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Mutants, monsters and warriors adorn our pick of the best covers of January 2014 as Best Comic Book Covers Ever returns. A very effective juxtaposition of Wonder Woman’s mythological roots and her current idiom.
The covers for Three have all been very striking, and impressive in their ability to evoke the style and colors of ancient Greek pottery while presenting a more visceral modern aesthetic. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. In this column, Mark Ginocchio (from Chasing Amazing) takes a look at the gimmick covers from the 1990s and gives his take on whether the comic in question was just a gimmick or whether the comic within the gimmick cover was good. What better place to start a gimmick cover theme month than with arguably the most famous comic book of the 1990s and the greatest selling single issue of all-time, Marvel’s X-Men #1.
The marketing gimmick was historically successful, as X-Men #1 went on to (reportedly) sell more than 8 million copies – a record that will probably never be broken in any of our lifetimes. I understand that the scene essentially mirrors the events of the very first issue of Uncanny X-Men in the 1960s, all the way down to the confrontation with Magneto later on. Meanwhile, the issue as a whole suffers from a clunky, cluttered layout filled with large striking poses mixed with large swaths of texts and speeches that ultimately don’t jive with each other. Just to be sure I wasn’t being some irrational cynic, I went back and re-read parts of Giant Size X-Men #1 – a true introduction to a brand new cast of characters – and the older comic does a much more admirable job of quickly working through the exposition and moving immediately to the conflict and its resolution. Look at some of the pages in Spawn, and you feel sorry for Tom Orz having to letter all that stuff about Wanda, and coming back from the dead 5 years later, and blah blah blah because Spawn is posing on top of a building instead of actually DOING anything, and the text has to make up for it.
As purty as some of the Image guys made their drawings, they weren’t, for the most part, great at panel to panel storytelling, which leads to this sort of stuff, and the medium is still trying to recover. Ok, that didn’t really address this issue much, but you covered it pretty nicely, Mark.
I find it really, REALLY, difficult to slog through all of Claremont’s dialogue even when I recently re-read the classic Phoenix saga that I remembered being really, REALLY good. When Lee was announced with the new 52 I was a bit saddened that DC were getting his style but I think that it should stay in the 90’s. It comes as no surprise to us that in less than a decade since it first started, we are home to the second biggest comics convention in the United States.
The store has been fundamental in showcasing the positive aspects of nerd culture, while helping get rid of the stereotypes many non comic-book fans had toward the culture for decades.

In the 17 years since opening in Times Square, Midtown Comics now has stores on Lexington Avenue and the Financial District. Tags: Bergen Street Comics, comic books, comic con, comics, Forbidden Planet, Jim Hanley's Universe, Midtown Comics, slideshowpage, St.
The aesthetic is well established by now — thick Mignola shadows splashed with violence and horror. He gets it all in there: the vertiginous height, the action, and the  revealing body language of the characters. Throughout the month of April, DC comic, as part of its “WTF” promotion, is releasing a number of comic books with special “gatefold” covers. On the negative side, the comic’s runaway success set the standard so incredibly high for future #1 issues of different series, that the higher-ups at Marvel were inevitably disappointed when something like Silver Sable #1 only moved a few hundred thousand units upon its release – numbers publishers would kill for in today’s marketplace. In the month and change rhr I’ve been contributing to Comics Should Be Good, X-Men #1 is the first instance where a fresh read revealed a completely different opinion about a comic from the first impression I had of it 20 years ago. These are the characters that starred in the video games, cartoons, action figures and movies I consumed and enjoyed throughout my childhood and teenage years: Wolverine, Storm, Colusses, Gambit, Beast, Rogue, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Psylocke, Professor X, etc. At 48 pages, it’s a behemoth, and the bulk of it is exposition, clearly laying down the foundation for future stories. But those pages really don’t serve any purpose beyond giving some of the key characters their obligatory “moments” (Wolverine and Cyclops don’t like each other, Beast is chock full of one-liners, Gambit talks like James Carville). Isn’t one of these guys the author who wrote some of the greatest comic book stories of all time? And all I’m thinking is even as a mutant who can control magnetic forces, this guy’s arms must be getting tired standing there in full Jesus pose while he gets out all those words. For example, in the issue’s third act, Rogue confronts Magneto when a nuclear blast occurs.
Flip to the next page, and both Magneto and Rogue are back in their respective corners being attended to.
Obviously, with Giant Size X-Men, Marvel had one of its last chances to make the X-Men franchise work, while with X-Men #1, the demand and desire to purchase these comics was already there.
With that reputation, thousands of people from around the country have made the journey to NYC, to meet up with fellow nerds for the love of all things pop culture.
Comic book and nerd culture is rampant in NYC, with the many comic book readers who reside here visiting their favorite comic shop every Wednesday.

More than anything, Midtown respects loyalty, that appreciation comes in the form of a $20 credit for every $100 spent in store. Anka and Fletcher have struck a great balance here, with a distinctive and versatile design that still leaves plenty of room for dynamic action. Every artist’s challenge is to honor the look while bringing something of themself, and Abluquerque can be relied on to do exactly that. This is a beautifully textured image, overexposed in a way that captures the fleeting, liminal nature of the moment, and the figure is well placed to provide the appearance of movement. In acknowledgement of how the comic book industry hasn’t evolved as far past the 1990s as it often cares to admit, during April, Gimmick or Good will focus on some comics from the past that also sported these special fold-out covers. In an effort to draw even more attention to its newest “X” title, Marvel released the first issue of this series with four different variant covers that interlocked to create a larger scene. I know this makes me a hypocrite for mocking Todd McFarlane’s splash page bonanza in Spider-Man #1 a few weeks ago, but again, there has to be a happy medium between working in the obligatory number of marketable art panels with the required amount of text to advance the story at an appropriate pace.
Maybe my reading comprehension skills are just slow-witted, but I feel like there are a couple of panels missing between these two scenes that explain how everything got back to the status quo. The end result is a comic book that for lack of a better description is without any real joy or fun.
But Claremont overwhelms even Byrne’s excellent sequential art with a lot of unnecessary dialogue.
We can not tell you how many Wednesdays we have spent picking up new comics and graphic novels. Wes Craig has departed from all the obvious choices, and provided not just an overview of the cast, but a sense of their relationships. Reading this comic again in 2013 was just going to bring on the wave of rose-colored nostalgia, right?
Does a reader really need 15 pages worth of a training sequence at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters?
If you were 2.7 seconds too late to get tickets to Comic-Con this year like so many of us sad nerds, let us help feed your you fulfill your comic book needs with this list of the best comic shops in NYC.

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