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BEST SELLING BOOKS IN INDIA 2012 FICTION bookstore management system project, Year apr , fiction random house. Jancar’s elegiac novel traces the modern history of Slovenia, from fascist and communist atrocities to the 1991 independence from Yugoslavia.
This winter, if you’re tired of murder mysteries set in freezing Scandinavia, how about one set on a Pacific island? Elizabeth Spencer’s Starting Over, her newest collection of short stories, is her first in more than a decade, and is a quietly beautiful and impressive collection of short fiction that I have heard very little about, despite her having blurbs from Richard Ford, Alice Munro, and Eudora Welty (her career goes back that far) and some excellent reviews in the New York Times and here at Slate. The Seasons of Trouble, Indian journalist Rohini Mohan’s account of the end of the Sri Lankan civil war, is a remarkable feat of empathy.
Gregory Pardlo is a genuine New York poet, one whose associative poems crowd with sound and intellect, varied cultures, shared histories, with high and low and home—or at least the hope of it. Kim Fu’s novel contemplates identity via episodes in the life of Peter Huang, a Canadian son of Chinese immigrants who identifies as female.
Melville House’s English-language reissue of this long-out-of-print novel, originally published in the 1960s, ought to have been a major event. If a book was reviewed on the cover of the New York Times Book Review, can it still be overlooked?
In the near future, a swath of the Florida coastline has mysteriously transformed into a pristine wilderness that no human visitor can survive. Beukes’ latest novel is literary horror set in modern-day Detroit that combines the supernatural spookiness of Stephen King with the cat-and-mouse serial killer narrative of The Silence of the Lambs. According to Cara Caddoo’s lively, readable, richly detailed new history of African-American film cultures at the turn of the 20th century, the cinema was a central motor force for the formation of racial identity and community in the era of Jim Crow. Is it subversive to suggest that Stefan Zweig was overlooked in 2014, the Year of Wes Anderson’s Big Movie? A delightful mix of mythology, science fiction, and physics, The Midas Flesh is an outer space story about two women and a talking dinosaur who try to use the body of King Midas to save the galaxy from a totalitarian regime. My sister recently started a blog, and I wanted to gift her a book on writing – Elements of Style. There are several websites that sells books online in India, and the point of this post is to tell you where you can buy books online in India, and I will list down the options I came across. Since this is a family blog – I will not get into what I feel about 45 business days to ship, and move to the third option. After going through all these options, I felt that the Flip Kart option is the best one, and went ahead and ordered the book.
Doing this kind of side by side comparison helped me quite a bit, and I know that in future I will only have to look at two or three websites to find out the best option. I have been using Flipkart for quite some time now and have never faced any issue with the delivery of the books ordered.
Hi, I have bought books extensively in the last one and half years using onling shopping sites. India might be a much smaller market for them when compared elsewhere, and looking at the number of players in this area, quite competitive too.
Thanks for the link Reema – have you ever noticed a trend in terms of which site is cheaper?
Thank you for your reply Reema, and might I add you have a great blog – congratulations! This blog provide the information that which vendor provide lowest price and best service at near by you. Flipkart is the best place for online purchase as they are suit the pocket and prompt in terms of delivery. I have been purchasing books from FLIPKART for past one month and have ordered more than five books and their service is just amazing.
My vote goes to Homeshop18.Many a times i have searched for the same book in different websites n so far my favourite has always been homeshop18.
Avon Cycles came into being in 1952 when the first batch of 250 bicycles rolled out of its plant. From amongst the pioneers of the Indian bicycle industry, AVON has remained in the top performers’ position for over half a century. Hero group was started by the four Munjal brothers, hailing from a small town called Kamalia, now in Pakistan in the year 1944 by establishing bicycle spare parts business in Amritsar. Atlas Cycles started its odyssey way back in 1951 and today it is one of the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world. Janez Lipnik, an aging Slovenian archivist, reads the plodding memoirs of a sex addict, only to discover that one of the writer’s first conquests might have been his childhood teacher. Mohan paints her characters with such emotional richness that it’s hard to believe the work is not a product of her imagination but of five years of painstaking reporting.
