian tiger, a snub-nosed monkey and red-crowned cranes. In 1900 a Taoist priest named Wang Yuanlu found a cave in Dunhuang, Gansu province, packed with tens of thousand of volumes of Buddhist sutra. Six years later the Hungarian-British archaeologist Marc Aurel Stein arrived in Dunhuang followed soon after by the French archaeologist Paul Pelliot. When you compare those photos and ones taken recently, the extent of the irretrievable cultural losses that Dunhuang and the world have suffered over the past century or so becomes clear.
Such damage happened in the 1950s and 1960s when artists tried to make facsimiles of murals, when archaeologists tried to survey and map the caves, or in recently years when the growing number of tourists increased the quantity of carbon dioxide and humidity and the exposure of the relics to light or other elements that can speed up their deterioration. In an effort to minimize the risk of damage, visitors have had to apply online to visit the caves since last July, and the number of visitors is limited to 6,000 a day.
Since the end of last month it has been possible for people around the world to watch online 3-D views of the caves, and virtual reality devices can be used to view the images. A typical old-fashioned tool case for an archaeologist in Dunhuang includes a compass, a tape, a set square, a steel tape, a plummet and a home-made square grid. The grid, usually one or two meters long, consists of a handful of lines, fixed horizontally and vertically to form small squares of about 1 square centimeter. In the past, when surveying and mapping a mural, Cai put the grid in front of it without touching it. Apart from keeping accurate records of the murals and statues, archaeologists need to do the same for the caves, including taking high-definition photos, so that if one day the caves are destroyed for any reason, records will yield enough information that will allow the Mogao Grottoes to be fully and accurately replicated. After Cai drew all the lines on the gridded paper the lines needed to be copied onto imitation parchment for publication.
It planned to publish 100 volumes of archaeological record of this UNESCO World Heritage site, covering everything in the Mogao Grottoes, and the nearby Yulin Grottoes and Western Thousand-Buddha Cave. This technology enables users to collect detailed information of the subject based on many points chosen during scanning, so that the detail of a curved surface or complicated structure and lines can also be captured.
After scanning, processed digital information generates the cave's structure drawing and the outline of the statues directly. At the moment a reproduction of Cave 320 of the Mogao Grottoes is on display at the Getty Center in Los Angles. Ma Qiang, 53, director of the academy's fine art institute, is one of the artists taking part in the project. Since 1981 when the 17-year-old Ma first arrived at Dunhuang Academy after failing the national college entrance examination, he has finished facsimiles of more than 30 pieces of murals in the Mogao Grottoes. In the 1950s the State Bureau of Cultural Relics received an old-fashioned slide projector from Poland as a gift, Ma says. Photographers from the photographic section that later became the digital center would take 10 black-and-white photos of the mural from beginning to end. After setting up a board and spreading two layers of Chinese art paper on it, Ma turned on the projector and put the films on it.
With the mural's details on paper, Ma was able to trace the lines - even broken or unclear ones - and draw them on the paper, because "we had to take down all the information", he says. However, after the projector had been on for 30 to 40 minutes the films would become too hot and would become deformed. Ma would later go back to the caves to see what lines had been completely missed out or were incorrectly shown. Usually, it would take an artist a year to do the first draft and revise it, and another year to color it.
Cave 428 and Cave 254 have murals that present the story, but the one in Cave 254, completed during the Northern Wei Dynasty (AD 386-557) is more in the Han ethnic style, looking more unrestrained and free, compared with that in 428, drawn during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), which is more ornamental, Ma says.
Because of the complicated procedure, copying a 6-sq m mural would take two to three people two years to complete. Based on the outlines produced by the technology and the high-definition photos provided by the digital center, artists fill in colors made of special stone such as turquoise, malachite and cinnabarit, and add finer lines that have been missed by the scanner.
Wu says the focus of future work at the digital center will be on studying how to present the digital information collect to audiences. Ma believes artists' work being based on 3-D printed copy works of the murals will become the norm. In June, the Dunhuang Academy presented the 3-D printed Buddhist sculptures and their holographic images at the recent 12th Five-Year Plan Scientific Innovation Exhibition in Beijing attracting a lot of attention. Chang Jiahuang started opening modern caves not far from the Mogao Grottoes, in accordance with his father Chang Shuhong’s will. In ancient times when creating murals on the walls in the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, Gansu province, artists depicted not only stories and images from Buddhist classics, but also of the caves' financial backers, the likes of which can be seen on the passage walls of caves 9, 61, 130 and 196. Fifty-nine kilometers from the Mogao Grottoes and 3 kilometers from the Western Thousand-Buddha Cave, those living today are given the chance to have their likeness portrayed on the walls of Dunhuang Modern Grottoes.
Two years after Chang Shuhong, founder of Dunhuang Academy, died in 1994, his wife Li Chengxian and his son Chang Jiahuang started opening modern caves not far from the Mogao Grottoes, in accordance with the father's will.
For two decades Chang has poured millions of yuan into the caves, in the face of a great deal of skepticism from many people who question his motives. He has been in Japan recently, and this week signed a two-year contract with an organization called Japan-China Cultural Exchange Promotion which entails both parties working on developing Cave 5 of Dunhuang Modern Grottoes.
Chang Shana, his sister is a former president of the Central Academy of Art and Design in Beijing. In July 2008 a part of the modern caves collapsed, and a mural in Cave 1, painted by Chang Jiahuang's mother Li Chengxian, was stolen as the result of a passage that the collapse opened up.
He chose the location because almost all the good spots are included in the Mogao Grottoes protection area, an idea his parents came up with. In a transcription of a conversation between Chang and his son that the father provided, the son said he had never thought it was his father who paid for the project, rather than the project paying him. Chang Jiahuang has opened 20 caves over the years, and several years ago media quoted him as saying that if the project made no progress he would abandon it and seal the caves with two trucks of concrete. The plan for Cave 1 is for it to hold facsimiles of precious works from the Mogao Grottoes that were looted and taken overseas. Chang, born in a Tibetan temple in Dunhuang, says a kind of Dunhuang gene runs in his blood. His father once said that he preferred colorful Western paintings to Chinese traditional paintings represented by ink and wash.
On returning to China and going to Dunhuang he was shocked to find that instead of colorful works much of what he saw was in ruins. In building caves, he says, he is carrying out his father's wish to employ this ancient method to preserve today's culture and art for people 1,000 years hence. Sitting in the dark in his small house, with a colorful painting of the god of fortune hanging on the wall, Wei Hongfu was as immobile as the wooden beams that have supported his roof for 40 years. Creeping across the lower part of both legs was a sprawling, grotesque, black and brown bulge, scored with pinkish flesh that resembled a spider's legs. Yet on a warm morning in early May, the 88-year-old was told that the ailment that has tormented him since he was 14 may soon end. Richard Quest says there are parallels between the US' current relationship with China and that with Japan more than two decades ago. Richard Quest, the idiosyncratic CNN anchor, insists there is nothing fake about his larger-than-life on-screen personality. The 54-year-old was in China filming for Business Traveller and presenting Quest Means Business live from Beijing aiming to get a new perspective on the world's second-largest economy since its relations with the United States are likely to continue to be a key issue in the US election. Quest believes there are parallels between the US' current relationship with China and that with Japan more than two decades ago. Quest, who is also CNN's aviation correspondent, is perhaps best known in China for his coverage of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The aircraft went missing in March 2014 and had on board 12 crew and 227 passengers, of which 152 were Chinese citizens.
He believes the key to finding the aircraft is in being able to further analyze the data, rather than just constantly searching the ocean. Quest does not believe in the theory that the captain of the plane, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, committed suicide by deliberately crashing the plane. Quest believes the most likely scenario is that the pilots and everyone on board became unconscious as a result of some catastrophic technical or mechanical failure. Quest was born in Liverpool and partly brought up in Leeds, where he also studied law at university. He began his a career as a trainee journalist with the BBC in 1985 before moving to New York to be North America correspondent, where he established himself as a high profile broadcaster. One of Quest's reasons for the China visit this time was to report on the business travel market. He says he is impressed with the quality on offer from both Chinese airlines and hotel providers. He remains concerned about the global economy, and speaking before Britain voted to leave the European Union, said: "We are certainly out of the Great Recession but I think we are in a much more difficult area.
This is the tenth Annual Meeting of the New Champions, or the Summer Davos, as it is known.
When the international financial crisis broke out eight years ago, countries resorted to various policy tools to grapple with the crisis and stimulate growth.
The theme of the forum, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Transformational Impact, offers people a new perspective and is thus forward-looking and relevant. First, to promote a steady recovery of the world economy, we must actively carry out structural reform. Second, to promote a steady recovery of the world economy, we must speed up economic transformation and upgrading. Third, to promote a steady recovery of the world economy, we will need efficient and orderly global governance.
