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A hernia occurs when an internal part of the body squeezes through a weak spot in the wall of the cavity, which usually contains it. Surgical correction of hernias is currently the major operation most frequently performed by general surgeons in the United States, is the and the second most common abdominopelvic surgery after cesarean section. Radiology is important for the identification and localisation of a hernia, as well as the evaluation of complications due to the hernia itself or treatment of the hernia.
The most common complications of abdominal wall hernias are bowel obstruction secondary to the hernia, incarceration and strangulation.
Surgical procedures used to repair abdominal hernias range from open or laparoscopic suture repair to the use of mesh.
Hernia recurrence is the most common complication after hernia repair, usually occurring two to three years after surgery. Infected collections occur in a small number of patients after surgery (one to five per cent). Dr Duane Chambers is a consultant radiologist and founding partner of Imaging and Intervention Associates located at shops 58 and 59 Kingston Mall, 8 Ocean Boulevard. Should the government impose stiffer penalties to tackle the high number of road fatalities?

Volg via Twitter, Facebook en Google+ al mijn grappige filmpjes, leuke moppen, grappen, video's, films, grappige plaatjes en andere humor. Unfortunately, complications from surgical repair such as hernia recurrence, post-operative fluid collection, and complications related to prosthetic materials can occur in up to 20 per cent of cases. Imaging helps to minimise the time it takes to repair a hernia or its complication, because physical examination alone may not be reliable. After adhesions, which form after surgery or inflammatory conditions, abdominal wall hernias are the second-leading cause of bowel obstruction. Interestingly, seat belt use, which exposes the wall musculature to full deceleration forces, increases the risk for traumatic hernias.
Tension-free mesh repair is the standard surgical technique for the majority of abdominal wall hernias. These collections usually contain serous fluid (seroma) or blood products (hematoma), and their formation depends both on the surgical technique and the type of mesh used. A radiologist may be asked to aspirate the collection if it persists for more than six weeks, steadily grows in size, produces symptoms, or is suspected to be infected.
They tend to occur in older female patients, especially after surgical repair of incarcerated or strangulated hernias.

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Computerised tomography (CT) is excellent for detecting the complications of surgical repair. Computerised tomography or ultrasound help identify fluid collections, differentiate them from hernia recurrence, guide aspiration attempts, and confirm their resolution.
CT or ultrasound, with the aid of blood tests and physical examination, can help to identify an infected location and pinpoint how deep it is located in the abdomen.
The radiologist is able to help to identify hernias and their complications, as well as treat some of the complications of surgery. Some comments may be republished on the website or in the newspaper – email addresses will not be published. There are many other types of abdominal wall hernia, including lumbar, incisional, and even less common types.

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