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IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username! I've been waiting forever for the BATF to approve my Form 1 so I could "upgrade" my Model 608 and get it looking the way it really should.
NRA Life MemberI can see where you're coming from, 'cause I know where you've been and I can see where you're going 'cause I can see the direction you're headed in. Originally Posted By jntmjt1: "Look what those guys have done to my workbench!" Now THAT is funnyshit right there!
You don’t quite fit in the age bracket for these engineering roles, but you may be suitable for jobs in another part of the Royal Navy. You’ll work on sophisticated equipment that is essential to keeping our submarines moving. You'll operate and maintain essential communications equipment, sending vital and at times classified, messages.
You’ll use global radio and satellite systems to transmit essential, and often classified, messages. You’ll maintain the systems that power the ship, finding innovative solutions to complex problems. You’ll provide fuel for your crewmates, fine dining for important guests, and learn to drive the sub.
You’ll be responsible for preparing materials and instruments, making appointments and maintaining stocks.

You’ll maintain and operate complex communication, detection and weapon systems worth millions of pounds. You’ll provide first-class hospitality, from taking care of senior officers, to ensuring VIPs leave with a good impression. You’ll use advanced equipment to provide information about local tides, currents, sea depth and even the seabed.
You’ll be part of the crew in an Anti-Submarine Merlin Helicopter or a Commando Merlin Helicopter.
You’ll find mines using mine-hunting sonar, and deal with them using a remote-controlled disposal vehicle.
You’ll provide vital mental health care both at sea, and on Base Ports, from Plymouth to Cyprus. You’ll be a key part of the nursing team in an MOD hospital unit, keeping our personnel fit and healthy. You’ll get your hands on cutting-edge kit at the same time as working towards a fully funded degree.
You’ll work in MOD hospital units, at sea within the surgical team, or with the Commando Forward Surgical Group.
You’ll gain all the skills and qualifications you need for a career as an Operating Department Practitioner. You’ll provide medical support to Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel all over the world.

You’ll gain the specialist skills needed to steer the ship, act as lookout and communicate with other ships.
You’ll manage the delivery of vital stores and equipment to Navy personnel all over the world.
You’ll ensure Submariners have the equipment and supplies they need for long periods below the surface. You’ll detect threats to your ship, identify targets and make crucial tactical decisions.
You’ll decide on the level of threat posed by detected vessels to make key decisions. On board you’ll be responsible for Human Resources (HR), handling legal matters and financial administration. But I am liking the Armalite logo'ed wood tabletop - lots of love went into giving it that look!
You are all faggots" - xcrmongerAmazing how many people can find a way to shit on any thread no matter what it's about.

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