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My essay Demystifying Tantra 1 - Place of Tantra in Hinduism has been featured in prestigious academic website on Indology IndiaFacts. Styx is a river in the underworld, over which the souls of the dead were ferried by Charon, and by which the gods swore their most solemn oaths. In modern contexts the word refers to a finely ground, nearly pure form of silica or silicate. Also a a tropical or subtropical tree or shrub with showy white flowers in drooping clusters. A Sequestrator is One who sequesters property, or takes the possession of it for a time, to satisfy a demand out of its rents or profits. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. The words are skull, plate, snowman, spider, flute, pliers, stapler, chicken, ground, drum.
The words are cloud, drill, truck, skis, grass, skates, shorts, globe, sticks, plum, cloud, drill.
The words are clown, flame, scarecrow, child, skyscraper, chimney, present, grapes, trombone, fruit.

The words are snowflake, crown, crescent, brother, snail, glasses, snail, swine, sheep, branch. The words are plants, triangle, groundhog, glass, crocodile, pretzel, dragon, starfish, spiral, snake. The words are children, chimp, blizzard, crab, chocolate, starfish, propeller, shark, thermometer, frame. The words are shrimp, thread, strawberry, screw, streak, street, throw, scroll, screwdriver, straw. The words are slide, whisk, scale, shadow, clarinet, shirt, dream, slug, stump, graph, slide, whisk.
The words are whistle, claw, wheel, sleep, thumb, scorpion, thirty, sloth, grasshopper, skunk. The words are wheat, stamp, flamingo, thirteen, statue, scuba, shamrock, stool, shoulder, grater. The words are braid, brush, bracelet, bridge, bricks, broom, branch, brain, broccoli, bread. The words are chin, chair, cherry, cheese, chimp, chicken, chimney, children, cheetah, chain.

The words are flame, fly, flamingo, flower, flyswatter, Florida, flashcards, flea, flute, flag. The words are grapes, graph, grapefruit, grater, groundhog, grass, grandma, grizzly bear, grasshopper, grin. The words are spoon, spool, sparrow, spiral, spatula, sponge, spout, spigot, sparkler, spider.
The words are star, stamp, steak, statue, starfish, stool, stapler, stop, Stegosaurus, stump. The words are thumb, think, thermometer, thermos, thick, thin, thimble, thousand, theater, thigh. The words are truck, train, triangle, tractor, trumpet, trash, treasure, train, trombone, trunk.
The words are wheel, whale, whistle, when, wheelbarrow, whip, whiskers, whirlwind, wheelchair, wheat.

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