Having experienced years of rapid growth, China's economic development has entered a new normal. This year, despite continued slowdown in global growth, the Chinese economy has on the whole maintained stability while making steady progress, and has performed within the appropriate range. An important reason the Chinese economy has maintained a steady growth in the first half of the year is that reform, innovation, adjustment and transformation have all played an important role.
We are also aware that given the complex and challenging international environment and the deep-seated domestic problems accumulated over the years, the foundation underpinning stable performance of the Chinese economy is yet to be strengthened. The fundamentals of the Chinese economy have remained unchanged, and our macro policies will maintain continuity and stability.
The Chinese economy is at a crucial stage of transition from old to new growth drivers and a stage of economic transformation and upgrading. We also need to further streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services. Tianjin is a big port in the world, where people could start a voyage to sail to the vast ocean. Premier Li Keqiang delivers the keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016 in Tianjin on Monday. If China had been given a vote in the UK referendum on Britain's membership in the 28-nation European Union, it may have voted to stay in. Chinese shares slipped by 1 percent, reflecting a general global concern about the consequences of the UK vote. Britain's exit from the EU is nevertheless a setback for trading partners who saw the country as the gateway to a market of more than half a billion people.
After this week's vote, British Prime Minister David Cameron, who hosted Xi in such an atmosphere of optimism in October, announced he would quit.
Cui Hongjian, director of the Department for European Studies at the China Institute of International Studies, said China needs to review its policymaking toward both the UK and the EU. China may need not only to review the UK's potential for investment if it no longer serves as a "through train" to the EU market, but also to see if the UK's departure will make the EU more conservative and protectionism-inclined, Cui said. The British market's openness to Chinese investment "is currently unseen on the European mainland", Cui said. Britain has been the top European destination for Chinese investment, with $30 billion in investments and contracts in the decade from 2005. Ma Zhengang, a former Chinese ambassador to the UK, said he doesn't see the Brexit having any direct, short-term impact on China but he is concerned about whether the move will shake the UK's position as the world's financial center. Chen Xin, a researcher at the Institute of European Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the Brexit will cause fluctuations in China's stock and currency markets, but they won't be as pronounced as in the EU and the United States, which have much closer economic and trade ties with the UK.
China is not alone in fearing the Brexit will precipitate a breakup of the EU, where other governments are also facing challenges from populist movements agitating against membership of the bloc. Brexit supporters wave British flags outside Downing Street in London on Friday after the referendum result was announced.
Liu Fengjie, director of the UK division of Chivast Education International, a Beijing-based company that helps Chinese students to study overseas, said the students may find it cheaper to study in the UK and easier to work there after the Brexit.
More than 450,000 overseas students went to study in Britain last year, with 130,000 of them from China, according to the British government. He Chugang, general manager of the South China region at Amber Education, an overseas studies consulting agency, agreed with Liu that the cost of studying in the UK will be lower. He was surprised by the high turnout for the referendum, adding that many features of the UK - its economy, culture and others - are closely connected with the EU. If the British currency keeps tumbling against the renminbi, the yuan's purchasing power will increase.
About 270,000 Chinese tourists visited Britain last year, a 46 percent increase over the previous year, according to the British government. Jiang said that the visa policy toward Chinese may not see big changes after the Brexit, because the UK did not adopt the Schengen visa. In a Juwai survey conducted in early June, 51 percent of the 411 Chinese real estate professionals and investors who were polled had temporarily postponed their property transactions in the UK pending the outcome of the vote.
Andrew Yuan, managing director of Hytera Communications UK, said Chinese companies in Britain are likely to see their businesses hurt by the decision, as many of them use UK headquarters to cover their business in other EU countries. Hytera, a company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, specializes in designing and manufacturing mobile radio communications equipments. It set up a representative office in the UK in 2005, which has evolved into a headquarters covering markets in western and northern Europe.
Zeng Gang, a senior researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' Institute of Finance and Banking, said the Brexit would hit the British pound, causing a negative impact on pound-related assets in Britain. Wealthy non-EU member Switzerland signed a free trade agreement with China in 2014, and Norway is now in talks with China to reach a bilateral free trade deal. Ma Yu, a senior researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation in Beijing, said the UK was Chinese companies' favorite European investment destination and has strong business and diplomatic ties with China. Wen Bin, chief researcher at China Minsheng Banking Corp, said the status of London as a global financial center will be weakened after Britain withdraws from the EU. He expects the renminbi to fall slightly against the US dollar but to remain relatively stable against a basket of currencies. Zong Liang, deputy director of the Institute of International Finance at the Bank of China, said the British exit will also lead to Chinese banks that are expanding their business worldwide to readjust their global strategies by accelerating deployment in countries such as Germany and France.
Wen agreed, saying that huge business opportunities will emerge for Chinese banks in Europe, whereas their business in London may slow. I suppose the older I get, the more knowledge I acquire, and in the case of my own country, the more emotionally involved I become. Campaigning opened in a friendly enough fashion, but rapidly descended into acrimonious rhetoric and bombast, the last courtesy of Johnson, whose favored method of replying to a set of statistics offered as a reasoned argument would be to cry "piffle" and launch into a semi-comic response that somehow managed to address the issue at hand. Cameron, I felt, came across as a decent bloke who somehow along the way realized he'd made a strategic error in calling the referendum.
After all the campaigning, it was down to an overnight stay in the office - just me and my bureau chief, who makes great toast, by the way.
Then the result from Newcastle upon Tyne came in and just did not quite fit with the expected outcome. Within a few hours, not only had Britain decided to leave the European Union, but David Cameron - looking ever more like a latter day Lord North, the prime minister who lost the American colonies - resigned. The outcome confounded my view that in UK elections you could always trust the British people to come up with a common sense judgment, whether you agreed with it or not. All the evidence, particularly from economists, the business community and trade unionists, pointed overwhelmingly toward Remain. The economy was performing well and part of that success was acting as a bridge for foreign investment from countries such as China into the European Union. What surprised me was the way many people were actually trying to work out how to vote, as if they had been set an exam or a puzzle. On one particular occasion, at a lunch at a garden center (not for me the high table of Oxford colleges or London clubs), my visiting cousin, whom you would have thought something of an internationalist, since she is given to cruising around the world, surprised the rest of us by outing herself as an Outer.
She said that we needed our country back and we would soon be overrun with Turks, even though Turkey's accession to the EU is still only a remote possibility. With the vote being 52-48, there must have been many other families and households similarly divided on the issue. With stock markets globally - notably the European bourses, as well as London - and the pound plummeting, many now might be asking themselves what they have done. Many factors other than EU membership have fed into the decision, including fears of immigration, loss of identity, stagnant incomes and a wish to simply protest.
It is an outcome, though, that sees a country facing a significant crisis after otherwise doing quite well earlier this week and just looking forward to next week's Wimbledon.
Leaders from the 27 European Union member states that will remain in the bloc after the United Kingdom leaves will gather next week in Brussels for an extraordinary meeting. They will chart the course for the organization against a backdrop of mounting concerns about the future of European integration.
European Council President Donald Tusk held a news conference on Friday, seeking to reassure the world that the 27 nations' leaders are united and will consider the way forward for the EU.
But he also expressed deep sympathy for the UK after it became clear it had voted to leave the bloc.
European analysts expressed concern over how the referendum outcome might affect the EU's future. Fredrik Erixon, director of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels, said the EU will be "consumed" by negotiating the exit of one of its core members during the next two years.
Erixon said the Brexit vote will also strengthen forces in other countries that want to break away from the EU. He added that there is a risk that it will push the EU to become less open to trade with the rest of the world, and it is vital now that other countries take a lead in shaping an EU that will not go "in the direction of protectionists". Paal Frisvold, managing director of the Brussels branch of the Norwegian communication company Geelmuyden Kiese, said: "The Brexit will have an enormous impact on European integration, because it has brought a lot of insecurity and uncertainties.
When President Xi Jinping and the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, downed a pint of beer at a pub in England, in October, the beer in question immediately became a must have for hundreds of thousands of drinkers in China. Not only that, but the pub where the two leaders drank, The Plough at Cadsden, in Buckinghamshire, became a must see for Chinese on the tourist trail, almost as compelling a stop-off point as Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London. The continued sales prospects in China of beer the two leaders drank on that occasion, Greene King IPA, are unclear, but one thing is certain: The taste for craft beers like it that has taken hold in China in the past few years shows no signs of abating.
That success is all the more remarkable given that wine and Western spirits, even for the astonishing sales figures routinely trumpeted about them, have taken some years to turn into anything like staples of Chinese drinking, while craft beers have been an overnight sensation. The country is awash with beer in sheer volume, most of which are mass-produced industrial beers.
