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I've been meaning to post Gooch's procedure for quite some time now, but I keep putting it off.
I used this procedure a few years ago when I changed the water pump on my Ex and switched over to an ELC and it works great.
Re-install thermostat housing without thermostat, using old gasket (it's ok if it leaks a little while flushing and running engine).
Remove heater hose at passenger's side coming off the engine (just below intercooler tube). Turn garden hose on until clear water (no green tint) runs (backflushes) out of top of degas bottle.
With hose still on, start and run engine for a couple of minutes, again until water coming out of degas bottle is clear (no green tint). Close radiator drain valve, reinstall and finger-tighten both block plugs, reinstall lower radiator hose (permanently). If using SCA, add it to cooling system per SCA manufacturer's instructions (usually 3-4 pints).
Run engine (or drive truck for faster heating), until thermostat opens and hot air is felt through heater in cab.
The most common cause of a blown head gasket is that the engine overheated because: 1) Fan clutch is not working, 2) All of the coolant leaked out of the engine and you kept driving it this way.
1.) You have already verified it's not an ignition system problem because you have spark coming out at all of the spark plug wires. 2.) You know it's not a Lack of Fuel, because you have verified that the fuel pump is delivering fuel to the fuel injectors. Before you start, let me tell you that although there are three tests in this article, you'll probably not have to do all three.
The majority of people's transmission problems can be traced to the quality and quantity of their fluid. If you are experiencing erratic shifting, transmission slippage or hard shifting, a simple exchange of your transmission fluid could solve the problem. If you wish to flush the fluid because you suspect it is in dire need of changing, be certain to confirm this suspicion by checking your transmission fluid prior to performing any maintenance. This process applies to the 4R7xx family of transmissions on the F-150 as well as the newer 6R80. Position your 15 quart or larger container under your pickup where your transmission pan is located. Once the pan has been removed, wipe it clean to clear up any debris that might have built up over time. There you are, charging up an on-ramp in your F-150 or F-250 Super Duty when your transmission suddenly decides to transmit your engine's power into violent shaking. This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and the F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014).
An overheating transmission can be the first warning sign to a disastrous outcome if not properly diagnosed and fixed.
After flushing, residual water will remain in your engine and cooling system that you can't get out. Directly connecting to your faucet without one of these "T's" could damage your cooling system.
The heater hose removed in this procedure is the one consistent with what you'll find on the flush "T" directions.
This will help you determine if the thermostat is operating or if there is air left in the system.
On your vehicle, you probably have already replaced the water pump, or the thermostat or the fan motor or know that all these are OK and yet the car or mini-van is overheating. Two of them require absolutely no tools to do, the third requires a compression tester and the last is a block test with a combustion leak detector. This guide will walk you through changing your fluid so that your transmission lives as long as the rest of your F-150 or F-250 does. This is inclusive of donning protective gear, turning off the engine, and parking in a safe, flat location.
If you have reached 100k miles or more and that is your reason for flushing, feel free to skip ahead to Step 2. This container should catch the fluid coming out as you loosen the bolts on the transmission pan while slowly maneuvering from one end of the pan to the other. There is a smaller filter in the valve body that should be cleaned too (the location pictured above).

Utilizing a small screwdriver is your best bet at carefully removing the seal without causing damage to the surrounding components. Next, use the funnel to distribute approximately 5 to 6 quarts of brand new transmission fluid. Late model F-150s have the option to check transmission temperature from the information display.
The fog lamps are housed below in a trapezoidal-shaped lower opening to help complete the more-muscular look. If heater does not get hot (or stay hot), it may be necessary to rev engine or purge air from the cooling system. Thankfully, there are more easy and simple tests to continue checking for a blown head gasket.
The dip stick can be located on the body transmission body as illustrated by the diagram above.
In order to test the new fluid, you will need to heat your transmission back up to operating temperature (approximately 150°).
If it's over full, you can drain some of the transmission fluid through the torque converter. Popular brands include International's Fleetrite ELC, Shell Rotella ELC, CAT ELC, Chevron Delo ELC, Peak Final Charge, Prestone Heavy Duty ELC, Zerex Extreme Heavy Duty, etc.
They will require the addition of a supplemental coolant additive (SCA) at initial fill and maintenance of that SCA thereafter. If you already know how to check your transmission fluid, you might be tempted to change it yourself and avoid the mechanic altogether. Adding 4 gallons of concentrate after flushing, and then topping off with distilled water, will ensure optimal protection. You can check the transmission temperature in newer F-150s through the information display. The hybrid vehicles can operate up to 47 mph in pure electric mode, approximately twice as fast as some competitors. These coolants do not require an initial dose of SCA, but will require SCA maintenance thereafter. Plus, the city driving range on a single tank of gas is expected to be more than 700 miles.The Sport version get a 263-hp V-6 Duratec engine, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift.
These are coolants like Peak Fleet Charge, Prestone Heavy Duty, Zerex Precharge, Shell Diesel Ready, Fleetguard Fleetcool, Fleetrite Fully Formulated, and so on. There will still be old transmission fluid in the torque converter when you're done with this procedure. 911 Assist is designed to assist occupants to place a call to a local 911 emergency operator if an accident that activates an air bag or the emergency fuel cutoff occurs. A brief pre-recorded message will play when the call is answered, and occupants in the vehicle will then be able to talk directly with the 911 operator. Once the call is connected, 911 operators can respond properly.Vehicle monitoring and appropriate maintenance can save time, money and improve the ownership experience.
SYNC’s new VHR feature will make staying up to speed with vehicle maintenance easier than ever at no additional cost. BLIS checks the defined blind spot zone, which is about 10 feet from the back of the bumper to the outside mirrors.
As with BLIS, the driver is warned with a light in the outside mirror on the side of the traffic. DAEP brings the home-theater performance of Dolby Pro Logic II technology into the mobile environment. The 8-inch screen, the largest touch-screen in the class, has improved resolution, six-channel DVD-audio capability and voice recognition destination entry.The system pronounces street names when route guidance is active. When this button is activated, the system will automatically find and report weather conditions from the nearest weather station while driving.Nearly 150 different categories of points of interest are available, making it easier for the customer to find a desired location.
Additionally, listings for the top 40 movies playing are available.Also improved is the voice interface between the driver and the system.
This industry-exclusive feature helps to reduce evaporative emissions that create smog and global warming. When fueling is completed, and the fuel pump nozzle is removed, the system automatically seals shut. There is no longer a need to handle a dirty gas cap.Available all-wheel drive and passenger fold-flat seat continue as segment-exclusives. The decklid mounted LED center stop lamp also contributes to the high tech look and better visibility.

