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Used vehicles sale - pine belt nissan keyport, Pinebelt nissan of keyport is where you will find this priced to sell vehicle, this vehicle has passed mechanical and safety inspections and is sold cosmetically as is.. Swing by coggin deland ford in orange city, fl and check out our inventory of quality used cars. This 2001 ford taurus 4dr sdn ses is proudly offered by jim hudson buick gmc cadillac when your newly purchased ford from jim hudson buick gmc cadillac comes with the. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The 3.0L Duratec engine has Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection (SFI), and an upper and lower intake manifold with electronically controlled Intake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC) that varies intake air velocity for improved low-end torque, and a single coil distributorless ignition system (DIS) that fires two spark plugs simultaneously (wasted spark). The dual overhead cams on the Duratec engine are chain driven, so there’s no timing belt to replace. In 1999, Ford changed to a slightly different casting (XW4E) which has different coolant passages on the right side that require a different head gasket.
The following year, Ford revised the block casting slightly and reduced the size of the knock sensor threads from 12 mm to 8 mm. The cast iron liners in the aluminum block can be bored to oversize if the cylinders are worn or tapered.
Flat-top pistons with a slight dome are used without valve reliefs in the older 3.0L Duratec engines that do not have variable valve timing, but pistons with four valve reliefs are required for additional valve clearance in the newer versions with VVT. The compression ratio is the same, so the newer pistons can be used in the older applications. All the Duratec engines use powder metal connecting rods with cracked (fracture-split) caps.
If the big end of the rod is worn or stretched, though, the rod has to be replaced because cracked caps cannot be ground to resize the bearing opening.
The heads on the early 1996-’98 engines have six round intake ports and have a casting number F5DE.
The 1999 model year heads (F7DE) also have six round intake ports, but the right head has a protrusion to cover an oiling port in the block (which is used in later engines to pressurize the variable valve timing system). In 2001, the heads changed again when Ford moved the water pump from the right front side of the engine (as viewed from the front) to the left side.
This also required a change in the location of the serpentine belt tensioner from the left side of the timing cover to the right side (as viewed from the front).
The front timing cover on the 3.0L Duratec has undergone various changes to accommodate changes in the valvetrain. If you have a noisy serpentine belt on one of these engines, be sure to check the serpentine belt tensioner as a weak spring may be allowing the belt to slip. And, if you replace the belt on high-mileage engines, it’s a good idea to replace the tensioner, too.
You have to use a dial indicator to find the TDC position of the number one cylinder to make sure the crank and camshafts are all properly aligned. Ford says that when the crankshaft keyway is positioned at roughly the 11 o’clock position, the number one cylinder should be at TDC.
Rotating the crank until the keyway is at the 3 o’clock position will move the right cylinder head camshafts to the neutral position. The timing mark on the intake cam should be pointing to the right when viewed from the front, and the timing mark on the exhaust cam should be pointing straight up if both cams are in the correct position.
Before you can reinstall the timing chains, you need to compress the left and right chain tensioners in a vice.
If the replacement timing chain does not have timing marks for aligning with the cam gears, you’ll have to mark the left and right side chains. Once both chains are in place, remove the locking pin or paper clip from the left and right chain tensioners. There should be 12 chain links between the right and left intake and exhaust cam sprocket marks, 27 chain links between the cam gears and crank on the non-tensioned side of each chain, and 30 links between the cam gears and crank on the tensioned side of each chain. Driveability Issues If the check engine light is on and you find a code P1518, it means the intake manifold runner control (IMRC) system has a problem.
Ford also offers a PCM reprogramming fix in TSB 02-15-3 that causes the IMRC to cycle at speeds over 40 mph so sludge doesn’t build up on the runner plates. TSB 98-25-1 covers the installation of protective plastic tubing on the fuel pump wires to prevent chaffing on these vehicles. Hard starting and long cranking times on 1996-’98 Taurus and Sable may be caused by bad fuel, wet spark plug wires or a sticking idle air control valve. The fix may require cleaning or replacing the MAF sensor, or using a smoke machine to find elusive vacuum leaks in the intake plumbing.
