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Non-fiction books are often read by some of the top entrepreneurs like Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, and many more! The entrepreneur in you requires some kind of inspiration to stay on track in this competitive enterprise world. Guy Kawasaki walks through the process and shows us what it takes to turn an idea into a venture.
While Lean manufacturing is one of the most famous concepts, originated by Ford early on and worked upon by Toyota and Motorola later on, it is one of the concepts still put to use even to this day.
Creating a stable startup culture under uncertain economic conditions is hard to beget and this book will guide you through the process. As quoted by Businessman and Investor Mark Cuban, “If given a chance of investing in someone who reads Rework or one with an MBA, I would invest in Rework every time!” Such is the impact this book has on entrepreneurs worldwide. This book promotes the necessity of the focus on one thing at a time and opposes the multi-tasking approach. Starting and maintaining a steady flow of income through  online mediums is easier said than done. Get no-nonsense, practical tips to succeed in your online venture and how to succeed even when you have time, money and other factors working against you. Obstacles are one of the most common elements that any startup or entrepreneur has to face, but this book equips you with the skills and the techniques needed to steamroll under such situations. Given the volatility of the online marketplace, innovation and creativity extend out of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to the online ventures. A specialist in digital media marketing, author Jay Samit has to offer a lot of insider tips and tricks to make the most of your unique voice and flourish at both a startup and individual level. Turning ideas into businesses or streams of income effortlessly is what author Chris Guillebeau is capable of.
In this book, you’ll find the invaluable experience from people who have built a business with little to no financial backing. Leveraging on your unique assets and offerings is the key to finding success as an online blogger and many of the key aspects of successful bloggers are discussed in this book.
Global consulting has been taken to an altogether new level and consultants are the hottest thing on the market. Profiting in a troubled market, Leveraging blogging, social media, and marketing, and delegating labor are some of the key concepts covered in this must-read book for online entrepreneurs.
How do you know even before you are getting started if your business idea will take off or not? The only major drawback of this book is that it assumes you already have a business plan in place since it doesn’t go through the process of building one!
The e-myth revisited is a must-read book for online entrepreneurs looking forward to growing their business in a productive fashion. It is essential that you are in it for all the right purposes and not just for the advantages that it comes packed with. This is one of the best books for Startup entrepreneurs and it comes directly from Entrepreneur Media and the vast expertise that they bring along with them. From choosing a business, working on a business model, choosing partners to work with, getting funded, managing taxes and employees are some of the key topics that this book covers. Over 100 charts or diagrams, and over 70 checklists help you form a structural guideline to guide your startup in the right way. With engaging interviews and a lot of practical first-hand recollection of the challenges faced by successful online entrepreneurs, this is a book with a wealth of knowledge and insights.
This book teaches you to make the most of your unique personality, skills and expertise to leverage it on building your personal brand.
Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who have mastered the art of influencing people and making friends effortlessly. Coming straight from the founder and CEO of Behance, there is a lot of inputs to take away from this amazing book. The book follows groundbreaking research with real-life case studies so you get to better understand the reason some ideas catch on and what you could do in your power to do the same. Attracting the masses is what some of the companies like Apple, Google, Nike seem to achieve effortlessly. Managing workflow, and allowing marketers to align themselves with the market expectations and demands are some of the key topics that this book covers.
Buyology is one of the most amazing books to better understand the buying patterns and behaviors of customers. The author, who was voted as one of the TIME magazine’s influential people in 2009 offers you the research and expertise to help you better understand how and why people buy and what makes them tick? So, as we come to the closure of this exhaustive article, which are your most favorite books from the above list? A Shouter whose articles got mentions from the likes of The New York Times, Kissmetrics and AllTopStories.
We decided to read about half way through each of our books, then get together and discuss what we thought of the book so far and then make guesses about what was going to happen next.
Anyways, I felt guilty and told Ashley I had read a little further then her… The next day I confessed that I already finished the first book… And then tonight, at Happy Hour, I told her I finished all three books! In college, when we had a day off, we made up fun little drinking games (like the Harry Potter sexual tension game) and went crazy. So Friday night rolls around and we decided to make it a fun little college roommate night. Kenlee decided to keep it simple this week with some fun and easy questions so let’s get to it, shall we? I am excited for this new challenge, and I’m starting the first workout as soon as I hit publish.
Isn’t it funny how when you put it like that, living our lives based on that number seems so ridiculous? I watch way too much reality tv, so I don’t even know how I would answer that — Top Chef maybe?
Also, I hope that BBBC can bring out even more of the strength of body and mind and the mindfulness that I know you have within you. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. No book can replace the real experience of managing your own company; however there are several lessons that are worth learning ahead of time.
Becoming a Category of One reveals how extraordinary companies succeed, and offers you the tools and ideas to help your business emulate their success.
