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Nigerians are cultured people and their knowledge is richly reflected in everything including humour. We have pulled together things Nigerians will think are funny, some of these things can be really funny when reading while some will make you wonder why Nigerians laugh at everything. English language is not an issue to any Nigerian but the moment you start speaking like a white man, you are in for a show. Nigerians do not believe that a foreigner would eat their local meals especially eba, fufu and other types of swallow, whenever they see a foreigner engrossed in such a meal, they cannot help it but laugh and sometime, they may even take a picture of these persons to show to friends. Once, Nollywood movie stunts were applauded but nowadays, people find some of the movies very funny because of the way some of their characters are projected.  Take for instance, when you see an assumed ghost afraid to cross the road, looking left and right to check if its safe for him to cross.
Coming late for parties is no longer something that Nigerians see as a problem, but when you are the first to come for a party or event, they think that you are coming for the meals and a lot of people may think that it is very funny to beat time for that event. If men are fighting over a lady, they would allow them to fight or sometimes, scold them but when it comes to ladies fighting over a man, it is a different ball game. Bones are not only meant for the dogs especially chicken bones and fish bones, a lot of Nigerians find it funny when you eat just the flesh and leave behind a chunk of meat with bones.
The weather in Nigeria can be harsh during the dry season and it is very common to see a lot of Nigerians move around with suit and tie. The old belief that rich old men are those with pot bellies has not died in the modern world. Nigerians are notorious for making jests at people who wear simple and cheap dresses despite being rich. Nigerians also find it hilarious when power supply lasts over 24hrs and is not interrupted. Nigeria believe you are insane if you wear a bikini because they believe you are completely naked and you are a disgrace to your family or your husband.
When you are at an accident scene and you see people sympathising and leaving the victims to die at the scene.
Wen u cee a police man advising sum1 or arnd itz sure gona turn out to be a setup!cuz naija police is nt n cn neva b ur frnd. To get best possible experiance using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. As the use of computers spreads worldwide, handwriting is disappearing from some schools' curriculums and from daily use. Even back in third grade, he remembers being excited when his teacher began a unit in cursive handwriting.
Cross-generation dilemmas like these are only likely to become more frequent, as technology's global rise puts more and more children in touch with keyboards rather than pens and paper.
In the United States, penmanship was once an important part of the elementary-school curriculum, with children often studying cursive handwriting -- the conjoined form of the Latin alphabet -- for several years in a row in order to master the style. Now, more than 80 percent of American public schools have dropped cursive from their classrooms, using the time to teach typing and other technological skills instead.
The trend is evident across many Western countries, where schools are now putting an emphasis on the content and quality of a student's writing, rather than basic skills like penmanship, spelling, or even grammar. There, children still receive ample classroom training in the elaborate, Arabic-based Dari and Pashto scripts. In Russia, children begin learning the Russian Cyrillic script -- which to an outsider can often look like a bewildering series of identical loops -- as early as age 6, and may end up studying it a total of three or four years. Instruction is so strict that today, even with the status of computers rising fast, the Russian hand remains remarkably uniform among children and adults alike. There, children may still be able to read handwritten letters and documents with relative ease.