If you find a 1996-2003 Taurus or Sable with a rolling idle or surge problem, poor fuel economy, or codes P1336, P1309 or P0340, the cause may be a misaligned camshaft position sensor. TSB 02-22-1 covers diagnosis of the cam sensor and aligning the cam sensor with a special installation tool. Cleaning and flushing the system can get rid of the gunk, but it won’t stop the corrosion inside the steel pipes. Electrolysis that eats through the heater core also can be caused by missing, loose or broken engine ground straps. Toyota is a full-line vehicle manufacturer and variably the first or second largest global producer. With the summer months heating up and cross-country road trips beginning, many people want to make sure their vehicles are prepped for the long haul. The engine thermostat has been an important component in automotive internal combustion engines for almost a century.
Honda Civic: Failed PCMs And CAN System DiagnosticsIt’s not unusual for me to get help requests through my e-mail.
For many today is just another Wednesday, but for a lot of people it is more than just your average Wednesday, it is "Back to the Future" Day.
The cooling system on late-model Nissan Altimas and Maximas with the 3.5L V6 engine is similar to many other late-model vehicles in that the water pump is buried and typically takes two to three hours to replace depending on the model, year and your manual dexterity. One thing that is a little different on these applications is that the water pump is driven off the timing chain rather than a serpentine belt or a timing belt.
The first signs of trouble are usually engine overheating, coolant loss or coolant leaking from the front of the engine.
A good system should hold the rated pressure on the radiator cap for at least five minutes.
If you suspect an internal coolant leak, check the dipstick too for any signs of coolant in the oil. Water Pump Installation The water pump on the 3.5L engine has two O-rings that seal it against the engine. Refilling the Cooling System Nissan recommends using its coolant to refill the cooling system, but any brand of extended-life, OAT-based coolant or universal coolant should work just fine.
Refilling the cooling system on these cars can be tricky because air can become trapped in the heater core.
To purge the system with Nissan’s special tool, you need to set the heater controls to full HOT and turn the heater control to ON. When the vacuum gauge shows maximum vacuum, disconnect the air hose and wait 20 seconds to make sure the cooling system holds vacuum and is not leaking.
Finish by removing the tool, replacing the radiator cap and refilling the coolant reservoir to the COLD FULL mark.
Other Checks Other items that also should be checked if you are replacing a water pump include the belts and hoses. If the engine has overheated, it’s also a good idea to replace the thermostat because overheating may have damaged the thermostat increasing the risk of it sticking shut. Radiator Leaks Like any radiator, the one on the Altima or Maxima can succumb to internal corrosion from coolant neglect. Cooling Fan Circuit The Altima and Maxima have dual variable-speed cooling fans that are powered by a module in the engine compartment.

There are three relays for the cooling fan circuit, and they are located in the power distribution center in the engine compartment. Larry Carley has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, including experience as an ASE-certified technician, and has won numerous awards for his articles. WORLDPAC Opens Warehouse In New OrleansWORLDPAC has announced the opening of a new regional branch warehouse in New Orleans. Technicians don’t have time to waste searching for tools when service bays are full and client appointments are back-to-back. Unlike its conventional pushrod predecessor, the 3.0L V6 has dual overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and an aluminum block with cast-iron cylinder liners. Ford says it will continue making the 3.0L V6 for several more years with additional improvements to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. Rod lengths and weights are all the same, and can be interchanged from one year to the next.
The right and left heads are different on all the engines, and are identified by different part numbers. In 2002, the head castings numbers changed (1X4E) on these engines, but the heads appear to be identical.
