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Books have long been considered an elementary aspect of basic literature and have been the most dominant contributors to students, teachers, professors and book enthusiasts of every age and level over the last centuries up until now. Indeed, technology has advanced tremendously that most of the students at college like nothing more than to text their friends on social media, filled with emoji, selfie shots and Vine clips and such. This timeless classic depicts the tale of three close college friends consisting of one woman and two men, who get caught in a bit of a love triangle situation from their senior year at Brown University and during their first year of post-graduation.
The title of the book is one of most deceiving of any literature in history especially to those who have not read the contents of what lie within this haunting story. This book, while aiming strongly towards the liberty and freedom of women’s rights in the modern world, should not negate male readers to pick it up for themselves and open their minds to the issues that are actually faced in the world that we live in today.
This novel is about the Buendia Family in the town of Macondo whose story expands for over seven generations and provides a surreal lesson to the general public that money is nothing compared to family and friends.
College is a wonderful time in your life when you make life long friendships, start to establish who you are, and evaluate what really piques your interest. Yes, college is indeed a time for fun and enjoyment but you don’t want a reputation for your sexcapades.
I remember the middle of January and the end of August when everyone was decked out in new clothes because so many people used the refund check they received from financial aid on expensive bags, clothes, and even cars.
This applies especially to females because in college you will get invited to a lot of parties and without a solid group of friends around you, you could find yourself in very compromising situations. While following your passion is what they teach us when we’re younger, you also have to be practical. College was a crazy time full of drunken debauchery but I can honestly say I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it.
However, the passion for reading never really does quite pick up within us until we transition to high school and college. But make no mistake; reading imbues the mind with fascinating stories and imaginations that expand one’s creative potential, not to mention improve their grip of fundamental grammar.

Scott Fitzgerald, the background of which is based on his actual experiences of a complex love life at college, his service to the US Army during the First World War and poor wealth issues. The flow of the story is reminiscent of what unfolds in reality itself including the struggles of friendship, the individual strengths and weaknesses of each character and more.
This novel serves as a perfect example that mere words are not everything one would perceive at all. It follows the story of a young housewife named Mira in the 50s who endures divorce and attends college to obtain a Ph.
Whether you're anxious about money matters, cafeteria food, or a heavy workload, we've rounded up the best apps to help you manage it all as you head back to school.
My little sister is in college in a big city and she just downloaded ArcAngel to make sure she felt safe when she was walking home alone. My undergrad career was some of the best times of my life; I gained lessons that I will carry with me forever. Many schools don’t require students to get meal plans and often times even if you live on campus, you can opt out of getting one.
I, myself, am a semi-reformed party girl and during college I put myself in a lot of terrible situations that could have ended badly had I not had a great group of friends around me. This is the perfect time to make lasting connections with people who could be your future employers (or employees). As much as you may love creative writing, the odds of you getting a well-paid job in that particular field may be low so keep things like this in mind. The protagonist, an attractive Princeton University student named Amory Blaine, based on the author himself, begins to experience a disillusioned life before and after graduating from college and all the while struggles to make ends meet with two women he never could end up with due to insufficient monetary needs. While everyone wishes to live in a world where everyone desires happiness and equality, Huxley’s Brave New World is as he would describes it, as a ‘nightmare’. The app seems really cool--it alerts you when there is a dangerous situation in your area and puts you in touch with law enforcement and an operations center when you're in trouble.

You want your degree to eventually pay for itself and the whole point of college is to acquire the necessary skills for a specific field so be practical about your major. If you think your professor would have difficulty identifying you out of the class, make your presence known. Although the narrative ends on a sad note, in real life, the success of Fitzgerald’s book got him back with his first love and eventually tied the knot.
In short, the theme of this book basically summarizes that freedom comes at a very heavy and undesirable price.
Whether you had a boo before entering college (bad idea) or you met someone on campus, try not to limit yourself to one person. By all means enjoy yourself, party, drink, and meet new people but you don’t want the reputation as the campus ____________ (insert expletive for a promiscuous person). While you may love Carribean dance, majoring in business, finance, economics, or engineering could mean a promising career and more money to pay off your student loans.
Seeing a student put forth effort makes you stand out in a professor’s mind and will definitely put you in the right place if you need a recommendation letter or job referral. Providing readers with insight about how our awkward years don’t last forever, Fey’s humble beginnings on her path towards fame are actually pretty relatable. Although it discusses the challenges that women face in the workplace, it also addresses the need for men to participate in the conversation.

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