Peter’s transgender journey is more personal than political, and the scenes of family conflict, sibling bonding, and the confines of a small town help give the novel broad appeal. Envisioning Freedom, which packs a tremendous amount of fascinating incident into a relatively short page count, introduces us to black church leaders in the Midwest who invested heavily in film technology as a tool for their ministries, embattled black theater owners in the segregated South, and the pioneers of African-American independent cinema at home and abroad. Translated beautifully from the French by Ann Jefferson, Winter Mythologies and Abbots compiles two pieces that, in spiraling, elliptical sentences that suggest W.G.
It’s no surprise that the creative team behind the Adventure Time comic book would dream up something this quirky, but what is surprising is how well they pull it off, especially in a limited series.

I have read this myself, and find it to be an excellent resource for anyone interested in improving their writing skills.
Penguin Books: Penguin Books also have a website that looked promising to me, but it turned out to be hopeless. I hope you find this research useful too, and I’d be happy to hear your thoughts about buying books in India online.
I am also glad to hear you had good experience with Flipkart; makes me more hopeful that the book will reach in time, and in good condition. The site enables buying from globally recognized stores such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy, M&S and may more. I ndia has so much potential, I don’t know why they haven’t already started their competitive operations here! I thought I had all the main booksellers bookmarked but there are quite a few I did not know about. Since writing this article I’ve used Flipkart a few times and find them quite excellent. I’m strictly speaking about price because service is a qualitative aspect and experience can differ from one to another.
Also noticed that the books present on the website seem to be on the higher end as far as price is concerned. Infibeam has some incredible second hand book prices, if you are willing to wait for the mandatory 45 days. The promoters’ abiding faith in human values and fairness, built enduring business bonds with a vast dealer network in India and abroad. After independence and partition of India, they moved to Ludhiana and started a bicycle unit called Hero Cycles in 1956. Like us on Facebook and Google+ to stay updated about what's happening in your beloved country India!
Obsessively questioning conventional wisdom, Lipnik starts to dissolve into the accounts he studies, until past and present are one.
Based on a true story, it follows a retired military police officer who heads to colonial New Guinea in 1906.
These two appealing, smart 16-year-olds meet in a Brooklyn hospital elevator when the electricity goes out due to a hurricane, and, yeah, sparks fly.
Members of the Huang family try to build lives different from the one they were born into—a father wants to shed his Eastern roots, a son his whole body.
The body of a teenage boy is found, cut in half and attached to the hindquarters of a yearling deer in a strange and gruesome piece of serial killer art.
Sebald at his most hypnotic, explore Michon’s common themes of history, faith, artifice, and art. Engaging characters, snappy dialogue, and a good balance of world-building and action bring to life an oddly heartfelt exploration on the implications of the Midas touch and the ethics of weapons of mass destruction.
I wondered how I could buy books in India online because I have never done this earlier, and this post is a summary of results I found. I was able to find this book easily on this site, and there were three different options of these. They had a list price on the paperback edition of Rs.366, and the picture of the book was exactly like the one I have. That particular edition was Trade Paper, which sounded like a slightly inferior version of a Paperback. I tried searching the book in their Search box, but it told me that I had to use a category first.
I think both the sites also send regular SMS updates to on the delivery schedule… which are very helpful. I disabled the SMS feature because I wanted it to be a surprise, but maybe I’ll use it next time.
For regular books, Indiaplaza by far has the best rates and they are quite good in delivery as well. Many more options for the Indian consumer and with fully integrated landing prices (including shipping and delivery). Flipkart is a great place to shop, almost always the cheapest deal you will get and the only guys who allow COD.
Junglee has also jumped in as a channel partner for Amazon and hopefully they too will offer second hand books.
Their service is very good (I have ordered over 9 books in the last 3 weeks) and their refunds are prompt (if needed). Complete ban on imports was announced by the Government in July, 1953, but cycle kept on simmering in the country till 1961. High-class technology, consistent quality and effective after-sales service made up a perfect proposition. Now, Atlas Cycles (Sonepat) has also bagged ISO 9001: 2000 certificate by implementing the latest International Quality Management System.
