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It’s about that time of year where I pop in and share everything that’s been on my Kindle! This year’s reading started off pretty slow, but I managed to make a (marginal) dent in my reading list for the summer, then check a few more off the list while I was in the Caribbean last week.
I know, I know, this was a bestseller last year, but it finally came out in paperback, so let’s pretend The Paying Guests is still relevant? Ultimately—or TL;DR, as the kids say—this book is about relationships and, without spoiling anything, addresses an interesting topic (particularly for the time period). This was another Entertainment Weekly recommendation that I downloaded on a whim from the library. It opens with the protagonist, Georgia Ford, a lawyer who flees LA in her wedding dress (why? I came across this novel, which came out in the summer, on a suggested reading list in a magazine. But the story itself sucks you in, and once you make it halfway through this read about an astronaut stranded on Mars for four years, you’ll be at cruising altitude.
By now, you know what a fan I am of Spencer Quinn’s detective series that follows a PI and his pup, Chet, solve one mystery out of another. The most recent adventures of Chet and Bernie have them following the mysterious unearthing of saguaro cacti—a felony in the Southwest, apparently—and the drug ring that is behind it.
Right now, I’m halfway through All the Light We Cannot See, which I started early in the summer but keep putting down as I get emails that library holds have come available. The Paying Guests held such promise, and I flew through the first half, but MAN did it drag on and on. I had issues finishing All The Light We Cannot See as well because I wasn’t enthralled enough to enjoy it.
I actually have enjoyed All the Light so far—so well written—so I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to finish it! I found it really captivating UNTIL the murder investigation started and then that whole part just went on and on and on. If you are interested in travel memoirs, I’m the author of Abu Dhabi Days, Dubai Nights, which was published by Pan Macmillian in 2012. I haven’t, but I definitely want to read more of her stuff as I think she’s brilliant! I’m on a kick about Catherine The Great, Empress of the All the Russias (official-ish title). Your reading posts inspired me to start posting about what I’m reading on my own blog. You know, I’ve still never read it though I went to the restaurant where it was filmed in Cuba! As for books Im reading… Im currently taking an American Literature course and just finished The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Somehow I still haven’t read The Things They Carried, though it’s been recommended to me for years! If you are a photographer, it is important to know certain techniques when it comes to your work, and showing your work on a website.
This free photography eBook will help readers gain confidence in photography. For photographers, especially, confidence is a  must in being successful. With this eBook, aspiring photographers can learn all the basics related to landscape photography. This eBook consists of 10 tips that will help identify with families and learn about preserving people’s lives in photographs. Now that you have access to eBooks for photography techniques, don’t forget to check our article that helps you to design an awesome photography website. ABOUT EGRAPPLEREGrappler is a free portal for open source tools, plugins, scripts and controls for web developers and engineers. The Madeleine Brand Show is a daily, two-hour program that looks at news and culture through the lens of Southern California. A new book goes deeper into another Indian slum, but tells a story that is decidedly more realistic. Katherine Boo, staff writer at The New Yorker and a former reporter and editor for The Washington Post. Lively and in-depth discussions of city news, politics, science, entertainment, the arts, and more. KPCC's coverage is a Southern California resource provided by member-supported public radio. In the powerful and heartwarming conclusion to her bestselling Lowcountry Summer trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe brings readers back to the charm and sultry beauty of Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. After marrying a man from the Upper East Side and moving to the neighborhood, Wednesday Martin struggled to fit in. Perfect for fans of Jonathan Tropper and Meg Wolitzer, this finely observed, wry social satire set over the course of a single day paints a moving portrait of a family at a turning point. This complex and captivating tale takes an engrossing look at the darker side of marriage—and at how an ordinary family responds to an extraordinary crisis, forcing a couple to decide when a marriage is too broken to fix. Giving a friend amazing books can be like handing her the wisdom and comic relief of brilliant women she may never actually meet.
I've compiled a list of eight books (all published within the last three years) that every woman should give her best friend and the reasons why. In Beyond the Pale Motel, Francesca Lia Block writes in the signature lush style that made her Dangerous Angels series so enchanting, but this new novel explores sexier, darker and more dangerous territory.

