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There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book, than the page you were stuck on.
Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book, than the page you were stuck on.
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As soon as the news hit, I started getting messages from readers, asking if I’d heard what happened.
In Time Between Us, I set up the idea that Bennett would eventually take Anna to Paris, so I knew it would be one of their destinations in the sequel, Time After Time. Pont des Arts was the original one, but I wasn’t sure it was the one for Anna and Bennett until I learned about its connection to the French film, Amelie. When the book was nearly complete, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the Paris chapters were missing something.
I spent hours on this bridge, reading the locks, taking photographs, and thinking about all the people who kissed a padlock key and threw it into the River Seine. Le Temps Contre Nous — the French edition of Time Between Us — released in Paris the week we were there, so I stopped by this cute little bookshop to say bonjour! Characters are so real to their authors, and I love it when readers tell me that Anna and Bennett are real to them too.
If you liked this post, you might also enjoy my recent photo tour through Anna’s hometown.
In honor of that lovely lock bridge and the story that brought me to Paris, I’m giving away a very special edition of Time After Time.
While I was in LA, I met with the team from CBS Films, and got a complete update on everything related to the Time Between Us film currently in development. We also talked about casting ideas (so fun, but sorry… I have to keep it on the hush!), the role music will play in the film (Big role!
I left the meeting feeling like this team (1) truly understands Time Between Us, from the time travel logic to the heart of the story, (2) loves Anna & Bennett as much as my readers and I do, and (3) wants to bring my characters to life in the best possible way. I had such an incredible week touring with fellow YA authors Jessica Brody, Lauren Miller, and Jessica Khoury. I’m still completely blown away by the fact that my books are published in different languages.

To show my appreciation, I’m currently doing a big international edition giveaway on my Facebook page! Check it out HERE. And I have to admit, since this is my first book that isn’t about Anna and Bennett, it was hard to imagine falling in love with characters the same way I fell for them. I’ll also be at all the TEEN DAY events, including the Giant Book Fair and always-awesome TEEN DAY PARTY, signing books and meeting readers. One of the highlights of February was my trip to Evanston, Illinois to speak at the Evanston Public Library and to tour the town where Time Between Us and Time After Time are set. I had an incredible time walking around (yes, even though it was 4 degrees without wind chill).
Here’s a photo and video tour to give you a sense of Anna’s beautiful hometown! I walked through campus and down to Lake Michigan, basically doing Anna’s daily run in reverse. I swear, two people jogged by me right before I took this picture. I would never run in this weather, but Anna and other tough ones certainly do!
There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there’s so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.
I’ve seen this bridge and the sheer number of locks is an incredible, mind-blowing sight.
No one knows who hung the first lock on Pont des Arts, so Anna and Bennett get to travel back to 1995 start the trend. I wrote major portions of Time Between Us in little cafes in Amsterdam, Bruges, and London (and on trains between those cities), but I wrote all of Time After Time at a desk in my office. I asked my editor if I could have a little more time to refine those important Paris scenes, and I was delighted when she agreed. I’m not usually in the habit of taking photos of complete strangers without their knowledge or permission, but as we were leaving Pont des Arts, I spotted this girl across the street, window shopping. I hope you enjoyed their trip to Paris in Time After Time and this little photo trip from mine! Also, check out the photo recap of all the YA authors at the LA Times Festival of Books in Publishers Weekly.
One of the highlights for me was this funny conversation about the challenges of writing time travel stories.

We love to travel, and we were thrilled to find this perfect eco-resort near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
I read so many books, caught up on sleep, and even wrote a few poems for Every Last Word (more on this in a moment).
I always looked forward to it as a kid, and now I bring my children and enjoying watching their eyes light up. This story has been building in my head for four years now, and I’m thrilled that my editor and publisher shared my enthusiasm for this concept and had faith in my ability to write it.
Bennett was in pretty bad shape when Anna found him on this bench in Chapter Six of Time Between Us. Because in this world very few care to understand the chapters,others are just curious to know. But if you have read the final book in the Time Between Us series, you’d know immediately.
My next book, Every Last Word, is about a girl who discovers a secret poetry club underneath the school theater, so you can imagine how inspiring these teens were to me. So it’s a pretty indescribable feeling to see my book on the cover of the book club flyer and find it sitting on those beautiful school library shelves.
This trip was magical for me, and it wouldn’t have felt quite the same without that blanket of fresh snow!
And if your significant other was a time traveler who could hold your hands and immediately transport you anywhere in the world, wouldn’t Paris be at or near the top of your list?
He was as charming as I expected him to be, and I got to thank him personally for doing such an incredible job on the book. It’s nice to know that others relate to my time travel pain (keeping it simple is hard, people!). Bennett would feel both fascinated and out of his element when he went to visit Anna, just like I’d been when I first moved from San Francisco to the Midwest. He starts experimenting, going back in time to alter a few small moments in the lives of seven total strangers.

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