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It is with great joy and gratitude that we announce the posthumous publishing of our father’s last book, Leonardo’s Brain: Understanding Da Vinci’s Creative Genius which he completed shortly before he passed five years ago. Leonardo’s Brain is not only one of his grand intellectual journeys akin to his books Art & Physics, The Alphabet vs The Goddess and Sex, Time and Power, but in many ways, represents a synthesis of so many of his ideas connecting neurology, history, philosophy, art, science, creativity and ourselves. AND Jon Sternfeld at Lyon’s Press (Globe Pequot), Robert Stricker, his long time literary agent who introduced us to Andy Ross, the literary agent for Leonardo’s Brain, Editor Ann Patty, (The Life of Pi) , Independent booksellers Book Passages of Mill Valley, Diesel Books in Brentwood and The Strand Bookstore in NYC. African American men constitute roughly 6% of the population but a devastating 40% of all victims of murder. Mary Rose has put her writing on hold as she stays home with her 5 and 2-year-olds while her partner Hilary travels for her work. The Making of Zombie Wars is about an aspiring screenwriter in Chicago who is full of ideas for Hollywood blockbusters, whose new zombie script is really starting to take shape.
A novel with the brevity, polish, and resonance of a folk tale, both timeless and firmly anchored in the present, The Tusk That Did the Damage explores the complexities of the ivory trade without ever becoming didactic. Seth Grahame-Smith made his big break out with an idea of a literary mash-up combining Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice with zombies. A Little Life is the powerfully moving story of four college friends and their challenges with success and each other.
Slade House is a strange and inventive novel and much like David Mitchell's previous works, The Bone Clocks and Cloud Atlas, it defies an easy description. Modern Romance is standup comedian and actor (Parks and Recreation) Aziz Ansari's peek into today's dating world and the frustrations of communicating using modern technology.
A spinster was originally a young lady who spun wool in medieval times and later used to describe a woman working in textile mills of the 18th century. I was not very familiar with North Korean history before reading Fischer's book but the premise intrigued me.
You probably picked this book up because you have seen a lot of articles about internet trolls shaming people on social media and you want to read a more in-depth exploration of the subject.
Judd Apatow knew from a young age that he wanted to be a comedian and his passion for it shows in the highly entertaining book, Sick in the Head. Learning to watch for the environmental and psychological triggers that can derail our rational thought process is the first step to changing our behavior. Now is the time for technologists to decide if machines will enhance or supplant the human race. The father of behavioral economics has written the definitive history of this fascinating area of study interwoven with the autobiography of his academic and scholarly life. We were excited to see many of our previous picks for best books of the year turned into movies this year.
We asked nearly 150 booksellers from 20 bookstores across America to send us their favorite books of the year.
Like most chaos magicians, and the majority of British magicians for that matter, I’m fairly allergic to the gods at the best of times. My treat for completing two books last year was to buy myself Jacques Vallee's collected journals: Forbidden Science vol 1 and vol 2.
The feature image comes from this article about yet another 'NASA keeps photographing weird things' incident. Alternativia's list of rigorous, upright researchers continues to shrink, rather than grow, but David Paulides's name remains at or near the top. Of all Peter Jackson's many deviations from the story of Lord of the Rings (to say nothing of The Hobbit), there is one that is relatively easy to stomach. Just like the deliberate engineering of our financial illiteracy through primary school and high school, this is a marvellous piece of class warfare. A global conspiracy is a toxic oversimplification whose usefulness has been so muddied by psyops and competing interests as to be a complete waste of time. In the nineties it was totally legitimate to wear a beanie for reasons other than ear-warmth. We all have movies that we defend as being good or underrated even though we know we probably shouldn't. A frequent accusation levelled at conspiracy theories is that they serve as replacement narratives for ostensibly post-religious people still seeking meaning in the movemment of the wider world. It wouldn't be the end of the year in media without a twitterstream clogged with trends, predictions and 'Top 7' lists.