If you want your bestie to be on the edge of her seat--and love herself more when she turns the last page -- then buy her this book. In How to Be a Woman, Caitlin Moran offers up a reminder that even outrage can be hip and hilarious. How to be a Woman takes us on a detailed, self-deprecating tour of Moran's adolescence and adulthood in which she praises masturbation and rails against the now-presumed mandatory Brazilian wax. If you want your BFF to laugh more and worry about her smile lines less, buy her this book.
In Christa Parravani's debut memoir Her, she tells the harrowing story of a brutal sexual assault suffered by her identical twin sister Cara and Cara's subsequent heroin addiction and death by accidental overdose. If you want your best gal pal to know that even the greatest tragedies can be survived, give her this book.
Dawn Erin's genre-defying autobiographical novel tells the story of protagonist Sunny Quinn. On a beautiful spring day, hopeful, wary Burl Crow follows his abusive father through the verdant undergrowth of Northern Ontario. When a young woman with Down's syndrome finds a stray puppy one windy, rainy afternoon on her way back to her group home, she knows she will never be allowed to keep him. The third book about Jacob Two-Two finds him living in Montreal with his two older brothers, two older sisters, and two very busy parents, and, at two times two times two years of age, attending an expensive private school for boys. It is the year 1015 and 14-year-old Thrand, a Greenland Viking, is abducted by a Native clan while part of an expedition to Newfoundland. However, while well executed at times, I think it could have easily been cut in half and had the same effect; at 600 pages, it took me a month to complete. The book is written in second person—an interesting literary device, I think—and starts with a 30-something woman flying to Morocco for a vacation to get over a recent divorce. I immediately was sucked in because it takes place in Wine Country, an area I got to know very well while living in San Francisco. After seeing The Martian trailer, I immediately added it to my list, because like I’m going to miss a chance to see Matt Damon on the big screen! And I also love the idea that this novel started as a blog series, followed by Weir publishing it in a Kindle format, long before there was a book deal or movie options. While I will still continue to read every book that Quinn puts out about this lovable pair, but I found the writing on this one a bit too contrived at times, unfortunately.
It started out ok, but in the end was just tedious and drawn out and I couldn’t wait for it to end. Though it was more like the first 30 percent for me, then the second the lawsuit happened, I was all YAWN, NEXT!
I would advocate for A Storied Life of AJ Fikrey – beautiful story of the life and love of a bookseller. I agree that it could have been shorter, but because I was so enthralled with the characters and story, the length didn’t bother me.
All of them sound interesting although I think I would be more inclined to The Martian because I like to see how they translate the story on the big screen. Its a well known book and I found it interesting because of how closely the book mirrored Plath’s personal life. I think I get so caught up in reading the new books of the year that I don’t get to some of the older ones.
Although the stories in the book can be dark at times, Obrien’s writing style is really good.
I own all the Outlanders but have never actually read them because those books are massive and I have them in hardback form instead of easy-to-read-while-traveling Kindle form!
I also felt the first half is pretty slow, but the pace picks up as you go towards the end of the book (and I consequently couldn’t put it down).
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Katherine Boo was a reporter working in India when she came across the Annawadi slum, located near Mumbai’s airport. Hosted by Madeleine Brand, and produced by Kristen Muller, Steve Proffitt and Sanden Totten, the show includes regular segments like Weird L.A.
Alongside your flip-flops, towel, and plenty of sunscreen, no beach bag is complete without one of the summer’s hottest reads. As crisp and luscious as your favorite Sonoma chardonnay, this delicious new novel will be in everyone’s beach bags this summer. Set against a backdrop of dress fittings, floral arrangements, and rehearsal dinners in the weeks leading up to an idyllic New England wedding, The Lake Season sparkles with wry wit, sweet romance, and long-kept family secrets. The Summer’s End explores how the pull of family bonds and true love is as strong and steady as the tides.
Her brilliantly original and witty memoir lifts the veil on this most secretive and elite tribe—the exotic and fascinating culture of privileged Manhattan motherhood.
Clever, lyrical, and poignant, this remarkable novel explores the secrets we keep and the lengths we go to for acceptance and love.
Perfect for fans of Elin Hilderbrand and Mary Kay Andres, this perfect beach read is so real that you could shake the sand out of the pages. They can be guides that lead us through the agonies of life, or simply make us laugh at its absurdities.

A hair stylist named Catt tries to solve the mystery of a Hollywood serial killer targeting women.
