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We pride ourselves of being one of the most thorough and academic trends and innovation agencies in the world. Our Summer Reads 2013 Top was dominated by literature about the Cloud, Big Data and the Ubiquitous Blur between Online and Offline.
If the Summer is making you wistful, why not channel that nostalgia into your seasonal reading list with a few YA books? To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Your email subscriptions, powered by FeedBlitz, LLC, 9 Thoreau Way, Sudbury, MA 01776, USA. Studying the Best Reads is part of our routine and twice a year we like to share our thoughts with you. Twice a year wee start to count down the Best Books. From the best children's and poetry books to failsafe gift and cookery books, you will find exactly what you are looking for.
I’m a mom of four kids via birth and adoption and a writer living in Southern California. The first time I got about halfway through, and I was bored, so I put it down and didn’t pick it back up. With a mix of timeless coming-of-age novels, must-read sci-fi books, and contemporary classics, here is a range of sweet, funny, and inspiring reads you can bring to the beach and beyond. There were not a lot of twists or turns, and some parts that were slower than others, but over all it keep me interested.
I was horrified at how she was taken, shocked at the planning and stalking that went into it, and exhilarated reading how she was found.
It’s the true story of two sisters who were on the very first transport to Auschwitz.

The next thing she knows, she wakes up on the floor of the gym (she hates working out??!) and it’s 10 years later.
After hearing so many, many, many reviews of how good this book is (and given that I typically am drawn to this genre), I decided to give it another shot. So in honor of the new year, I thought I’d share some of my favorite reads from 2013. I didn’t want to put it down, and I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened. At first I could not even remotely comprehend how they voluntarily got on the transport until I read her first-hand account. They weave a lot of history in with the story, so they’re interesting to read and learn a few things too. It had been awhile since I’d read it the first time though, so I just decided to start all the way over.
I thought it was very well written and the style was easy to read, even though the subject was not.
It got a little technical about military aircraft carriers in one very small section, but the rest of the book kept me on the edge of my seat. The chapters are short and there are several storylines going on at once, so there’s always something exciting happening. I knew I’d just read something I liked, but just two weeks later I remembered nothing about it. Stedman – This beautiful novel tells the story of a couple whose desperation for family puts them in an unthinkable position. From beach reads, to mystery, to memoirs and historical fiction, I’ve got you covered.

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom is a similar account of surviving concentration camps in WWII, and is on my list as a favorite, unforgettable, life-impacting book. I was fascinated reading about his life after years of imprisonment and wished that part went into more detail. This particular book was a little weird for me, but mysterious enough to keep me reading to find out what happens in the end. I flew through this book and when I got towards the end I stayed up all night reading it just to find out what happened. We saw the movie over Christmas, and while they left out a lot and really toned the movie down, I loved it too. However, I can assure you that two weeks later I did not forget the name of the book or what it was about. I had a huge emotional response to it, and one of those really good, freeing, stress-relieving cries. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman – This haunting novel about a man unearthing his childhood trauma won Book of the Year, and for good reason. Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey - I know that the word feminist conjures a lot of stereotypes, and even negativity for some people. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – This young adult novel is a poignant love story. The Last Brother by Nathach Appanah – This brief novel is the heartbreaking tale of two unlikely young friends during the German occupation of a small island during WWII.

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