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Ink on paper is a better product, at least for now, and it’s showing at British tills. Having to pack and drag your stuff through security can put quite the damper on your vacation plans.
Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. My reading year started out a bit rocky but then I hit this AMAZING stride and was picking all the right books for me! My list is a mix of old and new, fun and emotional but they all really stood out to me this year!! Ooh you have some of my favorites (2014) and some past ones (Fangirl, The Book Thief, Amy & Roger, Through The Ever Night)!!
It was incredibly thought-provoking and just AHH I don’t even have words for how much I love this one. They are some of the best contemporary books I’ve read in a while so you have some good reading ahead of you!! YOu should definitely read Since You’ve Been Gone soon ?? It made me smile just as much as To All The Boys! But as I look at the list of the best books I read this year, I see how a number of them touch on economics and business. Not all of these came out in 2014 -- sometimes I fall behind and don’t get to a book until well after it’s been published. Shortly after we met, Warren Buffett loaned me this collection of New Yorker business articles from the 1950s and 1960s. Studwell produces compelling answers to two of the greatest questions in development economics: How did countries like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and China achieve sustained, high growth? Sky UK’s Lucy Cotter reports the first better year for print since 2007, and the worst one for ebooks since 2011.

In Knights of the Apocalypse, Benjamin Wallace’s former librarian is back and bumbling through the wreckage of civilization!
I decided to include a blurb of sorts from my review and I’ll link to the books below if you want to further check out my review! When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog. I’ve only read 4 of these, but the rest are absolute on my TBR and you totally have me wanting to read them sooner rather than later.
I feel like she’s always able to do something different in each one of her books and always makes me feel SO MUCH!
Lots of these are on my TBR list but I’ve yet to read any of them – definitely will get a move on now! Some of these will make great summer reads for you — Open Road Summer, To All The Boys and Since You’ve Been Gone! That’s fitting, in a year when Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century put a big spotlight on inequality. Other times I’m able to get ahead of the game: The Rosie Effect won’t be published in the United States until December 31, but the author was nice enough to send Melinda and me advance copies before he stopped by the office in September.
This time it’s his look at the world’s use of materials, from silicon to wood to plastic and cement. Jerry, Erica and their massive massif Chewy, have wound-up broken-down in the Kingdom of the Five Peaks.
I’m trying to make sacrifices to the book gods to please not let me get in another slump like the one I was in in the beginning of the year. Two of these books, The Sea of Tranquility and Since You’ve Been Gone, are on my wishlist. After hearing that you stayed up late reading it, I can imagine it will be a memorable story!

The Sea of Tranquility is one of those books that gutted me wide open but I absolutely adored.
In addition, with the Asian economies so much in the news, I wanted to read How Asia Works, which promised to explain why some of the continent’s countries grew so fast while others languished.
Brooks’s insights about business have aged beautifully, and they are as true today as ever. As I told him, although I have concerns about some of his secondary points and policy prescriptions, I agree with his most important conclusions: inequality is a growing problem and that governments should play a role in reducing it. His answers come in the form of a simple -- and yet hard to execute -- formula: (1) create conditions for small farmers to thrive, (2) use the proceeds from agricultural surpluses to build a manufacturing base focused on exports, and (3) nurture both these sectors with financial institutions closely controlled by the government. Simsion brings back some of the best characters and gags from the first novel while also bringing in enough new elements to keep it fresh. I still go back to this book from time to time, and this year I had a chance to re-read the chapter on Xerox (which you can download free).
I admire his work and hope it draws in more smart people to study the causes of, and cures for, inequality.
It’s a funny novel that also made me think about relationships: what makes them work and how we have to keep investing time and energy to make them better. With his usual skepticism and his love of data, Smil shows how our ability to make things with less material—say, soda cans that need less aluminum—makes them cheaper, which actually encourages more production.
It provided ample food for thought for me as well as the whole Agriculture team at our foundation.

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