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What’s On announces Bear Grylls Survival Academy courses in the UAE, on the Musandam Peninsula, a new survival course from the Chief Scout. It seems a shame that for all his notable achievements, Bear Grylls is best known for his more, shall we say, bizarre feats. Sure, the adventurer and former Special Forces soldier may have been the youngest Briton to conquer Mount Everest, circumvented the UK on a jet ski, crossed the North Atlantic in an inflatable boat and paramotored over Angel Falls… but it’s the drinking of his own urine from the shed skin of a snake that really gets us all talking. Well whichever of those particular achievements you’re into, you now have a chance to learn at least the theory behind them. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy courses in the mountains of Musandam Peninsula, around two hours from Dubai, have been designed by the man himself. Would-be explorers can expect to come away with the knowledge of surviving in the desert sun, light a fire, find and purify water, and deal with snakes and scorpions.
Pegged as fun for the family, the experience costs around Dhs2,500 for one adult and one child (Dhs2,000 for a single adult).
The two-minute short gets up close and personal with base jumpers, zip-liners and all sorts.
The three-minute short gets up close and personal with five daredevil wingsuit men and women as they leap over The World Cup at night in Dubai. Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures is the exclusive Australian provider of the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, giving you the chance to find out if you have what it takes to survive! Perfect for corporate, sporting or bucks groups, Bear Grylls Ultimate Team Building will push you and your team to the limit in a controlled, safe and encouraging environment.
Our half day team building experience will bring out the best in your team – whether that’s communication skills or leadership. Our Ultimate team building course is a full overnight, 24 hour challenge, and gives you the opportunity to not only learn survival skills  such as those taught on the Bear Grylls half day experience, but much, much more. Created in collaboration with Akai, Push is a new controller from Ableton, or an instrument, as Ableton is insisting on calling it. What Christmas gift do you get the banker who is rich enough to buy anything he or she wants, and probably already has? What would Christmas be without a traditional board game designed to cause an irretrievable breakdown in family and marital relationships?
The standard version costs $50 but we know you’ll all go straight for the $75 deluxe edition.
Bankers are notorious for being married to their work and chasing the mighty dollar, leaving them with no time for cost-centres like wives and girlfriends. If the thrill of the deal or the nerve-wracking tension of betting against the market are starting to feel a bit humdrum, take the blood pressure up a notch or two with a survival course run by television’s wilderness Rambo, Bear Grylls.

New versions of the real deal are released infrequently, creating pent-up demand for the product.
If your beloved banker’s tastes run to the more cerebral, nothing beats a first edition of the book that was both guidebook and soothsayer for the state of the financial world today. But expect to shell out a minimum of five figures in a real currency (sterling or dollars) for Katherine Jenkins to yodel an aria or two, or Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour to remind one of the bleeding heart rebel they used to be before becoming a bankster. Or you can hire a member of the Kardashian klan for a selfie and to mingle with guests at the next soiree. Travelling at the very pointy end of the plane but forced to stand in the same queues as the poor slobs in cattle class?
Join the likes of famous celebs and royalty who are ushered through special VIP channels at airports, or who have hot-and-cold running staff on tap to organise front row seats at the Paris Fashion Show, red carpet access, and a range of other services that mere mortals can only dream about. Live out your Gothic fantasies with a replica iron throne from the hugely popular Game of Thrones TV show.
Planning to splurge some wedge on a new runaround but can’t make up your mind which one? Choices include Aston Martin, Bugatti, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, McClaren, Porsche and TVR.
Grylls, who achieved worldwide notoriety for the aforementioned thirst-quencher and countless other incredible acts in the hugely-successful Man v Wild (originally Born Survivor) series, will launch courses in the UAE from next month.
According to the official website, ‘a team of experts will teach you how to survive and travel in this harsh but stunning environment’. Climbing, abseiling and shelter building will also form part of the course, which lasts 24 hours, including a night beneath the stars.
With a range of courses to suit all abilities and ages, the Bear Grylls Survival academy brings you the opportunity to learn essential survival skills from qualified survival guides, while taking part in a great adventure in the testing environment of the Australian bush. On this course you will learn basic survival skills such as the priorities of survival, fire starting, water purification, navigating without a compass, as well as having the chance to try some interesting food.. In addition, you will have to erect a shelter to stay  in overnight, learn basic astral navigation techniques, find native food, and learn trap and snare techniques and much more.
The fancy device features 64 pads giving you multiple ways to make beats, play, step sequence, and navigate your loop, all at the same time. With Japanese food becoming such a popular type of cuisine, we no longer need to go to a fancy restaurant for eating these complex dishes, many helpful utensils are available today to help you create your own fish-centric dishes. The 4 disc Blu-ray collection includes: Blade Runner - The Final Cut, spectacularly restored and remastered from the original, Dangerous Days - a brand new, three-and-a-half-hour documentary, photo gallery with 1,000+ new images, all this plus much more in a individually numbered, limited edition. It is a taxing issue, but fortunately for those of you who have left your Christmas shopping for that special banker in your life till the last minute, we have come up with some suggestions.

And now for all those bankers who get withdrawal from being away from the trading desk for more than 12 hours on the trot, the board game equivalent of methadone. While they might like to think of themselves as masters of the universe, the rest of the world thinks of them as sad, lonely losers especially at this time of year.
Many a banker will regale you with stories about they worked for days on the trot, kept awake by coffee, Redbull and the thought of a massive bonus at the end of the year. Smith recognised that self-interest was the ultimate driving force, but also acknowledged the system’s downfall.
Such horrors (again, white people’s problems, see #1) are now no longer necessary if you purchase your pre-nupped life-partner an annual membership to a concierge service.
For only $30,000 you can rule the Seven Kingdoms with the same ruthlessness you rule the trading floor. Well, with a VeryFirstTo gift, you can now drive a different supercar every week for a year. Bear, who is also the Chief Scout to almost 30 million Scouts worldwide, has turned what was considered a rather nerdy pursuit into a thriving industry, appealing to a complete cross-section. Push comes with Ableton Live 9 software that you run on your computer, providing a comprehensive collection of instruments and effects. One report of a similar course in the UK recently revealed participants had ranged from a department store cashier to a carpenter, photographer and pastor.
During the adventure you will also be able to abseil a 15 metre cliff, squeeze through a rock crevasse, and pull yourself up cliff side scree slopes, all while traversing through the natural rainforest.
Since then, the UK Academy has also launched a 24 Hour Family Course aimed at parents and children, a 24 Hour Adult Course and Ultimate Team Building Courses for the corporate market. In July 2013, Bear announced the launch of BGSA in the USA, A offering a rare chance for a lucky few outdoor enthusiasts across the country to learn his extreme survival techniques. The first US Academy kicked off in the Catskill Mountain region, a wild undulating area of New York State in November 2013, with further courses to launch in California, Colorado and Texas soon after. In January 2014, the team travel to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to launch the first ever a€?Survival in Africaa€™ Course.Our courses are held around the world, locations include United Kingdom, USA and Africa. For the UK Market the courses on offer range from 5 day extreme adult courses in the Highlands of Scotland, 24hr adult intensive courses in Surrey and Dartmoor, 24hr family courses in various UK locations, kids day courses around the London area, instructor courses and our Ultimate Team Building courses aimed at the corporate market.

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