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There has been a great deal of debate in zombie survival communities regarding what is the most useful form of transportation in a zombie apocalypse. Whatever mode of transportation one decides to use, be very aware of its potential to attract the undead. The most versatile and possibly greatest method of transportation that one can find is his or her own body.
Many people learn how to ride bicycles at a very young age, making this method of transportation available to almost everybody. Hybrid bikes are lightweight and fast like road bikes, but can handle more and are more comfortable, like mountain bikes. These are basically tough road bikes that can handle just about anything a mountain bike can.
Skateboards function as a decent alternative to walking but if you don't know how to ride one it's not worth the risk learn during an outbreak.
Warning: Going down hill on a skateboard is not advised as there is no means to brake by default on the skateboard and the only way to slow down would be to use your feet or something else as an anchor and for an emergency stop you most likely will be jumping for it. These incredibly stable and manuverable boards are usually bigger than skateboards, and can go through grass and dirt if you are already going fast. Warning: Riding at high speeds or going down hills on a ripstick is dangerous because the two wheels just aren't enough to handle the friction involved. In use scooters fill a similar but easier to learn role as a skateboards, they are portable platforms with basic steering systems that help urban travelers coast on pavement by either kicking off against the ground or using gravity on down hill straights. Skates are essentially shoes with wheels and can provide a faster form of travel than walking in a straight away but at the sacrifice of balance and true mobility.
These animals, which include asses, mules, goats, oxen, and llamas, are an excellent alternative to horses for people who don't want to rely on gas-powered transportation. Dog sleds have the same big problem that cross-country skis have -- they are only useful in cold, snow-covered places. Note: Always have a rope tied to them so you can keep a hold so they aren't tempted to run to your destination, leaving you behind accidentally.
Motorcycles may somewhat resemble bicycles, but there are a number of differences between the two types of vehicles. Out of the various types of motorcycles, mopeds are the most like bicycles -- in fact, the name moped comes from the fact that these bikes are started by pedaling. A chopper is a type of motorcycle that was either modified from an original motorcycle design ("chopped") or built from scratch to have an authentic appearance.
Suzuki DRZ400, fuel injected for fast getaways, and hits pretty close the abilties of the KLR650 and DR200 making it top pick. BMW F650GS, extremely reliable bike, large fuel capacity, can carry a lot of gear, and is light enough to maneuver around obstacles. They're comfortable, reliable, and can carry lots of supplies, they have big fuel tanks and engines tuned more for torque than horsepower, they're fast (though not remarkably so), they're rather fuel-efficient (although again, not remarkably so), and they can have sidecars attached. Enduro is a kind of dirt bike that is road legal as they come with headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and on the larger ones even a radio. A cross between a golf cart and an ATV, a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) or side by side vehicle is a 4x4 four wheel drive off road vehicle that can seat two to six people. Some, such as Max Brooks, argue against the use of motorized vehicles, citing fuel and maneuverability as concerns, and believe that travel on foot or by bicycle is the best option.
Riding a bike is faster and less strenuous than walking, although not as fast as a motorized vehicle, and they can be taken almost anywhere that the human body can. There are different types of mountain bikes, cross country for long distance, downhill for short runs downhill, enduro for short sprints, and sport for general trail riding. Road bikes can handle rough roads, and even some light off-roading, such as dirt or gravel roads. They cannot go on everything a mountain bike can, but still perform well on most of what you will be doing. They are not recommened as an improvised weapon as they will break more easily than most quality melee weapons and would also leave you without your primary mode of transport.
Keep in mind that when trying to brake downhill, loud noises will be made that will alert zombies of your presence.
There is a high learning curve for riding one, so if you do not know how to ride a ripstik, don't bother with one. These pieces of kit are sturdy protective roller boots, with a completely detachable chassis. The most obvious problem with these is that without proper training the user can hurt themselves critically and they can only be used on snow . Depending on your location, the availability of suitable animals ranged from extremely common to nonexistent.

