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A great place to start is through selecting one of the most popular publishing platforms, a few of which include Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace and Lulu are at the top of the list. Finally, self-publishers have discovered that attending book signings and similar events provide excellent platforms to market books. I am not even a self published author but did tons of marketing for my book published by a small publisher. This article was well written and a lot of good information I didn’t know about before like Lulu. The lulu stat about authors selling more than 4 times more copies if they sell them in more than one format. Today, we’re going to share with you some awesome book themes for WordPress that are especially designed for authors and content publishers.
Webbie is a WordPress theme that’s designed with a pinch of simplicity and minimalism, and a healthy helping of elegance. This responsive eBook and book selling landing page theme for WordPress comes with a minimalistic, trendy, and unique flat design that’s available in unlimited color schemes.
This clean, modern, and professional multipurpose WooCommerce theme is powered by the Visual Compser plugin, making it highly customizable. Preface is a WordPress theme that’s best suited for authors, real printed books, eBooks, manuals, stories, etc.
This WordPress theme was especially designed for eBook authors and marketers, combining everything you need to quickly and easily get your products noticed. This WordPress theme was built from the ground up to provide you with the best reading experience on all devices. RaakBookoo is a beautifully crafted multipurpose theme for WordPress that’s ideal for bookstores, publishing services or book author official websites. This responsive WordPress theme was especially built with eBook authors and marketers in mind. About ReviewBox We've made it our mission to help you research and choose products and services that match your needs and budget. Our new giftbook series featuring Esme the Bird kicks off with For the Best Mum in the World, Live Laugh Love and Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.
Finally, we offer pleasures both raucous and wholesome with The Little Book of Drinking Games (play to win, but please play responsibly) and Words from the Garden (an ideal contrast to the world of competitive drinking).
On another note, we were thrilled to see Denyse Kirkby participating in the Team Honk Relay for Sport Relief a couple of weeks ago. Though the rise is relatively small, the Nielsen BookScan data shows that print books are selling better than they have since 2010 when ebooks first became immensely popular, according to Publishers Weekly. Speaking of Wal-Mart, BookScan just began including sales from the giant retailer in its calculations in 2013. While there is a lot of good news in the report, it also shows that one type of book format saw sales losses. On the other end of the spectrum, Adult Fiction produced the only decrease, with sales down 7.9 percent. For decades, authors have sought out traditional publishers to market their books, and the idea of self-publishing was more of a death sentence, a tangent people who could not find an editor or agent used. Not only are all these sites free to use and easy to step up, they allow a resource to publish the author’s book online right away. Self-publishers who use the various types of publishing found with LuLu are known to “sell about four times as many copies as those who publish only in one format.” Not only does it increase the number of readers, but it also presents a greater signal that their book is professional and from a real author. In fact, the title can be the deciding factor as to whether the book sells only a few copies or thousands of copies. They have found that anything which establishes them more in their community and creates opportunities of awareness for them and their books have taken them far. Being part of a large network of business book writers, I’ve never heard of any business book author having a signing event at their local book store. In addition to writing books, they also have personal blogs for sharing their insights, ideas, for promoting their works, and interacting with readers. They come rich with useful features and options, functionalities, and great-looking designs. It’s suitable for any kind of business, as well as for individuals who are looking to showcase their eBook, book or any kind of published work in a clean, one-page marketing landing page the smart and visually appealing way. Not only that, it also has a one-page design with integrated blog section that you can use to write more about the book you’re selling.
It has a clean and responsive design that’s ideal for book authors, eBook writers, marketers, digital products, and other similar websites that require a feature-rich yet beautiful online presence. It’s especially designed to impress visitors and new customers the moment they land on your site.
It has everything you may need to quickly create an awesome landing page for your product(s). We strive to provide you with comprehensive, in-depth, unbiased reviews ranging from web hosting providers to digital marketing tools, business resources and more. Check out our definitive list of animal-friendly books below!The Three Little Pigs Save the EarthWhen a hungry wolf knocks on the door of three happy vegan pigs one day, a series of surprising events results in a peaceful vegan Earth! Denyse (third from left) and her teammates ran 5 kilometres from Portsmouth Guildhall to Baffins Pond, completing one stage of a crazy zigzag tour of the UK.
Juvenile Nonfiction saw the biggest gains throughout the year, with sales increases of 15.6 percent. Without that, self-published books, while published and available for the world to see and enjoy, do not go anywhere.

It is not uncommon during the year to see posters announcing the author coming to visit to read part of the book aloud, and offer autographs afterwards.