But there lies a change in beer preferences, with young, trendy consumers switching from dominant mass-produced industrial beers to imports and local craft beers. At the Fourth Beijing Craft Beer Festival held on over two days last week, which organizers say drew at least 8000 visitors, a beer aficionado from Tianjin said: "China has so many beer brands like Tsingtao, Yanjing, Zhujiang, Snow and Harbin but essentially they taste very much the same. Since 2012 imports of foreign beer in China have risen 737 percent, and at the same time many local craft beers have emerged.
Gao Yan, 48, who styles himself Master Gao, having obtained a master's degree in chemistry in the United States in the 1990s, is the founder of Master Gao Brewing Company of Nanjing.
When he tried to sell his first batches of hoppy bitter barley brown ale and IPA (which stands for India pale ale), in Nanjing in 2008, he says, it was like "crying out in the desert" because nobody in China had a clue what craft beer was. This year he forecasts he will sell 1 million bottles of Baby IPA and 2 million bottles of Jasmine Tea Lager, his two flagship bottled craft beers, among more than 20 brews under his Master Gao brand.
One of Gao's earliest efforts to proselytise in China on craft beer involved a book he wrote and that was published in 2011, Get Your Own Brew, in which he details the beer making process and offers advice on how to evaluate beer, the first of its kind in Chinese. These days small-scale pubs are popping up all over the place selling imported and local craft beers. The fact remains, too, that despite the frenetic growth in the industry, craft beer sales in China account for less than 1 percent of the total beer market, industry experts say. Li Wei, president of the Beijing Home Brewing Society says: "Even though a lot of pubs have beers on tap and myriad new pubs have emerged, if you really count things, there are only six serious local craft beer players in Beijing.
Gao and a group of craft beer industry figures in China are in the process of setting up an industry body, the Craft Beer Association of China, to promote and protect the interests of Chinese craft brewers and craft beers. One of the craft breweries that has made a mark in Beijing, Jing-A Brewing Co, founded in 2012, is the idea of two North Americans, Kristian Li and Alex Acker, who first did home brewing as a hobby while holding down jobs in Beijing. Great Leap Brewing, which opened in October 2010, was the first microbrewery in Beijing and has grown from four taps in one place to 60 taps in three places. Its founder and brewmaster, Carl Setzer from Ohio, says: "The American Craft Brewers Association defines craft beer as brewers that are 'small, independent, and traditional'. Craft beer is special in a way that it always tends to combine local culture and ingredients.
Chinese-style IPA should use all Chinese ingredients, especially all Chinese hops, he says. For example, Great Leap's Little General IPA is a unique Chinese-style IPA using 100 percent Chinese ingredients, including whole-flower Qingdao Flower hops from Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.
Chinese craft beer should include not only Chinese ingredients, but reflect Chinese history and culture as well, Setzer says. Thus the series of his General IPA's are named after famous military personnel, including those sanctioned by warlord states, and other beer names at Great Leap are derived from traditional folklore, local history or their Chinese ingredients. Jim Boyce, a beer and wine connoisseur and blogger in Beijing, says serious Chinese brewers put a lot of effort in what goes into their bottles, so they also care about how to present it to the world. At Jing-A Brewing taproom, there is the Airpocalypse Double IPA, meaning the worse the pollution in Beijing becomes, cheaper the beer will be.
Jing-A's cofounder Acker says: "In a way, I hope doing craft beer can help to tell a different side of a story about China. His partner Kristian Li says: "It's an opportunity for China to showcase the country's talent and wealth in ingredients to the world. As for Gao, he uses special Chinese ingredients such as roasted sweet yam, Tibet barley and Jasmine tea in beer brewing. The label on his Baby IPA shows a chubby baby holding a big carp in his arms, signifying an auspicious image in China for the Lunar New Year. For would be craft-beer makers in China, one hurdle is that under current regulations a brewery is not allowed to bottle and sell beer if it cannot produce at least 12,000 bottles of beer an hour, far higher than most microbreweries are producing now. Thus most microbreweries serve tap beers on their premises, and you will find local craft beers are mostly in kegs, with few in bottles and cans. JingA Brewing Co founders Alex Acker and Kristian Li first began brewing at home as a hobby. Before leaving Beijing, a British Saudi mom opened a window for people around the world to see China's capital through the innocent eyes of her little girl.
The Baker Street Irregulars were born in a speakeasy, a fact which may hinder British understanding of the BSIa€™s boisterous nature a€“ its proclivity for strange rites, ribald song about the Canona€™s characters, opaque management procedures, denying the authorship of A. Sherlock Holmes was pushed aside later by college, a Rhodes Scholarship, and the demands of a budding career as a writer and editor, in Philadelphia and then in New York. By that time, things were reaching critical mass with the completion of the Canon in 1927, Conan Doylea€™s death in 1930, the first U.S. No, the inclusive vision of a BSI reaching out with regular meetings, news-letters, chapters (a€?scion societiesa€?) in cities and towns across America, a quarterly journal plus a plethora of other publications (what Morley once called a€?a province of pulpa€?), belonged to someone else entirely: to Edgar W. But Smith was an autodidact of rare ability, and when it came to literature, he could keep up with most people, especially where Sherlock Holmes was con-cerned.
Things went swimmingly the next half dozen years, with annual dinners regular as clockwork, newsletters linking the faithful to the Mother Church the rest of the year, and publications bringing word of the BSI to countless Sherlock Holmes fans across America. But beneath all this activity, their visions of the BSI were very different, and these finally collided in 1947. But where Morley wanted to re-establish the BSI on its old footing, as a coterie of New Yorkers, Smith argued long and successfully in favor of preserving it on a national basis. Edgar Smith died in 1960 (with Morley preceding him in 1957), but during his lifetime the BSI and its scion societies continued to expand to the borders of his vision a€“ and since then beyond it.
But Smith would recognize it if he lingered a while, because todaya€™s BSI fits inside the frame he designed. In their day, Harris observed, a great deal of the BSI dinnera€™s charm was in the way Irregulars engaged each other spontaneously around the table in what he called a€?Disputation, Confrontation, and Dialectical Hullabaloo.a€? That is long gone now. Scion societies and three-hour lunches like these heed, whether they know it or not, the advice that Christopher Morley provided in that previously mentioned letter, written January 2, 1948, to a supplicant who had not made the cut for the a€?committee in cameraa€? dinner then coming up. Some are listening anew to his advice about smaller and more intimate meetings, as the BSI approaches its 70th birthday, even if most still show up at the annual dinners in New York.
A A A  Sherlock Holmes was pushed aside later by college, a Rhodes Scholarship, and the demands of a budding career as a writer and editor, in Philadelphia and then in New York. A A A  By that time, things were reaching critical mass with the completion of the Canon in 1927, Conan Doylea€™s death in 1930, the first U.S.

A A A  No, the inclusive vision of a BSI reaching out with regular meetings, news-letters, chapters (a€?scion societiesa€?) in cities and towns across America, a quarterly journal plus a plethora of other publications (what Morley once called a€?a province of pulpa€?), belonged to someone else entirely: to Edgar W. A A A  But Smith was an autodidact of rare ability, and when it came to literature, he could keep up with most people, especially where Sherlock Holmes was con-cerned. A A A  Things went swimmingly the next half dozen years, with annual dinners regular as clockwork, newsletters linking the faithful to the Mother Church the rest of the year, and publications bringing word of the BSI to countless Sherlock Holmes fans across America. A A A  But beneath all this activity, their visions of the BSI were very different, and these finally collided in 1947. A A A  But where Morley wanted to re-establish the BSI on its old footing, as a coterie of New Yorkers, Smith argued long and successfully in favor of preserving it on a national basis.
A A A  Edgar Smith died in 1960 (with Morley preceding him in 1957), but during his lifetime the BSI and its scion societies continued to expand to the borders of his vision a€“ and since then beyond it. A A A  But Smith would recognize it if he lingered a while, because todaya€™s BSI fits inside the frame he designed. A A A  If these Morleyean essentials are still present, some Irregulars do miss the form, though. A A A  Scion societies and three-hour lunches like these heed, whether they know it or not, the advice that Christopher Morley provided in that previously mentioned letter, written January 2, 1948, to a supplicant who had not made the cut for the a€?committee in cameraa€? dinner then coming up.
A A A  Some are listening anew to his advice about smaller and more intimate meetings, as the BSI approaches its 70th birthday, even if most still show up at the annual dinners in New York. 3.The writer must avoid the two essential faults of creative writinga€”those that touch its essence and those that are accidental. 4.The plot should have a beginning, middle, and end, and thus resemble a living organism in all its unity. 5.The beginning and end of the story must be capable of being brought within a single view or theme.
