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The genre that has dominated the bestseller lists this year comprises books that contain no words whatsoever.
The pen-and-paper craze began in earnest with the publication in 2013 of Secret Garden by Johanna Basford (Laurence King, ?9.95), a compendium of beautifully intricate pen-and-ink drawings that sold more than six million copies. My favourite remains The Mindfulness Colouring Diary by Emma Farrarons (Boxtree, ?7.99), replete with wavy lines and patterns.
I also liked Zoe de Las Cases’s sophisticated Parisian Street Style (Saltyard, ?9.99), which invites the reader to become a vicarious people-watcher at cafes, playing designer to Breton-striped culottes, polka dot socks and chic tea dresses.
The fashion theme continues with The Liberty Colouring Book (Viking, ?9.99), full of paisleys and florals, and Vogue Colouring Book (Conran Octopus, ?10), a collection of 150 illustrations modelled on fashions from British Vogue in the Fifties. The Harry Potter version (Studio Press, ?9.99) has Snitches with intricate feather designs, Hogwarts house crests and stained-glass windows. Bacigalupi followed The Wind-Up Girl with this gritty, superbly realised and horribly plausible tale set in a near-future US where states fight each other for water supplies. A land filled with brutal violence, twisted gods and vicious kings, Sharakhai is a place you’ll want to explore.
This is a hugely entertaining sci-fi that quickly draws you in and it’s over far too quickly.
The House Of Shattered Wings is an alternate history of sorts, and a Parisian urban fantasy, and a murder mystery. Drawing on the allegedly true story of the Bell Witch – the same legend that inspired The Blair Witch Project – this ‘lost’ novella by the late William Gay dances through history, exploring hundreds of years’ worth of tragedy that all happened in the same creepy house. Originally penned in Chinese by Cixin Liu, The Three-Body Problem begins with the story of Ye Wenjie, a university student who watches her father being beaten to death by the Red Guards. The first few chapters can be a bit difficult to get through, but Cixin Liu’s use of historical fiction brilliantly meshes with a meticulous passion for scientific fact, as well as details in predated technology. The setting of Day Four is nightmarish enough already; a singles cruise on a ship that’s seen much better days. In a divided land brought tentatively together under the new reign of the Crimson Queen and the religious support of torture enthusiasts, Cobalt Zosia looks to topple the new queen and wreak vengeance on those who have wronged her by reuniting her former war allies. The Empress Game truly progresses beyond just the overused fight-to-survive female protagonist model in every way. It turns out that there’s a lot more to The Empress Game than just planets, space and fight scenes too. It’s not a flashy piece of science fiction; there are no lasers, alien species or gratuitous amounts of spaceships. Mieville has proven himself to be one of our most breathtakingly imaginative novelists, and Three Moments Of An Explosion is a stunning reminder of just how good he can be. This impressive collection is a mix of genres, encompassing science fiction, fantasy and horror, but there’s a consistent sense of humanity and social conscience throughout. How can a book featuring no monsters be monstrous and, offering only scant redemption, give you faith in the human race? Adam Nevill’s Lost Girl does just that by placing a figure known only as ‘the father’ in a race to rescue his kidnapped little girl. Lost Girl is difficult. The Vagrant follows one of the last of the Seraph Knights as he attempts to deliver the only weapon that could save humanity. The Death House is told from the perspective of Toby, a teenager living in an isolated schoolhouse with no hope of ever leaving. Set in Iron-Age Albion, Skin follows the life of a young, unskinned girl named Ailia as she makes her way through life as an outcast in a skinned society. From the off, Skin is an engaging and thrilling read.
So, finally we make it and here these list of amazing photo for your ideas and informational purpose regarding the Http Www Gogofinder Com Tw Books Pida 1 Optolink Q1 as exclusive updates collection. His world then falls apart and is remade in the harsh environs of the newly colonised Canadian Prairies.In the English section of the story, Harry marries, has a child and is happy enough, but a theatre visit sets him on the path to disaster.

