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With the intimidating sea of books and information available on the topics of pregnancy, birth, and babies, it can be confusing and daunting to choose which books to read. A baby brings so much change to life so it’s hard to know where to start in your preparations. Focusing on a natural approach to childbirth, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth emphasizes the mind-body connection and how to increase your chances of having a birth experience free of medical interventions. The Natural Pregnancy Book is a gentle, natural approach to caring for your body and your baby from conception to birth that focuses on healthy foods and herbs. A more lighthearted guide to pregnancy, The Mother of All Pregnancy Books takes you through your pregnancy week-by-week. If you plan on breastfeeding, The Breastfeeding Book covers everything you may need to know or might encounter on the journey of feeding your baby.
Based on the idea of the Fourth Trimester and the Calming Reflex, Happiest Baby on the Block helps you to understand your baby’s crying, learn to easily soothe them and help them sleep longer.
An alternative method to letting your baby cry it out is the No Cry Sleep Solution, which offers gentle tips and techniques to slowly ease your baby into a long and healthy night of sleeping.
Superbaby takes you through a list of powerful and useful techniques to use in raising your child to reach their full potential, mentally and emotionally. In The Womb is a beautiful visual journey of an baby growing from embryo to full-term infant.
Let’s Panic About Babies takes you through the joys and rigors of having a baby in the best way possible, with humor. If you need to add some maternity clothing to your wardrobe, but don’t want to spend money on pieces you’ll only wear for a short period of time, then head on over to Melody Lane for the best in regular clothing that is versatile enough to wear before, during, and after pregnancy!
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This is one of the best article i have about the ten books to read while we’re pregnant, Thanks Megan V for this read.
5 minute makeoverYou are a mom on the go and there is simply not enough time in your morning to put on a full face of expertly applied cosmetics.
Tips for Growing out your HairSo you have decided to grow out your short hair, but do you have what it takes? Be GREEN4 Critters You Should Stop Killing NOW!Summer has finally arrived, and many of us have been anxiously awaiting the warmer weather that accompanies it. NurturMe: The Alternative To Traditional Baby FoodJars of baby food take up far too much precious pantry space. I’m listing this book first because you have got to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet! We love this exquisitely illustrated book about a girl and a mouse living parallel lives in the same home.
The first thing you’ll notice is the 3-D artwork created with paint, fabric, and clay.

My toddler loves to look at books by himself, but getting my busy little boy to sit for a book is still a challenge. Many of the books I review on this site have been sent to me by publishers, authors, or publicists. Again, I liked the first book better than the second but I really want to know how all the plot lines wrap up. Certainly some themes are better left to an adult audience but the young adult books I've read are something grown up books rarely are: fun. Melanie Sheridan is a Southern California lifestyle blogger writing about her life as a stay at home mom turned work at home mom. One Year to an Organized Life with Baby takes you through, week by week, with checklists and tips to get your home and life ready for your little one. This book will have you feeling prepared and empowered to take charge of your childbirth experience.
Romm discusses the use of herbal remedies to help relieve common pregnancy experiences and will guide you to nourish yourself and your baby in a nurturing way. It’s packed with information on physical feelings and emotions, baby gear, birth and your postpartum body.
It is full of encouragement, tips, and solutions to common problems to prepare for you before you begin and as a resource to refer back to once you have started. It will help you learn how to teach your child about their emotions in healthy and loving ways. Following along week-by-week during your pregnancy gives you an accurate picture of how your baby is developing as it grows.
Taking things less seriously than ever, this book will help you to laugh at yourself and make you feel less alone in your crazy journey into parenthood. They offer trendy, classic, and comfortable clothing that is hand-picked for all the life stages women usually experience. Her days are filled with creative endeavors such as embroidery, calligraphy and photography in between changing diapers and nursing sessions.
It's definitely not easy at times, and we've all found ourselves tempted by our favorite comfort foods.
Every day on the farm, Millie the cow anxiously waits for her favorite thing… scaring the mail carrier!
I would also add Ellen Walsh series – Mouse Count, Mouse Shapes, etc and especially Mouse Paint.
I’m not familiar with Mouse Mess, but it looks like a great read for our library story time program.
I did pretty well with my reading plan getting in nonfiction, western, mystery, graphic novel, middle grade, picture book, teen, fantasy, women's fiction, paranormal, literary, and romance. I was all set to let Tyler get started on these until I got to the middle of the second book, Days of Blood and Starlight.

There's a difference between a quick, mindless read like the Sookie Stackhouse books and one that is really fun to read. I don't always cook, but I love to flip through cookbooks and drool over all the fabulous meals I could make. We have put together a nice well-rounded list of the best books on each topic to help you feel educated and prepared for the new journey you’re taking. This book is a great resource of information no matter where you land on the spectrum of vaccinating. Chances are your mom had stuck a few disposable cameras in your backpack and sent you on your way.
She is the author of several editions of Genreflecting, Teen Genreflecting, Fluent in Fantasy, and Strictly Science Fiction.
I only review books I like and can recommend to other readers because I will not waste time reading or reviewing books I do not like. I started The Book Thief and couldn't get into it, but I'm much more willing to give it a second chance than I would some of the grown up books I've tossed aside (I Know This Much is True, Slammerkin, Freedom, The Year We Left Home).
There's a relationship with the lead characters and there's more descriptive intimacy than I think he's ready for.
It's rare that I've been so excited to sit down and read all day as I was on the Harry Potter release days.
As long as young adult authors are creating such captivating reads, I'll be in line to buy them. She is an avid reader, shoe slut, Twitter addict, chocolate fiend, newbie photographer, closet gadget girl, wannabe foodie, late iAdopter, recovering shopaholic and a Pinning Fool. You can peek more into her life and projects at her blog, Lilac Saloon, and follow her on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram! She is the series editor of the Libraries Unlimited (ABC-CLIO) bestselling Genreflecting series.
There is a love triangle and relationship between two characters with kissing but not intense kissing.
Melanie is very active in San Diego's social media community and freelances with small business owners.
They are passed on to teen reviewers or donated to schools and other non-profit organizations.

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