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SSC is going to conduct the CGL 2013 re-exam in other than 7 cities on July 20, 2014 after it has been decided to completely scrapped the SSC CGL 2013 examination(Both pre and mains) due to court decision and will conduct the re-examination all over India. SSC conducted the re-exam of CGL 2013 Tier 1 in 7 cities on April 27, 2014 and in rest of the cities on July 20, 2014.
Update: SSC has announced the official answer keys of CGL 2013 Tier 1 exam conducted on July 20, 2013. As the Tier 1 exam is to be conducted all over India – the results would be announced after it is conducted in rest of the cities. Update: SSC has conducted the re-exam in rest of the cities apart from 7 cities on July 20, 2014. Further, learned counsel for the applicants in order to establish the nature of irregularity committed drew our attention to Para-15 of the charge sheet which shows that huge sums of money had exchanged hands in this crime.
Subsequent to arrest, Ashu Sharma disclosed that he knew Bijender Chikara who is LDC in MCD office at Sector-5 Rohini. 7.1 Learned counsel for the applicants argued that the charge sheet also says that the investigation is still in progress as some of the accused have yet to be fully interrogated. 8.2 In para-6 of their letter Delhi Police have stated that the investigation conducted so far has not been able to point out exact place and persons from where leakage actually initiated. 8.3 From the above, it is clear that the irregularities that have surfaced were committed on a very large scale. 8.4 The nature of irregularities committed as brought out in the charge sheet filed by Delhi Police reveals wide-spread use of electronics devices such as mobile phones, data cards, pen drives etc.
8.5 The Delhi Police report also reveals that not only Delhi Police but also CBI and Police of other Stations have conducted raids. 8.6 Even if the contention of the respondents is accepted, that only some of the centres mentioned above were affected, we find that a large percentage of candidates that had taken the examination will in any case have to be re-examined.
In our view the nature and extent of illegalities and irregularities committed in conducting a selection will have to be scrutinized in each case so as to come to a conclusion about future course of action to be adopted in the matter.
The Commission has already clarified that candidates who appeared in Tier-I and Tier-II from a centre other than those mentioned above in CGLE 2013 will not have to appear in re-examination. Further, candidates who appeared in Tier-I from the centres mentioned above and cleared Tier-I and appeared for Tier-II examination from centres other than those mentioned above will be required to take only Tier-I re-exam. Staff Selection Commission is going to conduct the Common Graduate Level Examination in 2014. Coaching centres all over India are providing full courses for the preparation of SSC CGL 2014 but there are lakhs of candidates who can’t afford coaching and prefer to self study. So, today we are sharing the best books available in the market for the preparation of all subjects.
1) General English by Lucent Publications: This is by far the best book available in the market for the preparation of all entrance exams. 3) SSC English Language Chapterwise Solved Papers 1997-Till Date: All the English language questions asked in the last 17 years in all SSC exams.
4) English for General Competitions from Plinth to Paramount: Great book by Paramount Coaching Centre. 1) A Modern Approach To Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal: The best and only book you need to prepare for this section. 3) Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant: This is another great book for Mathematics to improve your speed and efficiency with thousands of shortcuts. 4) SSC All Graduate Level Exams Solved Papers 1997 Upto Date: Chapter wise solved questions from all SSC exams from 1997 up to now. 6) Mathematics (Class 10) 7th Edition by R D Sharma: This book is really useful if you want to clear your basics about Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration, Algebra, etc. 8) Advance maths for General Competitions (English) (Paramount Maths for General Competitions): For topics such as Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration, Algebra, etc. Apart from books given above, we would also recommend candidates to buy previous years’ question papers as you can get a basic idea about the SSC CGL paper pattern and questions. We will keep updating you about all the news regarding SSC CGL 2013 here and also on Facebook. The announcement has been made after Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram austerity measures announced today to cut non-plan expenditure by 10 per cent. Aiming to restrict the fiscal deficit to 4.8 per cent of GDP in 2013-14, the Finance Ministry has ordered all ministries and departments not to buy new vehicles, create new jobs or fill posts lying vacant for over one year.
Earlier on Twitter, Sunil Ranjan also announced that steps taken by Finance Ministry will not affect SSC CGL 2013. Only the Roll Nos and names of candidates qualified to appear in Tier 2 exam to be conducted on September 29, 203 is given in this list.
The result of the SSC CGL Tier 1 would be announced in a few days to give you ample time to prepare for the Tier 2 exam. Buy ssc exam books online ssc cgl books ssc chsl ssc, Ssc books: disha publication provides books for ssc exams like ssc cgl and ssc combined higher secondary level exams. Ssc books : buy ssc exam books online prices , Buy books on ssc exam preparation at amazon india score high in the ssc exam with these books visit ssc. Ssc cgl (tier1) exam 2016 online coaching rs, Online coaching for ssc cgl (tier1) examination 2016 dear aspirants staff selection commission exam held on every year for recruitment to various posts. Volkswagen has extended the range of products offered in China with an interesting proposal made from Gran Santana a derivative of Skoda Spaceback for that market. Last year people were easily able to score 180 marks but this time same people are getting only 160-170. The results are expected very soon as SSC wants to finish the interviews by December – January.