Detractors, such as Russell Brand, who pilloried the fad in a video entitled Adult Colouring Books: Is This the Apocalypse?, call it an infantilising symptom of a Peter Pan culture.
Released just in time for Christmas is James Nunn’s magnum opus, The Corbyn Colouring Book (Old Street, ?8.99), which lets one imagine the Labour leader as a footballer, a superhero, the Mona Lisa and Moses parting the Red Sea.
Whether you’re looking for the baddest bad bastards in epic fantasy or sci-fi that pushes the boundaries of perception, here are the books that your SciFiNow reviewers think you need to read immediately.
When a battle-hardened journalist and a deadly operative clash in the nearly-dry Phoenix, the stage is set for a violent struggle with terrible consequences. Seeing her find strength in the things she is as well as the things she’s not is both exciting and genuinely affecting (if the ending doesn’t make you cry, nothing will). As unique as its heroine, and as full of heart, this is a bold, determined book – one that knows exactly what it wants to be. It was a gigantic, magical jungle that first appeared in an obscure French surrealist novel called Impressions Of Africa. Chambers’ world building feels effortless, and she creates a future in which humans are just a small part of a universe packed with diverse species with their own needs, manners, quirks and histories. The time spent with the crew is an absolute pleasure and makes the book so easy get lost in. Its librarians are spies who scour alternative realities for rare and important works of fiction.
Additionally, it combines both Vietnamese fairy tales with the complex hierarchies of a world of fallen angels, and there are monsters in the Seine.
It’s the kind of book that stays with you long after you’ve closed the cover – while you might not remember the details of the plot, there are plenty of eerie images and haunting ideas that’ll snag in your brain, waiting for the perfect late night moment of vulnerability to resurface and creep you out all over again.
It is hard science fiction at its finest, and fans will appreciate the superb attention to detail that drives this constantly evolving and impressive series. This is a full-on devil-summoning, pipe-smoking, dagger-wielding brutal quest fantasy, then.
Rhonda Mason’s space opera debut already reads like a well-established series, despite being the first instalment – its universe is vast and detailed, featuring a convincing history and solid political background of various ruling councils. It’s a carefully curated, wonderfully witty and decidedly powerful selection of tales that we urge you to read as soon as possible. It forces its readers down some very dark alleyways, and it helps to have a very vivid imagination and good vocabulary for the book to have its full effect. Channelling the best of classic sci-fi, Newman’s captured the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of The Handmaid’s Tale and merged it with the expansive world of The Lord Of The Rings, resulting in a John Wyndham-like novel with a fantasy twist.
He and the other children suffer from a fatal illness that has no cure – all there is to do is wait for their inevitable death. That’s not to say that it doesn’t – it just stands out from so many others, not least for its unique matriarchal society. Set in the empire of Glimshard under the reign of Empress, the story follows a series of characters as their city goes to war with an unknown enemy. It helps that characters are rich and vibrant; the descriptive style provides a visual dimension.
At over 400 pages, the first half tells the 18th-century story of Billy Marvel and his theatrical family in beautiful illustrations alone.The second half, set in 1990, is the story of Joe, running away from school to look for his eccentric uncle, discovering his strange house in London and piecing together the mystery of the Marvels.
So, take your time and find out the best Http Www Gogofinder Com Tw Books Pida 1 Optolink Q1 images and pictures posted here that suitable with your needs and use it for your own collection and personal use.
A blend of hard-boiled conspiracy thriller and mournful cautionary tale, this is absolutely superb.
With no single direct influence, Twelve Kings In Sharakhai uses a sea of Middle Eastern cultures as inspiration, driven through a more traditional medieval fantasy plot of knights, kings, betrayal and honour. It is an incredibly well-crafted traditional fantasy.

This same jungle provides roots for Catling’s own dark fantasy, which sprouts interweaving stories. It’s a joy to read sci-fi this big-hearted and progressive, as Chambers explores the connections, both sexual and emotional, between the different species, and it’s just so much fun.
It’s brimming with ideas, some of which rush by so quickly that you might wish De Bodard had taken a little more time to explore them.
The food starts running out, the toilets stop working and the flu starts spreading, and people begin to snap.
While it sounds like a rather familiar tale, A Crown For Cold Silver’s world is a joy to fall into for reasons beyond recognisable revenge plots. It’s compelling and thought-provoking, and all without relying on overbearing sci-fi cliches.
For fans of classic science-fiction literature, this is a must-read, and with such a captivating first novel, Newman is undoubtedly an author to keep a sharp eye on. Toby has settled into disaffection and a role as dorm leader, but when the beautiful, spirited Clara arrives, he finds his defences being dismantled. The Death House is shocking and gripping, albeit ultimately hopeful and utterly moving, and it’s Pinborough’s finest novel to date. A subtle blend of reality, fantasy, romance and action, Ilka Tampke’s first novel is a beautiful read. These stories form an overarching mythology of human desires, with the jungle by turns representing an ancient Eden and a nightmare-filled undergrowth. But what’s really going on aboard the Beautiful Dreamer? The why of what’s happening fades into the background as Lotz places us with her characters in the stinking, sweating corridors of the stranded boat and unfolds this gripping nightmare. You won’t get much sleep until it’s done.
That’s not to say that it doesn’t leave you wanting more; it has that rare allure that makes a book hard to put down. What this book really does is tell an engaging, complex story, and it tells it well without condescending to stereotypes. Http Www Gogofinder Com Tw Books Pida 1 Optolink Q1 photos and pictures selection that uploaded here was properly selected and published by admin after choosing the ones which are best among the others. The characters in each plot are fleshed out and feel fallibly human, while the tales themselves suck you in and surprise with each twist.
Every detail, from glum 1980s New York to the chaos of wartime Belgium, feels fresh and convincing and the characterisation is impeccable. With Julia is Julian, who cycled in a mad panic to meet her after falling head over heels in love with the woman of his dreams. There Bond unearths a collaboration between the Russian counter-intelligence agency SMERSH and a Korean businessman, Sin Jai-Seong (known in the West as Jason Sin), to infiltrate the imminent US launch of a space rocket. Rita recalls her days as a high-class prostitute over many a glass of sweet sherry while managing to keep a weather eye on Annetta whose history is lost to Alzheimer’s.
Trigger Mortis contains all the adrenaline you’d expect from a Bond novel with bags of humour, international jet-setting and a compelling cast of inventively named characters.

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