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The Best Writing Book I’ve Ever Read Tell us how we can help you. Write Your Story in One SittingJohn Steinbeck said, “Write freely and as rapidly as possible. Every storyteller hates to get cut off before she gets to finish telling her story, and you will write faster and longer in order to get the end.The day after reading this advice, I wrote a 2,000 word story.
I normally write very slowly, rarely more than 1,000 words a day, but the next day I wrote a 3,000 word story. Instead, he lets the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed authors in the 20th century speak about the craft themselves, filling the book with hundreds of quotes from dozens of authors.I especially liked when he pitted these authors against each other, showing how they disagreed, for example, about point of view or how to write a first draft. Writing slowly, on the other hand, allows you to thoroughly define your characters and their voices, to develop the setting, and fill in holes in the plot.Most professional writers, Koch explains, write three drafts. Some writers, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, for example, write very slow, complicated first drafts, full of tangents and false starts. For these writers, a fast second draft can unify the story and bring vitality to the prose. As I mentioned before, it’s a conversation between the best authors in the world about what it means to write and how to do the job well.
What is the best book about writing you’ve ever read?PRACTICEWrite a story in one sitting.
Julie HedlundI hadn’t heard of this book, but you can bet I’ll be getting it now!
The nice thing is that they agree on quite a lot, which provides a standard structure so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, or the writing life, anyway. It’s a literary term called a rhetorical question) which often prevents me from moving forward.
When Louise laundered Favorite the enormous metal cartoon eyes were scratched in the dryer and Louise was afraid that Antoinette would be upset, but Antoinette didn’t seem to mind. She funny about things,” said Louise in a low tone of voice, the tone of voice one uses when they don’t want a child to pay attention.“Doesn’t like to be called honey. Why not?” said Kathleen to Antoinette.Antoinette drew her brows down and tucked her chin in. She is one of those characters that just seemed to show up in my mind personality in place. Giulia EspositoAll right, I’m burning with curiousity to find out what that present is, and what Antoinette was going to say.

While I write non-fiction, I always find new approaches and tools in any book about writing.
The practice below ballooned to 3000 words in one go and it might just hit 10,000 if I get time to really finish it today. Never straying through the garden gate, never going farther than the barn to feed the animals, or harvest them up for supper. Tonight she sat on the roof, her face thoughtful as the greens, yellows and pinks of the northern lights played across her cheeks and whispered sweet nothings to her ears. So many evenings on the roof she wanted to slide down from the roof rail to land in the hawthorn bushes and tear herself away from the farm, from the turf, from the house and her ailing grandmother. Occasionally she would brighten up and ramble about wedding cakes and fancy candies she had made and sold in town.
A diligent young woman, she had kept the farm afloat through droughts, depressions and pestilence by selling her handiwork and designing the polyresin domes that made life in the north possible. No wallpaper could ever be as beautiful as the tattoos Lindy had lovingly sketched out and painted floor to ceiling in every room. Sitting in the musty house, making tea for her grandmother, tending the garden, cooking the meals, it was all done in a dream.
She was a famous archeologist, digging up priceless artifacts as she removed the stones from the garden plots. The one where the butcher’s son had come calling after Tulip had been lamed stepping into a gopher hole in the pastures. She had been determined to be civil, but that didn’t mean she had to treat him like a treasured guest.
MissaraleeThanks Giulia ?? I saw a picture of an old house under the northern lights a few days ago and this story grew as I kept imagining those colours and the feeling the sadness of it. I used to actually pace when I got stuck in the middle of an English paper back in my university days to get myself unstuck. I just spent fifteen mintues taking a part of piece I speed wrote the other day, the ghost story with the twins, and doing a slow second draft.
Mostly I went through this scene, was dialogue heavy and added in a lot of detail and narration that I had left out the first time. The hazel colour of his once bottle green eyes, eyes that had been identical to hers, shocked Cassandra; they had darkened even more just a few hours. Do you not see what’shappening?” He ran out of the room and soon they heard a door slam upstairs.Cassandra let her head fall into her hands and bit her lip until she tastedblood.

With a sudden thumping her in chest, she rose out of bed and slipped down the hall into Tom’s room. He slept face down, his breathing heavy and though the room was cold, he had kicked off the blankets and his skin was hotto the touch. She moved to climb into bed with him, to sleep with him like they had when they were children, but even as she lifted the blanket to pull over herself, it was wrenched away. She let out a scream as Tom suddenly collapsed back on the bed, limp and lifeless.He jolted upright almost in the next instant. Where can I read more ?? Giulia EspositoCurrently, only in my notebook ?? I’m glad you liked it. Giulia EspositoThanks Marianne, I might actually finished revising the entire story slow later on.
DO THE WORK, by Steven Pressfield, well-selling author of historical fiction,and The Legend of Bagger Vance, and the terrific nonfiction book, THE WAR OF ART.
After reading DO THE WORK, I sat down and spent two hours writing a brand new synopsis of the script I just sent off. Robert LeeI just ordered the book from my library and just received an email notification that it is ready to be picked up. HannahWriting a story in one sitting can be quite a sad thing, I rarely do it because once you stand up the story is over, the characters are finished… but still there is always that hope for a future greater story to be bloomed from it. I wrote it in about half an hour, the characters started whispering in my head and then like an exhale of breath, they appeared on the page. Haha, but yeah, it was actually about four months later that I looked back at it, thinking that it was inspired by my forbidden lover, but then looking deeper (and falling once again for my Love that so easily gets away), I realized it was partly inspired by him and I, the one who keeps getting away, I mean and it was actually written on the day that he asked me for my number and we started talking, pondering all the Universe together in our budding Platonic love.
But anyways, I do love Stephen King’s On Writing and find his radical resentment for adverbs hilarious and somehow understandable. Scott Fitzgerald could pull their excessive off gracefully, anyone else, good luck and may your rest in literary pieces. SusanAfter finishing my Linguistics masters ( a long process for me), I wanted to expand my writing beyond the academic (which I handle quite well).
Around that time, order to avoid airline miles expiring, I had to make an on-line purchase before midnight.

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