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It is the year 1962, a six year old Jamie is playing with his toys when a reverend stops by and introduces himself. Jamie grows up to be a druggie and finds that the reverend is now a con man who plays with electricity to produce “magic”. After the hugely successful Outlander series, Diana Gabaldon takes one of the characters “Long John” and gives him his own series. Major Long John shows us the world of the eighteenth century, when the English and french are at war and soldiers are the most satisfied. Early one morning in the year 1757, Long John witnesses something that could ruin both him and his family. She is an actor, comedian, and an entrepreneur who has started a website that endeavors to empower young women and motivate to change the world by being ourselves. This book can be best described as a humorous autobiography where Amy Poehler tells her personal stories while giving relationship, friendship, parenting advice in a charming, hilarious way. Skeeter completes four years of college and moves back home only to find her maid Constantine has left their home. She meets up with her childhood friends who are now married and have children of their own, She does not understand why her best friend Hilly insists on having separate toilets for her maid, Minny while asking minny to raise her children. So, when a reputed publisher promises to publish her work, if she comes up with an original idea, she decides to write about the coloured Help.
The police start suspecting Nick as he does not seem to care that his wife has disappeared. This autobiography charts the journey of a young nerdy girl to one of the biggest comedians in America.
But this train brought a change in his fortune, his life turned and he was offered a job at the most spectacular circus in the world. It was the time of extreme poverty in America, and the world was enchanted by the sequence and the glamour.
ABOUT USBest On Internet is a content research organization, where we do aggressive content research to find best stuffs for our users. Jill Leovy, a veteran Los Angeles Times reporter, released Ghettoside, her true-crime investigative account of murder in Los Angeles, at precisely the time when the nation most needed to have a conversation about difficult subjects like racial profiling, police brutality and gun violence. If, at the start of the 21st century, you would have told me a series of autobiographical nonfiction novels named after Hitler's heinous manifesto Mein Kampf would become an international literary phenomenon, I would have looked at you like you were crazy.
If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Oliver Sacks, who tragically passed away earlier this year from cancer, then allow me the pleasure of introducing you to one of the greatest modern science writers and a man whose life has been an inspiration to his legions of fans. For better or worse, Jonathan Franzen is the face of American literature, the man whose off-the-cuff remarks, essays and novels inspire the kind of polarizing opinion that generates interest (and high sales numbers), and so it's nothing short of a minor event when he releases something new.
The fourth and final installment of Italian writer Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels arrived in English translation earlier this year, and has cemented her status as a living legend, a writer demanding to be read -- if only because you will miss out on all the grown-up table talk during the holidays. Science fiction fans are a discerning bunch, and if the renewed interest in Mars exploration is any indication, human beings have a seemingly limitless appetite for space exploration. If you loved Paula McLain's The Paris Wife, then check out her latest effort Circling the Sun: A Novel, a story about a captivating record-setting aviator and her love triangle with a safari hunter and an author, set in colonial Kenya in the 1920s. If you loved James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time, then check out Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, a personal literary exploration of America's racial history. The big-screen adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars hit theaters in 2014, and we're pretty much still recovering emotionally.