Overall, the goal was to create a more detailed, contemporary environment with a more technical look, mirroring the added content found in each model.The instrument panel was changed, with new metal finishes on the control knobs, and a stainless look that carries through to the doors, center console and steering wheel for a unified theme throughout the 2010 Fusion. The Fusion Sport line features a bold look with an anodized finish on the center stack and either red or blue high tech soft touch spears across the binnacle.
The car’s newly designed front end, including a powerfully domed hood, and new headlamps, grille and larger fog-lamp area further enhance the sporty nature of the 2010 Fusion.
The all new instrument panel is finished with a soft upper and lower skin and has much less hard plastic than Japanese competitors.
The instrument panel displays and switches have also been updated with a contemporary iced blue lighting. The seat contour has been revised, with more side support and overall a more comfortable seat with smoother bolsters and more-textural inserts. The seats also feature contrasting stitching and leather inserts to give the Fusion even more attitude, befitting this mid-size sedan.
The ambient lighting system offers the option of illuminating the front and rear footwells and front cup holders.Fuel-efficient and more powerful powertrain lineupBoth the inline four-cylinder and V-6 engines are upgraded for both improved fuel economy and power. The versatility in the powertrain systems creates a wide range of options for customers designed to fit every need.
Overall, the reduction in wind noise and road noise puts Fusion near some of the best luxury cars in terms of quietness and speech intelligibility.
Additionally, the propulsion system for the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids transitions between gas and electric power and back more efficiently and seamlessly.The overall system upgrade allows the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids to operate longer at higher speeds in electric mode.
Nearly 94 percent energy recovery is achieved by first delivering full regenerative braking followed by friction brakes during city driving.A simulator brake actuation system dictates brake actuation and delivers improved brake pedal feel compared to the previous generation braking system.
Technical enthusiasts will love the detailed gauges that will help them learn to become more efficient in their driving.
With an even sportier look, a bigger, more-powerful engine, special 18 inch wheels and upgraded suspension tuning to go along with a distinctive interior, the new 2010 Ford Fusion Sport is a dynamic, welcome addition. The sport-tuned air intake system provides the fun-to-drive, powerful and sporty powertrain sound attributes expected in the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport to complement the driving experience.Building off the improvements for the Fusion line, the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport also features a unique lower grille for a more functional look, larger beveled bright-tip dual exhausts, side rocker moldings, a decklid spoiler and unique Sport badging. Eighteen-inch painted aluminum wheels are standard.The interior reflects its sporty nature as well.
As with the base models, the Fusion Sport’s instrument panel and center console deliver a more-technical, content-driven look.
Fusion Sport includes a Charcoal Black interior with a high tech soft touch dark gray finish available. Sport Blue or Sport Red interior accents are also available, depending on exterior color selected. These give the instrument panel and console a sportier look as well, which carries over to the seat inserts and contrast stitching. The radar identifies when a vehicle enters the defined blind spot zone and illuminates an indicator light on the corresponding side-view mirror providing a warning that a vehicle is approaching. The navigation system’s text-to-speech function calls out street names while in route to a destination and reads incoming text messages when the system is linked to SYNC.
The integrated DVD player is capable of reading CD-Audio, MP3 CDs, DVD, DVD-Audio and DVD-ROM (for digital map updates). Travel Link also offers sports scores and schedules and a listing of more than 4,500 movie theaters with movie times, theater addresses, movie synopses and more.Reverse Camera System, which mounts a small camera on the decklid that is activated when Fusion is shifted into reverse, giving the driver a clear view behind the vehicle. The Ford Fusion is the first mid-size sedan in North America to offer a Sony-branded audio system with surround sound and Sony DSP processing as a factory option. This industry-exclusive feature eliminates the need to touch dirty gas caps and helps to reduce evaporative emissions that create smog and global warming. The filter removes respiratory irritants and toxins caused by traffic and industrial pollution. The system takes oil from one side of the phaser and channels it to the other side, rather than draining one side and filling the other as with a traditional hydraulic system. This allows the CTA system to work more efficiently at all engine speeds and it requires a smaller oil pump, which equates to lower parasitic energy loss. Unlike some competitive performance engines, the 3.5-liter Duratec delivers all of this without requiring premium fuel.

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