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Wanted to share a few quick photos of a homemade SERE & survival kit, housed in a Topo Designs small accessory pouch. Thanks for the kind words -- not selling anything yet, just getting my feet wet in the whole blog-o-sphere and social media.
When you think your food is cooked, place the food thermometer in the thickest part of the food, making sure the tip does not touch bone, fat, or gristle. Wait the amount of time required for your type of thermometer to stabilize a steady reading. There are two predominant types of food thermometers that people use – a digital thermometer and a dial thermometer. Because of the hormones and antibiotics not to mention the omega fat imbalances in grain fed beef, we have a grass fed steer slaughtered when we need to restock the freezer.
When you freeze meat (beef,venison, elk, buffalo)for 14 days all pathogens and other bad things are killed. PS hold and reheat temperature is 160 degrees before serving for hot food .and for cold dishes its hold and serve is 45 and below. The battery bank system will charge from one of several sources including by simply having it plugged into an outlet (to maintain a full charge and trickle charge – pre-power-outage scenario) or it will charge via a generator (which will also be running the rest of the house during a power outage). One (portable) generator that I have (and the one I use to power the house during a power-outage) is the Yamaha EF4500iSE. The PSB like a wool blanket is still warm when wet, unlike wool it is very easy to dry, even in the field.
Cover colors can be varied from Multicam on both side which we call a Concealment Blanket (PCB) to no camo at all, such as OD Green on both sides.
Items included: Blanket, Shock cord loop with cordloc, Ripstop nylon stuff sack (non-compressing).
PCB, PCBT, PCBL are standard size, tall, and large, all with Multicam (camo) on both sides for full concealment.
PSBx, PCBTx, PCBLx, same as above sizes but with no Multicam premium camo fabric, mostly solid colors.
Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for?
During your adventures in the Spring Term you will need to take a maximum of 10 items in the survival kit. To list the 10 items you want to take with you and to identify their use in helping you survive.
I would use food to keep me keep and so tat I would not starve to death and water to keep me hydrated a lighter to light a fire binoculars to see what’s coming from far away a torch to have light a backpack to carry all my stuff a pocket knife for hunting books to keep me calm 3 jackets to stay warm and cotton to use to make a den.
4.Next, I would bring along with me is a flare to make fire and, to cook my food I hunted for.

7.Next, I would bring along would be, a mini first aid kit to not make weight on me and to help me when I get a really bad cut! The first thing I would bring in my survival kit would be a bow and arrow so i don’t need to bring food with me ,instead i can kill animals to eat .
I would also take a survival knife which is knife that can do seven different things and can also be used if the bow and arrow doesn’t work . Two very important things you needed to bring would be a torch including a spear battery tray to use to see and if the light goes out you can just change the battery’s and a first aid kit incase you get hurt . To make sure I didn’t get sick i would bring a water bottle that changes dirty water into clean water .
I chose a blanket for shelter or warmth then finally I chose a cup so I can make nettle tea and drink water. The first object I would take to the mountains is a pocket knife so I can hunt for my food and slice and cook the food. 1) I would take some matches because when you need a fire for warmth or shelter you will be able to light it. Lucky for you, you have your trusty Adventurer knife that comes with its own built-in survival kit.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. This is still a work in progress, with items that need to be added (Kevlar cordage, snare wire, fish hooks, etc.). Shameless plug: I did write up a recent blog entry for this kit with the contents listed out.
The digital works very quickly while a dial takes a moment longer to provide an accurate reading.
We actually like to eat beef seasoned and raw and do so on a fairly regular basis after 14 days of freezing. There are 3 color styles listed below shown in Blue, one for each style of colors; PSB has a camo color on one side and a solid color on the other, PCB has a camo color on each side, PSBx has no camo colors but is a solid color on each side. These items will be used to help you survive in the mountains and enable you to live in the wilderness alone. The first object I would take to the mountains would be a back pack because it could store all of my other objects.
The fourth object I would take would be a Swiss Army knife because it has equipment for hunting and cutting. The final object I would take would be a plastic bottle to collect the stream water or to collect little bugs to eat instead of the rations.
Thanks to this handy survival knife you have all the tools you need to catch fish: line, hook, sinkers, and even a harpoon.

The idea is that this kit will be layered with other items carried, so it's not really meant to be completely stand-alone.
The digital requires a battery (ordinarily no problem) while the dial thermometer is stand-alone (no worries about a dead battery – good for SHTF).
This way none of the food quality has been destroyed by cooking and the meat is perfectly safe if you handle it properly between the freezer and the plate. I prefer a large dial thermometer from 0 to 220 and also recommend you have one for oil and candy that reads 200 to 500.Multipals of each are handy get different lengths they come with probes from 4 to 12 inches long. So just choose your color style, then choose your size, a drop down will allow you to choose your color choice. Dinner wona€™t be a problem tonight!A pencil will aid in keeping track of how many days you've been out in the wilderness as well as recording direction and bearings for finding your way back to civilization.
I haven't completely decided about including any sharps yet -- as there are already several as EDC. The price we paid for the steer, slaughter, and vaccum packaging was $1836.00, 100 pounds of fround beef and 25 pounds of steak at Whole Foods will cost the same. The Syrian dish, Kibbi is a dish that has been eaten for thousands of years without problems if prepared correctly and it is raw lamb ground with wheat or other grain.
A Morse code card and signal mirror can help attract a search and rescue team or communicate over long distances. A unique combination of modern materials, the PSB utilizes an exceptionally soft polyurethane foam insulating core, with highly breathable nylon cover, DWR coated to repel water.
The fourth thing I would take is my survival blanket so that when I make my shelters I will be nice and warm. Next I would take a backpack to store my stuff in when there not being used or being eaten.
Among all of these great items that make this survival kit, is your trusty fixed blade knife. Also I would take a flint so it’s easier for me to light fires to help me get warm and to cook some of my food. The final object I would take is a ball of string so my shelters are more safer for me to stay in.

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