You have a slightly better than 50% chance of surviving a plane crash based on 2010 figures.
If you maintain a chaos magic blog, belief as a topic returns with the tiresome regularity of cold sores.
In Ghettoside Leovy, a long time reporter for the Los Angeles Times, chronicles the ‘plague of murders’ that cripple South LA.
This book covers a week where Mary Rose is immersed in child care when she starts having recurring pain from a childhood illness.
This time, Atkinson gave him a full life, complete with military service, a wife, and an increasingly difficult daughter. Narrated from the perspective of a filmmaker, a poacher, and an elephant named The Gravedigger, James’ blend of compassion and restraint, and her simply gorgeous prose add up to perfection. 17 year old Lucien (Lucy) Minor, compulsive liar and village mollycoddle, leaves home to take a post in the far away Castle Von Aux. The setting is Casablanca, Morocco, where an American woman's purse is stolen with all of her cash and identification. Everyone on earth scrambles in a last-ditch attempt to save the human race from the apocalyptic aftermath, rushing to send as many people and genetic materials as possible to a cobbled together International Space Station. This was an occupation that an unmarried woman could have to achieve a modicum of independence.
I am still grappling with it, still trying to wrap my head around its message and what it says about the world. The plot, (dictator abducts his neighbor's most famous director and actress to force them to make “quality” propaganda films) sounds ridiculous, but it is true and the author does an excellent job of telling the story with all the action and suspense it deserves. It is a heartwarming story of a homeless man inspired by a homeless dog to turn his life around. Goldsmith and Reiter give us the tools to learn from these triggers and enact meaningful and lasting change. Markoff gives an excellent history of robotics and artificial intelligence and we would be wise to learn from and be cautious of the progress that has been made so far. The mythology that is building around him and his current companies, Tesla, Space X, and SolarCity rivals coverage of Steve Jobs, and brings renewed excitement to the tech industry.
If you have been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know my allegiances lie… elsewhere. It was an absolute lifeline for teenage Gordon to realise there were other weirdos out there. This year’s books were selected by a group of twenty-four booksellers from across the country. Using individual cases to tell the grim story Leovy manages to personalize and bring immediacy to her analysis of a cycle of violence that ravages the community. Teddy always felt that his life was an accident, and that he was an impostor, but could never understand why that thought always recurred. Now Seth leads this new creative style of literary genre with his recent creation The Last American Vampire, a novel that lays out a time-sequenced past clashing with clever fiction. Soon she takes on another woman's identity and becomes a stand-in for a movie star, the identity of which is left to the reader's imagination. Francis is an emotionally and physically damaged genius who focuses most of his energy on hiding his past and his fragility. Like an alchemist dabbling with different ingredients, Mitchell skillfully mixes and blends genres and time periods. The survivors quickly find out that the Hard Rain that is set to destroy the earth is really nothing compared to the social, political, scientific, and moral questions that await them. Ansari and sociologist Eric Klinenberg take the dilemmas of finding a partner seriously (there are even graphs and charts) and they have filled the book with their insights.
The pejorative connotations came when the term was used for single women beyond a marriageable age. Couched as a letter to his 15 year-old son, Coates’ book is an attempt to come to terms with what it means to grow up as an African-American male in 2015. Ronson shows the effects shaming has not just on internet culture but also the serious implications it has had on our criminal justice system.
Apatow has a way of getting comedians to reveal more than they would in a normal interview and illuminate the joy they get from making people laugh.

But that outlook (plus meaningful introspection) and his adventures around the world also make him a compelling subject. She grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and moved back there with her husband after attending schools in New England and she skillfully expresses feelings about her southern roots unflinchingly. Tetlock and Gardner have studied the results of the landmark 2005 study of forecasting and have found that becoming a “superforecaster” is a skill that can be learned. Following some very complicated math, we determined the 25 most bookseller-beloved books of the year.
If you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can get the word out, we would appreciate the support immensely. We had the privilege to review 100s of books that were published this year and as always it was very difficult to choose which books made the list. As an adult she deals with memories of her depressed mother and her siblings that didn’t survive.
A God in Ruins tells the story of Teddy’s extraordinary life and how he eventually comes to terms with it. From the violent crime spree of Jack the Ripper, to the outlandish plan conjured up by Mark Twain to snuff out the invincible vampire Rasputin, the reader will witness an entertaining rewrite of history. Charming and occasionally absurd Undermajordomo Minor is an amalgamation of bildungsroman, fable, adventure tale, and comedy of manners. Jude’s constant doubt that he is worthy of devotion is heartbreaking, but also affirming in the sense that every one of us has our own strength and love to share.
The result is a well-orchestrated, often manic, journey that begins as all good mysteries do, steeped in uncertainty and confusion. There are plenty of laughs and the book appeals to both single people and anyone looking for a funny glance into all the options of finding someone special in this modern world.
Kate Bolick posits that this is not a terrible fate that befalls women but can be conscious choice in order to live a full and fulfilled life. John purposely gets caught burglarizing establishments to spend his winters in prison, but he realizes prison is not a viable option with George in his life.
Finnegan’s style is a blend of flash and restraint that works fairly brilliantly over the course of Barbarian Days.
Her favorite photographic subjects have been her three children and the controversy that sprang from pictures of them playing naked in the river which runs through their land brought a notoriety that Mann still has. Musk, “Are you a superhero, or a supervillain?” you know you’re dealing with a compelling subject. There is something very Edward Gorey about this one, others have compared it to Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel and I totally get that too.
She starts with her own experience and also examines the lives and choices of some women that lived a life that suited them and not necessarily society including Edith Wharton and Edna St. Her views on art, family, and heritage are discussed in a way that doesn’t dismiss her detractors but seeks a common point where we can all view these subjects in a humane and thoughtful way.
In this first major biography of Musk, Ashlee Vance offers fascinating insight into both the man and his work. MacDonald deftly draws Mary Rose as a character we recognize, we empathize with and we cheer for as she balances her responsibilities and the memories that flood her consciousness. Deftly written from start to finish, it is the perfect accompaniment to a dark winter evening. The book is full of photographs, Mann’s and others’, and I’d love an afternoon in the shade by the river for her to explain her vision in each of them. This is not a new story but it is told in a lively and vivid way that is thought provoking and ultimately uplifting. It’s a many layered amalgam of philosophical questions, unique literary style, pure entertainment, and Hemon’s usual blurring of fiction and reality. This book is both personal and global – women have been making these choices and dealing with all of the associated joys and fallout for ages.

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