In 2001, Ford changed the location of the belt tensioner from the left side of the cover to the right to facilitate the relocation of the water pump. This time, the timing mark on the intake cam should be pointing to the left when viewed from the front, and the mark on the exhaust cam should be pointing straight up. Compress the piston until it is fully bottomed, then temporarily lock it in place with a pin or paper clip. The second and third marks should align with the timing marks on the intake and exhaust cams when the chain is slipped into place. TSB 98-21-12 covers the diagnosis of this condition, and TSB 97-9-5 covers replacing the IAC valve. The lean fuel condition is often caused by a dirty mass airflow sensor, vacuum leaks in the intake manifold or vacuum connections, or a defective DPFE sensor. Remove both cables from the battery, then touch the negative test lead to the negative battery post, and the positive lead to the coolant in the radiator or coolant reservoir.
Toyota's hard-earned reputation for reliability and quality was tarnished in 2009 and early 2010 by a series of high-profile recalls. Sometimes it’s from working technicians, other times it’s from vehicle owners who can’t get their problems solved through professional repair shops. Most specifically, it can tell you if the angles, inflation and components are within specification. Body techs and painters rely upon them every day to achieve that perfect finish on your customers’ vehicles. Consequently, there are a couple of extra steps you’ll have to take to create enough slack in the timing chain to remove the water pump if the pump needs to be replaced.
The engine in these cars is mounted sideways, so if the pump is leaking, you may find a puddle of coolant on the ground under the passenger side of the engine just behind the front right wheel.
If the pressure drops, there’s an internal leak and most likely the head gasket is the problem. If the sound seems to be coming from the area of the water pump, and the vehicle has a lot of miles on it, chances are the pump is failing. The pump may not be leaking but the engine is overheating because the pump is not pushing coolant through the motor. Drain the coolant out of the cooling system by opening the drain plugs on the radiator and right side of the cylinder block. Remove the right-side engine mounting, mounting bracket and nuts (which requires supporting the engine from underneath or above). Remove the water pump drain plug (located below and slightly to the right of the pump cover). Insert a stopper pin into the tensioner body hole to hold the lever in place and keep the tab released.
The plunger can now be pushed into the tensioner body by pressing on the timing chain guide. While holding the guide in, fix it in place by pushing the stopper pin through the lever hole and body hole. Rotate the crankshaft pulley approximately 20° clockwise so that the slack in the chain is off the tensioner. You can now remove the three water pump bolts, and rotate the crankshaft pulley 20° backwards (counterclockwise) to move the chain slack to the water pump (see Figure 2). To pull the pump out of the engine, install two 2” M8 bolts into two of the water pump bolt holes. Tighten the M8 bolts by turning each one-half turn alternately until they reach the timing chain rear case (see Figure 3). Before installing the water pump and timing chain tensioner access covers, remove all traces of liquid gasket from all mating surfaces using a scraper or chemical gasket remover. Apply a continuous bead of liquid gasket to the mating surfaces on the chain tensioner and water pump covers.
Return the crankshaft pulley to its original position by turning it 20° forward (clockwise). Replace the radiator and engine drain plugs, and reinstall the remaining parts in the reverse order they were removed.
One way to help get air out of the system is to raise the front of the car when you are refilling the radiator. If the gauge reading holds steady, place the coolant container level with the top of the radiator (with the tool’s refill hose inserted all the way in the container) and open the valve on the refill hose. After starting the engine, Nissan says you should idle the engine for three minutes, then rev the engine up to 3,000 rpm under no load to purge air from the high-pressure oil chamber of the chain tensioners. The thermostat housing on the 3.5L V6 is located on the front of the engine just above the alternator. If the car is used for towing, or the engine has been modified for more horsepower, a radiator with increased cooling capacity should be recommended to reduce the risk of overheating.
The fog lamps are housed below in a trapezoidal-shaped lower opening to help complete the more-muscular look.
With its aluminum block and cylinder heads, it is the same basic engine used in the Jaguar S-Type, Lincoln LS, Mazda MPV, Mazda 6, Mondeo ST220 and many other Ford vehicles through 2005. Toyota has visibly allowed some of its strongest products -- often the best-sellers within their segments in the U.S.