Horses are a truly domesticated animal, and are quite plentiful in most countries (though less so in many cities and suburbs). To give some idea of how hardy they are, they brought the wagon trains into the Western United States, and were used for manual labor for centuries -- and in many parts of the world, they still are.
Other climates, even moderate ones, can weaken and kill an animal from being too cold, too wet, or other environmental reasons. When stopped tie them to a large rock or pole as the rare sudden occasional desert rain can startle them into running away. Also, cruisers are big enough to have sidecars attached, which allow for increased passenger room, cargo capacity, and stability, at the expense of decreased maneuverability and poorer gas mileage. The main features of a chopper that make it stand out are its longer frame design accompanied by a stretch front end (or rake).
However, the forward riding position can be uncomfortable over long distances, the cargo capacity is limited, spare parts may be difficult to find for higher-end models, and performance suffers when the bike is taken off-road or onto rough roads. One type of touring bike, the sport tourer, is also built with performance in mind, at the expense of being less comfortable.
These should be your first choice if you need something both fuel efficient and can go off road in most weather conditions, as long as storage is not a major concern for you and you don't need a side car. Others take comfort in the protection and capability that trucks and other large vehicles provide. They are relatively easy to fix, they are fairly quiet, and the only fuel needed is the food and water consumed by the human body, and the occasional drop of oil for the chain. Some of the better bike companies include Norco, Trek, Specialized, Giant, Kona, BMC, and Cannondale. Remember: like bicycles, they provide no protection and little in the way of extra cargo space. Longboards are perfect for any road or city environment, but have most of the same drawbacks of a skateboard. In comparison with a skateboard, scooters are more practical than skateboards since they come off with a easier to almost non existant learning curve and function as a more durable improvised weapon being usually made of full aluminum. It takes about five seconds to remove them (after all removal is going to be the scenario where time is of the essence). However, if the user is properly trained and if you are in an area that has a lot of snow, then these may be an effective method of cold-weather transportation instead of riding a bike. Be aware that all animals are susceptible to infection from zombies and require a significant amount of food and water, just like humans. Their fuel consists of grass and water, they can carry or pull a lot of supplies, and they can be quite fast and can usually maneuver around traffic jams. However, they can be quite tricky to ride for somebody who does not know how to use one, they provide no protection from zombies and the elements, and a single crash may spell doom for the rider. There are also trikes which will bump you up from two wheels to three wheels for more storage, larger fuel tanks and sometimes bigger engines than your average cruiser bike.
The larger ones are faster, but not as off road capable and less fuel efficient but offer increased cargo. If you decide to use one, keep the fuel tank covered; because of its size, scrapes from big rocks could damage it and cut off your fuel supply, rendering the bike useless. A person's body can be brought up stairs, into tight spaces, and other areas that cannot be readily accessed with any vehicle. Disadvantages include the fact that they provide no protection, and that cargo capacity is limited to what the rider can carry although small trailers are offered by some manufacturers. However they have similar disadvatages, and the metal frame can make a lot of noise when the scooter travels over a crack or uneven strip of pavement.
These chassis are strong, made of steel and are heavy, making a very efficient melee weapon, but take up much needed space when not on your feet. Also, if it's cold enough for heavy snow, it's cold enough to freeze zombies in their tracks, which means that one might not even have to deal with zombies.
To avoid injury or accidents, only use animals if you have had experience with them before. Some zombie survivalists have proclaimed Equus caballus to be the superior mode of transportation for the end of the world.
Also, unlike horses, many of these animals are still bred for labor rather than for show, which means that they are not as likely to suffer from the diseases that purebred show horses suffer from.
Unlike horses, sled dogs haven't had as much selective breeding, as all of them wind up becoming rather strong through their work. Maintenance is also more difficult than with a bicycle, although the same can be said of automobiles.
