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We’ve compiled a list of the best (in our opinion) books for under 5’s, just in time for Book Week 2015. Picture books are guaranteed to make both parents and child excited for story time, and read aloud books can be the perfect opportunity to create relaxed learning environments.
Tip: to encourage and foster a love of reading, give your children a consistent stream of books to choose from, let them choose what they want to read, visit the library and book stores regularly, and make reading a constant part of your everyday routine.
Even better, create a cosy, light-filled reading nook and make the most of lazy bean bags, quiet time and magic moments.
So here’s our list of the 10 best books for under 5’s, just in time for Book Week 2015!
In the Jingle Jangle on a cold and rainy day, four little friends found a perfect place to play.
This is not your average storytelling scenario, and at first read you might be mistaken to think it’s just another compilation of mumbo jumbo rhymes to amuse and delight (with a little rhyming and colour education going on). Help your young reader’s comprehension and literacy, as well as general understanding of the story, by having a friendly and engaging discussion about the book once you’ve finished it. Amazon can change their prices at any time so please verify the current price before buying.
You might also want to check out these 10 Kindle Bestsellers under $5 and all of the previous 5 under $5 deals! July 5, 2014 by Jo 2 Comments It being school holiday time here right now, got me thinking about how I enjoyed reading during long car rides as a child.
Some of my earliest and most precious memories include being read to, well before I could read myself. To answer this question I sought the advice of a very dear friend of mine, who I’ll refer to as the Book Maven, a loving mum with many years experience in book retailing. In this updated overview, you’ll find the most attractive 2015 Black Friday and Cyber Monday ebook deals.
Letting users know what deals they can expect on Black Friday or Cyber Monday is an excellent idea. Major online stores have opened special sections that collect all the deals for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you have found any deal that’s worth checking out and is not listed here, make it quick and leave a link and short description in the comments below. Read also 50 best Kindle cases and accessories to buy in 2016Top articleFind the best Kindle cases and accessories in one frequently updated list. If you’ve ever considered signing up for Kindle Unlimited, today is the day to do it.
Please keep in mind that normally Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription, and when you stop the subscription, it won’t be renewed for the next month. This is a limited time offer, and chances are it won’t be limited to Cyber Monday only. Kindle Voyage is the only one that was not discounted, and it’s hardly going to happen this season. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015, you’ll find price cuts for many popular cases and accessories for both Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets. Black Friday 2015 Deals in Kindle Accessories lists dozens of popular items, including heavy-duty cases, stand covers, screen protectors, and power adapters.
Most of the accessories are designed for older generations of Kindle Fire tablets, but you’ll find also the ones for the 2015 models. These deals are not highlighted anywhere on Amazon, but they are definitely worth including in this overview. To make the most of the deals in Kindle Store, make sure to read our complete guide to Kindle book deals.
Usually, for Cyber Monday, not a few but a few hundred titles are featured as Kindle Daily Deals. Six books by Janet Evanovich are featured in Kindle Daily Deals on November 28, 2015, each one is $2.99. In this section of our overview, we’ll list not only the Kindle Daily Deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday but also the selected preceding days.
It will let you get a better idea of what Kindle Daily Deals are about, and whether it’s worth following them all year long. Obviously, the most attractive books should be offered on these two days, but from our experience, it’s not always happening this way.
Kindle Countdown Deals is the largest single directory of the Kindle ebooks that are currently discounted.
This deal is not specific to Black Friday time, but refurbished devices are always an option to consider. A refurbished device is the one that has been returned by a customer and tested by the seller or producer for functionality and defects. Amazon selects only the devices that look like new, and ships them with a 1-year limited warranty – the same warranty that comes with every new Kindle.