6.Plot should be arranged on the complex plan, one in which change of fortune takes place through reversal of situation, recognition, or both and includes scenes of suffering. 8.Plot can consist of either a single thread or double thread in which an opposite ending occurs for the good and bad characters. 10.Plot should imitate actions that incite pity and feara€”pity as aroused by unmerited misfortune, and fear by witnessing the misfortune of a character like ourselves. 11.This character must be someone who brings misfortune on himself or herself, not through vice or depravity, but by some error or frailty.
13.The writer must focus on the action in the story and the part taken by the characters, and not drift off in several lines of action carried on at the same time.
14.The writer should put the scene before his or her eyes, as if he or she is an actual eyewitness to an event happening while writing.
Hero or heroine faces jeopardy that incites in reader emotions of sympathetic fear and anxiety as to the outcome of the situation. Plant the idea or action early, then develop readera€™s understanding by returning to idea or action later in story. Description is the attempt to represent reality by using language to present as directly as possible the qualities of a person, place, object, or event.
1)The Eye of Insight sheds new light by examining inscape, viewing the interior, the shape within the shape of a thing.
2)The All-Accepting Eye examines things that we might rather not see, discards the labels, and searches for the beauty in a flaw, beginning discovery with the thing and not its label.
3)The Gliding Eye observes things in movement through time or space or both, picks up details of the passage, recording birth and decay of sensation at the center of a spinning mind.
4)The Childa€™s Eye observes a thing with the seriousness of a child at play, in a focused, highly concentrated way, without hurrya€”like watching an ant crawl across the ground or observing a dung beetle move a mass five times its size and weight. 5)The Dream Eye fragments reality and reshapes it, perhaps using symbols to penetrate below surface appearances.
The Naked Eye merges with the Imaginative Eye to create effective descriptiona€”The Big Picturea€”by making things from, not making things up. New idea built from comparison between two unlike things; tension between two actualities creates possibility, or new meaning.
An Allusion measures a thing against a known cultural or memory tweak by referencing something the reader will know (Allegory, Conceit, direct or indirect reference to other texts (intertextuality), music, movies, etc. Respond to each othera€™s work with respect, depth and thoughtfulness, in a manner that is civil and constructive. Over the Top a€“ material is presented in such a way that reader has a hard time believing the story.
Greenfield, Tennessee, a farm and factory town of twenty-two hundred in the statea€™s rural northwest corner, has never been more than a place between places, one in a long list of towns to be passed through along kudzu-choked U.S. It was in fact the railroad, and not the nearby Mississippi River, which was the prime mover in the delta land where I grew up.
On September 2, 1979, two members of the Weakley County rescue squad found the raped and murdered body of eight year-old Cary Ann Medlin in one of the communitya€™s namesake green fields, not far from the Illinois Central tracks. I remember hearing news of her murder and running to find my first grade yearbook, hoping to fix her school days photo in my mind so I wouldna€™t lose it. It wasna€™t until twenty-one years later, long after Ia€™d left Tennessee, after Martin and Greenfield had became only places in my mind and that Lovera€™s Lane a Memory Lane that I began to consider the murdera€™s place in a childhood which I now see as violent in so many other ways. That first grade photo of Cary appeared over and over in the news in the months leading up to the Coe execution, along with another I found printed years before in the Nashville Tennessean and now reprinted as the newspaper re-capped the story: a shot of those rescue workers bent over the soybean plants, long-haired and t-shirted, hunting the girla€™s body.
Bob Cowser, Jr.'s first book, Dream Season, was a New York Times Book Review a€?Editor's Choicea€? and a€?Paperback Rowa€? selection and was listed among the Chronicle of Higher Education's best-ever college sports books.
Above our heads, a banner of the eartha€™s children: an African boy with corduroy hair, a fur-muffled Eskimo, a golden girl from Holland. Six years later my first stockings were seamed and I thought of Miss Ranney while I sat on the edge of the bathtub shaving the pale brown hairs. Rebecca McClanahan has published nine books, most recently Deep Light: New and Selected Poems 1987-2007 and The Riddle Song and Other Rememberings, which won the 2005 Glasgow prize in nonfiction. There was a woman who died while I was in Daffiama; she was young and eight months pregnant. Jillian Schedneck taught Literature and Creative Writing at the American University in Dubai for the 2007-2008 academic year. Sitting on the edge of her bed, with legs dangling and shoulders slumped, my six-year-old stares at the wall in a trance. She moves to the beat of her own drum, but once in the car, I settle into the morning routine.
As the overburdened stretch of I-95 south of the Capitol extends before me, with cars packed in every lane as we creep toward our northbound destinations, I cannot stop the seething anger and indignation that boils within me. Our passage onto the base is slowed at the gate by the forklift placing barriers in front of the gate shack.
I look at her, and though I answer a€?yes,a€? I realize that I was late because I forgot to leave.
Being a mother is not just something I do; it is who I am, who I should have been, and who I always want to be. On the way to work, I listen to the news, but then I turn it off and just listen to the sound of my breathing.
During my first sixth months of recruiting duty, workdays lasted from 0700 to 2300 Monday thru Friday, and from 0800 to 1800 on Sunday. Making all those a€?numbersa€? was occasionally impossible, especially the a€?three appointments for the next day.a€? The recruiter had to contact the staff non-commissioned officer in charge and report his numbers before securing. Create Scene, driving home, reflecting on the hours spent on the road as a recruiter and the nastiness of the bars carried on Na€™s clothing into the cara€”describe car: At the end of that night, I went home exhausted, sweaty, and smelling like the smoke from the bars, an odor I despise. Create Scene: Pulling into the driveway at 0200 all I could think of was getting a shower and going to sleep. Deodorant soap replaced the smell of sweat and cigarette smoke from my body, but the taste in my mouth was getting worse. A recruiting SNCOIC doesna€™t want his recruiters getting caught with their integrity down but he is willing to risk it to make mission.
This is a separate story inside this storya€”N is avoiding the real story by ending with this: Anyway, rumor had it the old man had assaulted a recruiter in Georgia and the Colonel just moved him to a new duty-station, in Daytona Beach, Florida.
Like I said before, you have real talent, so dona€™t think badly of your writing when you see my comments. One of the most important things you can do, is to take this piece and determine what is summary and what is scene. When you create your timeline, start with placing the major events in this piece on the line first. Being assigned to recruiting from my usual job as a criminal investigator was both good and bad. Getting back to those tasks based on statistics, stay with me now as I get through how the numbers worked out. I talked to those people either on the telephone or in person, what we called daily activities. When I returned to my desk from the bathroom, the old sergeant was heading out the door with his Bible. This was the guy I had to call every night and get approval to secure, to leave work and go home at night.
After almost five hours of talking to people on the phone and going out and talking to people at malls, stores and various other public places, I felt done for the day.
Dragging ass, I continued to approach people around 7-eleven stores and such, acting like I just happened to be stopping by on my way home from work. After ironing out the details and writing down his contact information, I finally left the musty tavern and drove home, exhausted and sweaty.
The glowing numbers on the clock said it was a short night before I had to get back up and start another recruiting day. Born and raised in a small town in the South, David Charles joined the US Marine Corps as a teenager during the Cold War period.
Nowadays, with the growing range of human activities, there is an accelerated destruction of wildlife. Both paid a pittance for priceless treasures from the cave, and both took photos of it and its surroundings.
Colors on many of the murals and statues have faded, and blurry areas have become more expansive as a result of oxidation and human-inflicted damage. Before beginning their tour proper, visitors need to go to Mogao Grottoes Visitor Center to watch two 20-minute high-definition movies about the grottoes, including a film about the seven most valuable caves in terms of artistic achievement. For example, if he planned to copy the lines of an eye on the picture, he would find three points on the grid, jot them down and connect them with lines. At the very beginning, the older generation planned to take care of the archaeological records, but until the 1990s the project was behind schedule. Generally using the old way of surveying a cave would take two to three people five to six years. But the shape of eyes and noses on murals do no reproduce clearly, so archaeologists need to revise the drawing relying on high-definition photos. He spent four years creating facsimiles of the 6-sq m mural on the eastern wall of Cave 320. If artists at that time wanted to create a facsimile of a mural they would first go to the cave to use rulers to measure its dimensions and record the information in notebooks.
So he then had to take a break to wait for the projector to cool and the films to return to their original state. He quit his highly paid job in Japan and his wife divorced him, taking their two children with her. There are said to have originally been more than 2,000 caves, but the vibration has, over time, reduced them to less than 20.
In Cave 2 the aim is to restore facsimiles of the best works from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) to their original colors.
