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If you are looking to clear Oracle Java Certifications then Videos from Durga Sir is the best. Good Video channel with 309,688 subscribers and 26,209,510 views that will make you understand the Java Concepts with clarity. If you want to study Java with Database connectivity that is JDBC then this YouTube Channel is the best for you. As holidays have started and I am sure many of you have enrolled with some courses or training. First I will suggest you to refer to a€?The Complete Reference Javaa€? by Herbert Schildt Published by Tata McGraw-Hill. Second book that I am going to refer to you is a level up from the last one and I wona€™t suggest any Java newbie to go for this book unless and until you have any prior knowledge of Java. If you know any other books which you find easy and helpful and used for learning java or have any feedback, suggestions or experience then you can share it with me on my twitter and other social media.
While making this list, I realized that it is very difficult to make a top-ten-like list of books that would represent a particular field (Java programming language in this case).
Sun Certified Programmer for Java: One of the best Java books for beginners, Sun Certified Programmer has covered all aspects of Java in a proper manner. Java in a Nutshell: Written by David Flanagan, this is a good reference cum tutorial Java book for both beginners and intermediate programmers who want to improve their understanding of Java concepts. Data Structures and Algorithms in Java: Unlike most other Java books, with this book you can learn Java together with the very basic algorithms and data structures. Java 7 Programming Black Book: Most of the books presented here are good for understanding and analyzing the core concepts in Java programming.
The Java Language Specification: This books provides a complete and detailed coverage of all aspects in Java. Some of the best Java books for beginners from my list would include Head First Java, Thinking in Java, The Java Programming Language, Sun Certified Programmer for Java and Java in a Nutshell. And, for intermediate and experienced Java programmers, some good Java books to look into are Effective Java, Java Concurrency in Practice, Head First Design Patterns, Java Performance and Java Generics and Collections.
Our main mission is to help out programmers and coders, students and learners in general, with relevant resources and materials in the field of computer programming.

After teaching Java for some years now I felt that it is not easy to understand the language directly reading from book. There are certain new topics in the Video series such as Eclipse Shortcut Keys, Design Pattern that are not available in other video series. In this series of lectures Netbeans software is used to show JDBC connectivity using Sqlite(MySQL) database. Although there are various resources available in the names of tutorials, blogs, coding examples and tips, a good Java book is always necessary as it covers the subjects with more details and explanations. The book guides you to best programming practices in Java and teaches you how to effectively use and optimize the language in real programming world. This book provides a clear and concise explanation to how to apply design patterns, how to solve common problems, etc. It is complete covering every aspect in Java, and can also be used as a reference Java book. In newer editions of the book, several new chapters, topics and sections have been added and updated with modern practices for making robust and efficient Java softwares. For Generics and Collections, which are the core aspects of Java, this book has a gold mine of detailed information.
It focuses on object oriented design principles such as programming for interface rather than implementation, DRY, favor composition over inheritance, and more. If you love puzzles (which are often included in core Java interviews to determine the Java programming skills of a candidate), this book is a boon. It comes with a CD containing sample papers of the OCJP (Oracle Certified Java Professional) exam.
The tutorial starts from the very basic of installing JDK and covers topics like Polymorphism, Graphics, Event Handling and many more.
These video lectures from Durga Sir not only shows how to implement java concept but also makes you understand according to Certification Exam. At Technokarak, he writes articles on Wordpress, SEO, Mobiles, Tablets and other technical stuff.
Though I cana€™t decide which book will suit you the best but I can share the names of those books which I studied when I was a newbie to this brutal world of Java Programming.

It’s content are categorized into Items which are sub-categorized into chapters, and compared to other Java books, it covers and details almost every concepts of Java with a slightly different approach. If you are pursuing your career as a Java programmer and are wiling to learn real core aspects of Java programming language, this is one of the must-have books for you. Understanding core Java design pattern and object-oriented design principle has been made easy with lots of exercises, memory maps, bullet points and more. With many class diagrams and intelligent coding examples, this is a must-have book for those who like to analyze Java concepts by writing example codes. It is a very useful book for experienced programmers as well as for those who want to sharpen their knowledge of Java Collections and Generics. Head First Object Oriented Analysis and Design teaches you best programming practices by writing good codes in Java. The best way to utilize this book would be to try to solve the puzzles in the book by yourself and only then look into the explanations and solutions provided.
So, if you’re a Java developer focused on User Interface, this book will provide whatever you need to create User Interface for your Java software.
Head First Java covers: 1) all fundamental Java programming topics about Object, Class, Thread, Collection, 2) language features like Enum, Generics and 3) advanced features like Networking, Swing and Java IO. The knowledge gained from this book will prove to be useful for understanding any object-oriented programming platform. In this post I have come up with Top 4 YouTube Channels that are best for learning Java language from the very basic concept. So, those who already have some Java programming experiences will find this book very useful. This book covers mostly advance concepts of Java Programming with lots of examples and comes with a practice CD which will be an add-on help for you.

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