In unflinching language, Parravani writes about the ensuing years of unimaginable grief when she teetered on the edge of following her sister to the grave, and then about the long and worthwhile road back from devastation. The genius of The Iron Horse lies in Sunny's agonizingly detailed transformation from a steadfast, horse-crazy New England Catholic school girl to a hardcore heroin addict who will do what ever it takes to acquire a fix to stave off the sickness of withdrawal. In a scene fraught with the potential for violence, the two characters are interrupted by an unexpected and wondrous sight. To fight the greed and corruption at his school, Jacob Two-Two enlists the aid of his next-door neighbour, the master-spy, X.
Although he is as bewildered by his red-ochred captors as they are by his paleness, racial and cultural differences are surpassed as he learns to respect and understand the beliefs of these gentle people. What evolves is an unlikely kinship between the 26 year old and the wife of her new tenant that takes a few unexpected twists and turns. I do think, should they turn it into a movie—and let’s be honest, when does Hollywood not gobble up a bestseller?—it will translate well to the screen.
Her passport and belongings are stolen the first morning she gets there, and what unfolds in the wake of her trauma is interesting, funny and, at times, a bit heartbreaking.
Plus, Dave has a very engaging and easy-to-digest writing style, and this novel cruised right along from the beginning. Funny, I never read Poisonwood either, even though I was a big fan of all of Oprah’s book club picks back in the days. A adored Station Eleven as well, and really got into the Elena Ferrante series this year (haven’t read the newest yet). Also- Florence Gordon- the story of a cranky old feminist driving her family relationships and living her life on her own terms. Her book, "Behind the Beautiful Forevers," tells the story of the people she met - men and women who work in garbage dumps trying to eke out a living. Our sister company, Simon & Schuster, is back with these beachy favorites to read while you kick back under the umbrella and enjoy the waves.
They can help us work through knotty and seemingly unsolvable problems and they can offer up both escape from those problems and a way to see them more clearly. At the same time, Catt's flings with men she barely knows and her attempts to reach an unattainable beauty ideal become forms of self-harm.
Her is a masterfully written and compelling tale of survival about the ways that art and love help us to overcome. Web pages that are archived on the Internet are not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards. A grand piano hanging from a low-flying helicopter appears in the hot blue May sky and sets the tone for the rest of the novel. Nan Gregory's simple, uncomplicated text and Ron Lightburn's quiet coloured-pencil illustrations coalesce perfectly and poignantly, on many levels, to find a satisfactory solution and, not incidentally, to show how important it is to love and be loved.
While he gradually wins acceptance into the community, his greatest challenges are in overcoming his desire to return home, and in winning the trust of Abidith, a strong-willed and spiritually-gifted young Native woman, who can see into his dreams.
The basic premise: A husband and a wife have a huge fight, and she disappears the next morning in Gone Girl-style. The pacing and suspense in that book is spot on, but she really missed it in Paying Guests.
I just read both of the latest books for the two series I follow (Chet & Bernie, Her Royal Spyness) so it will be forever until the next ones are out.
They can teach us how to hold the pain of the world in one hand and its beauty in the other.
Like a loving -- and lyrical -- best friend Francesca Lia Block reminds us to treat ourselves with gentle loving care and embrace the beauty in being vibrant and alive. As per the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada, you can request alternate formats of this page on the Contact Us page. Burl's flight from home, his encounters with a world-famous pianist and others, his search for independence and self-realization are described with lyrical, fast-paced sensibility in this novel which celebrates the optimism and potential of youth. A very special story to warm the hearts of all, young and old alike, who read or listen to it. Organized mayhem ensues as the two super-sleuths use invisible ink, encoded messages, the Clairvoyant Gamble, elaborate disguises and other creative manoeuvres to bring the villains to justice. I will say, though, that my mom and I usually have similar opinions on books, and she was not at all happy with how it ended, though personally, I thought it was the perfect way to wrap it up. Parts of it definitely do channel Gillian Flynn’s epic novel—only not done nearly as well. That said, the talk of CO2 and nitrogen and all sorts of spacecraft was mind-numbing at times, and I’ll confess that I sometimes skimmed those pages. The marriage was quickly unraveling, and many of the chapters flashback to the glory days of when the couple met, got married, had kids, etc. I was skeptical when my mom first told me but it’s so cute—all about an heiress to the throne circa 1933 and her crime-solving capers.

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