But some Western observers still worry that younger generations may soon find cursive writing and other forms of orthography as difficult to decipher as medieval manuscripts. Younger generations may soon find cursive writing and other forms of orthography as difficult to decipher as medieval manuscripts. Many handwriting advocates argue that the next generation of adults will be so unversed in cursive that they will be unable to write their own signature or read historic documents, or a letter from their grandmother. It is also, Graham acknowledges, a useful skill for people who want to be effective writers. While most people write legibly enough to be understood, people with better handwriting are more likely to have their written opinions taken seriously.
Children, likewise, may be able to feel more confident about composing text if they are comfortable holding a pen and able to write quickly and clearly. Getty, who spent years teaching penmanship to everyone from students and police officers to lawyers and doctors -- famously the worst handwriters -- says she has seen hundreds of people suffer at work and school because of their inability to write neatly.
As a professional calligrapher who still writes handwritten letters and thank-you cards every day, Getty says the slow death of penmanship will take an emotional toll as well. I don't live in the US nor any similar country, but I had cursive handwriting classes when I was a kid. I was taught cursive in elementary school for several years, and disliked it the entire time. I have written another painted brick post with 15 real life examples of painted brick houses and the colors used on the trim and paint, please see link at the bottom of this post. When I saw this magnificent DC house on the blog of Architect Design (above), I was immediately struck by its beauty. In Atlanta, it is very common to see what was formerly a red brick house updated to make it look more European. Another home whose architectural appearance and color palette has immense appeal to me is the personal home of designer (and attorney) Ty Larkins, whose home appeared in the December issue of House Beautiful.
This beautiful new house in the Brookhaven area of Atlanta was designed by architect Rodolfo Castro, who worked for Summerour Architects before establishing his own firm Castro Design Studio (website, and Facebook page). Architect Stan Dixon’s award winning renovation of a 50s ranch home is painted brick. This beautiful new Georgian home in the Brookhaven area of Atlanta, also designed by Stan Dixon, is painted brick. The Glen Parsonage, designed by Philip Trammel Shutze, has an interesting finish on the brick (here is a link to a larger view).
Another type of brick treatment that I see in Atlanta is a whitewash or limewash treatment; it is achieved by using a thinner, more translucent mixture that allows the natural color of the brick to show through. This magnificent house was selected by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles as one of the most beautiful examples of classic architecture in Atlanta.
Another treasured painted brick house in the Druid Hills area of Atlanta was designed by Neel Reid (1885-1926)– discovered through the Architecture Tourist. Finally, a picture I saw on a post this weekend from the wonderful new Atlanta blog, Whitehaven. I could literally include at least 50 more pictures in this post, as a painted brick house can be found on virtually every street in Buckhead, but I think I can rest my case.
I have written a new blog post on painted brick houses, please visit to see 15 more examples of actual painted brick houses and the colors that the architects, designers, and homeowners selected for the brick and trim. To see design, architecture, art, and decorative books that I recommend, please visit the Things That Inspire Amazon store.
They are renowned for their sense of humour because they are not afraid to make fun out of everything.

You should not be surprised when you see cars parked to watch these ladies fight because they think it is funny. They believed that it is impossible for you to travel to an African country and come back with an American or British accent. It doesn’t matter if you are the bank manager when you walk aimlessly on the street without a car, Nigerians would believe that something may be wrong with you.
They may think that you are blind and if they discover that you are not handicapped, the next thing is laughter because they don’t believe that you can see with such glasses. Nigerians would never believe that these people who ride these expensive cars can lack money and when they end up asking for money, it is always funny to them. It is difficult for a lot of people to believe that it is possible for a pot belly man to say that he is not having money. Most of our programs are available on FM and medium-wave frequencies of local radio stations in the countries of our broadcast area. But in some countries, schools and institutions are making a special effort to preserve the beauty of the written word. Meredith says she recently became aware of the problem after leaving a handwritten note for Tyler before going to work. I liked seeing quotes from my friend Barbara Getty, but was disappointed that the inference was that she teaches cursive, the sort of writing that young Tyler can't read. I was so bad at that my teacher told me to do only block letters again, but I was also terrible.
To me, it was always a pointless waste of time, as the idea is to convey a message which is just as (or more) clearly conveyed in block letters. Larkins told me that he used old brick on the exterior of his new house, then had it painted with latex paint (not too flat, not too glossy). Hays Town (1903-2005), was one of the first house that I saved into my architecture inspiration files. They believed that Nigerian foods (swallows) are meant to be eaten with your hands and not to eat it with knife and fork.
If you are having problems listening to programs on the internet, please read our technical help document. Over 20 years later my handwriting is horrible, I have never been able to develop a single signature because of that, it is something I'm very concerned about. Save and download English American Bulldog Pictures free for you and set as desktop background. I have realized just recently my hand shakes and trembles when I write.Both my mother and my father can write in perfect cursive, and they told me it was because back when they were in school, teachers used to hit their hands with a ruler if they failed at making it perfect.
I ceased writing in cursive at that time, and except for my signature (almost complete illegible) I have never written in cursive since. Save and download this wallpaper English American Bulldog Pictures for free here by clicking the image link or right click and view image and set as your desktop background for your Windows PC or Laptop or your Mac. Larkins to ask about the exterior of his home, which looks like it is an older house even though it is newly built (a ‘new old house). I consider the generation gap be more than just the advance of technology, it has also had to do with teachers and parents stop being strict on children and lowering their levels of what acceptable academic performance is. Finally if you want to get new and the latest wallpaper related with English American Bulldog Pictures, please follow us on facebook or bookmark this site, we will try our best to deliver you updates with new fresh and new wallpaper 2014.

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