Some larger models, known as maxi-scooters, are faster, have bigger engines, and can carry almost as much as some motorcycles, at the cost of a slight hit in fuel economy.

This page will go over the various methods of transportation that will be available in the event of zombie related civil unrest. On motorised vehicles, be sure to remove as many lightbulbs as possible if you are likely to be in an area with zombies. This however significanly adds to the weight of the vehicle and reduces the portiblity and speed. However, don't forget that these animals are survivors just like you, and you may end up creating bonds with them.
The disadvantages are those that all animals have (getting scared, targets for zombies and raiders, noise, etc.). Also, dogs are easy to maintain, and as long as you continue to show that you're in charge, they are always willing to please you.
Finally, like any motorized vehicle, the engines on motorcycles require gasoline to operate, and most motorcycle engines are carburated resulting in a louder engine noise which may result in attracting unwanted attention from zombies. However, mopeds are also very slow, with most mopeds incapable of going much faster than 28 miles per hour (45.0616 kilometers per hour). Scooters may be a good choice for long-distance travel if fuel is a particularly pressing concern.
The KLR650 is also liquid cooled, which helps with longevity but adds possible maintenance). There are a number of different types of vehicles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is vital to remove the tail lights, brake lights, and reversing light from the rear of the vehicle, to disable the horn to avoid accidental loud noises, and also to remove the orange turn signal bulbs. If one is not going to drive and must travel long d The Flying Pigeon, the best selling bicycle.
The first major issue is that it takes a lot of skill to ride one, and even then, the horse also has to be well-trained, and in a situation where farms and stables are being abandoned, many horses may starve or go feral, leading to a lack of replacements in case something happens to your horse.
They will eat almost anything, and as long as they're well-fed and staying active (which they will be, what with pulling a sled and all), they will be healthy.
The downside of this is that when they do get food and water after long periods of dearth they consume a lot of both; it is recommended that you do not keep food or water from them unless necessary. Also, their cargo capacity is very limited, being little more than what the rider can carry on their person.
Most have a payload of about 1500  and a large trunk with a lot of space for guns, food, gear etc.
It is inadvisable to remove the headlights as they will be necessary for safe driving at some stage, but be very wary about bumping the stalk accidentally and activating the headlights while stationary. Finally, a group of healthy sled dogs can pull a great deal of stuff, almost as much as a small car. Fortunately in the United States the only camels are on camel farms which means they are used to people and some are already trained to have riders. There are better choices than a moped -- bicycles are better suited for traveling short distances, and the larger motorcycles and automobiles are better for moving longer distances. The type of fuel used by some is also a problem as many are equipped with a two-cycle engine which requires a special oil to be mixed with the fuel. Perhaps the most obvious disadvantages that come with walking are that it is slow, and that cargo capacity is limited to what you are able to carry on you. They are hard to learn to ride well, but even if you can't ride them they make amazing pack animals. Heat may be a problem as well, most are air cooled and aren't designed to run far or long without stopping, so long distances can be a problem if you don't know basic maintenance. When selecting a bicycle you should make sure that you are getting one that is of high quality such as an aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, or steel, is in good condition, and is rugged enough to last in a survival situation. If they get badly injured, unless you or somebody in your group is a trained veterinarian (or otherwise knows how to care for a horse) with access to the required medicine, you won't be able to do much to help, as basic human first aid can only do so much for a non-human creature. It is recommended to not waste time getting them to allow you to ride, but instead use them as walking bases (they can carry all your supplies easily) and for support when engaging zombies. Even the healthiest of travellers will notice wear and tear, and the potential for injury increase if they do not occasionally take a day to hole up and rest. And if a horse gets spooked, which could very easily happen if it confronts a zombie mob, it could panic and throw the rider from its back, which could cause a debilitating injury or even death. Finally, thanks to automobiles and tractors making them obsolete, many horses today are bred not for farm work or pulling carriages full of cargo, but are purebreds, bred for horse racing and beauty contests.

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