Against all odds, he sticks to his will, he says, which reminds him of his father Chang Shuhong. But when he saw an album of paintings compiled by Paul Pelliot, who visited the Mogao Grottoes early last century and took many precious sutra back to France, he was shocked by the beauty of this art from his hometown. Wu is the head of an activist group, Society of Victims of the Japanese Germ War, in Quzhou, a city in Zhejiang province. You couldn't do it an hour a day, five nights a week and 260 shows a year, if it wasn't the real you," he says. He has reently published a book, The Vanishing of Flight MH370: The True Story of the Hunt for the Missing Malaysian Plane.
China overtook the US as the world's largest business travel market last year, according to the Global Business Travel Association.
I went economy with Air China from Beijing to Xi'an, a short hop of only two-and-half hours and the plane was full. At the outset, I wish to congratulate, on behalf of the Chinese government, the opening of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, and extend sincere welcome to all our guests coming from afar and friends from the press. There is a Chinese saying which goes, "It takes 10 years to grow a tree." If we could compare the Summer Davos to a tree, after 10 years of careful nurturing, it has grown into a luxuriant tree with bountiful fruits. To address the deep-seated problems in the world economy, we need to both strengthen demand management and advance structural reform to eliminate the root causes that trigger problems.
For the world economy to walk out of the woods, the ultimate solution lies in shifting the growth model and replacing old growth drivers with new ones at a faster pace. In the face of common challenges, we need to uphold the spirit of solidarity and work for common progress. In the face of mounting downward economic pressure, we have not resorted to indiscriminate strong stimulus. Reform efforts to streamline administration, delegate power and improve government services have given a strong boost to mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and further unleashed development potential.
In the meantime, we will continue to innovate means of macro control, implement the proactive fiscal policy with greater intensity and efficiency, and carry out the prudent monetary policy in a flexible and appropriate fashion. We will focus on development as the top priority and promote steady progress as we pursue innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development. Innovation is the primary driver of development and an important part of supply-side structural reform.
We will vigorously advance innovation in science and technology, work for breakthroughs in major, key technologies, and promote the commercialization of innovation results.
We have relied on reform for the remarkable achievements we made in the past 30-plus years.
The structural problems facing the Chinese economy are about both the supply and demand sides, especially the supply side.
We need to transform government functions more rapidly, improve efficiency, and ensure a level-playing field for all players and a pro-innovation institutional environment. The British electorate, however, chose the Brexit option, sending shivers through international markets.
President Xi Jinping's visit to Britain last year, a trip that included ceremonial pomp and a banquet with Queen Elizabeth II, reflected not only the UK's importance as the world's fifth-largest economy but also its role as a key member of the EU.
However, the prospect of Britain's departure from the European bloc, China's biggest trading partner, unsettled the leaders of its Asian partners. Beijing wonders whether the EU minus Britain might represent less of a counterweight in resolving international tensions, including those with the US.
For example, it has a deal with Belgium to allow visa holders of either country to enter the other. If they want to buy an apartment for their children in preparation for college, they shouldn't be too worried about the Brexit," said Pittar. Stable population increase, as well as changes of people's mindset, resulting in an increasing rate of people living alone, have helped to boost the demand for housing. Jo Cox, a 41-year-old mother of two and a member of Parliament was, by all accounts, an energetic defender of her constituents' rights and a keen supporter of the Remain camp. This played into the hands of Farage, often seen in a pub with a pint of beer in his hand and holding forth in terms that were music to the ear of White Van Man - the type of guy with little intelligence but plenty of mouth, also known as a Little Englander. David Dimbleby, a reassuring presence who has been an anchor of all the broadcaster's election programs since Margaret Thatcher's election victory in 1979, was discussing the latest opinion poll and market, betting that both were forecasting a win for Remain. I recently returned from a two-week trip to the UK, where I interviewed leading figures on both sides of the debate. I replied that if she did not know, then the only sensible decision was to stick with the status quo.
More than 47 billion liters of beers were produced last year, more than in any other country, says National Bureau of Statistics of China.
By serious I mean a craft brewery having its own complete branding output, and I am talking about Jing-A, Great Leap, Slow Boat, NBeer, Panda and Arrow Factory. After having been around for quite a long time in the US and Europe, China is the next frontier in craft beer. The rising disposable incomes of Chinese meaning the likes of craft beer, wine and Western spirits are becoming more accessible to them. We are using incredibly interesting Chinese ingredients that have never been experimented with before. So we turned to use a third-party brewery or, say, a contract brewery, to bottle some of our beers. Now their Beijingbased craft brewery is using Chinese ingredients and Chinainspired promotions like the Airpocalypse Double IPA, in which the worse the pollution in Beijing becomes, cheaper the beer will be. Its intellectual roots went back to near the turn of the century, when the precocious a€?Kita€? Morley and his brothers Felix and Frank (a€?the Second and Third Garridebsa€?) were growing up in the pleasantly provincial city of Baltimore, Maryland. But Morleya€™s zest for the stories returned in 1926, and was grafted onto some of the impromptu luncheon clubs of a€?kinspritsa€? (kindred spirits) that he created at whim, like his Three Hours for Lunch Club. Complete Sherlock Holmes later that year, for which Morley wrote the splendid preface gracing the Doubleday edition to this day, and Sherlock Holmes on stage, screen and radio, notably William Gillettea€™s Farewell Tour in his melodrama Sherlock Holmes over 1928-32.
It did not even require the regular annual dinners mentioned in Davisa€™s Constit-ution, and after 1936 there were none for four years. All three became Rhodes Scholars, an unmatched record, and all became distinguished in their fields, Felix in journalism and political philosophy, and Frank in publishing.
His boyhood interest in Holmes had been rekindled in 1936 by The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, and when he wrote to Vincent Starrett about it, proposing theories of his own about the date when Holmes and Watson met, Starrett directed him to Morley. When the BSI resumed its annual dinners in 1940, it was as a publication party for 221B: Studies in Sherlock Holmes, a collection of Irregular writings edited by Vincent Starrett (including Smitha€™s voluminous reference work, a€?Appointment in Baker Streeta€?). Morley was already growing restive about the BSIa€™s increasing size and increasingly structured life, and when the 1947 dinner was a large noisy affair at which he recognized fewer old friends than he liked, and was repeatedly buttonholed by a newcomer he considered a boor, he rebel-led. Smith, before he joined the BSI, had been a member of The Five Orange Pips, an exclusive band which for its first decade was a wholly independent club; and he avidly trained up and down the Eastern Seaboard to attend meetings of The Speckled Band of Boston, The Dancing Men of Providence, The Six Napoleons of Baltimore, The Sons of the Copper Beeches of Philadelphia, and later others. If Smith wandered into New Yorka€™s Union League Club this January, just as attendees were sitting down to the annual dinner, he might not realize at first that it was the BSI.
The centerpiece of its affairs continues to be the annual dinner, by invitation only, held in New York on the Friday closest to January 6th.
Well, Baker Street Ir-regularity is still defined by the game Morley invented, in which Holmes and Watson are real and living in Baker Street, the Canon is fact not fiction, and its tantalizing ambiguities and contradictions must be addressed by exegetical scholarship. The BSI dinner is so large today (if smaller, I believe, than the Sherlock Holmes Societya€™s January dinner) that some are repelled.
Any attempt to revive it today would run up against the BSI dinnera€™s inflexible program, for the madding crowd can be managed no other way.
Many seem perfectly happy with that, but not all the Audience is that entertained, nor wants to be. BSI is a hard habit to break, and the source and repository of great reserves of sentiment. Determine the point at which protagonist must make a decision in order to achieve goal (crisis).
Coherent: Distilled image remains True to Life by reproducing the distinctive features of original. Consistent: Distilled image links the intended meaning from beginning to middle to end creating Unity of Meaning, as in an extended metaphor or exemplification.
Allusion requires an understood knowledge base between writer and reader and recognition of a Cultural Memory Tweak by the reader in most cases. Elusion is complex and mysterious and requires not just recognition, but discovery of what is absent. In depicting the motions of the a€?human hearta€™ the durability of the writing depends on the exactitude. Submit line-edit suggestions, marginal comments, and an end comment (summary of your thoughts on the piece) addressed to the writer. Offer an end comment that notes what you believe the work to be about, how you see the work achieving this, and what opportunities you can see for further exploration in this work. My slightly larger hometown of Martin, ten miles north up Highway 45, took its name from tobacco plantation owner Colonel William Martin who donated land for the railroad bed. Cary had gone on a bike ride with her little brother twenty hours earlier, gotten into a strangera€™s Grand Torino and disappeared.
Her stepfather worked in those days on the assembly line at the Goodyear tire plant in Union City, her mother as a nurse at a Jackson hospital, and before moving to Greenfield in the summer of a€?79 the family had lived for a time in Martin. As the state of Tennessee prepared to execute Coe for the Medlin murder (its first execution in forty years), I began to understand Bean Switch Road as a rutted track in memory which might run between me and many people I loved and respected, separating me from them. Both Medlin and Coe are as dead as they could bea€”Coe for almost five years at this writing, Cary Ann for nearly a quarter century.