Jancar, who was imprisoned as a dissident under communism before becoming one of Slovenia’s greatest writers, insists that we not only remember our history, but feel it.
He’s dispatched to an isolated island to learn more about the death of a follower of a fanatical European group that subsists on only bananas, coconuts, and sunshine.

There are familiar combat horrors, but the scene that stuck with me most was of the mother expertly preparing her son’s favorite meal to bring to him in the prison where he is being tortured, a tiny gesture toward order in a narrative defined by chaos.
Fu’s debut novel, much like her main character, is subtle and controlled, with flashes of humor and warmth. The fractured fairy tale, an updated retelling of the Snow White story, defies genre classification, but it’s nothing less than enchanting, and we should all be talking about it.
The result is a disorienting, fascinatingly creepy parable about the limits of human understanding and our unearned sense of dominance over the natural world. In Leaving the Sea he’s done the Hephaestus-like work of hammering the traditional American short story into a form worthy of (and sturdy enough for) the verbal and rhetorical virtuosity on display in his early fictions, The Age of Wire and String and Notable American Women. Homicide detective and single mom Gabriella Versado hunts for the killer: Is he an outsider artist, a desperate man marginalized by the recession, or a new kind of demon for the modern age? Griffith’s racist epic The Birth of a Nation provides a moving case study in the age of Ferguson and the New Jim Crow.
The effect is like being guided through some dusty archives by a brilliant, whispering ghost—the most uniquely entrancing reading experience I can recall from any living author. Three impossibly good choices to begin your journey into Zweig’s careful, brilliant work.
The top result was the hardcover, which was priced at Rs.2,831, which is clearly way outside the range I am looking at.
The price and picture pleased me quite a bit, but the results page didn’t show me the shipping days. This is clearly higher than the two good options I already have, so I am not going to explore this any further. On one ocassion, they did not deliver the books on time within specified limit and on another ocassion they have sent me different edition.
The only complaint I have is that many academic books show as out of stock (haven’t purchased non-academic books from them yet).
In 1984, Hero group joined Honda Motors of Japan to create Hero Honda Motors Limited which soon became one of the market leader in motor-cycle sales in India.
And we owe all this success to our devoted workers, engineers and our numerous satisfied customers worldwide.
In a single, dialogue-less paragraph, just over 100 pages long, it recreates the unnamed narrator’s coming of age as an artist in a German-Jewish family in the years before World War II.
They have paperback editions as well, some of which are imported, and priced at a very reasonable Rs. I added it to the cart and went as far as payment options, but it didn’t show me how long it will take to ship, which is quite ridiculous.
This is a paperback edition that was printed in 2006, and this option looks quite promising. They have a long way to go in terms of selling books online, and I’d be surprised if they are currently doing well in this space. Being an Online Marketplace exclusively for books and as offerings are from US, UK and India one would find this online bookstore more exciting.
In 1986 Hero Cycles Limited entered the Guinness Books of World Records as the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. As a child, Weiss was a sleepwalker, and there’s an oneiric quality to this montage of text. This is actualy a market place and I have bought several rare books on Mahabharata from this site. Online Marketplace is like browsing thousands of bookstores in one, but ordering from one master online store.
You can pick up some good deals on used books there, but be careful if there are CDs included in the original version. Schenker, a German paper artist, uses die-cut paper illustrations and delicate layering to unfold the traditional märchen, pulling the reader through a familiar yet menacing landscape that surprises with each turn of the page. It flows from one vivid impression to the next, now flying, now tumbling, now fumbling through the dark.
In Customer Service, Indiaplaza has a query trackingmechanism but sometimes they take a lot of time to respond.
We are listing out the best offers and deals at flipkart for your convenience.flipkart offers- Online Shopping at Flipkart -mobile phonesFlipkart Online Shopping. I have raised that issue with rediff but its customer care officors is sloppy and do not reply to my specific queries. As Ecommerce business started to emerge mean while online shopping among people has also enhanced to the level. Top most popularbestselling books for authors, fiction books Single volume books and master the key traits .

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