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Here are some books I did read, and this is going to be a drop in the bucket of the amount of books out there but I only read so many. What a great idea, explaining the backstory of that probe that caused so much havoc in Star Trek IV. Hell yes!  As I noted Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens are two great authors, and nowhere is this more clear than this awesome book.
One area I haven’t really mentioned yet are the novelizations of the episodes and movies. I just felt I had to mention this one though if I read it I don’t remember a thing about it. Going to have my uncle look at this list, he’ll enjoy it much more than me and be able to get some of these books. How in the world do you do a crossover between the original series and the next generation? Peter David really gets the Star Trek characters and lore, and this book truly felt like an episode. It expounded on the Genesis device from the Wrath of Khan era, but it was done with Next Generation characters.
I did check out the book which talked about what happened after Voyager came home, but beyond that I don’t remember reading any. I do like the spin they put on the Eugenics Wars so they could have still happened in 1996 even though clearly it never did. Crossover’s!!  There were several involving some or all of the TV series, and the only one I remember being interested in was called Invasion! There are dozens of Star Trek comic books out there, even though I only really read the DC run other companies from Marvel to Gold Key have carried the license at various times. There are dozens of books covering not only the five series but new frontiers that were created just for the novels. There’s some great character stuff in here and how McCoy gets his memory back is pretty clever.

Even though it feels as far removed from a regular episode as you can get, it was still a lot of fun. It was an attempt to bring Trelane in as a member of the Q, but it was a confusing mess for me. In order to flesh the story out for a novel they added a subplot about a nervous young lieutenant on the Enterprise. Diane Duane wrote this and I don’t think she gets the characters as well as others like Peter David.
Now the problem I had with the novels in many cases was that the story just didn’t feel like it could be an episode.
There is a scene where Kirk is killed which is described so specifically…yeah no need. This was written by Michael Jan Friedman who is another good author, for comic books and TV also, in fact I have a couple of his books on here. Once again written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens it’s basically the story of the crew accused of violating the prime directive, being decommissioned, and then having to vindicate themselves. One of the problem with books is the format is so drawn out, so that the original idea is filled with padding. For instance, Picard spends half the book talking to a holographic James Kirk for inspiration.
John Vornholt is a fine author but this did nothing for me, and I didn’t even check put parts two and three. Well to be honest, it worked and was a good story.The characters felt like the characters and the interactions made sense. Oh and of course Kirk is OK it was a rule for writers of these books that they couldn’t permanently kill of a main character.
The cool thing about these books is that Shatner includes all the Star Trek universe, in fact in The Return not only is Picard fully involved but we get cameo from Deep Space Nine.
While not nearly as big as it was used to be, there was a time when Pocketbooks, Bantam and Ballantine Star Trek books were HUGE.

The only downside is that the main plot is focused on Zephram Cochran and of course Star Trek:First Contact makes this even less cannon than usual! Doesn’t hurt Shatner wrote these with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens who as I mentioned were great writers who really got Star Trek. Anyway, the story involves a Riker from the future coming back in time to save Troi from a disastrous fate. These novelizations are like seeing deleted scenes for a movie and wishing they had been put in. We get the events of the original episode and the events of the DS9 episode nicely put together. Greg Cox wrote this and is a good writer, including three part series on the Q continuum and a three part series on Khan that I am sure some will expect me to mention.
The framing device shows us that backstory of Riker and Troi’s romance before they ended up on the Enterprise.
There were two other series, one set in the mirror universe, but I didn’t read any of those.
I think i liked Federation a little more, but at very least it’s either that or Imazdi which are my favorite Star Trek book. Finally it gives us an antagonist more than half way through and then rushes to the ending.
When all you an remember about a book are the dumb things, there is only one word for that.

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