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Books can be your best friend if a beautiful long lasting relationship is what you are looking for.
Have You Ever Looked Into the Eyes of Your Child And Seen The Unconditional Love That Lives Deep Within Them For You. This is the third in a series of books we will be describing that can help strengthen your relationship with your partner. David Schnarch takes a unique approach to improving the sexual connection and intimacy in committed relationships.
In Passionate Marriage, Schnarch openly discusses his own personal experiences in relationships, including both the successes and the failures. This book is both an explanation of what really takes place in close relationships and a guide for undertaking the self-development and new ways of relating to each other that are necessary for keeping love, intimacy, and passionate sex alive in committed relationships. Section 1 includes five chapters and sets the basic groundwork for exploring your relationship, giving new meaning and options to your sexual interactions, and learning about the concepts that Schnarch believes underly a passionate marriage. In section 1, Schnarch introduces the idea of differentiation and why it’s essential to marriage. Section 2 provides the practical tools for differentiating yourself as an individual, and creating a passionate marriage. Passionate Marriage is an excellent resource that goes far beyond how-to guides that simply offer tips and tricks to create a better sex life. Relationship counselling is an ideal way for couples to receive additional support through the challenging process of differentiating and developing a passionate marriage. We integrate many of the concepts described in Passionate Marriage when providing relationship counselling to assist couples in building more fulfilling and intimate relationships. The team at Paul the Counsellor provide couples counselling and marriage counselling for couples in the Melbourne CBD and Greater Melbourne area.
This marriage book uncovers mysteries of marriage — by combining the ancient wisdom of the Torah, with some of the most powerful tools of Imago Relationship Therapy, developed by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt.
Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of LoveWritten by Sue Johnson, one of the pioneers of the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), this is a book that should find the pride of place in every couple’s bookshelf.
He's Just Not That Into You What do you expect from the writers of 'Sex and the City' if not another power packed volume on relationship and how men and women have different ways of looking at it. Meant to BePerhaps not so well known compared to the ones we have just mentioned, Meant to Be is still a captivating read. Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Based more on a scientific take on relationships, this book by John Gottman and Nan Silver will open your eyes to relationship facts hitherto unknown to you. Deal Breakers: When to Work on a Relationship and When to Walk AwaySo if you don’t want to waste any more time on men who are never going to be yours, make sure to grab a copy of this book. This review contains information that you can start using immediately to have a more passionate and intimate relationship.

Far from being a passing trend, the high demand for Passionate Marriage led to its re-release in 2009 with a new forward and key concepts guide.
Rather than using a set of techniques to spark arousal and “spice things up”, he delves deeper into the core of relationships to help people develop real intimacy with their partners. He also writes about his findings as a researcher and a therapist and includes case studies of couples with whom he’s worked.
In his view, the more each partner embraces differentiation, the better able they are to develop deep intimacy and explore their sexual potential with each other. These five chapters are designed to help you achieve more sexual fulfilment, connect with your partner on a more intimate level during sex, and experience your relationship in new ways. Schnarch explores the core issues of emotionally intimate relationships and helps couples develop passion for each other both in and out of the bedroom. If you or someone you know is interested in undertaking counselling with us please explore the website for more information. I have heard from hundreds of people just like you who desperately wish for a happy marriage yet don’t have a partner willing to work towards that goal. I sincerely hope that you receive many great benefits from reading the above listed best marriage books. We also serve clients both in-person, via telephone, nationally & internationally via Skype.
The process stated in the book can be easily followed by couples in solitude and it is sure to work wonders with their relationship. The gist of it all is that it’s better to let a guy go if he doesn’t dig you as there are scores of others who will fall for you. Splendidly edited by Joyce & Barry Vissell, this book is a collection of fascinating tales of love which will stop you from laying down the book unless you have devoured every single page in it. So if you are a married couple, make sure to read this one to learn the facts and get rid of the myths about a successful relationship. Passionate Marriage was one of only five books nominated from 300 entries for the “Books for a Better Life” award, which recognises “books that have changed the lives of millions”. Schnarch focuses on the process of “differentiation”, which involves defining oneself as an individual. He points out that when emotional gridlock arises in relationships, many people attempt to manage the conflicts by diminishing one’s own needs or sense of self or by requiring their partners to do so. Schnarch provides clear and explicit advice on how to develop intense intimacy and have incredible sex with your partner. Schnarch uses the third and final section of Passionate Marriage to provide insight into how marriages evolve, including the role of sex and intimacy in each partner’s personal growth and how to balance personal growth with the stability of the relationship.

Shedd, this book is a compilation of 29 letters from the author to his son, giving him the framework of being in a successful relationship.
And one more thing, do read the book but do make sure to stay a million miles away from the movie by the same name. Bethany Marshall clearly states whom to be with and whom to walk away from as many a times we are so taken up by someone that we fail to see that the relationship is never going to work. He believes that developing and maintaining a sense of self is essential to having a close relationship with our partners. That often pushes couples farther apart rather than bringing them closer together, while differentiation can lead to positive outcomes. He encourages couples to shift out of an “orgasm-centered mindset” that sometimes produces a false sense of emotional closeness during sexual contact, and instead favours a view that takes into account the many dimensions of sexual experience and intimacy. He returns to the idea of differentiation and how it can lead to greater intimacy with your partner. While most couples have their challenges, believe it or not there are those out there that are not in crisis. Although first published in the late 60s, the thoughts in the book haven’t lost their significance. In Schnarch’s view, achieving passionate sex and intimacy isn’t about communication, it’s about “holding onto yourself” as a distinct person.
Schnarch also discusses intimacy and desire in section 1, pointing out that they don’t come easily –they’re challenging and “not for the faint of heart”. Chapters such as “Fucking, Doing, and Being Done” give a broader view of the dynamics possible in sexual relationships and provide ways to enhance both passion and romance in your marriage. Schnarch also points out that the issues that may arise as a result of differentiation usually create their own solutions.
They may have already worked on their relationship or they could just be generally easygoing people.
You are about to make an investment in your most precious asset, your relationship, and you want to make sure you are investing wisely.

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