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The planned biopic of Ian Fleming, the man of course who created James Bond 007, has had one or two bumps over the past few years.
Sign up for "This Week in Books" and stay up to date with the most interesting news in the world of books and reading! Join us in the city that never sleeps for the book party of the year, and take $20 off your registration with code BOOKNERD. Jerry Ahern (born Jerome Morrell Ahern, in 1946) was a science fiction and action novel author best known for his post apocalyptic survivalist series The Survivalist. At one stage, Duncan Jones was set to direct, until his commitment to the Warcraft movie ruled out his involvement.

Waterstones is to open its first new store in six years “designed for the 21st century,” which follows news that the growth in ebook sales is set to slow. The books in this series are heavy with descriptions of the weapons the protagonists use to survive and prosecute a seemingly never-ending war amongst the remnants of the superpowers from pre-apocalypse times. Cos we've got enough Podcast material to keep you occupied for roughly 2 years and 147 days. After surviving the crash of an airliner in the Southwest United States, Rourke fights his way across the chaotic horror of the post-war United States to his hidden subterranean survival retreat in Georgia, where he eventually reunites with his family. One of his recognized areas of expertise was holsters and leather gear for firearms, and he has produced a line of holsters.

Rourke's other tools included a Colt Python, a Colt CAR-15 with telescopic sight, and a Detonics ScoreMaster full-size .45 pistol.
Russell Sting 1A boot dagger.Jerry Ahern was the president of Detonics USA from 2004 to 2007, when it was based in Pendergrass, Georgia. Soon after, the company was moved to Bellevile, Illinois.Some of his fiction books are collaborations with his wife Sharon Ahern.

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