He is also the author of Scorekeeping, a collection of coming-of-age essays, and his essays and reviews have appeared widely in American literary magazines, including Missouri Review, Prairie Schooner, American Literary Review, Sycamore Review, Brevity, Sonora Review, Fourth Genre, and Creative Nonfiction. I checked the seams each morning as we stood facing the chalkboard, my hand across a place I called a pocket but she called your heart, and I pledged allegiance to a flag no bigger than my brother's diaper flapping on the line. I fingered my Brownie badge and renewed my oath to help other people at all times, especially those at home.
She has also authored four previous books of poetry and two books of writing instruction, including Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively. I didna€™t go to the funeral, but those who did said you could see the baby circling around inside of her, like a hand moving under a sheet.
The first one fell with the Twin Towers, and as the clots of blood dripped into the toilet, I said goodbye almost thankfully, glad not to bring a child into such a world. Something is different, something has changed, and I search my body for signs that my baby is still therea€”check my breasts, my belly, the fluid in the toilet, and back again to the breasts, wondering if the life inside me has died. Not just any brown, but the kind you make with paint or too many layers of crayon when youa€™re a little kid. I would have gone to the funeral and made them cut the baby out while it was still alive, instead of after it had died.
Her essay a€?Circling,a€? which first appeared in Brevity, will be anthologized in Online Writing: The Best of the First Ten Years (Snowvigate Press, 2009). As she rifled through the box of pencils, Alejandra must have also been watching my backside as I bent over Todda€™s desk, pondering the thin line of flower-print elastic that clings to my waistline.
He has dutifully added the e, but his compositiona€”five sentences describing his homea€”is riddled with errors. Calculating the hours, I am certain the Virginia state legislature steals an hour and a half from me five days a week. Amandaa€™s before and after school care is local to our neighborhood, and my year old baby attends the day care on base. Calculating the hours, I am certain the Virginia state legislature steals an hour and a half from me every workday. We are working with the Marine Corps program manager to set the timeline and milestones for the new Department of Defense messaging software. She joined the Marine Corps in 1990 and is currently a Master Sergeant servingA with III Marine Expeditionary Force, Okinawa Japan.
Those activities included about 200 telephone calls and, getting back to this day at a little after 5 p.m. Having joined for law enforcement training, his first Marine job after a€?recruita€? and a€?studenta€? was as a military policeman. This requires the taxidermist to be very familiar with each animal's body structure and its habits. Preserving specimens of endangered animals provides an avenue for in-depth research and has become one of the ways of protecting wildlife, Jiang says.
In this way, you could slowly build a collection of the outlines of the murals and colored statues. She once visited the modern caves and found they were built on a "precipitous cliff whose natural conditions are unsuitable for caves".
Admittedly, the food offering was a little unusual but it was no worse than what I get back of the bus on British Airways.
It has showcased to the world the process and achievements of China's reform, opening up and modernization.
Countries may face different situations, yet they should all move toward addressing economic imbalance by way of promoting fiscal and financial reform, easing regulation, facilitating competition, supporting innovation and expanding opening up, and should all work together to ensure strong, sustainable and balanced growth of the world economy.
The advent of a new round of technological and industrial revolution has provided a historical opportunity for this.
Instead, we have focused on exploring new models of macro control, vigorously advanced structural reform, and concentrated our efforts on cultivating new drivers of growth while upgrading traditional ones. China's GDP expanded by 6.7% in the first quarter of the year, and registered a steady growth in the second quarter. Now every day in China, some 40,000 new market entities are being created, including over 13,000 new enterprises. We will channel more resources into areas that help strengthen weak links, increase the momentum of development and take development to a higher level, as well as into areas of the new economy that serve to promote economic transformation and upgrading. We will ensure that the government's macro policies are stable, industrial policies are well-targeted, micro policies are flexible, reform policies are solid and social policies meet people's basic needs.

We need to further implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and step up efforts to build an innovation-driven country and a strong country in science and technology, so as to provide robust support for economic transformation and upgrading.
We will also advocate mass entrepreneurship and innovation, further promote the "Internet Plus" strategy, extensively apply the new generation of information technologies such as the internet of things, big data and cloud computing. It is also about transforming and upgrading traditional industries to give them new vitality. Greater economic globalization and the spread of the internet have provided a big stage and broad space for entrepreneurship and innovation by the people.
And fundamentally, we must rely on reform if we are to remove the institutional obstacles hindering development and advance economic transformation and upgrading. We need to advance structural adjustment through reform, reduce inefficient and low-end supply, and expand effective and medium- to high-end supply.
We need to give priority to "simplicity" by taking away undue government powers and delegating them directly to the market and society wherever possible. No matter how developed China will become, it will always need mutual learning with the rest of the world, and it will open still wider to the outside. China will work with other countries to seize the opportunities brought on by the new round of technological and industrial revolution. Economies as large as those of China or the US can cope with the difficulties of their European partner.
But in terms of supply, development of new housing projects is limited by conservative urban development ideas and extremely high land prices," she said.
She was shot and stabbed to death in the street as she prepared to hold a routine meeting to hear people's problems.
The craft beer trend will be given impetus, too, as more and more people come across craft beers when they are abroad, either as tourists, as part of their work, or while studying. In fact some say it is more a notion than a definition, but there is a consensus that three of the key ingredients are independence, diversity and innovation, something said to be lacking in industrial beers.
So I think a lot of beer fans around the world will be very interested and curious about it. Because Britain never inflicted anything as grotesque as Prohibition upon itself, it never had to resort to illicit devices like bootleggers, bathtub gin, and the BSI in order to preserve the world as it should be.
It was then that Morley created the Irregular Game and the rules by which the BSI still plays it today. They met at various Manhattan establishments in those days, but particularly at Christ Cellaa€™s speakeasy on East 45th Street. Books about Holmes had also begun to appear, especially an instant classic by Chicago newspaperman Vincent Starrett, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, in October 1933. Morley was content with occasional informal get-togethers with his own cronies, even if membership had also been conferred upon some solvers of a Sherlock Holmes Crossword de-signed by his brother Frank, which Chris had published in the Saturday Review in May 1934.
And de-spite an equal love of language, Edgar Smith could scarcely have been more different from Christopher Morley.
Chris, deeply versed in the classics and British and Ameri-can literature, became one of the best-known bookmen in America: a poet, novelist, essayist, critic, and editor, and a publisher as well, spending early years at Doubleday, the begetter of that first Complete Sherlock Holmes.
His father was a hatter in Bethel, Connecticut, and his education was desultory and directed toward a career in commerce. Both were personable, gregarious men who loved Sherlock Holmes, and while Morley could be mercurial and occasionally volcanic, Smith possessed patience in addition to great powers of diplomacy and persuasion.
When business took him to GMa€™s headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, he attended Amateur Mendicant Society meetings there.
For one thing, the annual dinner is no longer the mass-meeting of 70 that so affronted Christopher Morley in 1947 a€“ now it is more than twice that in size, requiring a banquet hall to seat it. Some Audience, and perhaps many Performers, would prefer Disputation, Confrontation, and Dialectical Hullabaloo, for a host of reasons. Its full text is worth reading in Irregular Crises of the Late a€™Forties, but two passages from it, in addition to the one quoted above, are pertinent here.
But for many Irregulars, no matter how much they love the Sherlock Holmes stories, the heart of the matter is the delight that intelligent kinsprits take in each othera€™s immediate company. Scatter descriptive details by breaking large clumps of information into smaller bits and sprinkle throughout the story. More than a century ago now a conductor on a southbound Illinois Central Gulf train offered the town its name, noting the fields of winter wheat still green late in the year.
Engineer Casey Jones lived 50 miles south in Jackson, Tennessee at the time of his legendary 1903 wreck, his modest house there now a museum.
By the time they found her tiny body atop a trampled swath of soybean plants just off Bean Switch Road, a notorious Lovera€™s Lane, the corpse had begun to turn in the late summer heat.
I was as sad as a nine year-old boy could be about the business I suppose, but Cary had violated that cardinal rule of childhood about talking to strangers, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had Robert Glen Coe in custody just three days later. I sensed with a kind of strange excitement how the photo was an emblem of my childhooda€”the unmistakable heat, those men, something awful hidden just out of sight.