My experience is similar, many more sales since publishing in the three biggies – Kindle, print, and audio (most of my print titles outsell their Kindle versions by a large margin). So get your pals to host readings at their place (ideal) or have them drag their pals to your reading, wherever it may be! You may not have heard of authors in your area doing book signings and what not but I know a lot of local authors who do, it is a great way to invite people to read their books and meet the author. I sell physical books to ebooks in a ratio of 2:1, with my main channel to market being amazon. In this case, a vast majority of bloggers build self-hosted WordPress blogs on platforms such as eHost and websites that allow them to have complete control over their sites, including the content and design.
What’s more, they also come at affordable prices and top-notch support so that even beginners can easily manage their own websites. It has a fully responsive design that’s built around making the writing, reading and selling of both eBooks and web books a breeze.
You can use it to promote other books you sell or simply use it as a review place for other books.
It comes with all the best features, like the ability to change the background color and font color, changing the font size, and even read in full-screen mode.
It comes with all the features you need to convince them to buy from you, such as Testimonial, Best Seller Books, Featured Books – all of which are beautifully placed on the homepage, with papery background.
Presented with beautiful full-color illustrations and rhyming text, this story will surely bring love and awareness into children’s lives in an entertaining fashion.
BookScan estimates that its numbers represent around 80 percent of the print books sold in the U.S. This rise was due in large part to the success of the a Scholastic series of “Minecraft” books.
More and more self-publishers are putting this path on the publishing map, and figuring out how to best market their books. With Amazon’s publishing platform, specifically, authors sell digital copies of their book and receive 35-70 percent in royalties on the sale price.
Each individual author must commit to spreading the word about his or her book to have a successful marketing campaign.
Chances to give away free copies through a raffle or contest are also used as ways to attract more people, and having well known or more familiar authors present at the event can help self-publisher’s sales and exposure.
Buy it!Hobbes Goes HomeHobbes Goes Home is the story of Hobbes, a little brown dachshund, who’s taken to the local animal shelter by his mother to save him from an abusive home. This is the most popular choice among self-publishing authors because of the freedom and independence they have over their books. Popular methods of accomplishing this are with social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Kobo and the like didn’t work out well for me, each book only managed monthly sales in single digits on each platform compared to hundreds per month on Amazon. The book tells readers about Hobbes’ experiences at the shelter and how, after dreaming about a new family, Hobbes meets a man who will change his life forever! Professional pages and posted profiles have proven to be a great tactic for self-publishing authors to successfully market their books. Bookclubs, would be a dream to get, but again friends’ book clubs were the most interested.
Buy it!Baa HumbugIn this book about being an individual, Baa Humbug is a sheep with a mind of his own. Follow Benji as he visits adorable animals at an animal sanctuary and discovers why he’s a vegetarian. Buy it!Black BeautyBlack Beauty’s story begins when he is a handsome, spirited young colt enjoying a carefree existence frolicking in the meadows with his mother and other horses. Through Black Beauty’s struggles and pain, we learn that horses and all animals deserve to be treated with kindness. Buy it!Blueberries for Sal A human mother and her little girl go up the mountain to pick wild blueberries to preserve for the winter.
At the same time, a bear mother and her little cub go up the other side of the mountain in search of blueberries to eat to prepare them for the winter. Buy it!The Boy Who Loved All Living ThingsThis is Albert Schweitzer’s imaginary childhood journal, in which he recounts how his animal friends taught him to be kind to all living creatures. He goes on to perform good deeds and convinces other people to eat broccoli so that they can be superheroes, too! Follow his story, from his sad life in a backyard to the hope of being adopted into a loving home! Buy it!Cows Are VegetariansThis is an easy-to-understand book about the reasons for kids to go vegetarian. It explores the choice to go vegetarian and its effects on the environment, our health, and animals. Buy it!Do Animals Have Feelings Too?This captivating and thought-provoking collection of true stories of animal behavior is a terrific way for children to consider feelings—whether animal or human. Buy it!The Story of FerdinandFerdinand is a peaceful bull who enjoys smelling the flowers and lying under a tree.
Unfortunately, men who are looking for the “biggest, fattest, meanest bull” for the bullfights in Madrid think that Ferdinand is exactly the one they are looking for after they see him get upset about being stung by a bee!
Buy it!The Forgotten DoorA boy named Jon from another world falls through a door in space and ends up on Earth. Little by little, his kind rescuers learn that he can read minds and talk to animals—and he refuses to eat meat.

Buy it!Fred Eats a PeaFred the dog thinks he hates peas but finds that when you try new things, you often like them. Buy it!GorillaHannah asks for a gorilla for her birthday and is sad when she gets only a stuffed one.
That is, until the toy suddenly turns into a real gorilla and we see why wild animals deserve to be left in the wild! Buy it!The Great Pig EscapeDuring their long drive to the market, Bert and Ethel’s pigs mysteriously disappear.