It has already conducted the SSC CGL 2013 Tier 1 re-exam in 7 cities but yet to conduct in rest of the cities. The Common Graduate Level(CGL) exam is conducted by Staff Selection Commission(SSC) for the selection of candidates for various posts such as Income Tax Inspector, Excise Inspector, Assistant in CSS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CVC, etc. The cutoff for General is expected to be around 90-95 or less as many candidates didn’t give the exam and exam was also easy to average in difficulty level.
On the other hand, while not denying that irregularities have been noticed, the respondents have contended that these irregularities were confined to a few centres such as Lucknow, Patna, Allahabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Dehradun and Shimla. The short point to be decided in these cases is whether the nature and extent of irregularities that have come to notice in the conduct of CGLE, 2013 were so wide-spread as to warrant cancellation of the entire examination or whether it would suffice to order re-examination only at the seven centres mentioned above. Bijender had told him that he can arrange question paper of SSC combined graduate level examination to be held on 21-04-2013 for both the shifts and that it will be sent through email to him. Further, some other accused persons are still on run and evading the arrest as is clear from Paras-54, 56, 57 and 58. They have stated that it is certain that a large group of persons are involved who obtain the question papers from the examination and provide answer keys to candidates at various centres in the country. Further, while Delhi Police has so far unearthed the stations mentioned above to which answer keys were forwarded through mobile phones, this list by no means appears to be exhaustive.
Investigations have also brought out that answer keys were transmitted through emails as well as SMS.
This is clear from the minutes of the meeting held at the level of Hon ble Minister, Incharge of Personnel in which it is recorded that a total of 19.9 lacs candidates had applied for Tier-I examination out of which a total of 15 lacs persons actually appeared.
In the instant case, we are left in doubt that the investigations conducted by Delhi Police have revealed large scale bunglings.
However, those candidates who appeared in tier-I from centres other than those mentioned above BUT appeared for Tier-II from the centres mentioned above will have to appear in re-examination in Tier-II. For such candidates, selection of right books is really important to secure good maximum marks possible. The content in this book is written in both English and Hindi language for easy understanding.
As SSC repeats many questions from its previous years’ papers, this book is really helpful. It covers all the topics with so many formulas, concepts, shortcuts, examples and thousands of questions to practice.
Processing of result may take 2-3 months as there is also a court case going on over leak of SSC CGL 2013 papers. Ranjan(DEPUTY REGIONAL DIRECTOR – North Western Region) has announced in his Facebook post that SSC CGL 2014 would be conducted as per the same schedule.
The result was announced after delay for more than one month and series of ree-exam conducted at various centres.
Last time, it was only 82 – that shows the competition level this time around is too high. The marks of the candidates would be announced in a few days after the result of re-examination held on August 11, 2013 is announced. Chemistry For Download inorganic chemistry by OP tandon pdf ebook Op inorganic and ebookily.
Average marks for a student with the good preparation would be around 140-150 as questions were also tricky increasing the chances of mistake.
They argued that there is no need to quash the entire examination and that only examination conducted at these seven centres can be quashed. Ajesh Luthra has drawn our attention to the charge sheet filed by the Delhi Police in the Court of ACMM, New Delhi.
Finally, at the end the charge sheet it is stated that further investigation is continued and after completion of investigation supplementary charge sheet will be filed as per law and procedure. Under these circumstances, in our opinion, it is impossible to say that the irregularities were confined only to the stations mentioned above as SMSs and emails could have been transmitted to candidates residing in different parts of the country.
It is possible that these reports may reveal involvement of candidates of other centres as well. Of these 5.84 lacs appeared from the nine centres from where the police investigation report have indicated large scale use of unfair means (during arguments Sh. Such satisfaction as also the sufficiency of materials were required to be gathered by reason of a thorough investigation in a fair and transparent manner; (3) Whether the sufficient material present enabled the State to arrive at satisfaction that the officers in majority have been found to be part of the fraudulent purpose or the system itself was corrupt. Electronic gazettes such as Laptop, Mobile Phone, Data Cards and Pen Drives have been extensively used. So my advice would be to focus on current affairs more, there would be around 10-15 questions of current affairs and for the rest of the part, read one of the books given below. They argued that if the entire examination is quashed future of lakhs of candidates who have taken this examination will be jeopardized. He argued that the persons found to be accused in the case were staying in different parts of the country and engaged in different profession giving an indication that the irregularity was wide spread. Sonepat, Haryana, two movile phones and one paper containing Roll Nos., name of candidates, Mobile numbers and other details were seized. Bijender gave his three mobile numbers 9654107581, 9813644513 and 9310441200 and told that the payment would be given after the examination is over. Subsequently, it was also discovered that question papers of evening session were received on the email of the apprehended persons at 1.41 PM. In any case, Delhi Police have admitted that answer keys were forwarded to candidates at various centres in the country. Answer keys have been transmitted via SMSs and emails well before the start of the examination.