We sang of mountains and amber grain, our voices always a beat or two behind the warped '45 spinning on the phonograph beside the globe on Miss Ranney's desk. Later that year, I was in Home Ec tracing my face shape with soap onto a mirror when the intercom crackled the news. McClanahana€™s work has appeared in The Best American Poetry, The Best American Essays, Kenyon Review, Georgia Review, Gettysburg Review, and numerous other publications. Later I felt bad that I hadna€™t gone to the funeral, but I was never sure if my motivation was guilt or disappointment over missing such a spectacle. This one is taking its time, and I have nothing more than my intuition to tell me that ita€™s gone.
Ia€™m still not completely sure, so I survey again, trying to find the feeling that was once there, that still comes back in little wisps, but seems mostly gone.
You mix all the colors togethera€”the good colors and the bad colors too, just to see what will happen, and you come up with a muddy, greenish, sickly version of the color brown, a sort of chaos and confusion of life and lifelessness all blended into one, never to be separated into sky blue, tangerine, and sea foam again. I would have taken the dead womana€™s baby for my own, as a guard against the possibility that either of us would ever be alone, as a stone thrown in the face of death, as protection against this circling, this looking for something we both need desperately that is no longer there.
I consider asking him what the correct spelling might be, imagine him looking up at me with big, brown eyes, searching the details of my face for the correct letter, but decide to just tell him what he needs instead. I nod solemnly, mentally adding another dress code violation to my long list of teaching errors.
Traffic is finally moving, and this idiot thinks the left lane is for pacing instead of passing.
On the way to work, I listened to the news, but sometimes I turned it off and just listened to the sound of my breathing. Looking at my watch, I realize that the few minutes that I have been delayed will cost me many more. With my simple math skills, I conclude that including weekends, they rob me of at least ten hours a week. My thoughts are focused on security, contingency operations, alternate network operations, and the myriad of requirements to overcome the obstacles presented by this occurrence. She knows something terrible has happened today and I dona€™t know how to explain it to her. Being a Marine is not something I do; it is who I am, who I have been, and who I will always be.
The hands of time are moving again, but now I hear the slow, steady tick tock of each moment. She is also married to a Marine and has two daughters, ages 13 and 8.A She has served in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and her husband has served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Once he cut his teeth guarding gates and on patrol, David became a Marine criminal investigator. I know people are going to think this sounds like those horrible twee Sunday Times lifestyle profiles. It has also contributed wisdom and strength to the common development and prosperity of China and the world. This is already making an impact on the international financial markets and adding to the uncertainties in the world economy.
The emergence of new technologies, new tools and new materials, which are of pace-setting and transformational significance, has given a strong boost to the growth of the new economy and the upgrading of traditional industries.
Countries need to adopt more growth-friendly policies, strengthen macro policy coordination, steadfastly advance trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, firmly oppose protectionism and build a fairer, more just and open international economic system. As a result, we have maintained a steady economic development, ranking among top of the world's major economies in terms of growth speed, and made positive progress in structural adjustment. Such increase is bigger than the previous two years and has given a strong boost to job creation. The current debt ratio for the Chinese government is around 40 percent, and is only around 16 percent for the central government, lower than many other major economies. While appropriately expanding aggregate demand, we will steadfastly advance supply-side structural reform, concentrate on cutting overcapacity, reducing inventory, deleveraging, lowering costs and strengthening weak links, so that China's development could be less reliant on natural resources and be more driven by human resources and innovation.
We will promote integrated development of different sectors and facilitate the emergence of more new industries, new forms of business and new business models.
We will implement the Made in China 2025 initiative to make manufacturing more IT-based and smarter. Through mass entrepreneurship and innovation, we will combine the innovation activities of the elites with the grassroots, the online with the offline, and companies with research institutes, so that individual efforts of numerous market players will lead to greater synergy for innovation-driven development.
We will firmly deepen reform to unlock market vitality and social creativity to a greater extent. At the same time, we need to strengthen and innovate in market oversight, explore inclusive and effective prudential regulation, and guide and support the healthy development of new business forms and models.
We will enhance our open economy, open wider the service sector and general manufacturing sector, provide more investment opportunities to foreign businesses and foster a fairer, more transparent and predictable investment environment.
Together, we will build new engines of economic growth, promote a steady recovery of the world economy through transformation and upgrading, and jointly usher in a better future for the development of mankind.
When Elmer Davisa€™s Constitution and Buy Laws for the BSI appeared in Christopher Morleya€™s Saturday Review of Literature column for February 17, 1934, the month after the BSIa€™s debut, they assigned an officer to provide a€?ice, White Rock, and whatever else may be required and available,a€? and devised a canonical trivia game for determining who buys the next round of drinks. Devotees of Leslie Charteris may recall it in The Saint in New York a€“ the author having been taken to one of these lunches in 1933 by Malcolm Johnson, head of Doubleday Dorana€™s Crime Club Books.
He oozed erudition, and could also write for the public at large; his 1939 novel about a working-girl, Kitty Foyle, was a bestseller, with Ginger Rogers winning the Oscar for best actress in the movie. He embarked upon it young, took business courses at New York University while he worked, served as a staff officer in the U.S. During the autumn of 1947, while Morley sulked, Smith gradually talked the BSIa€™s founder into agreeing to a smaller a€?committee in cameraa€? meeting in January to review the situation. Occasionally he went even further afield a€“ as far west as San Francisco, with its Scowrers & Molly Maguires.
We have sometimes been harshly reproached for that, by the Agenta€™s Sons to begin with, but I fear wea€™re incorrigible. Harris of Detroit, once explained how growth eventually forced the BSI to give up its U-shaped table in the tight upstairs room at Cavanagha€™s restaurant, thirty years ago, for many large round ones in a huge characterless room at the Regency Hotel, altering the dinnera€™s dynamics in ways Smith would regret and Morley would denounce.
Marie, Michigan, prompted an exhibition of furious gavel-pounding and whistle-tooting by Tom Stix Jr. There is no end in sight for the BSI, but Baker Street Irregularity is broader and deeper than the BSI, and continues to be practiced in ways beyond anyonea€™s power to dictate or control.
After all, something has drawn you here, readera€”you want to know what it is the searchers seek among the soybean plants. Lawrence University, where he teaches courses in nonfiction writing and later American literature, and an adjunct member of the faculty of Ashland Universitya€™s Low-Residency MFA program. Our world was the Weekly Reader, hopscotch and jump rope, the only war the Cold One which America of course was winning.
They lived only for my welfare, wrote notes about my progress and pinned them to my shirt, exchanged report card signatures. McClanahan, who lives in New York, has received the Wood Prize from POETRY, a Pushcart Prize in fiction, and (twice) the Carter prize for the essay from Shenendoah.
There is something about the way the breasts suddenly deflate, the way the body stops gurgling and humming, that lets me know I will continue to chase after the symptoms of another life in my body without ever finding what I am looking for. This brown, this color I am, it sucks in the colors of crocuses, bananas, my husbanda€™s eyes, and it holds them tight, keeping them for its own but never changing, never brightening to a rich mahogany or surrendering to black. As my bitten fingernail zigzags over his sentences, I realize that even my fingers dona€™t match my image of a fourth grade teacher, who should be neat and composed, with a rosy complexion and trimmed, polished nails. He grins back at me, but there is something about his expression, the penetrating, hooded brown eyes, that tells me he knows Ia€™m overlooking his other mistakes.
She is currently working on a travel memoir about her experiences in the United Arab Emirates titled a€?Abu Dhabi Days, Dubai Nights.a€? Her creative work has been published in literary journals such as The Common Review, Brevity, and Fourth River.
Adding lanes in both directions just wouldna€™t have been right a€“ all that grass dividing the highway looks so much better! Most of his career was in military law enforcement minus some out of specialty assignments, including three years on recruiting duty. They are going to think what has it to do with the price of fish in Scunthorpe," he says, laughing. Against such a backdrop, to promote world economic recovery and the growth of all economies, we need to make joint efforts to tackle challenges, strengthen confidence, foster a stable international environment and find solutions to address the root causes of the problems we face. Countries should follow this prevailing trend by focusing their policies on supporting economic transformation and upgrading, and strengthen the new drivers of economic growth.
The world's major economies, while making macroeconomic policies, should consider not just their own growth needs but also the spillover effects of their policies. The journey we traveled these years has been fraught with risks and challenges, and we have made painstaking efforts along the way. In some industries with serious overcapacity and regions with monotonous economic structure, there have been relatively more problems. This will enable the Chinese economy to maintain medium-high growth rates and move to medium-high development levels. It is also necessary to roll out new products and services that better meet the needs of the market and build platforms for mass innovation, crowd sourcing, collective support and crowd funding. If we could make full use of the internet to efficiently match the massive amounts of information about supply with that about demand, we could then bring about cooperation among and sharing of R&D and professional expertise and skills. A major task for us is to phase out outdated production capacity and address overcapacity, especially in steel, coal and other sectors that face difficulty in operation. For those players that follow the right direction but have encountered problems, we need to give them prompt guidance, fix the problems and remove potential risks.