Although not directly related to the Kindle Store, we list below some deals that might be interesting to users of e-readers, tablets, and smartphones. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015, Amazon offers the the biggest deals on Amazon devices this year. In the Samsung S6 Deal of the Day section, you’ll also save on Otterbox Defender Series Case for Galaxy S6. As usual during Black Friday season, a lot of tech accessories are being discounted by their producers. Make sure to explore all the Black Friday deals on tech accessories, and below we list our favorites. There are also great deals for the smartphone accessories, including headphones, Bluetooth headsets, screen protectors, styluses, and accessory kits. Above, we’ve listed the most interesting deals, but there are a lot more discounted products in the Black Friday 2015 Amazon Deals.
There are a lot of other deals on tablets and other electronic devices, that we haven’t mentioned above. Save up to $100 on featured Samsung tablets – twenty-two Samsung tablets are listed in this deal section. Barnes & Noble has started the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weekend, but the Nook devices are excluded from the 30% off deal.
It’s only a month from the launch of the waterproof Nook GlowLight Plus, and the device gets already a second price cut. Nook GlowLight Plus has a 1430 ? 1080 px 300 ppi E-Ink Carta display, is front lighted with Ambient GlowLight technology and has a 4 GB memory on board. The $30 off deal for Nook GlowLight Plus runs on Black Friday weekend, and is valid while supplies last. The tablets are produced by Samsung, and they are a special interface that lets you seamlessly buy and manage the content from the Nook Store: books, movies, and apps. This is probably all what you can expect from B&N this year when it comes to the online store offer.
Besides Kobo Daily Deal that you can check out on Kobo’s home page, there are special Black Friday promotions, as well as ongoing deals. If you are looking for Cyber Monday 2015 Kobo ebook deals, you should check out the special section called Buy More Save More.
Add to cart 3 or more ebooks from this page, and you’ll see your savings at checkout.
Now, it’s time to find the deals from around the world, including devices, covers, and accessories.
On eBay, you can also find several deals on tablets, including iPad Mini 2, Asus Transformer Book, or Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. If you want to save $10 more on Kobo Glo HD, head to Chapters Indigo store instead of Kobo website. There is no info on how long this deal is valid, but we can expect it’s still available for Cyber Monday 2015. Every new set of ebooks from StoryBundle is a great deal, as you can set your own price for the bundle you buy. The books can be downloaded in the formats compatible with Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, or iBooks. Super Weekend Sale on Zazzle – this is the largest site with merchandise goods of all kinds, including literary gifts, personal accessories and cases for phones and tablets. Black Friday Sale on Case-Mate – when you shop for smartphone cases on Case-Mate, you can get a 30% on any item this weekend, just use the promo code BFSALE30. Our list is made up of favourites both new and old, with a mix of picture books, read aloud books, stories for older readers, and classics you just can’t put down.
When choosing a book, we like to use this 5 finger test to see if it’s just right for them to read.
The Very cranky Bear Collection are perfect read aloud books for little ones, with vibrant pictures and fun stories that will have your young reader wanting more! Pamela Allen is a brilliant children’s author for the kindergarten ages, with her books paving the way for irresistible ideas – be it outdoor adventures, creative expression and role play, or even backyard science experiments. Storytelling through the use of poetry makes it a wonderfully engaging story, and an invested reader finds enjoyment through seeing the story unfold with each character. Oh, Gerald, you’re so weird.’ An inspiring tale for every child with dreams of greatness, Giraffes Can’t Dance tells the tale of a gangly giraffe who needs a little bit of encouragement from an unlikely friend. Engaging and interactive, Press Here is a playful children’s book that explores colours and shapes. Make sure your child is understanding what they read, and also that they can recognise when they’re in fact not understanding. These are all priced under $5 while I’m posting but Amazon can change their prices at any time. Amazon can change their prices at any time so double check before buying if these sales are still good on these best sellers!

My parents fostered in me a love of books, reading and language – one of the best gifts you can give a child in my opinion. I will then collate a master list and set up a vote for Favourite Children’s Book in the coming weeks. The stores start the offers in early November, and the deals can sometimes last until Christmas. First, some of the Black Friday Kindle ebook deals are continued through Cyber Monday and longer. The big news is that for the first time in the history of Kindle Daily Deals, the deal includes the bestselling title from a major publisher. The book was revealed in July, and features many of the characters from the classic book, To Kill a Mockingbird.
Usually, in the last months of the year, the selected titles and their prices are more attractive. In this deal section, you can find the biggest number of Kindle books included in the Top 100 bestsellers of the Kindle Store. They are the books that have been discounted by their authors who had published them in Amazon’s self-publishing platform. There are two Kids Editions – one is based on the 6-inch and the other on the 7-inch Fire tablet. I don’t expect this device to get a discount for the Black Friday, but there is another way to save money.
Each bundle costs only $89.99, and besides the tablet includes the three relevant accessories.
The device is too new and too good for that – and its list price is already very competitive. During Black Friday, there may be some extra benefits designed to encourage customers to visit real stores. It includes over 500 inexpensive or discounted Nook books, and there are the New York Times bestsellers among them.
The lists with mid-range prices are better as you can find here a lot more interesting titles than in any selection of $0.99 books.
It’s also a way to save money, as the self-published books cost less (sometimes much less) than the books from the big publishers. Nicholas and the Dragon written by New York Times bestseller Tracy Hickman, and Kristine Grayson’s Up on the Rooftop. The company runs a sitewide Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion from Friday 27th to Monday 30th. It’s a stylish protective leather case that lets mount your iPhone securely anywhere in one simple motion, using Nodus magnetic technology.
Harry Potter is now an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.
No matter whether you use Facebook on the iPad or Twitter on your Android phone, our site loads fast and is easy to read.
Positive reinforcement, and big ideas are at home with our imaginary friend who can do anything! For the true literacy lovers, use much loved children’s books to stimulate creative play and other educational activities.
You’ll get free 2-day shipping on most items – no minimum order, access to streaming movies and TV shows, and free Kindle books!
Since starting this website in 2009 I’ve come to realise I enjoy writing about books almost as much as reading them.
On the contrary, the deals for Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets are usually limited to customers living in the US. Driving the sales by temporary promotions is apparently not the strategy Amazon has for the Voyage.
In Cyber Monday Daily Deals as much as 800 titles are offered at considerably reduced prices. From my observations, the books in this section are more attractive than in Kindle Daily Deal. We can expect that more authors than usual will use the Black Friday hot shopping season to offer their books at discounted prices. It’s sold in a light-blue heavy-duty case and comes together with a 2-year worry-free guarantee. What you can count on is some extra benefits when you visit the Barnes & Noble store during Black Friday.
A maximum of one prepaid subscription purchased through this offer may be redeemed to a single Kindle Unlimited membership account.

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