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With Mark & Daniel speakers, you no longer feel as if you are listening to recorded music. Wms2 Tilt And Swivel Wall Mount For Small Bookshelf Speakers Pair BlackThe Sanus Systems WMS2 is a tilt and swivel wall mount for speakers up to 15 lbs. 10 Bookshelf Speakers for Upgraded Sound Quality at Every PriceTreat yourself to better sound with one of these highly rated picks — starting at $72. Just like their floor-standing siblings, bookshelf speakers require a dedicated receiver in order to deliver their full potential. A good friend of mine, wants to buy a new set of bookshelf speakers for her husband's birthday. When I think near field, I think computer monitors, or Fostex, or something sitting at a mixing console.
I've been very impressed with the current Bose 301 model, and their cost is only about $500 Canadian including the matching FS-01 stands. Another poster had mentioned how difficult it is to buy speakers for someone else's ears and tastes, and Bose has the advantage of a 30 day trial period during which they can be returned for a full refund. Also good idea on generous return policy, as you never know how anything will sound in your environment, with your gear. The Sierra 1's are highly regarded, and are a great alternative, so are Axiom, actually, these days most of the reliable ID manufacturers do offer a great product. Then, there are classical B&M and Internet dealers, well known for their great service, that sell the well known brands like Klipsch, PSB, Monitor Audio, etc. To avoid editing again: Remember that any bookshelf monitor will need stands, unless they will be placed somewhere else. Aside from my fave Yorkvilles the monitor that's impressed me the most is the Morel MLP-202. I was emailing a reader with some speaker recommendations last night and discovered that the wonderful Insignia NS-B2111 bookshelf speakers were nowhere to be found on Best Buy’s website. If Best Buy has indeed dropped them, it would pretty much cede the under $100 quality bookshelf speaker to The Speaker Company P6.

If you want a speaker designed for use at home on the desktop, rather than a near field with XLR inputs and separate level controls, my suggestion would be the Swan M200, in either MkII or MkIII guise.
I would just assume active given that they are "computer speakers", as passive would require an amp of some sort attached. For self-powered speakers at a reasonable cost (you did not mention budget), the Audioengine 5's are pretty damn good at that price. My M200s are still kicking down to about 50Hz, which is all I really need for desktop listening. I used to have a 5.1 set up on my computer but I already have a HT set up, so, to save space, I switched to tiny 2 speakers. You're right, i'm now trying to buy a M200MKIII, it's not easy to find a 220V version of theses babies here in France.
Its extra-large steel base includes optional carpet spikes for superior stability on any surface. Its rigid construction and contemporary style provide unparalleled performance and support. The audio setup of each speaker consists of a 1-inch tweeter and a 5-inch midrange driver that combine to deliver stellar sonic experience. They feature a 5.25-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter that deliver robust sound quality for the money. Each speaker features a 2.75-inch woofer and a ?-inch tweeter, as well as a built-in digital-to-analog converter for better audio experience.
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I have never heard a pair, but it's got to be the most positively reviewed bookshelf speaker in this universe as well as all of our parallel universes.
A good friend of mine gave me the matching EP-1250 sub for doing some work on an amp for him. Apparently they were having supply problems, plus there are mixed buyer reviews regarding service, but the ARX was a very well reviewed series at a very inexpensive price.

HSU came out with a monitor speaker that sounds extremely good (I had the pleasure of hearing them at a friend's home).
I have lots of great ideas to make it better but it takes time and money to implement them!
Audioengine a2 or m-audio av40 are very decent options if you want only 2 speakers as I do.
This makes them unique in being a complete Hi Fi system in a pair of stand, wall or shelf mounted speakers. If you are going that far (US$1800) I'd also consider a used pair of ATC active monitors, or the Dynaudio BM6a's as well. Available Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to stream audio content to the speakers from their favorite devices. In case you're not sure if bookshelf speakers are for you, the SS-B1000 is a good first step into the product category. You'll have a very-tough time finding a speaker at that price and size that will outperform it. As you step up the line in price you will likely be gaining in resolution and perhaps a bit in the extreme performance.
I took them on some road trips to use in the hotel room at night and they were great for that purpose. The better ones I've heard are between $1k-2k (ouch), but that's a steep price for what may seem to some like not a whole lot of gain from the lower priced models.
One thing I do like about the Swans and the AudioEngines is that the volume controls are on the front instead of the back where most pro-monitor speakers have them.
Plus, you can plug the front bass port, which lowers the bass output slightly while simultaneously tightening up the bass.

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