Of course, a coolant leak doesn’t always mean the water pump shaft seal has reached the end of the road.
Some late-model water pumps have plastic impellers that are designed to reduce drag and noise. In order to prevent damage to the water pump or timing chain rear case, do not tighten one bolt continuously. Another way is to use a special tool Nissan has for purging air from the cooling system (see Figure 4). When the shop air supply to the tool is turned on, it will start to pull vacuum, which you can see on the tool’s gauge. The control module then operates the fans at one of three speeds (or leaves them off), depending on the cooling requirements commanded by the PCM. Quick Lube Express Lane Dual Bay Dual Drawer Parts & Tool Storage Cabinets are manufactured to provide storage for tools, parts and supplies to support an express lube service facility.
The 2006 Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, and Lincoln Zephyr feature a version of the Duratec 30 using variable valve timing.
Over time, the fins on the plastic impeller can erode away, reducing the pump’s ability to circulate coolant through the engine. At this point, the radiator, heater core and engine should all be full of coolant with no air entrapped to cause problems later.

But Nissan says not to worry as some air may remain in the timing chain tensioners and will gradually work itself out. Make sure the replacement thermostat has the same temperature rating and the same design, and that the jiggle-pin is installed so that it is facing upward to vent air properly.
But it’s often faster and easier just to replace it with a new one if the old unit is corroded or damaged. The tool attaches to the radiator cap filler neck, and uses shop air to create vacuum inside the radiator. The hybrid vehicles can operate up to 47 mph in pure electric mode, approximately twice as fast as some competitors. Next is the Corolla compact sedan, a best-seller that has been surpassed by many competitors. But a metal impeller can sometimes come loose and slip on its shaft, preventing it from spinning or pumping coolant. Plus, the city driving range on a single tank of gas is expected to be more than 700 miles.The Sport version get a 263-hp V-6 Duratec engine, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift. Arguably a large wagon rather than a crossover, the Venza seats five and offers generous cargo room. 911 Assist is designed to assist occupants to place a call to a local 911 emergency operator if an accident that activates an air bag or the emergency fuel cutoff occurs. The Tundra has more drivetrain, box and cab options than ever before, but the domestic truck makers still offer more.Along with the hybrid-market-leading Prius, Toyota sells hybrid versions of the Camry and Highlander.
A brief pre-recorded message will play when the call is answered, and occupants in the vehicle will then be able to talk directly with the 911 operator. Once the call is connected, 911 operators can respond properly.Vehicle monitoring and appropriate maintenance can save time, money and improve the ownership experience.
SYNC’s new VHR feature will make staying up to speed with vehicle maintenance easier than ever at no additional cost.
BLIS checks the defined blind spot zone, which is about 10 feet from the back of the bumper to the outside mirrors. As with BLIS, the driver is warned with a light in the outside mirror on the side of the traffic. DAEP brings the home-theater performance of Dolby Pro Logic II technology into the mobile environment.
The 8-inch screen, the largest touch-screen in the class, has improved resolution, six-channel DVD-audio capability and voice recognition destination entry.The system pronounces street names when route guidance is active. When this button is activated, the system will automatically find and report weather conditions from the nearest weather station while driving.Nearly 150 different categories of points of interest are available, making it easier for the customer to find a desired location. Additionally, listings for the top 40 movies playing are available.Also improved is the voice interface between the driver and the system.
This industry-exclusive feature helps to reduce evaporative emissions that create smog and global warming. When fueling is completed, and the fuel pump nozzle is removed, the system automatically seals shut.
There is no longer a need to handle a dirty gas cap.Available all-wheel drive and passenger fold-flat seat continue as segment-exclusives.