Hundreds of rules of English grammar are given in this book chapter wise, so you will cover each and every aspect of English language. Since the pleadings in these cases were complete, both parties agreed that the same may be finally heard and decided before that date. Luthra argued that it is incorrect to say that irregularities have been confined only to the seven centres named above by the respondents. Thus, there is no doubt in our minds that bunglings noticed were indeed large scale affecting a huge number of candidates.
A large number of persons including those running coaching institutes and candidates participating in the examination are involved. For chemistry go for morrison boyd,atkins,and j.d lee for organic,physical and inorganic respectively.
He stated that further investigation may reveal that other centres were also affected by these irregularities and large scale bunglings. In that meeting, it was decided that re-examination may be held only at identified centres from where reports of use of unfair means have been received. Para-3 of this report says that as regards Tier-II Examination, based on source information simultaneous raids were conducted at Delhi, Allahabad and Lucknow and many candidates on search were found to be in possession of mobile phones which had SMS containing details of answers to the questions.
Investigations conducted by Delhi Police have so far revealed involvement of some centres and transmission of answer keys to candidates located at the stations enumerated above.
The applicants of these cases are seeking quashing of the entire examination on the grounds that the irregularities that have surfaced are large scale vitiating the entire examination.
This was done keeping in view the sanctity of the examination and the interest of the candidates.
Possibility of further investigations revealing involvement of other candidates located at other stations cannot be ruled out as this list given by Delhi Police is by no means exhaustive.
They contended that under these circumstances, fair selection of meritorious candidates was not possible. Thereafter, Ajit Kumar contacted him and told that Amit has conveyed him that he was going to arrange the question paper of Graduate level Combine SSC to be held on 21-04-2013.
He argued that in these circumstances, it is not possible to separate the innocent candidates from the tainted ones. Investigation further revealed that answer keys were forwarded from the suspected phone numbers to various other mobiles which were having locations at Lucknow, Patna, Sonepat, Allahabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Dehradun, Rohtak, Shimla, Hisar, Jind and Muzaffarnagar. Further, investigations are also being carried out by CBI and Police on other Stations which may also reveal involvement of many other centres. He acceded to Ajit that it was correct and that he is going to arrange the question paper of SSC combined graduate level exam 2013.
It is possible that many candidates of other centres as well may have been beneficiaries of these irregularities and they would steal a march over the applicants by use of these unfair means.
In Para-4 of the report the Delhi Police goes on to say that atleast ten centres were definitely involved and involvement of more centres and candidates is not ruled out.
Under these circumstances, it is not possible to separate the innocent candidates from the tainted ones. Ajit asked him that Since, his niece and one constable Sahil are also appearing for the examination whether the same can be can be provided to them. Further, they have stated that investigations point towards a thriving business in which coaching institutes and layers of intermediaries are involved.
We, therefore, are of the opinion that the conditions laid down by the Apex Court in the case of Inderpreet Singh Kahlon (supra) are fully satisfied.
They have also stated that the accused persons procured the question paper in advance and forwarded it to their accomplices from coaching institutes who solve it and provide the answer keys. Accordingly we allow these OAs and TA and scrap the CGLE, 2013 conducted by the respondents (SSC). He drew our attention to the recoveries affected from the possession of the accused persons to establish the type of electronic equipments that were used in committing the irregularities.
The entire operations were planned and so organized that the candidates receive the answer keys well before entering the examination center.
On 20-4-2013, he contacted Bijender and asked him to arrange the question paper, Bijender told him that he will send question paper through email an hour before the exam starts. Tandon Inorganic Chemistry Book which is the most comprehensive book covering all the major concepts of JEE in detail. On 21-04-13, Ajit called him that they are waiting at Prince Public School Sector-24 Rohini, Delhi. O P Tandon Inorganic Chemistry Pdf File op tandon Results 1 - 32 3 Chemistry: Principles Ref.
Chapter 1, Inorganic Chemistry, Shriver Atkins, 3rd Edition amazing grace meryl streep download op tandon physical Which book is better for organic chem for iit jee op tandon or morrison and boyd? Lee fallout 3 mw2 armor mod Results 1 - 16 of 23 New Pattern Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry for Competiotions (JEE Main & Advanced ). Inorganic Oct 30, 2012-20 ssc cgl 2013 admit card You can easily buy all OP Tandon Chemistry books including Physical Chemistry book by OP Tandon, OP Tandon Inorganic Chemistry book and OP Tandon 21 Jun 2014 For JEE Preparation chemistry is the easiest subject for every students 1, O.P. 24 Nov 2014 General Chemistry: Student Solutions Manual by Steven D Gammon, Darrell D Ebbing. Numerical Op Tandon Inorganic Chemistry Ebook Free Download Downloading it at prime speed, fantastic stuff.

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