If you're racking your brain for a good Father's Day gift and can't seem to come up with anything, don't worry — we've collected a range of books to suit all kinds of dads. There are two main types of audio books, the unabridged audio books are the books were the person has read the complete book verbatim, while the abridged books are the ones where the shortened version of the book’s text is read out. And while on his job of collecting souls from various places, he comes across a nine year old girl, Liesel Meminger. And whenever they come face to face, death cannot help but be intrigued by this girl, who is also known as the Book Thief. He invites Jamie and his family to his church and extends an invitation for Jamie to visit his garage where he is inventing new toys.
He gives a lecture stating electricity is powerful than God and then vanishes without a trace. Rest of the story is them trying to help each other in pursuit of the higher power and trying to somehow become better versions of themselves.
For Skeeter Constantine was not only a maid, but she was a mother, the woman who raised her and helped shape her personality.
But when the police finds traces of a lot of blood in their kitchen as well as when they uncover Amy’s diary, where she has written that she is afraid her husband would kill her, Nick becomes a murder suspect. Tina Fey bares her life in this book, one sided love affair, nearly fatal honeymoon, her dreams, her hopes and gives her brutally honest opinions on everything from Photoshop to the Italian Rum Cake.
The 900-page behemoth is a sprawling love letter to New York City, revolving around the attempted murder of a young girl and the lives her life has touched. Part of that project has been The Complete Stories, collected in English for the first time in this volume, which means you have the opportunity to be among the first to appreciate the stories that made her a minor celebrity in her native Brazil. And yet here we are, in 2015, and the world has still not had its fill of Karl Ove Knausgaard or his haunting memoirs. And in many ways, Purity is his most ambitious novel to date, a continuance of the multiple-narrators and generation-spanning ambitions that are the hallmarks of The Corrections and Freedom. Sick In The Head collects his conversations with comedians that inspire him, from Seinfeld and Jon Stewart to Chris Rock, Harold Ramis and Roseanne Barr, and the result is part-comedy, part-memoir, and a glimpse into the worldviews of some of the biggest names in comedy.
Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora, set some 500 years in the future, imagines a future in which human beings have not only explored the outer reaches of our solar system but colonized it, and the result is pure science fiction perfection, a perfect balance between narrative drama and scientific wonder. Go Set A Watchman was one of the year's most anticipated books, and would make an excellent gift for the reader in your family. It is now available in English, and continuing to spark outrage and thoughtful debate -- even among those who haven't read it. When she's not writing, you can find her enjoying a good book, fine wine, sunflowers and long walks on the beach. Speak explores the creation of artificial intelligence and the human need for connection through the perspectives of five people from different eras, including a young Puritan woman traveling to the New World and a Silicon Valley wunderkind who is in prison for creating illegal lifelike dolls. We're completely immersed in the TFIOS experience; we've heard the songs from the official soundtrack, we've seen all the pictures from our favorite scenes, and, of course, we've cried our way through the actual movie.
He keeps wondering about her, and when at last he comes to collect her soul, he could not help but glance at the Book Thief’s diary where she wrote everything she had experienced.
In this book, King is trying to show that in order to know what it is to be a human, a person must come face to face with the inhuman. But his plans to lead an even free life gets shattered, when he is asked by the crown to investigate his own friend who might even be a traitor.

With thoughtful options for cooks, sports fans, history buffs, and more, these popular titles are a great way to say "I love you" on June 19. Numbers are given the Lauren Child treatment here (just how many leaves are on a tree?), as Charlie and Lola take a trip to the shops with the promise of a treat.
The stuffy sleuth from BBC drama Death In Paradise contends with the stifling climate and a visit from his mother to work out who nearly pulled off the perfect murder. Now that we're feeling raw and emotional, we're remembering our favorite quotes from the book. David launches an investigation which unearths shocking revelations about the close-knit community. Creed also has a vast range of survival skills and he doesn’t know why but he finds they come in handy.
The second half, set in 1990, is the story of Joe, a schoolboy running away to his eccentric uncle in London and piecing together the mystery of the Marvels. With a hefty dose of sexism, a cast of low-life criminals and domestic troubles, the novel evokes a world of blokeish, renegade detectives while explaining the influences that moulded this young WPC into a future Detective Chief Inspector.
When a pawnbroker is found murdered in an abandoned building in Osaka in 1973 detective Sasagaki is spellbound by the troubled son of the victim and the captivating daughter of the main suspect.Unable to solve the case he follows their lives for the next 20 years, waiting for one of them to slip up. This collection of short stories describes different cases of corruption but the stories are connected by a surprising link. With exams finally over, Penny can’t wait to spend the holidays on tour with her rock star boyfriend Noah.
The story gets off to a slow start and while Sebastian is intriguing, he’s not particularly likeable. Then Lenny is brutally murdered and Sharon has no idea why.Twenty years later, Sharon finds out the truth and decides it is time to get even.
But trouble is about to find him in the shape of an uncle who tells him an incredible secret: his father was a Norse god, the Viking myths are fact and the gods of Asgard are preparing for war. Cole’s latest offering is a page-turner set in a violent crime underworld described in graphic detail.
Alfi Spar and Citizen Digit are old mates from Tenderness House children’s home who are nowworking for a gang of thieves.
Back home, she plays the piece to her three-year-old daughter with terrifying consequences and determines to track down its composer. Her quest takes her to Venice with a back-story of star-crossed lovers threatened by the rise of fascism.
It’s the story of young Nikolas, living in the middle of Norway with only an old turnip to play with, and his quest to find his missing father and the magical land of Elfhelm.
This is a chilling read involving a host of ghostly apparitions, taps running in the middle of the night and a bed rotating a full 180 degrees while dad Ollie and wife Caro sleep.Ollie thinks he is losing his mind and Caro becomes increasingly paranoid while only teenager Jade takes the violent, scary goings on in her stride.

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