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About the Author: Michael McCauley is a Certified Personal Fitness Chef and Nutrition Specialist, author and speaker. Wendy BoydMarch 20, 2013 at 5:51 PMWhen dining out I always take half of what is served to me home for another meal.
Don’t pluck your eyebrows too much instead of use turmeric which applying on your face shape your eyebrows with turmeric paste a little. You’re more prone to getting sick, fast food trips multiply considerably and late-night study sessions are undeniable. Don’t just stare at the Huff through your window while you’re lying in bed watching Netflix. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to staying physically and mentally healthy this year! Apply moisturizer regularly after doing cleansing as, cleanser removes tan and moisturizer makes your skin smooth and to live as long lasting.
Avoid oil food items and instead of that try to eat fruits which are available in seasonal. With the semester well underway, we have a few tips on how to stay healthy – both physically and mentally. When you don’t get enough, you become more moody, less productive and more likely to get sick.
Hit up a restaurant that has Fitter Foods items for some healthier lunch and dinner options. And, next time you’re studying, grab one of the many healthy snacks from Xcetera. Set a few goals for the year, take a look at them periodically, and you’ll probably find that it’s easier to stay on track.
There is a tiny, silly part of me that feels like reading something about the change I want to make somehow makes me closer to actually making that change.
Look for products that prevent UVA Rays (responsible for premature aging) and UVB rays (one of the main causes of skin cancer).
If, you still have patience whenever you will feel your face is oily clean your face with plain water.
Select a moisturizer that is having ph 7 and SPF 30 to protect your skin from dryness and sun rays.
Watch an episode of your favorite show, grab ice cream with a friend or attend a Residence Life event. Just like getting enough sleep, eating healthy food affects nearly everything you do from weight control to gaining energy and fighting disease to improving your mood. Get a reusable water bottle and refill it with filtered water from one of the eco-friendly Hydration Stations on the first floor of any residence hall.
For this reason, we strive to cater to each student's needs and provide the best service possible.

Make up and its products make our skin dry and if it is not suitable to our body, it may give rashes that destroy our skin texture.
This blog is just one tool we use to educate and entertain our students and staff, and we hope you'll use it to your advantage during your time at OU and beyond.
Make up in front of the mirror is a time consuming and have spent a lot of money on beautiful parlors and products.
Sleeping the night before a test will help you retain information more than staying up late and cramming. You will look more beautiful, having a good skin texture even without applying mascara, eye shadow, foundation. Whenever you will come from outside, try to wash your wash immediately in order to remove tan.
I lost almost 10 pounds and inches off my body, in addition to bringing my average blood sugar down significantly and getting my high cholesterol down to normal. Regardless, the fact that I was able to be ON the wagon for that long is proof that I am actually capable of making a change, and that I can do it again. In preparation for that, I put together a list of things I did the first time to jump-start my healthy lifestyle changes, and I thought I would share it with you in case you would like to jump-start with me! Now, of course you don’t have to go about your health journey exactly like I did, and certainly none of these tips are ground-breaking, but I thought I would still share what worked for me in case it might give you some ideas to get started. Shall we?tip #1: ACCEPT THE (PROBABLY) INEVITABLEOne thing I always, without fail, do when I try to be healthy is dive head first into a rigorous new eating plan or exercise routine and get burned out trying to do too much too quickly. Gradual change is SO much more sustainable over time, and way less traumatic–both for your body and your mind!I started out my health journey by simply writing down what I was eating. I only allowed myself to eat X calories a day (your doctor can help you figure out what X is healthy for you!), but I wasn’t extremely strict about it. As a type 1 diabetic, there are times where I have to eat to raise a low blood sugar, so some days I would go over my calorie limit.
I take my phone everywhere, so having a food tracking app on my phone meant I always had my tracker no more than an arms length away, which was key for me. Pretty spiffy.For me, tracking my calories was more about making better food choices than the calorie number itself. For example, if I can eat 500 calories for dinner, I would much rather eat a pile of vegetables and protein and feel full than half a cheeseburger and feel hungry.
You might also consider writing down when you’re eating and the circumstances surrounding the meal.
When you know these things, you can do something about them!Another thing I wrote down was when I exercised.
I printed up a free calendar and put an X over the days I kept up eating well and a W on the days I also worked out.

However, I saw results when I looked at my measurements instead: Losing an inch around my tummy meant I was indeed losing fat, even though my scale suggested otherwise. And that was motivating!tip #4: PLAN IT OUTWhile normally I love planning and organizing (I would plan my wedding over again in a heartbeat!), when it comes to meals and groceries, planning is not something I particularly enjoy. In addition to tracking my food, exercise, and calories, as a type 1 diabetic I also have to track my carb intake (since carb quantities determine how much insulin I need to give myself) and manage the beast that is my blood sugar (which is a part-time job in itself–can I get an Amen from any type 1s out there?). The meals aren’t too complex but are super tasty, and they have 15 different types of meal plans (including clean eating, diabetic, paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian plans) that can be customized to fit your family size. But instead of loading my grocery cart with these things like I used to, I started piling in veggies and researching interesting ways to cook them. The program I originally chose was 6 weeks, and committing to those 6 weeks was a lot easier for me to swallow than my alternative: forever.
I get bored doing the same routine every day, so I purchased her 30 Day Shred, Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, 6 Week Six-Pack, Yoga Meltdown, and No More Trouble Zones DVDs. They were inexpensive (some are free online!) and it would be easy to swap out DVDs each day I exercise to keep things interesting. Exercise DVDs are doable for me: After purchasing two largely-unused gym memberships, I realized I hate physically going to the gym, and I hate the treadmill waiting for me there even more.
I started doing a Zumba class once a week with friends, and 500 calories later it didn’t even feel like exercise! I decided to completely cut out pizza, french fries, pasta dishes (especially with cream sauces) and hamburgers from my diet because regardless of portion size they wreak absolute havoc on my blood sugar, but there are other treats I’ll still occasionally indulge in. When I feel limited in my food choices I go nuts, so these little treats are my pressure valves. If gold stars don’t make your heart pitter patter like they did in elementary school, pick another reinforcer.
DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I will receive a small commission on products purchased through these links at no extra cost to you. I have always had a sweet tooth, and I have found that as long as I keep fruit and berries in the fridge, sugar doesn’t have such the pull on me. But, obviously, it also requires some determination.Reply Kristine Foley - The Foley Fam saysJuly 19, 2014 at 12:12 pm Such great tips! Please include a crediting link back to my blog should you wish to share something I've created with others.
In sharing, please do not reproduce a post of mine in full, copy and re-post text in this blog, or reproduce more than two photos from a post onto your blog without my explicit permission.

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