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The most important think about baby shower food is you must count how many guests that will come to your party, so you can prepare the meal just enough with the number of guests.
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If you prepare less, than it will be very embarrassing if one or two of your guests can’t have your food.
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This is because we can get more wide theme ideas for baby boy, and off course we also can have more wider option to choose the perfect baby shower food for baby boys. Baby boys color is blue, so if you don’t have any idea about your food, just choose blue colored food.
My idea about the type of baby shower foods are depend of how many guest that come to your baby shower party. If we use strawberry for baby girl shower foods, than we can use blueberry for baby boys shower foods.

But if you invite more than 15 guests, than you will have a lot work to prepare full meal for everyone, in this condition you can serve fingerfood, cupcakes, pies, tart, creams, fresh fruit, soups or sandwiches.

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