Buy it!Hetty and HarrietA young hen and her slightly older, wiser friend look for the perfect home.
Buy it!Hubert the PudgeHubert is a pudge, and pudges can’t ever grow up because they are sent to the slaughterhouse to be turned into TV dinners and other greasy food products. Hubert goes on a mission to save his fellow pudges and teach the farmer a lesson in compassion.
Buy it!Hunter and His DogA hunter tries to teach his new dog to hunt ducks, but the dog doesn’t want to. Buy it!I’m Not Dinner!Brightly colored pictures illustrate this book for small children in which chickens, cows, and pigs tell little ones that they are not for dinner. Buy it!JJ The American Street DogMaya’s parents are about to buy her a dog, but then her uncle gives her a dog he found on the streets. Although her parents are reluctant to take in the stray, they grow to love their new dog and learn that rescuing dogs can be very rewarding. Buy it!The Magic FingerThe Gregg family loves to hunt, but the little girl who lives next door to them thinks that it’s horrible.
After pleading with them to stop, the angry girl’s magic finger turns them into birds.
Buy it!Mitch Spinach and the Smell of VictoryMitch Spinach receives a message to help the principal find the missing key to the trophy case. Using his remarkable sense of smell and vegan brain power, Mitch solves the mystery of the lost key.
Buy it!Our FarmThe animals of Farm Sanctuary write poems and rhymes about being rescued and given a second chance after grim lives on factory farms. Instead of eating princesses like the others, Herb is a peace-loving vegetarian dragon who isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Buy it!Perfect the PigPerfect the Pig can fly, so he’s kidnapped by a greedy entertainer.
Buy it!The Secret Life of Mitch SpinachMitch Spinach seems to be an ordinary boy, but his classmates begin to suspect something’s different about him after they see him drinking mysterious smoothies of fruits and veggies and reading notes written in code from his lunchbox. Buy it!Steven the VeganSteven the Vegan helps kids explain to their friends why they are vegan.
The story takes place on a school field trip to a local farm, where Steven tells his friends why he sees animals as friends and not food and shows them where their food comes from. Buy it!The Super Crazy Cat DanceIn this rollicking tale, cats of all shapes, sizes, and colors populate a little girl’s world and inspire her to create a crazy and kooky dance. Buy it!The Super-Duper Dog ParkWelcome to the Super Dog Park, an awesome amusement park where dogs get to ride bikes, fly kites, and enjoy an unforgettable day. Buy it!That’s Why We Don’t Eat AnimalsThis book introduces young readers to vegetarianism and veganism. The book shows readers how to live a vegan lifestyle and raises issues for parents and children to discuss about eating animals.
Buy it!Tommy TofuFollow the adventures of the Veggie Bunch as they try to find hidden treasure and encounter Tommy Tofu, who teaches them many lessons about themselves and healthy eating. What terrified Turkey doesn’t realize is that they want him as their guest, not their dinner! Buy it!‘Twas the Night Before ThanksgivingThe day before Thanksgiving, eight boys and girls take a field trip to a turkey farm and are shocked to find out that Farmer Nuggett plans to kill all the turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners. Buy it!Vegan Is LoveThis book introduces veganism to young readers as a lifestyle of compassion and action, exploring issues such as animal experimentation, animals in entertainment, and eating meat.
Buy it!Vegan Lunch BoxOffering an exciting array of 130 vegan recipes and foods, this book gives parents ideas for lunches that their kids will actually want to eat. Buy it!Vegan Lunch Box Around the WorldThis book features 125 vegan recipes and foods from around the world, providing ideas for even the pickiest eaters, and includes nutritional and allergy information.
Buy it!Victor’s PicnicWhen Victor attends a picnic with vegetarian animals who share their food with him, he enjoys a variety of snacks and learns what foods to eat in order to stay healthy.
Buy it!Victor, the VegetarianVictor wants to save his two lambs after he finds out that his father wants to eat them, so he runs away with them into the woods. Buy it!When Anju Loved Being an ElephantGrowing up in her natural habitat with her family on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Anju loved being an elephant. That all changed when she was stolen and sold to an American circus and forced to spend decades traveling around the country to entertain crowds. Buy it!Who Cares about Animal Rights? Who Cares About Animal Rights? presents the major issues and arguments of the animal rights movement in an easy-to-understand way for young readers, helping them identify problems with factory farming, animal experimentation, and animal exploitation. Buy it!Whose Coat?Aurora wants to buy a coat, but she refuses to purchase one after the department store clerk tells her that they came from animals. A skeptical Aurora ventures into the forest to investigate and ends up teaching the salesperson a lesson in animal rights.

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