All companies registered in China, Chinese-funded, foreign-funded, joint ventures or independently-owned, will be treated as equals. Morley made it part of his life, and inflicted it upon a captive audience of siblings and school-chums. But through his critical work, and as one of the judges for the immensely successful Book of the Month Club created in the mid-1920s, Christopher Morley became an important shaper of literary taste in America. Army during World War I, and joined General Motors at the outset of the spectacular growth that, during his years there, made it the worlda€™s leading corporation. That event a€“ indistinguishable from a typical annual dinner of the era except in its reduced size a€“ tided things over until Morley relented, and the annual dinners resumed officially in 1949 with a currycombed invitation list. But it was Smith who created, in 1942, the cocktail-hour institution of a€?The Womana€? when the first Constitutional toast is offered to a living avatar of Irene Adler; Smith who conferred membership in the BSI upon a woman for the first time, the San Francisco mystery critic Lenore Glen Offord, in 1959. There are scion societies, for example, which are unchanged by time, fashion, and political correctness.
If this troubles anyone, it should not, since it keeps faith with both Christopher Morley and Edgar W. She is not someone who must ask repeatedly for attention and good behavior, whose voice gets muffled in the chatter of children, who anxiously picks at her nails and tears at her cuticles until tiny red bumps appear. I finally allow myself to smile as I imagine the opportunity to place a full handed slap across the face of the Neanderthal that came up with that brilliant idea. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see that new drivers in the economy are rapidly growing. New areas of consumption such as information and communication, smartphones and new energy vehicles are rapidly expanding.
A high savings rate in China means huge potential for the development of multitiered capital markets.
This way, we could pool strengths to accelerate innovation and cultivate new areas of economic growth. We will accelerate changes in models of production, management and marketing and create new industry chains, supply chains and value chains. Initial progress has been made in recent years, as is shown in the lowering production of raw coal and crude steel, but our efforts must well continue. Their legitimate rights and interests will be protected, and they will have access to better public services. Smitha€™s organizational talents were prodigious, and while still fairly young he became a senior executive of GMa€™s Overseas Operations, headquartered in New York. So busy were Smith and Morley with all this, that they actually incorporated the BSI, in order to manage the future business they expected. The Baker Street Journal Smith founded still thrives, along with BSI publishing enterprise he would applaud. That causes us no distress, since Irregulars have no trouble holding contradictory thoughts at the same time. BSI scion societies are entirely autonomous, and their policies and customs vary infinitely.
And now these paragraphs lie before you like stands of trees, a deep forest of wonder and darkness whose mystery beckons. Each morning Mother locked my thermos and only Miss Ranney could loosen it, leaning over me in her ivory crepe blouse until the cap sighed once, then was free. The rest of the orbit swirls out from there: King murdered the week of my senior prom, then Bobby in a hotel just miles from my school while I marched to Pomp and Circumstance, not knowing that within a year on a July night in the back seat of a Volkswagen, I would pledge what was left of my heart to a boy leaving for Vietnam while above us the tired moon finally gave in to a tiny man in gravity boots, planting an American flag. Shea€™s probably doodling on the desk, her long, dark lashes cast down as she tries to escape the demands of the classroom and enter into the world of her drawing. She is no longer a manipulative ten year old who pouts when she wants permission to draw hearts on the chalkboard or be excused to the lavatory for the third time in an hour. Under the new circumstances, China will continue to maintain and grow its relations with the EU and the UK.
Although they cannot yet compare with traditional drivers in size, they do play a bigger role in sustaining development, securing employment, and promoting economic transformation. CPI is basically stable, the drop in PPI has narrowed, and energy intensity and emissions of major pollutants have continued to fall. The five "happiness industries" of tourism, culture, sports, health and old-age care are rapidly growing. However, the fact that we have recognized and stood up to challenges shows that we have the determination and ability to overcome difficulties.
It also means major leeway for improving financial regulation methods and financial resource allocation.
It could unleash everyone's potential, facilitate reasonable income distribution, expand the middle income group, allow more people, in particular the young, to fulfill their dreams through hard work, and promote social equity and justice. We will adopt a market-based and rules-based approach and apply strict standards in environmental protection, quality and safety. As for those conducting illegal operations or fraud in the name of innovation, we will punish them to the full extent of the law. Facing the current complexities and fluctuations in the international financial markets, China will adhere to a managed, floating exchange rate regime based on market supply and demand with reference to a basket of currencies. And his worka€™s underlying purpose, to put the nation, if not the world, onto the road in mass-produced products, was far from Morleya€™s instincts a€“ if not totally alien to them. Finally, the constellation of scion societies that he relished so much, and helped bring into being, is more like a galaxy today. Whenever the secular world conflicts with the Canon, we come down on the side of fantasy, and are the happier for it. Ia€™m trying to ignore her insubordinationa€”she should be writing a paragraph like the rest of the six students in my after school reading classa€”but clearly another one of my tactics has failed. In a moment, Alejandra has become a young woman learning how to manage the intimate details of our gender.
I find it highly relevant as it will contribute insights and recommendations to China's hosting of the G20 Hangzhou Summit.
Given time, the rise of the new drivers will open up new prospects for the Chinese economy. The service sector has grown into the biggest industry in the national economy, both in terms of its output and the number of jobs it created.
We are in a position to create conditions to gradually lower corporate leverage ratio and financing costs in a market-based and law-based manner.
The fundamentals of the Chinese economy determine that there is no basis for persistent depreciation of the RMB. Ia€™m told psychiatry has a term for this state of mind, and I keep meaning to ask one of the BSIa€™s psychiatrist members about it, but I doubt diagnosis will make any difference to us. Smith could sit down at a Five Orange Pips or Copper Beeches dinner today, and detect little change from the last ones he attended in 1960. I turn around, ready to demand she sit back in her seat, prepared to be heard and heeded this time, but she is looking at me, wide eyed.
In the first five months of this year, 5.77 million new urban jobs were created, completing 58% of the annual employment target. We not only have sufficient policy tools to keep economic performance within the reasonable range. Businesses need to take multiple measures to ensure that their employees will get re-employed. We also need to promote the "Internet Plus government services" model, and set up an open platform of government public services, so that government data could be shared as much as possible. We have the capacity to keep the RMB basically stable at an adaptive and equilibrium level.
In addition, some Irregulars find it pleasant to meet over morleyesque three-hour lunches small enough to allow the interaction missing at todaya€™s BSIa€™s dinners. High-tech industries, high-end manufacturing, e-commerce and other new business forms are booming. Both the central and local governments should provide necessary support to take care of the affected employees. This will make it easier for individuals and companies to get things done and start up businesses, and it will enhance government efficiency.
Roberts to write Doctor Watson, by the way) a€“ read the Davis Document at the first Sherlock Holmes Society dinner in June 1934, it fell upon baffled ears. The oldest of these is New Yorka€™s a€?Sacred Six,a€? which goes back so far that the origin of its name is lost. Enterprises, sectors and regions that have made an early start in economic transformation and upgrading and that embrace faster growth of new industries have all taken on a sound momentum of growth. In the stage of transition, short-term fluctuations of economic growth are hardly avoidable, but the Chinese economy will not head for a "hard landing". We will promote in a coordinated way reforms in the fiscal, taxation, finance, investment and other key areas. We stand ready to work with all other countries to promote inclusive and balanced growth as well as green and sustainable development.
On the whole, the Chinese economy is better structured; its quality is improving and a stronger momentum is being gathered. And we will be able to achieve the main economic and social development targets set for this year. The fact that we have taken the initiative to cut overcapacity demonstrates that China is indeed a responsible country. Looking ahead, the Chinese economy has huge potential, strong advantage, broad space and bright prospect. This major effort to cut taxes and lower the tax burden will facilitate the innovative development of modern service industry, SMEs and micro businesses. China has a 900 million strong workforce, among whom 170 million have received higher education or training in professional skills.
We will deepen the reform of the financial system, accelerate the improvement of the modern financial regulatory regime and increase the efficiency of financial services in supporting the real economy.
Every year we produce over seven million college graduates and over five million graduates from secondary vocational schools.
We will also intensify reforms in SOEs, rural areas, investment and financing, foster a social credit system and unleash even greater vitality for economic development. We will do more to remove obstacles for private businesses, lift unreasonable restrictions on market access and strive to stimulate private investment.
China is the second biggest economy, the largest manufacturing country, a major trading nation in goods and services, and a major destination and source of foreign investment. The number of the rural poor is falling year by year, while that of permanent urban residents is growing by over 10 million each year.
It makes China a big stage where people from every corner could tap into their intellectual potential and start their business. Optimism is a sign of confidence, and in market economy conditions, confidence guides people's expectations.

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