The decklid mounted LED center stop lamp also contributes to the high tech look and better visibility. Overall, the goal was to create a more detailed, contemporary environment with a more technical look, mirroring the added content found in each model.The instrument panel was changed, with new metal finishes on the control knobs, and a stainless look that carries through to the doors, center console and steering wheel for a unified theme throughout the 2010 Fusion. The Fusion Sport line features a bold look with an anodized finish on the center stack and either red or blue high tech soft touch spears across the binnacle. The car’s newly designed front end, including a powerfully domed hood, and new headlamps, grille and larger fog-lamp area further enhance the sporty nature of the 2010 Fusion. The all new instrument panel is finished with a soft upper and lower skin and has much less hard plastic than Japanese competitors. The instrument panel displays and switches have also been updated with a contemporary iced blue lighting. The seat contour has been revised, with more side support and overall a more comfortable seat with smoother bolsters and more-textural inserts. The seats also feature contrasting stitching and leather inserts to give the Fusion even more attitude, befitting this mid-size sedan.
The ambient lighting system offers the option of illuminating the front and rear footwells and front cup holders.Fuel-efficient and more powerful powertrain lineupBoth the inline four-cylinder and V-6 engines are upgraded for both improved fuel economy and power. The versatility in the powertrain systems creates a wide range of options for customers designed to fit every need.
Overall, the reduction in wind noise and road noise puts Fusion near some of the best luxury cars in terms of quietness and speech intelligibility. Additionally, the propulsion system for the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids transitions between gas and electric power and back more efficiently and seamlessly.The overall system upgrade allows the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids to operate longer at higher speeds in electric mode. Nearly 94 percent energy recovery is achieved by first delivering full regenerative braking followed by friction brakes during city driving.A simulator brake actuation system dictates brake actuation and delivers improved brake pedal feel compared to the previous generation braking system.
Technical enthusiasts will love the detailed gauges that will help them learn to become more efficient in their driving. With an even sportier look, a bigger, more-powerful engine, special 18 inch wheels and upgraded suspension tuning to go along with a distinctive interior, the new 2010 Ford Fusion Sport is a dynamic, welcome addition.
The sport-tuned air intake system provides the fun-to-drive, powerful and sporty powertrain sound attributes expected in the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport to complement the driving experience.Building off the improvements for the Fusion line, the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport also features a unique lower grille for a more functional look, larger beveled bright-tip dual exhausts, side rocker moldings, a decklid spoiler and unique Sport badging. Eighteen-inch painted aluminum wheels are standard.The interior reflects its sporty nature as well. As with the base models, the Fusion Sport’s instrument panel and center console deliver a more-technical, content-driven look. Fusion Sport includes a Charcoal Black interior with a high tech soft touch dark gray finish available.
Sport Blue or Sport Red interior accents are also available, depending on exterior color selected. These give the instrument panel and console a sportier look as well, which carries over to the seat inserts and contrast stitching. The radar identifies when a vehicle enters the defined blind spot zone and illuminates an indicator light on the corresponding side-view mirror providing a warning that a vehicle is approaching. The navigation system’s text-to-speech function calls out street names while in route to a destination and reads incoming text messages when the system is linked to SYNC. The integrated DVD player is capable of reading CD-Audio, MP3 CDs, DVD, DVD-Audio and DVD-ROM (for digital map updates). Travel Link also offers sports scores and schedules and a listing of more than 4,500 movie theaters with movie times, theater addresses, movie synopses and more.Reverse Camera System, which mounts a small camera on the decklid that is activated when Fusion is shifted into reverse, giving the driver a clear view behind the vehicle. The Ford Fusion is the first mid-size sedan in North America to offer a Sony-branded audio system with surround sound and Sony DSP processing as a factory option. This industry-exclusive feature eliminates the need to touch dirty gas caps and helps to reduce evaporative emissions that create smog and global warming. The filter removes respiratory irritants and toxins caused by traffic and industrial pollution.
The system takes oil from one side of the phaser and channels it to the other side, rather than draining one side and filling the other as with a traditional hydraulic system. This allows the CTA system to work more efficiently at all engine speeds and it requires a smaller oil pump, which equates to lower parasitic energy loss. Unlike some competitive performance engines, the 3.5-liter Duratec delivers all of this without requiring premium fuel.

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