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Here I am looking for the IGNOU B.Ed course Solved Question Paper, will you please provide me the same??????? The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply?
Will you please provide the IGNOU B Ed Entrance Exam model question paper so that I can get idea that what types of questions are asks in the exam? Here I am providing the information regarding the IGNOU B Ed Entrance Exam model question paper for your idea .
Teachers should be consulted about curriculum evaluation because they are ultimately responsible for translating its objectives into specific lessons. Objective – A course objective describes what a faculty member will cover in a course. For example to teach Pythagoras theorem the teacher asks the child to draw a few right angled triangles having different measures of base and altitude. The advantage of such method is that the learning will be more effective and it will be a child entered learning .He can learn things on his own pace too. So in practical situation we should make a combination of both for making learning more effective. The purpose of this lesson is to (a) describe the elements of ABI and its potential benefit for young children who are at risk or who have disabilities, (b) review the existing literature regarding the use of ABI with young children with autism, and (c) provide resources for practitioners and family members who want to learn more about using an Activity Based Instruction approach to early intervention. 2) The method also promotes better understanding of a lesson among students as they learn the lesson by practicing the task themselves. 3) It inspires the students to apply their creative ideas, knowledge and minds in solving problems as well as promoting competitive spirit among them.

4) It also helps learner psychologically as they can express their emotions through active participation in something useful.
5) The method also helps in developing their personalities, social traits and inter-personal management skills. 1) The activity based instruction method requires long-term planning with minute details of the whole process because before engaging the learners, the teacher has to make sure that all students have sufficient knowledge and skills regarding the task they are going to perform. 2) The objectives of the method can only be fulfilled if the planning of the lesson is flawless. 4) Many renowned educationists also are of the opinion that the activity based method is more suitable for branches of experimental sciences and less useful for subjects of social sciences. Sir, could you provide me IGNOU B.Ed Second year, January 2013 Solved Assignments of ES-334, ES -335, ES-362, BESE-065, BESE-066? Sir, could you provide me IGNOU B.Ed Second year, January 2013 Solved Assignments in Hindi of ES-334, ES -335, ES-362, BESE-065, BESE-066? Other Discussions related to this topic Thread IGNOU BA Pstchology Solved Assignments IGNOU Solved Assignments BDP IGNOU MBA Sem II Solved Assignments IGNOU Solved Assignments IGNOU MBA solved assignments Dec IGNOU MBA Solved Assignments IGNOU Solved Assignments MCA 3rd SEM IGNOU MCA Assignments Solved Papers Solved Assignments Of IGNOU Mba Solved assignments of first year IGNOU B.ed IGNOU BCA solved assignments IGNOU MBA Assignments Solved CIC IGNOU solved assignments Solved IGNOU Assignments MCA Sem2 IGNOU solved assignments december IGNOU 3rd Sem Mca Assignments Solved ignou solved assignments Ignou solved assignments SEM-ii 2014 IGNOU solved assignments BCA 5th sem IGNOU 3rd SEM Solved Assignments BCA Have a Facebook Account? Curriculum is a set of planned and purposeful learning experiences, based on intended learning outcomes and organized around the developmental levels of students. According to the Alberta Teachers' Association, teachers are ethically and legally bound to routinely assess students and report their progress. Part of the confusion results from the fact that the terms are often conflated, even in the literature.
Even in practical life also we can not have the first hand information in all our learning.

So this method of instruction can fulfil the natural urge of a growing child on one hand also can help them learn their lesson. So this method cannot be used on a regular and daily basis as it involves a lengthy procedure. So less meritorious students might not prepare for a task as other which might lead to failure of objectives of the whole process.
A curriculum should help teachers do this by providing a realistic set of goals and suggested techniques to assist students at all ability levels. When decisions are made about changes in content, teachers can provide feedback based on their direct interaction with students.
Principals may use curriculum evaluation to provide information to help them make decisions (Berwick 1990). There is no doubt that a pupil or parent would approach curriculum evaluation differently from any of the above groups. During the early stages of curriculum development, formative evaluation helps the curriculum developer to determine the effectiveness of new procedures and identify areas where revision is needed.
When the curriculum has been fully developed, summative evaluation makes it possible to determine the effectiveness in meeting the instructional objectives.

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