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Posted May 9, 2010 by Pete StantonLadies and gentleman, it's time to pay homage to this fine country of ours. Over the last few years tennis has changed the standards in player fitness and racket technology, making it more difficult to label a player as the greatest of all time. Andrew Barron Murray, known as Andy Murray is a professional tennis player ranked British No. Greg Rusedski is a former British Canadian tennis player, born 6 September 1973 and turned professional in 1991. Timothy Henry Henman is a retired English professional tennis player born on 6 September 1974. Michael Jeremy Bates is a former UK tennis player born on 19 June 1962 in Solihull, England. Recently, I was trying to narrow down my list of the greatest Patriots defensive players to 10, when I found myself stuck at 11.
Our Philosophy: Clearly, given the insane level of talent running around out there, I would be able to play virtually any type of defense that I wanted. Jim Lee Hunt, Defensive End: The man who was known as "Earthquake" ranks on this list because he's not only a Patriots Hall of Famer, but would be perfect for my modern defense. Bob Dee, Defensive End: He has the very unique claim to fame as being the first person to score in the history of the AFL (later changed to its modern incarnation, the AFC).
Andre Tippett, Right Outside Linebacker: If I was coaching this defense (let's face it who else would we get?), then Tippett would be my favorite weapon to implement. Tedy Bruschi, Middle Linebacker: Technically, I could probably find another Patriots linebacker in their long history who made the Pro Bowl more than once, but that misses the point. Nick Buoniconti, Middle Linebacker: Though he left the Patriots to go onto fame with the Dolphins (leading their defense in back-t0-back Super Bowl wins, including the undefeated '72 team), Buoniconti is from Massachusetts originally, and started his career with the Patriots. Mike Vrabel, Left Outside Linebacker: If Tedy Bruschi embodied the heart of the Patriots defense in his era, Mike Vrabel embodied its versatility. Ty Law, Right Cornerback: His interception and touchdown in Super Bowl XXXVI set the tone, and woke up the American football audience to the fact that New England wasn't simply going to roll over against the heavily favored St Louis Rams. Lawyer Milloy, Strong Safety: Again, the term "strong safety" is used loosely, since Milloy was fairly versatile in his prime. Rodney Harrison, Free Safety: Yeah, yeah, I know, he's not really a free safety (I thought we went over this?) Either way, he's in my starting unit, I don't care where I put him.
The royal family made headlines this week with two expertly pulled-off photobombs—first the Queen, then Prince Harry—at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
Though, it was Benedict Cumberbatch who really got the best photobomb moment at the Academy Awards. The winner should be the newest, for there is hope … that is, if we can keep our strikers to contribute before they go !
Every five minutes or so we get a 'Best movies ever' or 'Greatest cinematic moments' or even 'Best film scenes featuring a hat' (actually, I like the sound of that one), so now it's time to focus our attention just on the British Isles. The list has been trimmed to 25, but if we'd found room for 25,000 British films, we'd still have missed out one of your favourites.

Although each player contributes to the game in his own, unique way, some have been more impressive than others. Rusedski played until his retirement at age 33 and represented Canada before changing to the United Kingdom in June 1995. Bates won 1 singles title, 2 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles and 3 doubles titles during his career.
Dating all the way back to their formative seasons in the AFL, Patriots on defense have generally been an unpleasant sight for opposing teams.
Ultimately, it has to be a 3-4 base defense, with Wilfork assuming the role he's most comfortable with. Hunt played for New England during the '60s, and was known as the fastest defensive lineman on the team. And space is the optimum word, because Wilfork has been one of the NFL's best "space-eaters" over the years, occupying multiple blockers and doing the unsung work stopping the run, and squeezing the pocket. Dee fell on a fumble in the endzone to score the first touchdown in the upstart league's existence in 1960. Younger fans might forget, but during the '80s he was one of the most ferocious pass-rushers in the game. He would become famous for catching multiple touchdowns in Super Bowls, but it was ability to do mutliple tasks at a high level on defense that was his true value to Belichick and the defense as a whole. More than that, he was able to shutdown an entire side of the field for the decade that he patrolled the New England secondary. That said, I like the idea of putting him next to Law and behind Vrabel, since he would be familiar with them. People called him a dirty player (and at times he certainly was), but show me a dirty player and I'll show you a champion, or at the least someone who is willing to do what it takes to be a champion.
Inspired by their stealth sense of humor, we’ve rounded up our favorite celebrity photobombs of all time. Boxofficefootball as a website does not host and is not responsible for this content.All videos are uploaded by football fans to video hosting sites like Youtube.
And more importantly, the greatest movies ever made in this little section of North West Europe. If anyone asks you who the best tennis player from England is, you will probably say Andy Murray, who was among the top 4 for years now.  But who are the other sports legends? His first career singles tournament title was in 1993 in Newport at the Hall of Fame Championship. He won one top-level singles title in 1994 at Seoul when he was 31, making him the oldest champion on the tour that season.
13 ATP.  Mark Cox won 3 doubles titles, 8 singles titles and the final at the 1977 Cincinnati event. During their three Super Bowl victories, the Patriots were known as a defense-first team who also happened to have a Hall of Fame quarterback.
Buoniconti was also ahead of his time as a coverage-linebacker, averaging between three and four interceptions every year he was with the Patriots.

He would help balance the linebacking corps, and allow me to not be aggressive with Tippett while not getting exposed against the run. Milloy might have ended his time in New England on bad terms, but also remember that the first guy Belichick hugged after the field goal was good in their first Super Bowl win was Lawyer Milloy (seriously, he was, look it up). Harrison was the ultimate revenge player, since every team in the league passed on him when he was a free agent before the 2003 season. Physical, and intimidating, he would be a good matchup for some of the bigger receivers in the league currently. He is one of the best British tennis players of all time, achieving a career peak of World No. Jeremy Bates played in 20 Davis Cup ties for Britain and was the British national champion 6 times.
He is the first amateur player in tennis history to beat a professional, making him one of the best British tennis players of all time. The only possible weakness would be the inclusion of two strong safeties (and no free safety).
It sounds cheesy, but having a tenacious, charismatic middle linebacker has inestimable value. Releasing Milloy was one of the toughest things Belichick says he's ever had to do, and I would be happy to have him back in my defense.
As a nine-time Pro Bowler and an NFL Hall of Famer, Haynes was a stalwart defender and another shutdown cornerback. Allowing only 34 points through three games (the fewest by any Patriots team since 1979), the 2013 Patriots seem to be built more around stopping their opponents (even if it was against two rookie quarterbacks and Josh Freeman). Still, I'm confident that in-his-prime Lawyer Milloy could kind of double as a free safety. I'll put it this way: if my team was losing by two touchdowns late in a game but still had a chance, I know Harrison wouldn't give up. With Law and Haynes together, I could basically blitz on every down and not worry about giving up big plays. Andy is the 2012 Olympic tennis men’s singles champion and currently holds the Wimbledon Championships singles title. In 2013, the player became the 6th man in the history of tennis to win over $30,000,000 in career prize money. He is also the first British player since 1977 to win a Grand Slam singles tournament.  In December 2013 he was voted the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

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