Think and Grow Rich is a must for anyone wanting to improve their lives and their positive thinking.

Jason says: This book is a much more scientific take on the above Becoming a Category of One.
Jason says: This book proves that you can create a successful company without an endless supply of resources. A new product, a new service, a new company, a new division, a new organization, a new anything—where there’s a will, here’s the way. It begins with a dream that just won’t quit, the once-in-a-lifetime thunderbolt of pure inspiration, the obsession, the world-beater, the killer app, the next big thing.
Jason says: This book taught me how to create a cadence to get our company marching to the same beat. Most people believe that the best way to motivate is with rewards like money—the carrot-and-stick approach. Offering some insights into practical real-world survival tips, non-fiction books have always been at the helm as the source of inspiration for entrepreneurs. While there are hundreds of non-fiction books, which of these would help you get the most out of your next business venture?
An evangelist for Apple in the 1980’s, Guy Kawasaki pours all of his experience and background in the industry into The Art of the Start. There is a lot to lean manufacturing that it is pretty amusing startups and entrepreneurs do not make the most of its techniques and minimize costs while working on improving returns. Concepts such as rapid prototyping, validated learning, rapid scientific experimentation, and others are introduced in the book, which drives their inspiration from lean manufacturing.
This book is also actively endorsed by Seth Godin as one of the must-reads for entrepreneurs.
But if you are looking to build upon your existing online business or looking forward to venturing into a new online business, this is a must-read.
Although anyone these days with a computer and an internet connection can start online businesses, operating a successful online business is an altogether new thing.
Easily one of the best must-read books for entrepreneurs of all kinds, and now just those seeking an online venture. Innovation, creativity and finding your unique voice has become so much essential for online startups, just as much as it is important for any Fortune 500 corporation. Learn more about how personal transformation could help you and your online venture reap entrepreneurial benefits in this must-read book before you start your own online business. Learn from him in his book how having a huge investor money in your bank is not always needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. You also don’t need an MBA degree to succeed in business and the exact real-life skills and techniques needed to tackle entrepreneurial challenges are covered in this must-read book.
Be it as a blog for a business entity or at an individual level, blogging has become all essential to creating your own voice and brand online. Creating compelling content, active participation in social media, and diversifying income streams are some of the many topics covered by this book.
You get to decide on which projects to work on, you decide your own pay rate and you get to decide on your working hours. Will it Fly, is an amazing book that tries to drive from your intuitive and analytical abilities to analyze your startup idea if it has the potential to take off successfully! This book will help you rediscover your true beliefs and demands and help you become a successful freelancer or consultant, with the much needed practical examples and advice. This book covers everything about starting a new venture as a startup entrepreneur and walks you through all of the processes of a startup initiation. This book is easily one of the best books for startup entrepreneurs to invest their time, money and efforts in a best possible way.
The outlines of this book are followed by The National Science Foundation to train new startups and is easily one of the best books for entrepreneurs.
Online businesses tend to fall into the traps and myths of the business and this book would make sure that you are not making this most common mistakes.
Writing an evening column for The Evening Standard, Lucy Tobin has profiled many successful online business owners who have made it.
Harness the power of the internet and this book to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. One of the oldest books in this list, it is definitely a goldie to cherish for a long time to come! Only when these ideas are acted upon, they start to make sense and reap yourself entrepreneurial benefits.
While coming up with new ideas is a great way to get started with a business, it is more in making your ideas happen that matters at the end of the day. What makes certain things catch on easily by the crowds is something people wonder all the time!
He writes articles, novels and poems; spends most of his time reading everything he could get his hands on.
If I were to add to this list, I’d include Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joseph Sugarman (great for learning copywriting) and How To Make Millions With Your Ideas by Dan S. Even if she decides it’s not for her, you really only need two people for it to be a club, right? We thought it would be more fun and less formal (aka more our style) to not have specific questions we were going to ask during our meetings, but rather just have a discussion. We decided that our first book was going to be Fifty Shades of Grey since EVERYONE is talking about it. Ashley (one of my bridesmaids and best friends) and I decided to have a Carolyn-and-Ashley-day-of-fun.
Tyler and I met everyone at Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then we decided to grab some drinks in Clarendon. My sister doesn’t have a smart phone either, but I do think you two might be the last ones. I mean, it’s pretty much exactly like the last 15 or so of them have been, but I love each and every one of them!! Packed with real case studies and personal reflections from successful business leaders, it helps you apply the best practices of the best companies to set yourself apart from your competitors and turn your business into a market leader. While every one of our competitors began to offer the same functions, we chose a different path. The world’s top advertising guru, Paul Arden, offers up his wisdom on issues as diverse as problem solving, responding to a brief, communicating, playing your cards right, making mistakes and creativity, all notions that can be applied to aspects of modern life.
My favorite takeaway is that most people don’t realize that the current job they are in could be the one that makes them famous. There have been more millionaires and indeed, billionaires, who have made their fortunes as a result of reading this success classic than any other book every printed.
In this book you’ll discover that many people give up on their dreams due to a what is often a short-term setback.

Based on a study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than a hundred years and thirty industries, authors W. I used this book with my product development team to help them continue to think like a startup as we grew. Even the busiest of the successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates make sure that they cater some time daily for reading books.
Starting your online business in a sense is not much different than venturing into a new startup. If you are more interested in the very recent version, Guy Kawasaki has also released The Art of the Start 2.0 if you choose to go with it.
Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup establishes a method on how startups and entrepreneurs could make the most of the lean manufacturing and bring it to their startups.
This book should appeal to both managers and employees alike in making business plans and the need for speed in plan chalking. This book holds the secrets to successfully starting your online business and growing the business even when you have everything against you.
While aiming big and setting big goals is definitely the best way to get off to a positive start to your business, getting things done is more important. He teaches about opting out of the traditional employment strategies and how to make the most out of your ideas, act on them to build a steady flow of income for yourself.
In this book, author Ruth Soukup offers solid, practical advice on how to find your voice online and build a profitable and authentic online blog. Offering complete work satisfaction and flexibility, professional consultants are valued for their skillset and expertise. The e-myth revisited tries to nullify all of the myths surrounding your next online business. This kind of flexibility does not come easy and a lot of work has to be put in to enjoy that kind of flexibility in your work and life. Achieving a discipline towards your work and work-life balance are also some of the few topics that this book covers for online entrepreneurs. In her book, you get the stories of the different online startups, their challenges and how they went on to overcome them. The time-tested advice in this book has been said to help now-famous people climb up the ladder of success. This process of getting from the ideation phase to actual reality is something that many entrepreneurs fear of. This book will teach you the reasons and factors that cause a few ideas to catch on instantly while some tend to fade away with time.
Get an entirely new perspective on cultivating a personal and startup brand to stand out from your competitors and attract the crowds.
If you are planning on an online business where you intend to sell or resell products, this is a must-read for you! Srikanth is currently pursuing his Masters from The University of Illinois and holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from the University of Mumbai. Obviously we were already breaking book club rules by talking to each other about the book while we were reading it – I mean, how could we NOT talk about that book!? Twenty-three and twenty-four is much more closer to being young than it is to being old… But we sure do feel old sometimes. It’s so great to watch you jump outside your comfort zone, can’t wait to see how the program goes! You can learn a tremendous amount simply by studying the leaders in your industry that have succeeded before you. The following book recommendations offer a starting point to help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey. This book provides a unique insight into the world of advertising into easy-to-digest, bite-sized spreads. It teaches you to master your current role through a series of inspirational stories from the late Paul Arden, former Creative Director of one of the world’s leading advertising agencies.
But what does it take to turn your idea into action? Whether you are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or not-for-profit crusader, there’s no shortage of advice available on issues such as writing a business plan, recruiting, raising capital, and branding.
These non-fiction books make it easy to draw inspiration from some of the most experienced and insightful in the industry.
Although Online businesses operate somewhat differently, the core concepts and the ideas are usually retained. Focusing on entrepreneurship, bootstrapping your way to success, starting your online business, pitching ideas to investors and much more, The Art of the Start has a lot to offer for inspiring the entrepreneur in you.
This book talks about how to own yourself as a leader and a company, setting and defining long-term goals, and finally fearlessly working on the plans. A hobby or an obsession that keeps you up at night is something you ought to pursue full-time. No, I don’t need to go crazy (and quite frankly, I don’t want to), but I can still have fun! And the business world has caught on – companies around the world are skipping the bloody red oceans of rivals and creating their very own blue oceans. In fact, there are so many books, articles, and Web sites that many startups get bogged down to the point of paralysis.
In this provocative and persuasive new book, he asserts that the secret to high performance and satisfaction-at work, at school, and at home—is the deeply human need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world. Drawing on four decades of scientific research on human motivation, Pink exposes the mismatch between what science knows and what business does—and how that affects every aspect of life. Use this book to teach you how to empower your employees to become the extraordinary thought leaders that they are capable of becoming.
While entrepreneurship is not just about doing one specific task perfectly, it is a combination of a multitude of skills, knowledge and domain understanding. Or else they focus on the wrong priorities and go broke before they discover their mistakes.
He examines the three elements of true motivation—autonomy, mastery, and purpose-and offers smart and surprising techniques for putting these into action in a unique book that will change how we think and transform how we live.
Since the required domain knowledge is hard to gain without gaining some entrepreneurial experience in your niche, that void is filled by non-fiction books.
You’ll learn how to be more productive, how to get exposure without breaking the bank, and tons more counterintuitive ideas that will inspire and provoke you.

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